St Cyprian Perfume

So it’s Holy Week for Christians everywhere, even totally wacky heretical-even-by-gnostic-standards mystical sorcerer Christians like me.  In the build up for this weekends work, I did a larger than normal Cyprian working on Saturday, and finally busted open some very special Cyprian perfume sent to me by Marcus McCoy, the proprietor of House of Orpheus. 

I will be honest, I don’t really even know how to review a perfume or an oil, but I will say that it is pretty damn amazing stuff. It smells like power and it reaches through the nose into the brain and tickles your third eye.

I asked Marcus for some comments for this review:

The perfume was formulated on his saint day, and was instructed by him to make a perfume as an offering to him and to share it with others. He instructed to use the Iberian oil formula from conjure man Ali, but to change the bay leaf to his ponto, and to add Palo Santo to the perfume. He would only allow me to use the finest oils of frankincense available making it rather spendy for me to make and sell, but he wanted it to be quality, and not to have any synthetic chemicals in it. Then as silver is his metal, I added the alchemical oil of silver in it made by kymia alchemical arts.

I used the divination technique that Marcus suggests on his page, and received some very vivid images and a few omens that followed later that day to confirm the images.

If you are doing the Cyprian work, Marcus is a dedicated practitioner who is serious about the work and has made some very impressive shit.

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Judging Your Results Against Others

Mt Doom2One of the great things about Strategic Sorcery is that we have a very large (over 400 people) and active community that, for the most part, conducts itself with composure and compassion and keeps its focus squarely on the work at hand.

It is can be an awesome and inspiring thing to read about peoples success and see details of how they operate. On the other hand it can be disappointing to feel that you are not getting results that are as fast or strong as other people are reporting. I have had people worry that their stuff is not working because others are posting field reports of phantasmagoric visions, strange synchronicities, and practical results granted in just a couple days or even a couple hours.

It is great not to have to weigh your results in a vacuum, but its just as important not to define yourself too much in the context of other peoples results. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • First and foremost some people are just wired for visions. They close their eyes and its like watching a damn movie. They could do any ritual at all and have some kind of visionary experience. I know, because I am one of these people. This is not necessary for success in sorcery though, and people should not feel it necessary to have these kinds of visions.There are many gifts of the spirit. In fact, in some ways being pre-disposed towards seeing can be a difficulty that needs to be overcome. This is true  in strategic sorcery in particular.
  • Visions, energetic response, and even paranormal phenomena at the time of ritual DO NOT equal result. I have been to rituals where everyone walked away buzzing with energy and stories of visions and exploding light bulbs, yet no real lasting result for any of the participants. I have also been to rituals where there was not an excess of experience at the time, but manifested the requested results in a big way. There is very little correlation between the two.
  • A few people reported some amazing results just hours after performing the recent Jupiter rite, and some others results that manifested in just days. This should NOT suggest that people who did not get such results failed. It has only been 8 days! Things can take 3 weeks to manifest simple results, and long term strategic work happens over months. One shot spells are great, but Strategic Sorcery is more Chess then Checkers.
  • Sometimes a magical ritual does not work for you, even when it works for others. There are a lot of possible reasons for this, but in general magic does not always manifest in ways that we expect or want. Strategic Sorcery method helps mitigate this risk and keep things on target, but it does not make it 100% on target. It is just as important to post and workshop poor or completely opposite results as it is to examine failures.

Whether you are in my course group, a coven, an order, or another kind of community take advantage of that by comparing notes and examining each others successes and failures, but do not judge yourself solely in relation to others. It is not a competition.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
– Ernest Hemingway

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Renaissance Astrology and the Global Jupiter Rite

Christopher Warnock wrote a very thoughtful piece regarding the timing of the recent Strategic Sorcery Jupiter Rite. I think that both Christopher and I are people that can hold each other in high regard without having to completely agree on every point.

That said Astrology is his specialty and I want to make sure that my readers and students are aware of multiple viewpoints – even ones that challenge something I did. Especially in fact.

So with that in mind, go read it here.

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Happy Equinoclipseupermoon!

HAND-LOGO-invert.jpgSo much stuff happening today that it is hard to even narrow it down.

Oodles of New People doing the Jupiter Rite which is exciting! But whatever else you have going on, I hope it is treating you well.

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Video Review of Strategic Sorcery

Andrew Martini posted very nice 19 minute long review of the Strategic Sorcery Course.

BONUS: He did it from the deck of the TARDIS!

Thank you Andrew!

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LGBTQIA and Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit

SexSorcerySideBanner2 (1)


The review I responded to has been removed and an apology has been issued and accepted. I appreciate this, and it takes character.

