Picatrix and Green Magic Course

I first heard of the Picatric from Paul Husons Mastering Witchcraft back in the 80’s. It was the one Grimoire that I could not find any good info on. This continued up through the 90s and a good part of the 00’s, and though there were a few partial translations here and there until finally Chris Warnock and JM Greer made their translation available, there was not really anything for the working magician.

I am happy to hear that their original edition sold out. I am even happier to hear of these new editions that will be available from multiple sources, and about the Green Magic Mini Course that Chris is Launching for horticulturally minded astrologers, and astrologically minded horticulturalists alike.

I am sort of known for finding work arounds for astraology more than I am for using it as Chris does, but that doesnt mean that I am anti-astrology. The Picatrix is a very useful text whether you make talismans according to its ideas, or use those ideas outside of the books system.

Picatrix has had an influence not only on astrological magic though. Some feel that the meanings of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot are rooted in the Picatrix, and that it has influenced just about every Renaissance Grimoire that came after it.

Check out Chris’s blog for the 411 on this amazing offering.

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