Trusting Spiritual Powers and Heavy Prices.

I was supposed to make my second financial sorcery post tonight, but Independence Day festivities got in the way.

I have however collected a few thoughts regarding the HGA thing that grew out of the Five Things thing that I started a couple weeks ago, so here we go…

First, you should read Jows post Here, which sparked RO’s post here and Jows response and also this excellent post from Mike

I am not going to comment about each and every point, and like I said, I think that the HGA is a very worthy and worthwhile thing. I really just wanted to comment on two points.

The first issue I want to deal with is trust. This theme is really at the core of RO’s post: The HGA and the Celestials are our brothers, they know what is best for us and will never do something to interrupt who we are meant to be with or what we are meant to have.

I completely and utterly disagree.

Basically, I reject the notion that this is all some pre-written fucked up kabuki dance where  there are people we are meant to be with, things we are meant to do, and things we are not meant to do. If that fatalistic idea of God as micro-manager is true, then any alteration thereof is also part of that plan so it is not even worth thinking that way. If there it is not true, then we have to take some responsibility for ourselves, including our initiatory paths.

The Celestials DO NOT have an intimate understanding of the flesh or the world we live in. If you summon an archangel and constantly petition it to make your side business grow, what often happens (this has happened to me, RO, and several other people) is that you lose the day job that is paying the bills. The Archangel is all like “what? You needed more time to work on it, so I gave you more time”. This is not the archangel knowing whats best for you. This is the archangel doing what you asked it to and making a mess of things because it doesnt understand (or have much interest in) the other minutia of your life. Those things are YOUR job to deal with, and that includes making sure that the help you summon in understands your plan.

Yes, things will work out in the end but its not because things work out according to some plan written by a detail obsessed divine author of creation. It is because unless you are mentally disabled, you will work out a new plan. You make yourself happy in the new situation and look back and say “see, if it wasnt for this event or that, I wouldnt be here”. Well, yeah. But you would be somewhere else, probably just as happy if not moreso.

If you are married, have kids, and responsibilities, and decide to undertake the HGA working, or another initatory process that is known for completely re-arranging your life in a rough and unpleasant way, I think it is very responsible to say “nope, I think I will wait on that.”

I can think of two separate acquaintances who did something like that. It’s true they look at themselves as having gone through the fire and come out with more than they lost. Their kids and former wives however see it quite differently. In one case the kid is still scarred by the fact that his dad doesn’t really seem to want to see him anymore.

The other idea I wanted to explore further is this idea of loss as a necessary part of the initiatory process. Most people experience a drastic loss during their initiatory process. This varries from mental breakdowns (as nearly happened when I was doing the HGA work), to physical breakdowns (as happened with William Bloom), or even something as drastic as incarceration as happened with Mike. This is one reason that I recommend people do the HGA thing either early in their career before they have family and so on, or do it later in life when the kids are grown and their life can probably use some good shaking up or at least handle it.

That said, one of the most powerful powers gained through that kind of initiation is the ability to learn and grow without having to go through that shit again. You not only learn, but you learn HOW to learn so that it doesn’t take as much out of you.

Also, there are some paths that are bumpier than others inherently. Choosing the right teacher or path can make a huge difference in just how much turmoil you need to go through.  Some people that get born with enough of that in previous lives that they can attain without having such drastic periods of dissolution.

So thanks Baphomet, for everything you have done, but now that I  am 39 with kids and a house and a successful business, I will take a bit less Solve with my Coagulae thank you.


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17 Responses to Trusting Spiritual Powers and Heavy Prices.

  1. Tim Mansfield says:

    Did you intend that first link to Jow to be a link to a Laura Branigan video? Why are you BranRolling us, Jason? Stop messing with our heads!

    • Inominandum says:

      He lives among the creatures of the night

      • Jow says:

        It’s true. I do. There is also a creepy doll, and a “Queen of the Damned” poster in my living room.

        Branrolling is under rated. Though right now I am really getting in to “Clare Fader and the Vaudvillians”, aka “Music to get wine drunk on in the afternoon on a Wednesday.”