I am not deleting the post, because I want there never to be any confusion about where I stand on these issues again. Before my response below the original review sparked conversations on Facebook and Reddit.


In general I do not respond to reviews. Not good ones, not bad ones, not ones where people give it one star on Amazon because their mailman left it in the rain. I cannot however let this one go unanswered, as it completely and utterly misrepresents the book and my own position on issues that I feel VERY strongly about.

The review I am speaking of is  (removed) and appears to be based solely on the introduction and perhaps a perusal of the rest because the author admits she has not read the whole book. Still it has enough impact to be re-posted (removed).

Now as far as I can tell the section that this person objects to is in the introduction. For the sake of making what we are talking about here clear I am posting that entire section of the intro.

In the rest of this post I will be writing in normal font, my book will be quoted in bold, and the review that I take issue with will be in italics.

This is what I wrote in the introduction regarding Gender and LGBT issues

       I am yet another straight male, in a long line of straight males, writing on sex magic. Most of what I write about in this book can be applied by anyone of any gender or orientation, some of it will have to be interpreted, and some of it may not be applicable to everyone. There will also be practices that are not covered in the book because I have not been taught them and have not experimented with them.

            When it comes to gender, it is no secret that the bulk of sex magic material has been written for males. Patriarchy is certainly the over-riding reason for this, but there is also a technical consideration. Men are apt to reach orgasm faster than women – much too fast for most sex magic operations. Men release their sexual fluids and this can have a draining effect on energy. Men are not prone to multiple orgasms. In short, one reason that there is more Sex Magic instruction for men because men need more instruction.

            Many books talk a lot about gender polarities as if anything and everything about men and women is completely different. This is mirrored in some traditional teachings as well but I find in reality it is not really the case. For the most part the magic in this book does not rely upon anyone having to fulfill expectations of what it means to be a “real man” or “real woman”. I also avoid speaking about “men who run feminine energy” and other terms like this that try so hard to make the multifaceted spectrum of behavior and energy fit into one of two slots. Whether you are a cisgendered or transgendered, everything in the book should be workable. You are the best judge of what you can and should do with the information in the book., not me.

            During the writing of the book I have been asked several times if I am covering homosexual sex magic. The answer is that apart from a few pieces of history and tradition, and a few ideas for practice sprinkled throughout, there is not much specific to homosexual magic or sex in the book. One reason is that much of the magic is not dependent upon male-female coupling. Techniques of inner heat, of unlocking innate divinity, of riding the wave of ego shattering energy of the orgasm has nothing at all to do with orientation.

            Formulas that do rely upon male female coupling, such as the creation of the elixir, are not for me to change. Just as there are specific magics to heterosexual union that may not apply in homosexual union, there are also formulas that apply in homosexual union that does not apply in heterosexual union. Not being homosexual, it is not my place to present those mysteries.

            Sadly, much of the history of homosexual sacred sexuality and sex magic has been kept either underground or repressed. Thankfully I know of a few good sources for investigation as well as some promising works being released in the near future.

So lets tackle this thing piece by piece and post what I actually wrote in the book.

She begins by stating:

“In the introduction Miller basically uses derailment after derailment technique to excuse what is basically just another book where the default is a straight male using Eastern philosophies.”

I made no excuses for writing a book, and I need no excuse for writing a book. I do however note that I am yet another straight cis-gendered male writing on sex magic in a world that is ready and in need of other voices. I think it would dis-respectful and dismissive NOT to address this, no? Personally nothing would smack of more hetero and gender privilege than just to not address the issue at all.

“He tries to make it seem radical that he is sharing these details as if there aren’t already books about magic and tantra out there by Asian authors to make it seem like he must to share these secrets write another heteronormative mildly sexist culturally appropriative tome while at the same time completely ignoring the sex magics of the Southern Hemisphere as if they don’t even exist. It is as though they are below his notice as he doesn’t even mention them. This kind of just not even considering is pretty Anti-Black to me. If he was gonna make excuses for appropriating Eastern material, why there isn’t much for women and lgbt people then he could have at least had an excuse for not addressing Africa, Oceania, and Indigenous Americas. Sure the scope of a book is limited.”

First I would say that the manner and frankness in which I wrote about eastern techniques, and the ways that I applied them was a little radically different, but if you don’t think so then fine. The rest of this argument is basically that because I am not an expert in ALL THINGS EVERYWHERE I must think that they are not worth noticing.

I am also sure that my African-American wife and children, as well as African American Alchemist and Palero Christopher Bradford who helped enormously with the book, will find it pretty funny that this author has decided that I am Anti-Black.

