Power as a Virtue

“Those who desire power are usually unfit to wield it”
– Plato

You have probably heard some version of that quote many times. I know I have. I used to say it all the time. Its a good explanation of why things seem are messed up, and if you are a person who is not particularly interested in accumulating power, assures you that you are not part of the problem. It’s those people, not us.

People who follow this line of thinking often feel that the virtuous do not and should not seek power. I see examples of it all the time and at all levels.

  • I have students come to me all the time for help with their sorcery, and the first thing that they feel the need to assure me is that they are not seeking money for themselves, this is for some virtuous purpose. Or if they are seeing a new job or promotion, are worried about being “selfish”. Some even feel that this will effect the magic. Strangely at least two confirmed left-hand-path practitioners came to me with these concerns.
  • I have counseled people that make less than 30 thousand a year, but are actually afraid to make much more because “how can I live with myself making six figures, when there are so many suffering”.
  • I know a lot of people involved in the occupy movement and other various left-of-center activism, but not a single one of them has ever or would ever consider running for office. People that feel just and right pointing out the obvious problems of the world, tend not to do so well when it comes to proposing solutions that are actually actionable.*
  • I have even witnessed people in the Thelemic and Pagan community afraid to guide their own children for fear of undo influence on their “Will”. As if letting them grow up in a world with no boundaries is somehow a comfort, when in fact it is terrifying, and totally unrepresentative of the world that they will enter as adults.

In fact, what got me thinking about this post was a story on NPR about how protesters in Egypt tend to feel that it is not their place to take power, and that the military has done everything it can to foster this attitude.


Look at the quote again though: “Those who desire power are usually unfit to wield it”. Instead of avoiding power to show that you are a good person,shouldn’t it instead be a call for good people to take power?

Since it is not likely that we are going to wake up one day soon in a perfect egalitarian utopia, there are going to be people in positions of varying degrees of power. If we good people, whose first desire is not to control others, do not take up these positions then they will be filled by those who are unfit to hold them. Police, Politicians, CEO, or just affluent and influential person: if you don’t like the way those people are exercising their power you need to take it for yourself.

And make no mistake, power is not given, it is taken. Gloria Steinem wisely wrote that “Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself. ” Often power is taken from someone else who already has it, or at least from someone else that also wants it. This is the way the world works. It’s not utopia but there ya have it.

The point of this post is this: you are a Sorcerer, a Magician, a Witch – you should not be timid about power.


So am I saying that we should all become power obsessed, and willing to achieve our ends at any means? Not at all. Though I love House of Cards, I would not recommend anyone become Frank Underwood, who kills and cajoles for power with no concern for anyone but his own ascension.

There is however a wide space between the ruthlessness of Frank Underwood, and someone who is afraid to fight for a promotion at work because they don’t want to “harm” the other people that want it.

The world is messy and there is very little you can do that does not inconvenience someone else. The success of your online business is contributing to the decline of brick and mortar businesses. The woman that fell in love with you and your charms, has someone else in her life that is also after her heart. The contract that you just got for your company, means the bankruptcy of a smaller company that you were in competition with. This is life.


“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
– Abraham Lincoln

If taking power involves some areas that are ethically gray, just wait until you actually wield some. As I have mentioned before, governance, be it of a country, a business, or just your own life; if more often than not a choice between bad options. It’s not a matter of choosing whether to screw someone over or not, its a matter of who you are going to screw and what the outcome is.

If you a politician and you raise the minimum wage, you will make life much more better for millions of people, but you will also probably eliminate thousands of jobs and possibly destroy hundreds of small businesses. If you don’t, then you consign millions of people to existing on a pay rate that is does not pay a living wage**.

If you own a business that is not doing well you may have to choose between laying off employees that have worked for you for decades or cutting your own salary and reducing your families standard of living.