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  3. T Watson says:

    Thanks for this post, Jason. There is, in my opinion, way too much of that “oh, if it is meant to be” mentality which acts as a code for “I am too lazy or filled with ennui or whatever to actually do something about my situation”. This is one of the things that I have always struggled with in Buddhism – if we have some control of the mind then we are supposed to be able to be happy in any situation. The issue then arises – why change a situation? Almost seems like one of those caste driven social control teachings . . . I’d be interested in hearing others thoughts on this.

  4. Jason,

    Thanks for this post. I’ve had quite enough upheaval in my teenage years when I first embarked on a magical path. I view it all as initiation, but don’t know exactly how much was set off from magic. Or how much of it was karma. All I know is that it took me from 15 to 25 to get some stability. I guess being a teenage father will do that to you.

    In any case, now that I’m in my early thirties, married, and have a family, am grounded in the world of work (at a library job I’ve had for over a decade) I’ve come back around to a deeper engagement with magic again. But I want to do magic that enhances my home life and my other goals and doesn’t put me through hell. (So the cautionary missive when working with angels is duly noted.) In that regard I’m looking forward to your new book.

    I can’t say that I ever attained the HGA, but I’ve had various initiations and I think those have given me enough to work on magically for quite awhile, as well as other aspects of magic. As well as writing and radio which to me are integral aspects of my magic.

  5. Aghor Pir says:

    Great article Jason!

    I learned the hard way that Angels can fuck up your life BIG time if you give them total control of it or of your magic(k). Can they be helpful at times when given specific and clear instructions, under specified time-limits and boundaries? Yes, they can be, as can demons. But overall they are just as ignorant as demons when it comes to physical-in-the-flesh reality and the shit we humans go thru on a daily basis, maybe even more so than demons. The purpose of having free-will is to use it to direct your own life, not let any other being, angelic or demonic, celestial or chthonic, take charge of it. I know what’s best for me because I know myself more than any other person or entity out there; they have not gone through the experiences that I have. They have no right to judge me or call the shots in MY life because they do not walk in my shoes!

  6. Interesting post. Spirits can fuck up your life whether they are celestial, chthonic, good, bad etc. Interestingly in the magical traditions of the Middle East, the HGA is treated in a slightly different manner.

    Because of the emphasis on submission only to God, the HGA is viewed as a link to that divinty and consulted as a guide, treated as a trusted friend, but one does not submitt your life to it. Because of the chaos that any one spirit can bring, there is often a system of checks and balances. For example the influence of the HGA may be ameliorated by the personal djinn. In a situation where an angel may take away your job to give you more time, the personal djinn would be called to ensure a steady flow of money and quickly finding another job.

    Then the influence of the personal djinn is kept in check by the HGA who smoothes out the difficulties that the spirit creates. Between the two with the Mage being the director of the affairs, harmony is reached.

    Also, I may trust my friends completely, but I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable giving my life over to them.

  7. Mister Li says:

    Your post makes me all the more happy that, when I returned to the practice of magic after many years, I decided to stick with practical magic. I practice magic exclusively to help myself and my family with mundane issues. I have zero interest in contacting the HGA or any other sort of “through-the-fire” initiatory work. I may miss out on the heights of magickal experience, but I won’t be subjected to the lows, either.

  8. M.G. says:

    When you talk about archangelic ‘help’ messing up one’s life, doesn’t that cut to the difference between working with worldly spirits and enlightened beings? I’ve never heard of anyone saying “that damn Avalokiteshvara f***d it all up for me!” Though I have heard people say things like “why aren’t the Buddhas/really big, wise cosmic forces doing a damn thing for me no matter how much I call on them…”

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    • Inominandum says:

      WOW. Are you really trying to advertise your products via the comments section of my blog?

      Before I completely delete this I just want to point out that:

      1. Its very rude and obnoxious.
      2. It makes you look small and sad trolling for customers in the blog of a fellow professional worker.
      3. If you wanted to use other worders to spread your product a better strategy is to send us a talisman to test. Most of us are more than happy to lend a testimonial to another workers quality product.

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