Today is of course July 4th, Independence Day here in the U.S.A.. But here in Vermont there is also some attention payed to the birthday of one of its native sons, Calvin Coolidge.

Not my favorite president, or even a very great president by any measure, he did produce a quote that I live by. I actually have it framed on my desk at home. It is true in magic, and in business, and in pretty much every area of life.

I will take a person willing to take action and be persistent over a talented, well educated, genius any day of the week. Like Coolidge I know my fair share of people with , amazing genius or advanced degrees that do nothing but gripe about how the world does not recognize or reward them.

Every day that I wake up and feel lazy, or pissed off that the world has not just recognized my genius with an inexhaustible grant of discretionary funds, I look at that quote and get down to business.

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10 Responses to Persistence

  1. Chris says:

    A unshakeable will, an indomitable spirit and an open heart-mind. This is the greatest Magick we have access to….IMO. Good post. :)

  2. Stone Dog says:

    From most to least likely to be successful IMO:

    1. persistence/willpower YES – education YES – talent/genius YES
    2. persistence/willpower YES – education NO – talent/genius YES
    3. persistence/willpower YES – education YES – talent/genius NO
    4. persistence/willpower YES – education NO – talent/genius NO
    5. persistence/willpower NO – education YES – talent/genius YES
    6. persistence/willpower NO – education NO – talent/genius YES
    7. persistence/willpower NO – education YES – talent/genius NO
    8. persistence/willpower NO – education NO – talent/genius NO

    So level 2 would be the Steve Jobs type; level 3 includes most academics. Unrewarded genius is a level 5 or 6, educated failures are 7.

    What is not considered here is of course morality. Any of these could pursue good or evil goals. For example, level 1/EVIL would be a Hannibal Lecter, level 4/GOOD would be a Forrest Gump. Or any Hobbit. Level 8 cannot really pursue anything, I suppose.

    Can someone point to a few level 1/GOOD? They would make good models. The first I can think of is Plato.

    Placing historical and current figures of the occult world on this matrix would be an interesting game too. Care to take a shot at it, J?

    • Ulysses says:

      Strange, off the top of my head, the only GOOD ones I think of are all level 2. Folks I look up to.

      Of course, for this thought experiment, I’m using the generic metric of “success” as nebulously defined collectively.

  3. Christine Opland says:

    Jason, great post!

    For the record, I have known my fair share of talented genii, and consider that to be as much of a challenge as having a learning disability. There is something about the expectations placed upon them by themselves and others that just makes it that harder to overcome the assumption that the world will hand them their laurels without due effort.

    I consider myself fortunate to be average with challenges. I knew I was in for a fight going in.

  4. Stephen dela Cruz (@EsoterikPen) says:

    Calvin Coolidge… that wise bastard! He is right! As I’ve learned from Paul Graham a Hacker and Entrepreneur founder of Y Combinator (Yes the Silicon Venture Capitalist that funded Reddit, Facebook etc.) in this free kindle book right here >> He looks for people that have “Determination” as in “Determined to win!” quality.

    So old man Calvin is right… “Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent” if done wisely!

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