“Generosity is its own form of power
– Frank Underwood

With Power comes the ability to make change. The more power, the greater change you can make. A parent who is wise in the exercise of their power has the ability to be of incredible benefit to their children – leading them to success and their own power. A corporate CEO has the ability to effect thousands of lives through wise application of power – Craig Jelinek comes to mind. An entrepreneur can change the world with a new business or technology. A politician can make the lives of millions of people better with good policy.

Almost every decision that brings these benefits will also have some harm,  sometimes for the same people. That’s life.


So power is messy, and often has negative consequences for others – some foreseen and some unforeseen – yet I am still saying that you should take it.

Anthropologists define power as the ability to control or influence peoples actions. Magicians tend to value freedom and personal will, so the idea of controlling and influencing people is not something we are often comfortable with – but its not something that you can avoid, because even avoiding it has consequences.

Our lives are already intertwined, you do not exist in a bubble.
You are already influencing people, even inaction is an influence.
I am simply saying that is you are a Sorcerer or a Sorceress, you should not be afraid to take the power that you deem necessary or simply desirable.
If you learn to exercise your power in ways that accord with your values. If you are able to not be corrupted by the power you hold. It can be a virtue.

*While I despise most of what the Tea Party movement stands for, and agree with some of what the Occupy movement represents, the former movement gets a lot of my respect for putting up candidates in elections and actually attempting to translate their views into policy.

** If the minimum wage was linked to the cost of living when it was first passed, the federal minimum wage would now be over $21 per hour.

NOTE: I do not want to discuss any of the specific policies that I gave examples of in the comments section. If you want to talk about taking power – through magic or without magic – thats fine, but any comments purely about Obamacare, Minimum Wage, Tea Party, Occupy or whatever will be deleted.

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February 2nd – New Cycle of Strategic Sorcery Course and Helios Rite


Candlemas/Imbolc is coming, which means that its time for another cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Course. February 2nd

The course consists of 52 lessons arriving by e-mail every Tuesday morning for a year. In addition to this there is a student’s forum, and access to me for questions.

As has been the tradition for new cycles, we will again be kicking off this cycle with a Global Ritual – this time a Helios Ritual. As the sun begins to grow in length and strength we will honor the power of the sun and ask it to illuminate the paths to our goals – spiritual, financial, romantic, and otherwise.

Here is a testimonial from someone that used the course material to turn their finances around. Its kind of long, but indicative of the work we do in the Strategic Sorcery Community:

“Eight months ago, I was in trouble. I was laid off from a job that I have had for 14 years. After six months of looking, I had not gotten one job offer and every week that passed saw me digging myself deeper and deeper into credit card debt to cover my expenses. 

I have 20 years of experience in both Wicca and Ceremonial Magic. I was trying every kind of money magic that I could think of. Each spell would turn up a small amount of money as a gift, or an off-the books job here and there but nothing long term. 

A friend told me about success he had been having with Jason’s class and I signed up. That was eight months ago. I wrote Jason about my immediate problems and was hoping for some spell that would turn things around in a hurry. 

Instead of a spell he had me forward him my resume and some over letters. He suggested several spells to be done at different points in the search and was kind enough to forward me the Job Finding lesson, even though it comes later in the course than where I was.

He also tore my resume to shreds, essentially telling me that I had better learn how to look for work in the new economy or no amount of magic would help. He was polite about it, I was still pretty pissed off about being told that my resume was inadequate. It felt like an attack. Still, I took his suggestions, went to my unemployment office, and signed up for a resume writing class. They pretty much confirmed everything he said, and I whittled my 2 page monster that listed everything I had ever done, down to a lean one page bullet listed resume that could easily be changed for each job. 

Sure enough after starting regular offerings to the local spirits, praying to Gaia for my Macro-Enchantment, doing a loadstone spell on a master copy of my resume’s (I have a different one for each job now), and trying my hand at some embedded commands in the  job interview, I was offered a job just five weeks later. The only problem is that it barely paid above what unemployment was paying. 

I wrote Jason to thank him for the advice and tell him about the job. Even though it really did not pay enough, it was work, and could maybe lead someplace better. I had called on the earth mother and spirits for help, and I would graciously accept what they offered to me. 