“He says that there aren’t many books about sex magic techniques for women because they don’t need them. Poor men have to retain fluid to protect their energy, don’t easily have multiple orgasms and usually cum really quick so that’s why they deserve more books.”

Actually that is NOT what I said. what I said, and what I posted above is that Patriarchy is certainly the over-riding reason for this, but there is also a technical consideration. Again I am not writing about who DESERVES or NEEDS books. I am pointing out two reasons that there are NOT ENOUGH OF THEM! The whole point is that there needs to be more.

“Besides he jokes in the past women would have fainted over the mention of sexuality. That read as pretty unexamined sexism and entitlement to me.”

Ok again, THIS IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WROTE. Below is the paragraph that has the comment she is referring to. I specifically state that the idea that women would have fainted at sex magic is a SILLY idea from the VICTORIAN ERA.

To those who feel that Sex Magic is somehow shocking or provides an excuse for “immoral acts” I would point out that the world we live in today is not the world of 100 years ago. People today are having sex outside of marriage as a norm. Gays, Lesbians, Transexualsm and Bisexual people are able to express their love with increasing openness freedom and acceptance. Books that would make the Marqui DeSade blush are now NY Times bestsellers, and the internet serves up a cornucopia of images and movies that show every type of sex act conceivable. It seems silly the idea of Sex Magic would be so shocking that ladies would collapse with the vapors at the merest mention of it.

Our reviewer goes on to write:

“As if women weren’t in those orders being the other side of sex magic all throughout history? As if we easily achieve orgasm may multiple orgasm out of the box without learning. Especially when our needs aren’t attended to? As if there were not sexist forces like the Comstock laws preventing women from selling their actually popular sex magic manuals?”

Yes, Precisely the point I made. Precisely the point I made two times later on in the book that you apparently cannot be bothered to read. I specifically mention the terrible time that Ida Craddock had with the Comstock laws and go into detail and provide references…

“Then he says he didn’t include homosexual mysteries simply because he isn’t homosexual and doesn’t know any. So he just excuses not doing hardly any research. As if the lgbt community should just write their own books”

Wrong again. In the acknowledgements I thanked several people Gay and Transgendered people for weighing in LGBT ideas in the book. Not only do I know MANY homosexuals and transgendered people, but I asked them to read the book and make comments.

Ultimately though you have to ask yourself – is it the place of a cis-gendered hetero-sexual male to speak for women and LGBT people on how they should have sex? I think not. I think that as a member of the group that receives the societal privilege it is up to me to be a supporter for other peoples leadership on this. So YES she is right about exactly one thing: I WANT the LGBT community to write more on Sex Magic. I was appalled at how little there was and how hard it was to find some titles that were out there. I want there to be more of that yes I do. Don’t you?

To this end I make several points throughout the book to state where I think there are serious holes in scholarship that need to be filled, and offer encouragement. In the Bibliography there is a section specifically on LGBTQIA sexuality and magic.

So now our reviewer breaks out the outright attacks. Attacks that, I hope by this time, you will KNOW are unfounded.

“The unspoken feeling is that gay isn’t normal so they should have their own section. Even if that’s not his intent. It feels badly to me as a bisexual woman reading all his excuses why I am not getting more than a page or two in the book.”

Actually you are getting pretty much the whole book. The reason I say this is that very few operations are effected by orientation and gender. Someone plunging the experience of the orgasm as a meditation does not need a special book for their specific orientation. In places where I think that there are specific mysteries here I say so. But that does not mean that Hetero-mysteries or fluid combinations are normal, and others are not. It means that they are different. Too many people try to paint everything as the same, as if gender and orientation do not matter at all in anything. This is its own type of bigotry, and one that I will not engage in.

Again, I do not normally comment on reviews, but the idea that people are reading the outright lies and misrepresentations in this review and re-posting it makes me ill. I am a full and vocal supporter of LGBTQIA rights, activism, and issues. Anyone that has bothered to find out the least bit about me will know this.

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CoveraaaI try not to have too many Global Rites one after another, and was not planning on doing any until May. Jupiter however has had other ideas. What started as a nagging thought while standing in front of Jupiters statue at the Louvre, developed into pretty heavy demand from the God to arrange this on March 20th. So thats exactly what I am going to do.


Jupiter is one of those beings that I have developed a special relationship with, and who has communicated teachings that took shape in my book Financial Sorcery and befitted many people. This rite has three goals

1. To be a catalyst for the financial growth and well-being of the participants in the rite.
2. To have this influence spill over from us and uplift those closest to us.
3. To give a global blessing against poverty and powerlessness.


I asked the same question to Jove. He is not typically associated with the equinox, and Jupiter itself is retrograde until April 8th.

