I have gotten a lot of questions regarding the Juno Global Prosperity Rite this weekend.

She is not a goddess you see invoked a lot and while it makes total sense to some people to do this, others have been puzzled and even frightened at the prospect.

We have done several prosperity rites focusing on Jupiter and if you have read Financial Sorcery you know that old Jove holds a special place in my spiritual court. He does represent a sort of very male perspective on prosperity though , one that I thought should be balanced by his wife/sister – Queen of the Gods – Juno.


First and foremost we are calling upon Juno because she is a Queen and the patron Goddess of the Roman Empire. Keeping the theme that what we are working for is rulership over our own lives as well as peaceful and prosperous relations within the society we live within she is perfect.

Juno is also not simply the wife of Jupiter, she is his sister as well. If we were talking about humans this would be a big no-no, but in terms of the Gods this shows Juno is equal to Jupiter. She is not dependent upon his wealth or power. Strong independent women are awesome.


I see too many pagan rites focused on either young maiden figures or ancient crones. Juno is interesting in that she represents Maturity – there is no mistaking that Juno is a WOMAN not a girl – yet she also rules over vital force and youthfulness. The need to carry youthful inquisitiveness, inventiveness, and ingenuity into maturity is definately needed in this fast changing economy. In a world where workers  over-50 are the “new unemployables” this power to maintain ones ability to change with the world in a youthful way is more important than ever.


Juno Sospita is a savior and warrior. See that spear in her hand? She means business.

As real capitalism gets perverted into centrism, causing suffering to countless citizens, Juno’s motherly instinct to protect her children can serve you well.

Those that have been finding themselves having hard times, without even the basic structure for Jupiter to work on expanding, may just find a strong ally in Juno.


Juno is the goddess of marriage, which may not seem relevant to prosperity rites until you consider that the number one cause of marital problems is money and the lack thereof.


One of the epithets of Juno is MONETA from which we get the word Money. Roman coins were minted in her temple. She is not only a protectress of people but of funds.

Juno’s oracles frequently issued warnings about fiscal instability. If you are currently unstable in your finances, protecting investments from loss, or concerned about the economic upheavals we are all experiencing there is no better power to call upon.

Can I get an Ave Juno?


Apart from the reasoning above, I wanted to answer a few specific questions that came from more than one person.

BUT WHY MAY DAY? Because signs and omens indicated it would be beneficial. Strategic Sorcery is not a Pagan religious cult, we often take advantage of the immense power of cross-quarter days to kick off cycles and hold global rites, but I am not obligated to follow any kind of particular cycle. The powers of Spring and Growth are certainly within Juno’s domain and vital to the growth of prosperity and power as much as anything else.

SHOULD MEN BE SCARED TO WORK WITH JUNO? Were women scared to work with Jupiter? No. Why would you be scared to work with Juno? Juno is very-much pro-woman, but that does not make her anti-man. If you beat your wife or are working to limit the freedom of women then yes, I think you should avoid working with Juno. If not, you are cool. She will even help you loosen your wife’s girdle….

BUT ISN’T SHE JEALOUS AND VINDICTIVE? You are confusing her with Hera from Greece. They are not the same. Juno and Jove played tricks on each other all the time, but in general they were playful than vengeful. Also, Jupiter is not Zeus. If you were married to Zeus you would probably be jealous and vindictive too.

I hope this sheds some light on Juno and why we are doing a Global Juno Prosperity Rite.

If you are not a student of the Strategic Sorcery Course and would like to take part in this rite, you need to sign up by midnight on Friday so you can join with hundreds of people all over the world performing this rite.




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  1. Stone Dog says:

    Awesome, can’t wait! You know, when you describe her like that, it kinda makes me wonder why you didn’t dedicate Financial Sorcery to the royal couple, both of them working together…in fact, how about a Jupiter+Juno global rite before the end of the year? :-)

    Having BOTH Jupiter and Juno on your side would be especially powerful for those of us who are trying to create something new, like start a new business, a new product line or whatever. Male + female = generative power, and these two being wealth/mundane power deities…

  2. Tam says:

    She is Perfect! Hail to thee Juno!

  3. Ave Juno!

    I’ll try to write a hymn to her this week specifically for this rite. However, I have a poem that may already be suitable, written for the Feast of All Heras on March 6.

    Jason, I don’t know if there’s a place to ‘plug this in’ in this rite, but there has been an opportunity for personal devotions or work within many of your other Global Rites; and any of your other students are certainly welcome to use this if it fits their plan for the day.

  4. Laura says:

    Awesome, this sounds like a great accompaniment to the Jupiter work.

  5. Tam says:

    Oh my gosh! She is the daughter of Saturn! and the Mother of Mars!
    Holy cats…………with Her on your side, you can not fail! Wow!
    Ave Juno!

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  8. I promised a poem for this rite, and here it is, for better or worse: A Hymn to Juno.

    use it if you wish!

  9. Michael F says:

    Signed up and very excited.

    What is the source of the picture of Juno associated with this posting? Very compelling and well done.

  10. Anthony M says:

    I’ve been doing some research on Juno and she seems very similar to Ishtar/Inanna. The whole queen of heaven, martial aspect, force of fertility, and sacred marriage line up; however Inanna is attributed to the planet venus and I’m pretty sure Juno is attributed to Jupiter (being his sister and wife.)

    So my question is how do you reconcile the same archetype of deity across different pantheons, but different planetary attributions like Juno and Inanna?

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