Sorcery Sans Stuff.

A Student wrote a question on the Strategic Sorcery Group this weekend that I think bears answering to a wider audience:

Question: how do you continue your practice when you can’t house any altars or any physical support gear nor burn candles and incense for offerings and workings? I had to break down and hide my supplies, images, statues as well as my altars (sadly in the midst of some powerful workings) due to the need to protect from destruction from those who would not approve… The only option I can think of is to wait until I get my own place to resume…

A lot of people find themselves in a living situation that they cannot practice openly. Sometimes because of relatives and roommates, and sometimes because of the state. Since starting the Strategic Sorcery course I have been floored at the amount of people that diligently practice the art in places that they could still be arrested or persecuted for it. Even those who can practice openly may find themselves in situations where they cannot practice with lots of equipment due to tight living quarters or extended travel.

Over the course of my career I have maintained a practice with virtually every conceivable scenario. 

As a teen I started with stuff in a box and an altar that I would put together and take down for every working. When I came out as an occultist at 17 and my parents were cool, so not only did I built an altar in my bedroom but my parents built a stone circle in the NE corner of the back yard, complete with Gargoyles at the quarters. More space less secrecy.

Living in apartments with roommates left with little space for personal altars, but tons of space for large workings. Matthew Brownlee and I would clear the living room of furniture for everything from Goetic Evocations to OTO Initiations. 

When I bought a house I finally had a dedicated Temple Room and kept money altars, Tibetan Altars, Sorcery Altar etc. I spread out all over. Then we had kids and I gave up the Temple room.  and put a lot of stuff in storage. Started working with a small altar in the bedroom, and would set up larger altars as needed for special workings. – just like in High School. Now-a-days I am in the same house but I have a Bedroom altar for meditative stuff. A divination/Business altar right next to my desk. And a large shrine in the Garage that is sectioned off with curtain that I keep peoples active spells and candles on.

But ultimately I think that any Sorcerer worth their salt should be able to continue without any of it.

This was the advice that Khenpo Namdrol gave to me when I went showed him how I was streamlining a rather extensive ritual: “You have a commitment to do this practice regularly correct? How would you keep that commitment if you were in prison? How would you keep it if you had to travel without books? You must be able to practice even in these situations…

Here are some tips for those who have to keep their practice a secret.

  • You are a Temple. Your mind is the innermost secret temple of practice. Your body is the inner temple. If having outer tools and an outer temple causes you to lose sight of this, than they are doing you no good at all. If you find youself unable to conduct outer ceremonies, that may be a sign to work on the mind and the body.
  • Astral Temple. No longer fashionable to talk about but exceptionally useful. I go to mine on an almost daily basis, and have written before how I “discovered” part of it by accident which I believe to be a remnant from a past life (because there is no way in this life that I would choose Rococo as a design style :-) For all kinds of rituals, evocation, and training for astral work the astral temple is excellent.
  • Keep plain tools. Not every tool needs to have arcane sigils and names engraved upon them. Plain chalices, sticks, mirrors, etc do not draw much attention.
  • Visualization. Another practice that seems to be falling out of fashion is visualization. Someone recently told me that you could tell a practice was fluffy new age if it had visualization because no authentic magic involved visualization. By authentic magic I am assuming that they mean contained in a Grimoire written between 1300-1600 because I know of hundreds of practices in Asia that date before that time frame which involve intense visualization. Visualization is a potent tool and undetectable by anyone not gifted with clairvoyance.
  • Hand Gestures. Many hand gestures can stand in for offerings and tools. I talk about this in my own course and in a short piece I wrote for Mike Cecchetelli’s Book of Abrasax. Whether you have tools of not, the combination of bodily gesture, visualization, and pure will make for a powerful act. Be it a spell or an offering this is a mode of practice that garners results.
  • Hidden Symbols. Sometimes you want to work with physical symbols as an anchor and nothing else will do. Inscribe candles just at the bottom so that it is hidden by the candle holder.  Hide glyphs and sigils behind objects and pieces of art. Some of this is cursing 101 – nothing like a huge demonic sigil hidden behind a painting to drive someone batty, or black arts powder mixed in with their regular bath powder to give them a spiritual itch they cannot scratch. You can use the same ideas to hide things from prying eyes in your own home.
  • Use What Is In Front Of You. Want to play a fun game? The next time you are in a room with other occultists see who can make the best spell or ritual just using what is in the room. Herbs from the Kitchen, toys from the kids room, statues and knick nacks. The world is alive with magic. If you have a strong connection to the spirits you can ask for their guidance: watch how certain items suddenly jump out at you as you instantly understand how to use them.

