Review: A Day of Conjure and Cunning Craft

11329885_10204600825083735_5095445004562012242_nThe Day of Conjure and Cunning Craft has past, the Old World met the New. It was, in a word, awesome.

Five speakers all with different approaches to necromancy and the black arts. First up was Stephen Grasso…

Stephen  spoke about his necromantic experiments in the boneyards of London. Every tale was not only entertaining, but rife with useful tidbits for the adventurous Sorcerer. From the history of city features like Litchgates and the corpse-road, to lesser known spirits like St Oswin of Deira, to how to handle getting walked in on, to the different requests you might make of spirits based on how they lived their lives. The big thing I hope everyone took away from this talk is a lesson in specificity. Work changes depending on which place you are working, and which spirit you are walking – there is no boilerplate that works for all times and places.

Next up was Jesse Hathaway. Have you ever had someone share a family recipe with you? I have. A friends Italian Grandmother gave me a little glimpse at how she makes meatballs. My mother-in-law taught me how she makes cornbread. Hearing Jesse speak is like getting this kind of imtimate glimpse at deep, personal, family stuff. Jesse has deep family roots in Curandismo and Lukumi, and then built upon that by becoming a Tata Quimbanda. This was a talk that went deep into a lot of traditional knowledge about all of the above. One of the keys that he drove home is the idea that the dead are not just these individual quantifiable entities, there are multiple souls that grow, combine, flow, and separate. Oceans of everything that has died surrounding and flowing everything that can die. One of the big pieces of tech to take away is that you can program a spirit to respond to a symbol or name. Many people seem to think its a one way street, that the spirit just tells you how it is, but that is not it. If you have interest in working, not only with named spirits, but those less-well-known spirits of the place where you live, this is a huge bit of tech for people to walk away with.

Plus now Jesse has me frantically reading up on Kimpa Vita and the Kongolese St Anthony. Like I didnt have enough to do….:-)

Dr. Al Cummins took the stage next. His talk focused on ‘The Excellent Booke of the Arte of Magick’ and its attendant scrying record, ‘Visions’. This work, preceeding slightly the work of John Dee and Edward Kelley is focused on first calling Assasel (Azazel) as the intermediary for the work followed by the four demon kings Oriens. With their contact established the book focuses on summoning dead mages and saints: Solomon, Job, Adam, Agrippa, Luke, etc. The work presents a very interesting position on torture of spirits: first insisting that it must be done in order to get them to work, then finally St Luke telling them that it is not necessary and that it can be done through less wrathful means. More than anything though Dr Cummins had an important message about the “why” of Necromancy: we summon the dead because they like us more than other spirits. Their nature is in line with our, they understand our dilemas, they share or at least shared our concerns.

After dinner Troy Chambers took a seat on the comfy chair, leaned in on his Obi-Stick, and gave one of the most personal and passionate talks on the occult I have ever seen. After he gave some background on Obeah in Trinidad and the figures of Sassabonsam, Papa Bones, and Anima Sola. When he began to talk about his own initiation under the mango tree, things got very person. He stopped talking and started testifying. But this was not a testimony to draw you towards Obeah, it was a warning, and one that is much needed. There are far to many people in the comfy suburbs of America seeking the biggest baddest darkest shit they can find just because… Often they have no clue as to what they are really getting involved in. Troy gave a glimpse in to that, not just through his words, but the fervent emotions with which he spoke them. The big takeaway? This shit is real. People can die. Possessing certain types of power can be having one of Lewis Vendredi’s antiques. Power has a price.

Last up was Jake Stratton Kent. Jake has been turning the grimoire community upside down in recent years with his almost evangelical message of what Goetia really is and how it differs from angel magic. After some brief words on the important difference between interfacing and learning from living traditions and appropriating their stuff as your own, he launched into a talk on the Other Magicians. The other magicians are the ones that your books on high magic warned you about. The Cunning Men, Conjurers, Witches, Pellars and Sorcerers that work more often than through offerings and relationships with the demons and spirits than by harsh exorcisms and commandments in the name of God. Jakes work is epic and I am still reading my way through it. I took this opportunity grab a copy of the Testament of Cyprian from Catland so that Jake could sign it. Jake made the point that while much of the Grimoire community is focused on recreating the instructions in the books verbatim, it is also traditional to take those books and the seals therein and work with them through other means. Tradition does not mean lack of change. Traditions change or they die.

