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 Post subject: Hekate Devotion
PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:13 am 

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Can anyone recommend ways to deepen a relationship with Hekate? I feel like I am calling on a stranger. Can she be considered as a form of the Divine Mother of the Universe? I'm trying to get a feel here for her.

I have a deep connection to Shakti but this feels different somehow.

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 Post subject: Re: Hekate Devotion
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:30 pm 

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I actually have given out a "Hekate Initiation" to two groups of people in the past with good result. I would definately do so again, but it must be done in person.

I plan eventually on publishing my Hekate material as one Grimoire tentatibly titled "The Hakateon" eventually, but she hasn't revealed it all to me yet. She told me it would take 9 years, and we are coming up on that soon.

In the meantime you should try some traditional hyms to her such as the famous Orphic Hymn or the spell from PGM IV 2785 (I know it says prayer to Selene, but its primary focus is Hekate)

If you want to try an invocation from my material on for size: try this one:


Hail many named mother of the Gods, whose children are fair
Hail mighty HEKATE of the threshold, keyholder of the world
Hail to thee ENODIA, Keeper of the four and three way crossroads
Nether, Nocturnal and Infernal one
We becon to you as Lovers
Come unto us and grant us the pleasure of your presence
Night Mother! Savior! Mistress of Solitude!
Lady of light, and the darkness that contains it
You who walks disheveled and wild through tombs and cremation grounds
Cloaked in saffron, crowed with oak leaves and coils of serpents
You who is followed by hordes of ghosts, dogs, and restless spirits
Yet is also the luminous Empress of the Empyrian realms.
We beckon to you as Lovers
Come unto us and grant us the pleasure of your presence
PROPOLOS, steer us safely through the four rivers
PROPYLAIA, reveal to us the secret paths of serpent power
PHOSPHOROS, light our way with your twin torches of mercy and severity
BRIMO, shake the pillars of perception with your wrath
ANASSA ENEROI – Queen of the dead, open the mysteries of Thanatos
HEKATE CHTHONIA, Queen of Witches
Teacher of Sorceries and Bindings and all manner of Thaumaturgy
I call to thee by thy secret names:
Hear me and attend to me
You who is Serpent haired and serpent girdled
And whose womb is covered in serpent scales
I come to you as a Lover
Take me into your arms, kiss me upon the mouth and empower me
The summoner and the summoned have been made ONE

Keep chanting the final line as a mantra and open your mind. It also helps to offer a supper at a crossroads for her.

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 Post subject: Re: Hekate Devotion
PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:17 pm 

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I recently invoked Hekate utilizing the invocation on page 87 of Protection and Reversal Magick. My intention was soley to shield myself from the brunt of a serious attack from some sorcerors from Venezuela using ablend of sorcery manifesting like Palo Monte or Abaqua. The invocation left me feeling calm and serene. I slept peacefully that night, but had chaos and many known people in my personal life whom I suspected of doing spiritual attacks against me, calling me and yelling like mad dogs at me all the next day. I had a dream that revealed four of my known adversaries that use palo and hindu sorcery against me. They were dragged away by Angelic forces. Since that dream, those individuals have treated me normally and even congenially. The sorcerors from venezuela were family of a woman that I had been dating who was trying to get me to marry her for a green card. I was able to sever all relations with her and she was calm about me breaking off from her. Wow! She had me tied to her for almost a year and it was not pleasant. Hail Hekate! I was a Palero for years as well as in Santeria and Two lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, but have never had anything work this quickly and effectively. I am extremely interested in learning this path.

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