Even if you do not have to scale down or hide your practice, I think its something that everyone should try. It’s a great way to find out what is absolutely necessary, what is just helpful, what is superfluous, and what is actually holding you back.

A couple years ago when I started to explore Zero Point Magic*, I put everything away. All of it. I would go into the shrine room which had nothing but Black Curtains some candles and Scrying Mirror. It was an awesome experience and I recommend it for people who feel spiritually over-extended or who want to explore the full potential of their art.

*Zero Point Magic uses reality itself as the only symbol set. You ignore all tradition and approach reality as if you were the first person to think of magic – the zero point. I hope to have the Zero-Point Chapbook ready for Spring 2015.

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Thanksgiving as a Practice

Happy Birthday Strategic Sorcery (1)

“Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

Today is Thanksgiving here in America. Though I hate that Christmas  season starts so early In a way I am glad, because it doesnt allow any room for massive consumerist nonsense to arise around Thanksgiving. Songs, specials, and decorations are at a minimum, allowing us- if we are so inclined, to keep the day as a simple day to give thanks for what we have and gather to break break with family and friends.

The practice of giving thanks has spiritual, emotional, and even magical benefits. After all if the spirits have bestowed abundance upon you, being grateful and giving in kind will keep that relationship strong.

I would love it if you took some extra time today to think about the people and things that you take for granted and instead take them with gratitude. Call a friend you only communicate with through facebook to get a closer connection. Clean or upkeep something important to you to demonstrate that you value it. Take time to care for yourself, and be thankful for the ways in which you are strong. Light a candle for the powers that be – local spirits, administering angels, ascending daemons, your own ancestors, or just a vague offering of light to the world.

I want to thank you my readers, students, clients, and friends for making my life a unique and amazing journey. Thank you especially for your stories of success and field reports – it is what fuels my fire to keep doing this. It is my hope to keep producing more and better materials and magics in the years ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jason Miller 201r4


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The Business of Magic

256301_10151301343287995_445051069_oBy now most of my readers will have heard about the arrest of E.A. Koetting. I had decided yesterday to not comment on it. Beyond finding the people getting their joy out of his suffering to be reprehensible, I really have no opinion one way or the other. Because I was interviewed by him and let an article be published in his anthology some people have written me privately for inside info which I do not have. The interview and article were not an endorsement for anything beyond my own ideas. That said I found him to be good-nurtured, knowledgeable, and smart. I wish him well in what I am sure is a very difficult time.  That’s about all I have to say on him.

That said, one of the things coming out of this fiasco is an examination of the business of magic. Many of the people taking joy in his suffering do so because they felt that he cheapened the art by crass, and even manipulative salesmanship. I also was not a fan of his marketing tactics and held it out in my mind as an extreme that I seek to avoid.

On the other hand though you have people, even those who offer services and products of their own, who bristle at the idea of anything businesslike ever touching magic. For instance in Aarom Leitch’s recent piece Fall of a Living God he lists three pieces of advice for those making a living. I agree with the first two and half of the third. I believe in being real and not over promising, I believe in quality over quantity of content, and I believe in avoiding the tactics of televangelists and scientologists. But then, he takes it to a place that I think is no so good:

“Your webpage or blog should look like a resource for students and researchers; it should not look like an ad.

This for me is a problem. If you are in business, you are in business. You should be up front about what you are selling and that you are selling it. There is nothing wrong with this.

Personally I HATE reading an article only to find that it was a sales pitch in disguise. Not only do I immediately dismiss everything you just said, but I will not buy your product, and I will leave feeling like you ripped off my time. If you are in business then sell. Don’t make it appear like a resource for students and researchers. You will either piss people off when you reveal that you are pitching them something, or not actually sell anything because you are so busy hiding that you are trying to make a living.

