Things we need to escape the gravity of.

A few weeks ago Gordon and I surprised some, and delighted others, by stating that we thought western occultism needed to escape the gravity of the HGA.

Its not that it’s bad to attain K&C of HGA. It’s just that its a bad thing mind you, it has just become such a huge honking deal that it has actually become an obstacle for many. Thinkuing about it tonight and there are a few things like that.

Here then is a list of five things western occultism needs to escape the gravity of:

1. The HGA.

As already mentioned, it is a good thing. I attained K&C in 1996. Its just that it has sort of become a pre-req for all magic in the eyes of many people, which it is not. It is what it is. It does not guarantee smooth sailing. It does not protect you from your own mistakes. Furthermore, it is not universal. Witches, Druids, Shaman, and yes even Ceremonial Magicians, should not be as pre-occupied as they are with it. There is no evidence that the writers of most of the renaissance grimoires ever did anything like that, so why treat it like a necessary step?

Again, just to reiterate. Its a good thing just not a necessary thing.

Also, it has to be abandoned to really understand higher mystical states like what is presented in the abyss experience.

2. The Goetia.

Christ almighty I am so sick of the fucking Goetia! You would think that it is the only list of spirits in all of magic. They are not more powerful. They are CERTAINLY not easier to work with. They are just famous. Bune has become like the fucking Katy Perry of wealth magic.

3. Wicca Bashing.

Know what? Three of the very best magicians I know are Gardnerian Wiccans. They are also Sangreal Sodality bretheren, and serious occultists. There is more there there than many people give credit for. Every time I see some half-assed article informing wiccans of false history, I just think “yeah man, they know already. It just happens to work and fullfill their needs“. When I see people claiming its ALL just watered down Thelema, I think “yeah the OTO would give its left nut to be that successful“.

I dont just mean the old guard either. There is juice even behind the generic “Goddess” and “Horned God” that people evoked using bad books from the 80s. One of the most amazing experiences of my career was sparked by working one of Scott Cunningham’s rituals under two giant Holly Trees when I was 17 years old. A deer literally came out of the woods and walked to the edge of the circle.

4. Quantum Physics. Two things here.

First is stop talking about Quantum Mechanics like its cutting fucking edge science that was discovered yesterday. ITS A HUNDRED FUCKING YEARS OLD. At least String Theory is only 50 years old, and  has interesting correlations with harmonics.

Second point is: You are getting it wrong. It doesn’t prove magic. It doesn’t say the things that the secret says it says. What the BLEEP do  We Know is a BLEEPING heap of BLEEPING Bullshit. Basically, unless you have a degree in physics, stop making claims about it. I know three physicists who ALSO practice magic and none of them relate Quantum Physics to magic the way that pop Occulture does.

I like science as science. On the rare occasions that science proves something that was previously in the realm of magic (benefits of meditation, lucid dreaming tech, internal heat yoga, etc) than YAY! But please stop trying to make science something it is not.

5.  System Hubris.

SO fucking tired about hearing about how X is the real deal because it is 1) written in a renaissance grimoire 2) an African Diasporic Tradition  3) uses proper herbs and ingredients 4) doesnt use any herbs or ingredients 5) makes the best use of energetics 6) has no use for “energy” in magic … You get the idea. Pick one or make your own.

Basically if you can do something really fucking amazing repeatedly, please teleport your wizardly ass over here and shit your alchemical gold brick on my coffee table. I will accept that you really have done something well beyond what other systems are doing. Until then, I dont want to hear about how Crowley and GD are lame and get no results, but you do.

If you have to piss in someone else’s cup to make me think your water is sweet, I am not even gonna taste it.

Thats it for now.

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42 Responses to Things we need to escape the gravity of.

  1. Simply magnificent post! (says the Wiccan who took a good look around, said F this, and made his own shit up!)

  2. polyphanes says:

    Comparing Bune to Katy Perry is probably the best thing I’ve heard this month. I drew some concerned looks when I read that on the train this morning and had to stifle a fit of laughter.

    Agreed on all points. Since I’m working toward K&CHGA myself (while maintaining other projects and research), what would you say is the big benefit towards getting it? It’s not necessary, but good; how good, and in what ways?

  3. Frater VL says:

    Amen, great article and I like the Katy Perry part.