His answer was that his influence is strong still from the Ides of March, and his influence will be increased because of the eclipse. His planet is in retrograde, but the rite will have an effect anyway and for some people it will form the basis of work that will unlock when it goes direct. More than anything else though there is a need at this time.


The Global rites are only open to those in the STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE.

If you are in the course, you will already be receiving the rites automatically. If not, then now is the time to join!


If you need more info about the course, click here.


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In August 2012 I posted a piece called Be Nice – An Approach To Goetia. In that post I used an image of a T-shirt I found online and as with most bloggers, I searched for an appropriate image and tossed it up on the article. In this case the image was of a shirt produced by DJHYPNOTIXX from Australia.

I was contacted recently, and DJHYPNOTIXX kindly asked if I would post a link so that people could purchase the shirt, which is something I really should have done in the first place. It slipped my mind, and slipped it again. He kindly reminded me again this morning, and so in the interests of writing a wrong, and supporting someones financial sorcery: rather than just slip the link into a three year old post, I thought it might be good to link to him in a new post.

I for one, will be ordering this T-shirt

But if Goetia is your thing, he definitely has you covered. Apart from the Goetic T-shirt listed in my original post, I am always fond of this image connected with the Verum, and one which supposedly inspired the Son of Sam.

Or perhaps you want to honor one specific Goet like Dantalion

Occult, Subversive, Political, Weird, he has it covered. Click the shirts to go to his page.

This all leads me to an interesting question of practical magic though: what effect if any does the wearing of a spirits seal on a T-shirt have? Don Kraig suggested that their images in a RPG might be dangerous because activated or not, they are still the representations of that being. Other people might view it differently, that many spirits enjoy public acknowledgement and that you could potentially wear a T-shirt like the one above as an offering or a way to publically thank the spirit for services performed.

I am on the fence about it myself, but it does make for an interesting thing to think about.

In the meantime, throw this Aussie Sorcerer a bone and grab some Sorcerous Swag from down under.

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Experience vs Noob

Discussing spirits and offerings with Christopher Bradford today and I came up with this difference between experienced people and noobs.

Noobs are like “Wow, it’s really strong, might kill a child if I piss it off, and I have to feed it Johnny Walker blue every Wednesday? AWESOME! “

Experienced people are like “look, I have enough high maintenance spirits in my life – if you want to hang out then cool, but otherwise I am good…”

There is a lesson there about maintaining a manageable spiritual court.

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A Financial Field Report from a student

CoverI received the following field report this weekend from a student in the course that had been having a hard time for a few years. It goes to show that wise actions married to magic can help overcome almost any problem.

First of all I want to think Jupiter for everything he has done for me here as of the last year and a half. Like a few others in the Strategic Sorcery Community, I’m just now really getting my feet back on the ground.  I lost my job of five years back in October 2012. It was good paying but I didn’t really enjoy it so I don’t really miss it. We moved from one major city to another and started looking around for books on improving financial stuff.  I came across Jason’s book on financial sorcery.

I went over the book fairly thoroughly and finally convinced myself to start working the Jupiter invocation. I didn’t see results right off hand but I did not own his previous book The Sorcerer’s Secrets at the time, and I was not aware of the lessons on offerings. Offerings help out a lot

 At first also I did not see a lot of results but I was unaware of Jupiters workings behind the scenes in the debt department. I was one of those people that got caught up in a mortgage that was over my head and the house that needed more repairs than I could afford. We’ve been living in an apartment now for a year, was living in the trailer home before that (thank God that’s over). The bank was after us about the mortgage they threatened to do all kinds of nasty things to us. The only thing I could tell them was “go-ahead I’ll file bankruptcy”. They finally left us alone.

Since working with Jupiter I have gained a full forgiveness of debt on the mortgage, which has a down side only because its seen as income for the year; this may hurt our tax return. The debt forgiveness was a whopping $65,000 smackers.

I have seen an improvement on our personal business via lightning glyphs for continuous work, sweetening the deal, and for when its been real ruff a luck lightning glyph amulet that has been nothing short of a miracle worker. For example: I had a dead work week, gave the glyph to my wife to use since she works the main cell phone/ business line. And the week completely filled out in a matter of hours. To make sure it was extra powerful i used a wood piece, painted dark blue, and placed luck on one side, and bad luck prevention glyph on the opposite side (both glyphs in gold paint). It worked better than i expected by leaps and bounds ( if i haven’t said thank you to Jupiter enough i say “thank you” again!)

I could keep going but i hope this suffices. Iovus Optimous Maximus!!!!!

-Scott M


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