You will note that on this blog sales pitches for myself or others are clear and straightforward. Articles for content are there for content – I don’t even end them with a “to find out more buy my….” because if you read the blog, you already know that.

Personally I find the model of selling books, courses, services, and personal instruction to be part of my spiritual path. I find it to be more honest and straightforward than orders where you only advance if you kiss the right ass or are willing to jump through increasingly ridiculous hoops. I find it more honest than Guru’s who will recognize you as an incarnation for the right sum of money. I find it more honest than those who insist that it all must be done for free – just when they get around to it.

I am an occultist for a living. This is my job, and I do not hold a day-job. I will not apologize for it. I pride myself on providing value at fair prices to people, only accepting work that I think I can help with, and occasionally doing something pro-bono when the need is real.
It may not fit the fantasy of Victorian Era Gentlemen meeting at the Lodge, and never sullying themselves with anything as crass as money, but the reality is that the world we live in operates this way. Aaron says that he would like to make his living as an occultist. While I agree with him that money cannot be the first thing you are about, if you are actually hoping to pay your bills and live a financially stable life, it had damn well better be a close second. This is true not just of magic and occultism, but all business. Placing money first corrupts, but placing money to the side bankrupts.


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Guest on Lessons in Joyful Living

SexSorcerySideBanner2 (1)I will be a guest on Lessons in Joyful Living this afternoon.

Tune in to this interview today 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific.

You can log into Live Chat — or call in — 866-404-6519 to ask questions.…/lessonsinjoyfulliving/articles/6858

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The Golden Verses of Pythagoras

I am doing a preliminary outline of a possible workbook of Stoic exercises and meditations. In the course of doing so I was reminded of the Golden Verses of Pythagoras, which some believe influenced Stoicism. Possibly as old as 3BC ,I thought I might share it here. Despite its frequent connection to the Neoplatonists who are getting the shaft lately in magic circles, this makes a good philosophy for Pagan Magicians.

1. First worship the Immortal Gods, as they are established and ordained by the Law.

2. Reverence the Oath, and next the Heroes, full of goodness and light.

3. Honour likewise the Terrestrial Daemons by rendering them the worship lawfully due to them.

4. Honour likewise your parents, and those most nearly related to you.

5. Of all the rest of mankind, make him your friend who distinguishes himself by his virtue.

6. Always give ear to his mild exhortations, and take example from his virtuous and useful actions.

7. Avoid as much as possible hating your friend for a slight fault.

8. Power is a near neighbor to necessity.

9. Know that all these things are just as what I have told you; and accustom yourself to overcome and vanquish these passions:–

10. First gluttony, sloth, sensuality, and anger.

11. Do nothing evil, neither in the presence of others, nor privately;

12. But above all things respect yourself.

13. In the next place, observe justice in your actions and in your words.

14. And do not accustom yourself to behave yourself in any thing without rule, and without reason.

15. But always make this reflection, that it is ordained by destiny that all men shall die.

16. And that the goods of fortune are uncertain; and that just as they may be acquired, they may likewise be lost.

17. Concerning all the calamities that men suffer by divine fortune,

18. Support your lot with patience, it is what it may be, and never complain at it.

19. But endeavour what you can to remedy it.

20. And consider that fate does not send the greatest portion of these misfortunes to good men.

21. There are many sorts of reasonings among men, good and bad;

22. Do not admire them too easily, nor reject them.

23. But if falsehoods are advanced, hear them with mildness, and arm yourself with patience.

24. Observe well, on every occasion, what I am going to tell you:–

25. Do not let any man either by his words, or by his deeds, ever seduce you.

26. Nor lure you to say or to do what is not profitable for yourself.

27. Consult and deliberate before you act, that you may not commit foolish actions.

28. For it is the part of a miserable man to speak and to act without reflection.

29. But do the thing which will not afflict you afterwards, nor oblige you to repentance.

30. Never do anything which you do not understand.

31. But learn all you ought to know, and by that means you will lead a very pleasant life.

32. in no way neglect the health of your body;

