Three Tips For Building Wealth With Sorcery

256301_10151301343287995_445051069_o“I do money magic, but it always seems to be accompanied by increased expenses.”

“I do magic to manifest money but it only ever seems to cover the bills, never enough to get ahead”

“All sorcery to maintain the status-quo works great, anything more than that fizzles.”

Have you ever felt like you are able to manifest money through magic, but still not able to get ahead? Some people report that their rituals to respond to emergencies or cover basic expenses always work, but that rituals to build wealth on top of that always fizzle. Others claim that unforseen expenses pop up to eat away any extra money that comes in. This has given rise to the belief in some people that it is wrong or against the natural order to use Sorcery to build wealth, and that anything more than paying rent and putting food on the table is not possible, is un-spiritual, or forbidden.


There is no unseen power deciding how much money you should have and stopping your magic from building wealth. That is you. It may be your set point – that anything beyond a certain level feels “wrong” regardless of your conscious desire. It may be that you have built a life that is very difficult to manifest wealth within. It may be that the idea of just accumulating wealth for the sake of wealth is to abstract for you to really generate any power for. It may also be a self-fulfilling prophesy – you say it can’t so it wont.

Whatever the reason here are three tips to break the bondage of the status-quo and start actually building wealth that does more than cover your expenses:


Its so simple, and so obvious, but honestly I only thought of it five months ago. When you are doing your magic, especially working with spirits, ask to bring in enough money so that there is X amount left after expenses. That’s it. All there is to it. I started going that in February and it has made a HUGE difference.

It should be reasonable in relation to your means of taking in money (see #3 below) so don’t ask for 10k a month if you work at the local hardware store, but in general if you set a spell or spirit to help manage the flow of wealth on a monthly basis, its better to ask for an amount of be left after expenses than for an amount of money to come in.


If your magic is only good at maintaining the status-quo, you can change the status-quo. Ever notice how many expenses that you used to pay out of pocket when you used them are now automated? Tolls: instead of paying at the booth you probably have EZ Pass. Video Rental: instead of going to a Blockbuster you probably have Netflix. You can even do a farmshare where you pay a certain amount per month and get whatever veggies the farm produces rather than picking out stuff in the produce aisle. Do the same thing with savings.

Just have money taken out of your checking account automatically and placed into savings or an investment account. You don’t see it or think about. It is no longer some nebulous idea of wealth that you one day hope to accumulate- its one of your bills that you have to pay. Its part of your new status-quo.


Having a scalable income stream is hugely important in Financial Sorcery, and even for old-fashioned emergency money spells. If you do magic for money, it has to manifest from somewhere right? If you have a job for your county civil service commission there is not much that magic can do to make more money manifest from that job. It is what it is. Even the promotions and raises tend to happen according to a schedule or seniority.

If you own a business doing custom painted boots or a coffee shop your income is scalable to a point.  There is leeway for magic to increase your income by way of more sales and customers. But even in these examples you are limited by time. You can only paint so many shoes, or sling so much coffee.

If however you are in commission sales, or own a business selling information products then it is scalable to a much higher degree.

In my own work, doing consultations is only scalable to a point – there are only so many hours in the day, but courses and books are scalable to whatever level I can manage to achieve.

The stories of money manifesting through terrible means: relatives dying and leaving the money, cars getting smashed and insurance paying out in the amount you asked for, often happen to people who have no scalable income.

I am not suggesting you leave a career, but many people will develop a side business just so that they have an income stream that is more dynamic than what their safe and stable day-job can offer. Of course these days those day-jobs are rarely safe or stable, but that is a post for another day.

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16 Responses to Three Tips For Building Wealth With Sorcery

  1. Hanshishiro says:

    Like you said it is so obvious that it hurts, but I had never considered it before.
    Will work on that
    Thank You

  2. Matt says:

    Jason, I’m wondering what your thoughts are for magic to help people working on creative projects (writers, artists, etc.). Are there any techniques you use as a writer to stimulate creativity? Obviously the first and foremost technique is to just buckle down and DO whatever creative project you’re trying to do. But are there any supplementary techniques that you would recommend?

    • Chris says:

      My experience is that creativity is tied to sexual energy. The more sexual energy or “juice” we have at our disposal the more we can channel into our creative endeavors. Peace

    • LogoSophia says:


      I use sigils for this, and they have proven very effective. My technique is slightly different from the ordinary technique, in that after I charge the sigil (often by simply visualizing it before sleep), I retain a visual copy of the sigil, and indeed use it to constantly focus my will until the work is complete. This means that I don’t ever “forget” the sigil or my intention behind it; however, I do let go of my attachment to the project, and any anxiety or fears surrounding it, and simply work from a place of emptiness–doing without doing, the Taoists might say.

      Also, asking for help and inspiration from Divinity (in whatever forms you experience it) is quite powerful, especially when you bring the intent to become a vehicle for the expression of Divinity within your work.

  3. Inominandum says:

    OH YES!

    But that is another post :-)

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  5. Ulysses says:

    Shades? I din’t get it.

  6. Lee says:

    Much as it is difficult to get more money out of a civil service job, I will say that my ordering and beginning to work from Financial Sorcery coincided with my City’s budget FINALLY being approved… and the raise I was promised would start with last August was approved with it, retroactively.

    Possibly confirmation bias, but it sure is interesting that magical efforts towards having enough money to pay off my debts coincided with “hey, [specific union] members, guess what? You’re getting a check for the extra pay you should’ve had going forwards from last August, this July!”.

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