What Jason suggested next kind of blew my mind. He told me that if it was him, he would turn down the job and keep looking. 

To me this seemed like an affront to the Gods. I prayed for help, they offered help, and now he thought I should piss them off by not accepting their assistance! This was against everything I have been taught about magic.

Jason’s argument was that when I did my invocations I was not specifying my salary requirements, only that I wanted a job. Since I still had a few extensions left on unemployment he suggested that I thank the powers for their offering, but change my invocations to be specific about my salary. He also suggested that if I was worried about unemployment running out that I devote more time to finding more off-the book my work as well. 

Although it went against my own instinct I took his advice and was glad I did. Though it is not what I was making before getting laid off I now have a job that covers all my bills and have part time work at a local tool rental place fixing and maintaining the machines. I have never had two steady streams of income before, but now that I do I feel invincible! I am quickly burning through my debt using the Strategic Sorcery Debt killing strategy and will then move into savings and retirement. In eight months I went from thinking I would have to abandon  my house and move in with my parents, to focusing on building retirement savings.

I cannot speak highly enough about the course and the way it has changed my life.

 – D.G.   

To join the course send an e-mail to me at inominandum@gmail.com with the words STRATEGIC SORCERY in the subject line. I will send you the information packet.

Or you can just click the link below and join right now.



1. Meditation Part 1                               2. Subtle Bodies and Channels
3. Zone Rites                                            4. Thought management
5. Offerings                                               6. Offerings 2
7. Subtle Body Power Centers          8. Prayer
9. The Elements                                     10. The Elements Part 2
11. The Planets                                        12. The Planets Part 2
13. Azoth                                                    14. Materia Magica
15. Materia 2                                            16. Materia 3
17. Amulets and Talismans               18. Tools
19. Magic of Place                                  20. Dream Sorcery
21. The Planes                                         22. Astrral Projection
23. Astral Mechanics                           24. Artificial Spirits
25. Spirits of Place                                26. Necromancy
27. Necromancy 2                                 28. Grimoire Spirits
29. Grimoire Spirits 2                          30. Grimoire Spirits 3
31. SS Mini Grimoire                            32. Spirit Houses
33. Meditation 2                                     34. 10 Principals of Strategic Sorcery
35. Set Point and how to Move it    36. Tactical Timing
37. Will and Willpower                        38. Intelligence Gathering
39. Information Sorcery                    40. Persona and Influence Work
41. Time Management                         42. Strategic Sorcery Group Work
43. Healing                                                44. Attack Magick
45. Causal Level Magick                      46. Financial Sorcery 1
47. Financial Sorcery 2                        48. Financial Sorcery 3
49. Working for others                        50. Sex Magic
51. Advancing the art of Magic         52. The Strategic Sorcerer



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“Money is not the prime commodity of our lives… Time is”
-Gordon Geko – 

We are 20 days into 2015, how are you doing on those goals, resolutions, and plans?
Are you leveling up?
Did you take immediate action?
Did you take account for the roles circumstance, providence, and action?

Excellent. Now, lets talk about time.

We are 3 weeks into 2015 and the jazzy feel-good zeal of the new years vibe has faded. Now its all about the work. Whatever new habits you have wanted to establish now need to become part of regular life. Whatever new goals you have, you need to carve out the time to make room for them to manifest. This seems really obvious, but its something I see people miss over and over again.

Want to meditate for 20 minutes every morning? So do I. You have to make time for it or its not gonna happen. In my book I suggest “stealing from sleep” in the morning and that 20 minutes of meditation in the morning will do more for you than the 20 minutes of sleep. This is true, but only if you are able to get to bed at a decent hour. If you are working till midnight and have to get up at 7 to take the kids to school you need every second of sleep you can get. If your kids are like mine, they are all over you from the moment you wake up anyway, so that ideal morning routine is not gonna happen.