33. But give it drink and meat in due measure, and also the exercise of which it needs.

34. Now by measure I mean what will not discomfort you.

35. Accustom yourself to a way of living that is neat and decent without luxury.

36. Avoid all things that will occasion envy.

37. And do not be prodigal out of season, like someone who does not know what is decent and honourable.

38. Neither be covetous nor stingy; a due measure is excellent in these things.

39. Only do the things that cannot hurt you, and deliberate before you do them.

40. Never allow sleep to close your eyelids, after you went to bed,

41. Until you have examined all your actions of the day by your reason.

42. In what have I done wrong? What have I done? What have I omitted that I ought to have done?

43. If in this examination you find that you have done wrong, reprove yourself severely for it;

44. And if you have done any good, rejoice.

45. Practise thoroughly all these things; meditate on them well; you ought to love them with all your heart.

46. It is those that will put you in the way of divine virtue.

47. I swear it by he who has transmitted into our souls the Sacred Quaternion, the source of nature, whose cause is eternal.

48. But never begin to set your hand to any work, until you have first prayed the gods to accomplish what you are going to begin.

49. When you have made this habit familiar to you,

50. You will know the constitution of the Immortal Gods and of men.

51. Even how far the different beings extend, and what contains and binds them together.

52. You shall likewise know that according to Law, the nature of this universe is in all things alike,

53. So that you shall not hope what you ought not to hope; and nothing in this world shall be hidden from you.

54. You will likewise know, that men draw upon themselves their own misfortunes voluntarily, and of their own free choice.

55. Unhappy they are! They neither see nor understand that their good is near them.

56. Few know how to deliver themselves out of their misfortunes.

57. Such is the fate that blinds humankind, and takes away his senses.

58. Like huge cylinders they roll back and forth, and always oppressed with innumerable ills.

59. For fatal strife, natural, pursues them everywhere, tossing them up and down; nor do they perceive it.

60. Instead of provoking and stirring it up, they ought to avoid it by yielding.

61. Oh! Jupiter, our Father! If you would deliver men from all the evils that oppress them,

62. Show them of what daemon they make use.

63. But take courage; the race of humans is divine.

64. Sacred nature reveals to them the most hidden mysteries.

65. If she impart to you her secrets, you will easily perform all the things which I have ordained thee.

66. And by the healing of your soul, you wilt deliver it from all evils, from all afflictions.

67. But you should abstain from the meats, which we have forbidden in the purifications and in the deliverance of the soul;

68. Make a just distinction of them, and examine all things well.

69. Leave yourself always to be guided and directed by the understanding that comes from above, and that ought to hold the reins.

70. And when, after having deprived yourself of your mortal body, you arrived at the most pure Aither,

71. You shall be a God, immortal, incorruptible, and Death shall have no more dominion over you.*



*Firth (1904:1-8).

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Vajrakilaya Seminars with Vajranatha

I have known Vajranatha (John Reynolds) for 23 years and consider him to be my most important teacher both in Tantra and Magic in general. Everything I know about Tibetan Magic and Tantra I learned through him, even stuff I learned from other lamas took on new life when going over the material with his help.

Finding a scholar-lama is rare enough. Finding one that understands magic and likes to explain things in those terms is ULTRA-rare.


Vajrakilaya Seminars

Lama Vajranatha (John Myrdhin Reynolds)
December 13-14, 2014

In order to subdue and transform negative energies and especially those that arise directly from the passion of anger, wrathful practice is adopted.

In general, the function of Vajrakilaya practice is to overcome obstacles and demolish negative energies afflicting the life of the individual practitioner. These methods include the higher spiritual practices (stod-las) for attaining liberation and enlightenment and the more practical ritual actions (smad-las) for transforming negative energies in everyday life.

For the overcoming and subduing negative energies generally in his own time, it is said that Vajrakilaya was the personal meditation practice of Guru Padmasambhava himself, as well as that of the Tibetan princess Yeshe Tsogyal, who wrote the first Tibetan commentary on this practice.

Vajrakilaya has become among the most widespread and popular cycles in Tibet. This seminar will introduce some of these practices for Vajrakilaya according to the Düdjom Tersar, in particular, the sPu-gri reg-phung, “the Razor that Destroys at a Touch.