  4. Jow says:

    THANK YOU for mentioning “What the Bleep”. A friend let me borrow it, stating that it was.. life changing. I couldn’t get through even half of it. Horrid. Horrid, horrid, horrid.

    I am glad you kicked this off. Agreed on all counts, though for slightly different reasons.

  5. Psyche says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but you totally sound like a chaos magickian in this post. Hashtags: irony, lulz and hearts.

    • inominandum says:

      One of the reasons for the post-chaos posts is that a lot of what i say, seems to sound like chaos magic to people. Whatever my criticisms kf chaos, there is more good there than bad, so definately no offence taken.

  6. Frater VL says:


    I’m not defending personally Mr Miller, since he doesn’t need that help, but I will have to say something to back up his points:

    1. Many magicians, specially those starting feel trapped by the K&C of the HGA and they believe they can’t advance in magic without it. As Mr Miller said, the HGA is a great assistant, but it’s not a requirement.

    2. Goetia. Despite it’s usefulness, this is not the pinnacle of magical practices neither is the only way to achieve results.

    3. There are people there, well known in the blogosphere that bash wiccans; wicca is a valid path, like any other.

    4. Science by itself is great; but this greatness pales when it has to deal with the spiritual realm.

    5. Thinking that one Tradition or system is the best due to the reasons exposed by Mr Miller, it’s a mistake. Each of them have it’s advantages and good things; also their flaws and things that are not suitable for everybody.

    I don’t believe Mr Miller is taking the approach you mentioned at all.

  7. Scott Rassbach says:

    All of that said:

    HGA was my first example of an extended working, and provided a lot of insight.

    Just like Katy Perry is highly successful, so is Bune in getting the wealth magic done. Fame is not necessarily hype.

    Totally agree on the last three points, which basically come down to: To each their own, know what the Bleep you are talking about, and many paths up the same mountain.

  8. Ayrkain says:

    So this is what the inside of an echo chamber sounds like…

  9. runeworker says:

    I remember when my friend’s parents asked if I had seen this, and proceeded to pop “what the bleep do we know” into the cd player and let me watch. At first I was like, okay, yeah I do know this, all of this, AND? Actually, my favorite thing was the thing about writing messages on your body. I actually really liked that. Hello a way to work magic with tattoos, or to just about connect with anything. Write it on your body. See how it changes you, Use a sharpie for enduring changes. probably best not to write on your face, or where people will see it, but to each thier own That was about all that I got from it.

  10. Suecae says:

    The general problem with quantum physics is that most people who think it reinforces a magical view of life, haven’t understood QF. So instead of reinforcing their view of life and the cosmos, it makes them look kind of silly in the eyes of those who actually has studied it – rendering their otherwise great insights null and void.

    • Sky Serpent says:

      I have studied quite a lot of quantum mechanics (not my main subject in physics but still) and this how it looks like. Some people just not seem to get that most of the explanation of magic with quantum mechanics is base on simplified analogies, while the actual substance requires mathematical language to understand. If I voice criticism, people just say that “I am too rational”.

      My rule of thumb: talk with people about the spiritual implications of quantum mechanics only with people who understand what is Hilbert space and how it relates to quantum mechanics.

  11. Balthazar says:

    Not sure I’m buying the relativist thrust of this post Jason. I get the spirit of it – and the magnanimous big-umbrella perspective that it wants to foster – but actually – no. Not all things are equal or just as good. Just like Eckhart Tolle weekend workshop attendees are not realized Dzogchen yogis.

    • inominandum says:

      I never said all things are equal or just as good. I don’t even assume that they do the same thing. Weighing the value of one thing against another isn’t hubris and not what I am talking about.

      What I am talking about is dismissiveness of stuff that people dont even fully understand such as when Hoodoo used to get dissed by mages because of silly names like “bend over” oil.

      More than that though it is the wild assertions that what they do is inherently better than X, with absolutely nothing to back that up other than “Its older”.

      Your example is good one. Ekhart Tolle weekend warriors are not realized Dzogchenpas, but than again neither are Namkhai Norbu’s weekend retreaters. It is the work you do and who you are much more than the system you do it in. I am not saying that systems don’t matter – they do, I am saying that bashing “McWicca” while talking about how awesome Cunning ctraft is, or talking about how GD sucks while pushing a translation of a Latin Grimoroire that you work to the letter are really pathetic ways to get your points accross.

      By all means, if something is getting inherently better results, I want to see, but largely people do not put up.