Maybe you can’t steal from sleep, but if it’s important you can steal from somewhere. Maybe its watching Doctor Who, maybe its facebook. If it’s prioritize it and make the time. For me this means that after I drop the kids off at school meditation is my next priority. Not facebook, or e-mail, or work. I go home and hit the cushion or, if its nice I hit the park on the way home.

Apart from making time for new habits you have to look at the time needed for goals to manifest. You may have heard business people complain about growing to fast. It can sound like bragging, but its not, it’s a real problem. One that I have faced several times. There is only so much time in the day, and unless you are going to give up spending any time with family and friends, it cannot all be work.

Let’s say that you make your living as a card reader and have the same rates that I do: $75 for 30 minutes, and $200 for 90 minutes. New Year’s comes along and you get all wrapped up in the goal-setting, leveling up, jazz and decide that this year you want to make $200k reading tarot. Let’s assume that you have a good audience, and that this is something that your Jupiterian Sorcery can manifest.

You will need 1000 90 minute sessions throughout the year to hit $200k.
That is 1500 hours. Almost 29 hours a week. That is a lot of card reading.
If you are also maintaining a blog, doing marketing, and other things necessary for a business you are going to have a 60 hour work week. This is about average for an entrepreneur, but requires sacrifices.

It also represents the cap for what you can do with that business model. To make any more than that and not work around the clock, you will have to raise prices or come up with a more scalable product. I have a consult a few weeks ago to someone who did consultations with similar rates and wanted to make $500k this year. When I pointed out that this would require 72 hours a week of billable hours, he was shocked. He never even considered it.

If you want a new habit or process to stick you have to first do it, so that you can enjoy some of the results. This will spur you on to wanting to continue, which means that you will need to make the time for it to happen. It’s that simple.

Once you have the time set aside for it, and the results feeding your desire for it, it just requires your effort.

I myself am still locked in constant conflict with chronos. Some tips I have found useful for my ongoing struggle.

  • Realize that you are always missing something. You cannot do everything. By choosing one thing, you are not choosing another. Be decisive, and let go of what you chose to abandon.
  • All Jupiter and no Saturn makes Jack an overwhelmed Sorcerer. Realize the role of Saturn and boundaries in your work. Meaningful expansion requires boundaries.
  • Multi-tasking is so 2002. Stop it. You cannot be on facebook, write a blog post, and watch House Of Cards at the same time. I have tried.
  • Enjoy your down-time. Shut off your notifications. Be with the person you are with. Enjoy the show you are watching. Know that whatever challenges work presents can be dealt with during work time.
  • Work during your work time. I am not saying you can’t goof off at work, but make sure that you get what needs to be done, done.
  • Eliminate those times when you are not really being productive, but not really enjoying yourself fully. I have spend entire days in this sort of limbo where I am ostensibly “working” but distracted by facebook or youtube. Kill these moments. Choose a path.
  • Realize that calendars, pomodoros, and other time management tools are there not just to boost productivity, but to make sure that you have down time.
  • Be fluid. Remember, circumstance and providence will not always work in harmony with your desired actions. When your wife comes down stairs during work time and asks you to come to bed – you go. When your kids are sick – you take care of them. When your best friend shows up unannounced and asks you to go skydiving – you go. Adjust and recover.

More on this later. For now just look at how you are spending your time and how you are going to make time for the things that matter. Strike a balance. You may love video games, but if you are spending 15 hours a week playing video games then you know where you need to steal from in order to make room for more meaningful things.

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REVIEW: The Conjurer’s Guide to St Expedite

This weekend I had the great pleasure to read Denise M. Alvarado’s new book: The Conjurers Guide to St Expedite. This is the first book of hers that I have read, but it will not be the last.

The book is simply wonderful and a resource that the community has needed for a long time. So many people have relied upon St Expedite, and his prayers and spells are scattered throughout dozens of books, but he had not had a book all his own until now.

As someone who reads a lot but is short on time, I appreciate information density. This book packs a lot  into it’s 142 pages. Would a Saint of Expediency want a book to be longer than it needs to be? I doubt it – and this book is the perfect length. Denise covers not just one, but all the various and conflicting origin stories of the Saint, and delves into the Legends from Paris and New Orleans as well as the standard Catholic story.