Bae Acupuncture (Samaya Education)
190 N. 10th Street Suite 204
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Saturday and Sunday Dec 13-14, 2014

Fee: $55/day; $100 for both days

$85 preregistration by Dec. 1

John Myrdhin Reynolds, aka Vajranatha, studied History of Religions, Anthropology, Arabic, Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Buddhist Studies at Columbia University, at the University of California at Berkeley, and at the University of Washington at Seattle. At the former he pursued Islamic Studies under Prof. Arthur Jeffrey and Iranian Studies under Prof. J. Duchesne-Guillemin. He did his PhD research in Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Buddhist Philosophy under Prof. Edward Conze, the world-renowned scholar of the Buddhist Prajnaparamita literature.

He then spent more than ten years in India and Nepal doing field research at various Hindu Ashrams in South India and at Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Nepal. At these latter locales, he researched the literature, rituals, and meditation practices of the Nyingmapa and Kagyudpa schools of Tibetan Buddhism. His Lama teachers included Dezhung Rinpoche, Kangyur Rinpoche, Chatral Rinpoche, Dudjom Rinpoche, Kalu Rinpoche, Gyalwa Karmapa, and many others. His special study was Dzogchen and the Buddhist Tantras, both in their own terms, and in comparison with Gnosticism and other mystical traditions of the West. As a result, he translated into English many original Tibetan texts belonging to the Nyingmapa and Kagyudpa traditions, and more recently texts from the Bon tradition. In Nepal he researched the techniques and lore of Tibetan shamanism, including rites of exorcism and soul retrieval, employed and practiced among Ngakpa Lamas belonging to the Nyingmapa school. The thrust of this research was experiential and participatory, and not just restricted to texts. He has been initiated into both the Nyingmapa and the Kagyudpa orders of Tibetan Buddhism and in 1974 in Kalimpong he received ordination from HH Dudjom Rinpoche as a Ngakpa or Buddhist Tantric Yogin of the Nyingmapa order, receiving the name Vajranatha (Rigdzin Dorje Gonpo). With the inspiration and permission of His Holiness, he began in-depth research into the Ngakpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism stemming from Guru Padmasambhava and Nubchen Sangye Yeshe in the 8th century of our era.

Since then he has continued his researches and lectured widely in India, Europe, and America. He has taught History of Religions and Buddhist Studies at Shanti Ashram (South India), at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), at the University of California (Santa Cruz), and more recently at the College of New Rochelle in New York City. Furthermore, he has taught in various countries of Europe, lecturing and presenting seminars on Buddhism, meditation, Tibetan shamanism, and psychological development in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Groningen, Copenhagen, Malmo, Oslo, Devon, and London, as well as in Italy, Greece, Mallorca, Poland, Hungary, and Jugoslavia.

In the past two decades he has worked closely with Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, the foremost exponent of Dzogchen practice in the West, on a number of translations of important Nyingmapa Dzogchen texts. Since 1989, he has worked closely with Lopon Tenzin Namdak, the foremost scholar of the Bonpo tradition outside of Tibet, on the translation into English of a large number of ancient and rare Bonpo Dzogchen texts, including the Zhang-zhung Nyan-gyud, and also the Ma Gyud, the Bonpo Mother Tantra. As his principal focus, he continues his research into the historical origins of Dzogchen in both the Nyingmapa and the Bon traditions, and especially into the connections of Dzogchen and the Bon tradition with the Iranian religious culture of ancient Central Asia and the West, including Iranian Buddhism, Mithraism, and Gnosticism. This research into original texts in Tibetan and Sanskrit, as well as comparative studies in terms of religion, mysticism, and magic, and the producing of monographs thereon, is known as the Vidyadhara Project.

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There are few in the field today that have both technical expertise and a genuine love of the spirits. A man who is as on-fire with the Holy Spirit as a tent-revival preacher, but who can make complex evocation instruction as clear as your ABC’s. Rufus Opus is that kind of Priest-Magician.

For years he has been making laying down his brand of hermetic magic with style and sass on his blog and in his courses. Now with this book, he will be blowing open the gates for an even wider audience.


A lot of people have been waiting for this book, and I am sure it is going to sell out fast.

