Strategic Sorcery Summer Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Chess teamI just got off the phone with an apprentice and he gave me a great compliment about the Strategic Sorcery Course:

“I probably have 1000 occult books and your course has prepared me for a career in magic better than all of them combined. Not only that, but I now understand how to actually use all those other books.

I have studied with other teachers, and even been an apprentice before, but your course and now your apprenticeship, has given me far more than the others” 
– Taodog

Stuff like that is what keeps me going and why I keep offering my Strategic Sorcery Course.

The current Summer Solstice Sale ends tomorrow at Midnight Eastern Time though, so if you want to get the course for just $100, now is the time!


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5 Responses to Strategic Sorcery Summer Sale Ends Tomorrow!

  1. Stone Dog says:

    As another of Jason’s apprentices, I will second that.

    Taodog nailed it: it’s not just the value of the single rituals, techniques, etc, it’s that the course gives you a theoretic framework where every different element neatly falls into place.
    Once you have taken the course, you get a MUCH clearer idea of what to use for a certain purpose, how to use it, when to use it.

    I myself bought this course for $100, and having read the books, I thought it was a fair price, even though I wasn’t sure about the one-lesson-per-week formula. Now that I have taken it, I think it’s totally unfair. To Jason. In fact, I’m not sure WHY he keeps selling such valuable information at such a low price. Knowing what’s in there, I would be happy to have given him $1000 or more. It would still have been a bargain, as I have spent much more than that on books about occult stuff through the years, and have got FAR less value in return. This will save you, like, 20 years of trial and error, and lots of trouble too. And one lesson per week works actually better than a book by the way, as it gives you time to digest the material before you go on to the next section.

    Lots of dogs among your apprentices it would seem… we should be calling ourselves the Millerpack or something like that 😉

  2. Reject Dogma says:

    Another apprentice here. I was in the first cycle, but was finishing up an advanced degree and was really distracted by some stressful events during the year this was created. I got lots of useful tidbits out of it, but that was all.

    Now that I’m taking the time to work through it again (which involves rewriting lots of it in my own notes in order to *really* get it) the content is simply fucking outstanding. If you’re on the ledge and you aren’t sure what to do, just jump and get it over with. I can’t imagine a more effective way to take this much material and really make it your own.

    Part of Jason’s approach is using a variety of tech with a limited number of symbol sets. The diversity here is amazing, and if you’re like me you won’t use big parts of it because it’s not a good fit for your worldview/practice/interests, but the remainder will supercharge your work.

    There are some caveats:
    – You need to do the work. Some of it sounds really simple, but doing the work is key to getting the benefits. I’m bad about saying “that seems so simple” the not doing it. Doing it is key.
    – Some of the grammar is jarring. Than vs then, queue versus cue, etc. If this bothers you as much as it did me then you can make one huge word file, correct the errors, and create an ePub for your iPad or something. The important part is the CONTENT, which (as I said) is exceptional.

    $100 is nothing. Do it already.

    (No, this comment was not solicited.)

  3. Sonny says:

    Does the sale end tomorrow or July 21st?

    In the previous post announcing the sale it says the sale ends July 21. I was saving up money to join the course and I thought I had till July. I know $100 for this material is a bargain, but I’m an unemployed college student so I have to sell some books and things to gather up the money.

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