She also sheds light on the ways he is honored today in different locals. In this book you will learn about how he works along side of Baron Samedi in Haiti, is honored in roadside shrines on the island of Reunion, and has his own Society dedicated to him in the Philippines. Since I am headed to Paris later this week, I will be keeping an eye out for his Statue at Notre Dame de la Bonne Delivrance, which is also where the Black Madonna of Paris is located.

Of course no book like this would be complete without a section on operative sorcery, and the reader will not be disappointed on this front. Denise has included spells for making just about anything you can imagine happen, and happen fast. A nice feature of this book is that she separates out the conjure specific work, from the prayers. Not that prayers cannot be put to use in spells. but those who seek to devote themselves to St Expedite will want to honor him regularly even when they don’t need something from him. This is how real relationships with the spirits are built, and when you do need something hat relationship will show itself in the results. Just like going to a best friend for help, they are not only willing, but eager to assist.

If you enjoy working with the saints, this book is a must have.

NOTE: Outside of a SOMA webinar we did with Aaron Leitch I do not know Denise, and did not receive a review copy of the book. I have zero reason to say nice things other than the fact that I think this book is a huge boon to the community and want to see more like it.

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Circumstance, Providence, and Action

CONSULTEvery now and then someone will tell you that we all manifest the lives we deserve and that only you are to blame for whatever your lot in life is. This is especially a trope that gets thrown around in New Age and occult circles where we like to think our thoughts or our actions manifest reality itself.

Conversely every now and then, someone will tell you that they have almost no control over their situation, and that whatever they do they cannot make their life better. You find this also in magical circles where people write off their lives as cursed or their astrological conditions as negative.

Both of these ideas are utter poppycock!

The beginning of a new year is a natural time to take stock of your life and lay your plans for the future. AS you role forward I want you to keep in mind three factors that contribute to any scenario: Circumstance, Providence, and Action.

Circumstance is the situation you were born into. This is everything from your parents economic situation, to your race, to your DNA.

Providence is luck and probability, the stuff that happens to you. This is the car that comes out of nowhere, the promotion you did or didn’t get, the storm that blew down your fence.

Action is what you do. The decision to start a business, ask someone out, sleep in, go out all night.

Circumstance is more or less immutable – it is the situation you find yourself in and the result of things that happened in your past and in aeons before you were born. Maybe your parents were rich, maybe they were poor. Maybe you have a genetic disposition to alcholism, maybe not. These are the cards that you are dealt and you just have to play them to the best of your ability.

Actions are how you play those cards, totally mutable according to your will and ability. Do you wallow in your fight it?

Providence is the interplay between Action and Circumstance – sometimes you do everything right and stuff still does not work out. Sometimes it works out for a long time, then stops. Simetimes you don’t do a damn thing right and you just keep having stuff handed to you. For most people providence or luck is not very mutable – this is where sorcery comes in. Through effective sorcery you can tip the scales one way or the other.

The reason I am writing about this is that there are two pieces of advice about this that I want to convey: advice for how you view yourself, and advice for how you view others:

ADVICE FOR VIEWING YOURSELF: View your circumstance with as little emotion as possible. Take advantage of whatever advantages your situation affords you, mitigate whatever risks and disadvantages you have, and play the cards you were dealt. The fact that you were born African American in a culture that affords extra privilege to Whites sucks, The fact that you were born with a physical beauty type that society doesn’t value right now sucks. The fact that your parents did not have money or education sucks. The fact that you have a physical disability sucks. Whatever your situation – that’s the situation and you get exactly NO ADVATANGE from being upset about it. Whatever you can do to combat that you should, but do whatever you can to reach your goals anyway. Even though you may have to work five times as hard as some idiot who had life handed to him on a silver platter- the circumstances are what the circumstances are. You use actions to make the best of them and Sorcery to tip providence in your favor.