From the Blurb:
Seven Spheres is more than a simple book of traditional Hermetic Magic. It is designed to be a series of rituals that function on many levels to take an average ordinary magician and turn them into a self-actualized powerhouse of proactive reality engineering. It’s entirely about attaining initiation and empowerment in the highest levels of un-manifest reality. These experiences and rites result in the release of a floodgate of power that pour down through the layers of progressive manifestation, building up awareness, understanding, and ultimately raw potential as you move from sphere to sphere through the rites, ultimately culminating in the anointing of the magician as Priest-King directing the forces that climax in your personal daily experience of the Joy of your life. This book isn’t about physical or spiritual mastery, it is entirely about understanding that you, personally, are beloved, honored, blessed, and highly favored of every intelligence, spirit, angel, and god of every sphere. This is about understanding who you are and what you can accomplish as a human being manifest upon the surface of the Earth. Spiritual enlightenment and material mastery will be yours, if you do the work described.

Nota bene: This book is a stand-alone series of rites that empower you, and it WILL change your life if you buy it and do the magical rites as described in the book. However, it is also intended to be a textbook for a series of courses provided by Rufus Opus. If you are interested in additional training, useful information, and the camaraderie of becoming an awesome expression of God doing what thou wilt as you see fit in the company of others, please contact

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Andrieh’s Shapeshifting Course

Andireh’s Shapeshifting course has proven so popular that he is running another  cycle starting in December.

Better yet, he has a special deal for readers of Strategic Sorcery: use the code STRATEGIC and get a $30 discount on the course!

Go HERE to sign up. Honestly for the price he is charging it is a steal, even without the discount. With the discount, its a no-brainer.

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Stirring the Cauldron – Thursday 11/13

PS: I promise that I will get back to posting actual content soon and not just endless promos for my course and new book.


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“Sex Sorcery and Spirit” is available NOW in Paperback and Kindle

SexSorcerySideBanner2 (1)Copies of “Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit: Secrets of Erotic Magic” are now shipping from both Amazon and B&N. I have gotten a lot of inquiries about the Kindle edition and that too is now available. No work yet on Nook, but it is coming.

Here are some quotes from the reviews on Amazon:

“It is thorough, comprehensive. No subject was ignored, and there is depth without the shameful ‘blinds’ we are accustomed to seeing in texts about sexual magic work. In the vast majority of Orders, both Western and Eastern, sexual magic and alchemy are the crowning jewel of the system. Jealously guarded, and often hinted at…and sadly used as a goad to drive initiates in lower grades to stay within the system. The Golden promise of esoteric wisdom is a powerful carrot.

You don’t need any of that anymore. The secret wisdom is here, in this book. Do the Work, using the techniques in this book, and your results will speak for themselves. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s required reading for anyone serious about studying sexual magic.”
~ Christopher Bradford

“You’d be hard pressed to find another book that describes the powerful techniques of sexual alchemy and sex magic as openly and clearly as “Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit”.

In direct, plain language, Jason Miller pulls back the curtains on the complete art of sexual sorcery, revealing not only the practical applications of this secretive tradition as it applies to results magic, but also the powerful tantric based methods of achieving illumination and wisdom. The author also corrects many of the misconceptions about sexual alchemy that have plagued modern occultism, and restores the practice of “Inner Heat” to its position of prominence. Without this engine to power the process, sexual sorcery seldom rises beyond the level of fantasy.

“Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit” is certainly the best book on the subject I have read in many years, and is easily a strong contender for the best book on the subject I have ever read. If you are interested in the subject, don’t miss out. This book needs to be on your shelf.”
~ Bill “Nemo” Trommer

I am new to sex magic, although I have read about it for years. Jason Miller is very knowledgeable and thorough, and presents this information in a way that is not intimidating. His approach is practical, humane, and inclusive, so if you are LGBT or even celibate, please know that this book is still for you. I highly recommend this book for beginners like me. Also, take care to follow his gentle lessons and do the breath work, the energy work, the meditation, all of the preliminary steps. This form of magic is truly powerful and you don’t want to go too quickly or skip steps. I am so happy that this book is available to me at this time. It’s like an answer to my prayer.
~C Kuhn

If you care about what I think the best way to buy my book is, click here.

It should be on the shelves at Barnes & Noble shortly. In the meantime you can…

Buy the paperback from Barnes and Noble

Buy the paperback from Amazon

Buy the KINDLE edition from Amazon

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