The First Harvest has arrived, which means it is time again to begin another cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Course.


The course consists of 52 lessons arriving by e-mail every Tuesday morning for a year. In addition to this there is a student’s forum, and access to me for questions.

To kick off this cycle I will be organizing a GLOBAL VENUS ENCHANTMENT. This will be a rite to invoke the blessings of Venus: Attractiveness, Influence, Magnetization, and  upon all who participate.

Here is a recent comment by a student that has completed the course:

“Four years ago, I accepted a job that I wasn’t at all sure that I could do. I knew that it was going to challenge me on a lot of levels — physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. In an industry known for its conservatism and lack of innovation, I was asked to come in and create a ruckus, and shake things up. I was asked to create a new kind of classroom where kids would learn how to use their hands, as well as their minds, to learn in school. I was asked, in essence, to deliver a wonder-working. At the same time, I learned about Jason’s course, and I figured, “why not?” I could use the help of the spirits, and find ways to know myself better, and learn how to work smarter — as a magician, as a teacher, as a learner. I would need all the help I could get for a job like this. Four years later, this innovative classroom has won a prestigious “Gold level” state-wide award for creative and innovative work — not from an academic institution, but from a committee of engineers, designers and inventors.

Starting from a not-very-sure footing in design and engineering, I learned from Jason’s course how to think smarter, how to ask spirits for help, how to learn complicated subjects faster, and how to manage my time and money more effectively. The results have been exactly what I needed and wanted — strategic sorcery worked for me.
– A.W.

If you want a year of the best practical magic training available and participate in a global Venus Enchantment , now if your chance.

To join the course send an e-mail to me at with the words STRATEGIC SORCERY in the subject line. I will send you the information packet.

Or you can just click the link below and join right now.




1. Meditation Part 1
2. Subtle Bodies and Channels
3. Zone Rites
4. Thought management
5. Offerings
6. Offerings 2
7. Subtle Body Power Centers
8. Prayer
9. The Elements
10. The Elements Part 2
11. The Planets
12. The Planets Part 2
13. Azoth
14. Materia Magica
15. Materia 2
16. Materia 3
17. Amulets and Talismans
18. Tools
19. Magic of Place
20. Dream Sorcery
21. The Planes
22. Astrral Projection
23. Astral Mechanics
24. Artificial Spirits
25. Spirits of Place
26. Necromancy
27. Necromancy 2
28. Grimoire Spirits
29. Grimoire Spirits 2
30. Grimoire Spirits 3
31. SS Mini Grimoire
32. Spirit Houses
33. Meditation 2
34. 10 Principals of Strategic Sorcery
35. Set Point and how to Move it
36. Tactical Timing
37. Will and Willpower
38. Intelligence Gathering
39. Information Sorcery
40. Persona and Influence Work
41. Time Management
42. Strategic Sorcery Group Work
43. Healing
44. Attack Magick
45. Causal Level Magick
46. Financial Sorcery 1
47. Financial Sorcery 2
48. Financial Sorcery 3
49. Working for others
50. Sex Magic
51. Advancing the art of Magic
52. The Strategic Sorcerer


Write me at INOMINANDUM@GMAIL.COM for an information packet.


About Inominandum

Author. Sorcerer. Consultant. I have 30 plus years of experience making magic a reality for myself, my clients, and my students. For a complete background go to
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  1. Sarrow says:

    What if we have a specific need that wouldnt be met by your course?

  2. I think most people would be surprised by the results that can be generated from the Strategic Sorcery Course… It’s a lot of reading, yes — but it’s also a methodology for approaching magic as a complete toolbox rather than as a single tool. Anyone can figure out how to use a drill — but learning how to use a drill, a saw, a file, a plumb bob, a level, and sandpaper together solves a range of problems at once.

    The course helped me to see how a whole arsenal of tools could be brought to bear on the same problem, and create not merely a solution, but a beautiful solution.

  3. Sarrow says:

    No its more along the lines of wanting two specific things be done.

  4. Sarrow says:

    One is how to make various eastern concepts to be used in Christian practice. For example, how would I make mantras for the Saints and angels?

    • I use Latin phrases from the collect or reading of the day from that Saint’s day, or from the Vita of the saint. The unfamiliarity of the language, while at the same time the familiarity of it as one of English’s grandmother tongues, helps energize the words.

      • Sarrow says:

        Recommended sources?
        No I mean the idea in eastern religion (like Buddhism) for the Abrahamic religions. For I found the latter is much closer to truth and has many ideas more hashed out towards obtaining that truth then whats presented in the Bible.

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  6. Feyaddynn says:

    I can’t wait for this course to begin! After a drawn out debate with myself, I think it’s finally time to get on board. Might as well jump out of the frying pan into the fire, if I want to have some adventure, right?

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