ADVICE FOR VIEWING OTHERS: Because the advice that is most useful for the individual is to buck up and get to work changing your life, some people twist this into a philosophy to judge others. Just recently I saw a meme with a mirror and the caption read “if you want to know who to blame for your life, look in the mirror”. The reality is though that you are not the only person to blame. You are never the only person to blame, or credit, for anything. Even your own thoughts are largely patterned by the genetics you inherited from other people and the experiences you have had with other people throughout your life. Do not use the fact that you were able to overcome negative circumstance be used to judge someone else.

As the New Year marches on, and you work towards your goals keep these three factors in mind:

Accept your circumstances and work with them, while still having compassion for people who are not able to.

Influence providence with Sorcery, while realizing that you cannot control everything. Sometime you may do everything right and still not have it work out. This is why multi-pronged approaches are the best.

Take wise actions that are are in line with your goals, and cut some of the actions you take that are counter-productive.



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I learned to work with the Perihelion from one of my Bishops, but outside of that I have almost never heard about it.

Yet today, when we are wrapping up the Hekate Helios Rite, I see this in Slate:


I try not not read as much into synchronicity as most other occultists do, but good job folks! I cannot help but think that several; hundred people calling Helios with this as the focus drew attention to the event.

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The Day After New Years Day

ConsultationWe spoke last week about Goal setting. I am going to focus this month on how to actually get those goals into action. Yesterday was New Years Day so a lot of us spent the time finishing the last of our party food, nursing our hangovers, and getting in the last of the holiday shenanigans. Today though, is just another ordinary day. Tomorrow too. If you made a resolution, need a habit change, or are generally hoping to level up: Shit just got real.

New years is a great time to think about where you are at and where you want to go, and of course its traditional to make resolutions for new habits at this time. Of course most people fail at their resolutions. The impact of a new year may make you want to turn a new page, but it won’t do it for you.

“The attraction of New Year is this: the year changes and in that change we believe that we can change with it. It is far more difficult however to change yourself than turn the calendar to a new page. .”
R. Joseph Hoffmann  

Difficult but not impossible, so I will be devoting several blog posts this week to keeping the plan on track.


The first step is immediate action. Not planning. Not scheduling. Not purchasing stuff for it. ACTION. I have written about this before. Nothing can be more corrosive to getting a new plan in action than doing things that feel like something important but really aren’t.

Whatever it is, if you want to really tap the new years vibe, you have to start forging that pathway in your brain now. Nothing succeeds like success. Drag your butt to the gym, to the kitchen, to the office, to the accountant, to wherever you need. Do it now. Get a taste of actually doing it.

Going forward we are going to cover making time, managing rewards, and all sorts of stuff to keep you on track.

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Not too late for Hekate Helios Global Rite

Hekate+Helios banner01

Today is New Years Eve, but it is not too late to get in on the Hekate Helios Global Rite.

Join the course between now and January 1st and you can still perform the rite within the window.

For more details CLICK HERE

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Sometimes I get accused of muddying up pure occultism with “self-help” tactics, but when it generates results I am happy to accept that. One of the best things about having run the Strategic Sorcery Course for several years now is that many people have attained the goals that they listed in their first homework. Some people even do it by midpoint in the course.

Of course sometimes when we complete a goal, particularly a big one, we are left feeling empty, asking ourselves : whats next? Having conquered a problem that has been plaguing us, or accomplished a major life goal  Like the character in Dan Burns song Tiger Woods, without a goal driving us forward we can feel adrift:

“I got a friend whose goal in life
Was to one day go down on Madonna
That’s all he wanted
That was all
To one day go down on Madonna
And when my friend was thirty-four
He got his wish in Rome one night
He got to go down on Madonna
In Rome one night in some hotel
And ever since he’s been depressed
‘Cause life is shit from here on in
And all our friends just shake their heads
And say, “Too soon, too soon, too soon,
He went down on Madonna too soon
Too young, too young, too soon, too soon”
- Dan Bern

Goals are like Gravity from the future, time may push you forward, but your goals that pulls you toward something definite and spur you on to greatness. If you stop thinking in terms of final goals, and start thinking in terms of ever increasing levels, there is always another goal on the horizon. Being President of the U.S. for instance is a pretty huge accomplishment, but once your terms are up you can either become a reclusive amature painter, or Level Up and tackle things that only someone with the gravitas of an ex-president can do

For instance, some people start the course deep in debt and financial instability. When they conquer that debt they feel like they are finished, but they are not. They need to look for the next level.  I see it like this:

TRIAGE: Paying off crippling debt, finding employment and taking care of pressing emergencies.