  12. Call me cynical or pessimistic, but I don’t see the system hubris or the bashing of traditions, which both of them can be linked, going away anytime soon. It seems an inherent bad quality among people, you see in any organization, religions, traditions etc.

    But one can certainly hope.

  13. Snægl says:

    I’m re-blogging the wisdom of your last two paragraphs. Brilliant, thank you!

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  15. Lori says:

    I can hear Bune saying “Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful!” LOL. Seriously, though, I worked a spell/ritual with Buer for healing a few weeks ago and he has made alot of difference in my health, already!

    It’s funny but I tend to complicate rituals with other spirits that don’t come with a specific set of instructions. Guess I’m not creative when it comes to magic, but I’m sure that comes with confidence and more experience.

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  17. Frater PDS says:

    All good points, but the one that really pinged for me was the observation that quantum mechanics and Magic are not related subjects. The cornball New Age myth that they are, really does need to be laid to rest.

    Everybody wants their magical or mystical ideas to be Scientific. It used to be very stylish to call psychic energy “magnetism” but at very best, comparisons of psychic energy to electromagnetism are loose metaphors that fall apart on casual inspection. Now the trend is for people to attribute the results of magic to quantum physics – and the metaphors employed are even weaker. Conflating magic with quantum theory has no practical application of any kind other than helping ignorant people to “believe in” the possibility that magic can produce “action at a distance”.

    I would also add one more to the list of ‘gravity wells’ that lots of occultists are trapped in: Believing that initiation in a lineage is either a) necessary to be a real magician of any kind, or b) confers powers and insights not otherwise available.

    I was a working magician for over 20 years before being initiated at the home Temple of one of the more respected Orders, and I can assure all and sundry: Initiation blows out some cobwebs and brings your attention to aspects of the Work that you may have neglected due to bias in your personal interests and practices, but that’s about it. The larger benefit is close association with other competent magicians. Initiation can be useful but is not necessary. In terms of “strange powers” I see a difference between magicians who are focused and consistent in their work, and genuinely devoted to spiritual progress, and those who are not. Being formally initiated in a lineage is not the major factor that distinguishes a useless or marginal magician from one who has the ability to use magic for real things in real life.

  18. Sara says:

    “Conflating magic with quantum theory has no practical application of any kind…”

    Now, I think this goes too far the other direction. I’ve gotten practical results by working magic in a quantum paradigm, but I don’t believe it any more than I would any other paradigm. (and I’ve DEFINITELY gotten results using magic on a physics exam.)

  19. M.G. says:

    This is a pretty good post. Isn’t it fair to say, though, that when it comes to system hubris that the Vajrayana – which I think you consider your main path – is one of the worst offenders of all?

    • Inominandum says:

      yeah, but Vajrayana really is the best…

      Just kidding.

      The thing to remember about the Vajrayana texts all reading “this is the supremely unexelled inconceivably vast yet concise teaching, yadda yadda” is that they are really talking to other Buddhists and establishing the plave of Vajrayana within the Yanas. Or they are engaging in sectarian BS with other schools.

      Either way, its crap best not bought into, as is much in Vajrayana.

  20. Nice post. Add me to the list of mages with physics training (2 college courses plus some professional work in quantum computing) who don’t see a useful connection between magick and quantum physics.

  21. CaseyJones says:

    What do you find are the keys for a Wiccans, in whether it works or not? Whether they are effective witches/sorcerers/magicians?

    • Inominandum says:

      No. A Wiccan should not be judged by successful sorcery because it is entirely conceivable that they may have no interest in practical magic whatsoever. They may be called to celebrate the seasons and work to establish their religion. They may be called to work towards the evolution of the soul. They may be called to simply be a humble follower of their way just as many Christians go to church on Sunday.

  22. Good post. So much BS in the magickal community, so much smug self-superiority that it can really turn people off.

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  28. Brittany says:

    pondering…… I like it.

  29. Otar says:

    Great post.
    I would also add one more occultists trap: Kabbalah, Qabalah …

    It seems that if you do not “pathwork into the tree” you will lost your soul for all eternity. If you don`t relate everything to some zephirot it has no value and you`ll have not connection with (the) divinity (oh thou unholy man, thou deserve the abyss).
    And so on.

    Quoting one of your previous phrases about some other gravity hole:
    “Its a good thing just not a necessary thing”, specially not for people out of the monotheistic reach.


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