The Shadow Life

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I read a quote from Derek Sivers last night and it made me think about the upcoming Jupiter Global Rite and the Strategic Sorcery Course in general.

Ambition is the most primal and sacred fundament of our being. To feel ambition and to act upon it is to embrace the unique calling of our souls. Not to act upon that ambition is to turn our backs on ourselves and on the reason for our existence.

When we’re terrified of embracing our true calling, we’ll pursue a shadow calling instead. That shadow career is a metaphor for our real career. Its shape is similar, but a shadow career entails no real risk. If we fail at a shadow career, the consequences are meaningless to us. Like getting your Ph.D. in Elizabethan studies because you’re afraid to write. Ask yourself what your current life is a metaphor for.”

– Derek Sivers

I am really really happy to know that many of you are not following a shadow calling, but a real one. I am both elated and proud that I have, to some extent, helped some people do that. But how about you? You reading this.

Even being “into” the occult or magic or spirituality can be a metaphor for what you really should be doing in that field. For many years I was planning on following in my teachers footsteps and being a Translator and Lama. A worthy endeavor to be sure but that would have been a metaphor for what I really felt my calling was – to blaze a new trail of Sorcery and Mystic practice, and teach it in a way that ONLY I could do.

Years ago, Louis Martinié told me that he was trying to focus on those things that only ‘he could do. and leave the rest to others. That stuck with me, and is one of my trigger thoughts when I ask myself “what should I do with this day?”

So I ask you Sorceresses and Sorcerers:

What are you doing today that is a shadow metaphor of what you SHOULD be doing?
What is it that only YOU can offer the world?
What is your current life a metaphor for that you are NOT doing?

I am going to be commenting on this more this week in the Strategic Sorcery Group, and offering some specific teachings related to it. If you are thinking about signing up in time of the Global Jupiter Rite, these are good questions to help focus on what you really want to achieve.  If not, this is still a helpful inquiry to go through with yourself on occasion.

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3 Responses to The Shadow Life

  1. Ivy says:

    I love what I do now professionally and see its magical applications as well (hence my blog and services). I like to think that my previous not so great incarnations of this work were just preparing me for it, giving me the skills and experience to do what I do now. We don’t start as masters but have to continue to learn and grow. The trick is not to stop and get stuck halfway toward your goal. What are you learning /doing right now that is a step in the right direction?

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  3. I’m now 34, have explored all of my passions( though magick is one I was saving for later and since now I’m crippled and can’t pursue any of the careeers I had before, and I’ve had lots because I do follow my ambition and intuition) to the extent that should I drop dead tomorrow I would not have any regrets, besides I told my story in a book, so really I have been round the whole thing . What is keeping me in the shadows is not my lack of ambition, but I understand the point of this article. It is true that I note a lot of people are living that crippled life without my injuries, and sometimes I would just like to switch bodies. Still, none of my projects seem to take off and I am left constantly moving from one to the next, it’s like hell.Was hoping to find a way out here. Anyway the Strategic Sorcery course seems to lessen the bad luck, but still feel stuck.

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