STABILITY: Career, three months of living expenses in savings, zero debt other than mortgage and maybe a car payment, regular contributions to a retirement fund.

ADEPTSHIP: Advancing in career, Zero Debt of any kind, Investments that pay dividends. Enough income to invest in charities or support causes you believe in. Enough time and money to do serious travel. Investments and bonds that benefit family members.

MASTERY: Passive income provides enough for living expenses with no further need for work generated paychecks. Able to start your own funds and back people and causes you care about. Enough time and money to live how you will while also making a difference in the world.

As New Year approaches and people are gearing up for the HEKATE HELIOS RITE, a few people have expressed trouble articulating new goals, and some have even expressed a lack of motivation to do any work because of it. Try looking at yourself like a character in a game – what is the next level?

While you are thinking about it, don’t forget to avoid the three types of BAD MAGICAL GOALS. 

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Details on the Hekate Helios New Years Ritual

Hekate+Helios banner01As New Years approaches people are gearing up for the Helios Hekate Global Rite. In fact I just got a testimonial about last years ritual a few minutes ago:

“Last year, I took part in the global Hekate/Helios rite. A year later, looking back, I have to say that the results speak for themselves. Every specific request has materialized. This has included widening of responsibilities at work, expanding my involvement in community and professional organizations outside work, and even, as the year winds to a close, bringing a new romantic relationship into my life. In fact, at times, the inflow has been so abundant, I have seriously considered asking for a bit more moderation going into next year.

To be sure, what came into my life were not things “fait accompli”, but opportunities, which I was sure to say “Yes” to as they opened up. As you teach, first the working, then the work. I just wanted to say that this past year, both aspects have certainly worked together to pay off.”

-Jason S

I have also gotten a lot of questions about it, so rather than writing people back individually, I thought I might answer them here.

DO I HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF THE STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE TO PARTICIPATE? Yes. All graduates, students of former cycles, and current students will be invited to participate, but you must be part of the community to participate.

WHEN DO I HAVE TO DO THE RITE? The Hekate portion van be performed any night between New Years Eve and January 3rd. The Helios portion should be performed the following morning or afternoon, between January 1st and January 4th. This ties together the currents of New Years with the Perihelion – the moment the sun comes closest to the earth. You can perform the rite for yourself anytime after this, but the window for this to be a “linked” with the work of hundreds of other people (there are over 1000 people that have taken the course) is during these four days.

WHEN WILL I ACTUALLY RECEIVE THE RITE? I am sending it out to everyone tomorrow and tuesday. If you join between tomorrow and New Years, you will get it with your lessons.

WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS ANYWAY? To help support your Sorcerous efforts. These can be your efforts to master the art, to gain wealth, to serve others, to find love, or just about anything else. Hekate supports from below and Helios illuminates from above.

DO I NEED ANY SPECIAL MATERIALS FOR THE RITE? You CAN do the ritual with nothing but your person, but some incense and candles help. Beyond this you can keep it as stark or as elaborate as you wish. People have incorporated statues, ikons, rosaries and all sorts of equipment. They are not however necessary.

HOW LONG DOES EACH RITE TAKE? Each rite has some chanting in it, so the length of the ritual can vary depending on how long you chant for. I would say people can spend between 15 minutes and 1 hour doing each part.

SO WHATS THE DEAL WITH THIS COURSE? 52 Lessons in practical Sorcery. You can click here to learn more and sign up.  Or just join now:

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