Apart from the speakers I have to mention Misha Newitt who put this even together. It took a fair amount of vision to the underlying thread of chthonic conjure that runs through these five speakers, and how their talks would interweave to create an experience greater than the sum of its parts. It took a fair amount of sacrifice on her part to put that vision into action and actually make this thing happen – flying speaker from London to NY is not cheap. Her energy as hostess was the thread that bound this event together and I will be paying close attention to whatever she organizes next.

In the meantime…

Stephen Grasso is working on a book and website and we will hopefully hear more about that soon.

Jesse Hathaway is Mr. Goat of Wolf & Goat as well as the author of the Serpent Shod Blog which is regularly updated whenever someone harasses the shit of him about it. There are rumors he is returning to Catland next month to speak on Santissima Muerte, so pay close attention.

Dr Al Cummins is the author of The Starry Rubric from our friends at Hadean Press and the keeper of Grimoires on Tape.

Troy Chambers is Mr. Wolf of Wolf & Goat and the genius behind all those amazing statues you may have seen.

Jake Stratton Kent is the author of The True Grimoire, Geosophia, and The Testament of Cyprian the MageFurther works published by JSK can be found in Diabolical and At the Crossroads and many other works.

Catland Books, Fashion, and Esoterica provided the space for the event. It is a great venue and shop and most importantly for a guy who drives into the city – amazingly easy to access and park. Plus Melissa will giftwrap your books!

POST SCRIPT: After the event was over, most everyone gone home, Melissa locked up as she ushered the last of us out the door. On a fire escape above the store a Hawk stood perched. A strange sight for a store on Flushing Ave for sure. A seal on the magic done? An omen of things to come? Who can say for sure.

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Controlled Descent


For a few weeks now the idea of card pairs have been a fixation in the Tarot de Marseilles community. This pair is one that comes up when people need to let go of trying to fix everything, and instead should focus on letting it crash and burn in a controlled way.

One of the dangers of sorcery that people don’t think about is the ability to perpetuate a bad status quo with the power of magic. Its just as dangerous as a demon or psychic attack. The job you hate, the relationship that is dead at the core, the place that you live in but cannot afford anymore. There are some situations that magic cannot fix outright, but instead perpetuate for years on end – putting off the hard fall that eventually lets you regroup and do something even better.

A much better option is to use magic to control the fall, so that we wind up minimizing damage, recover quicker, and open new opportunities.

In La Maison Dieu we have the blasted tower and the two figures falling head on into the ground from the blasted tower.

So what can we do?

Look at the comparison image for image. The two falling people have become the water in the jars. They are still going to wind up on the ground, but instead of falling, they are being poured out. Its a controlled event. They get to flow rather than splat when they hit.

The tower itself becomes the woman in Le Toille. Is she a goddess that you invoked to help deal with the situation? Is she simply the fact that when you acknowledge and plan for something you at least have some influence as to how it happens?

The blasted top of the tower becomes the stars themselves. From this perspective it ceases to be this heinous happening and instead becomes just another event in the perpetual clockwork of reality, like the movement of the stars themselves. It is not that it is not a tragedy and a loss – it is a reminder that in this world good things and bad things happen but that like always moves along, and that the best we can do in some situations is let things go, pick ourselves up, and then rise to even greater heights.

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A Fantastic Fiscal Field Report.

Copper sealWhile I am known for having people approach their financial magic in a very strategic way with clearly defined goals, I also encourage people to do regular workings that open new opportunities that sometimes manifest things we never even thought to ask.

Below is a field report of some very successful magic, sparked by the global rites and offerings that we do both as individuals and as a community.

“It’s time for a field report. First thing, methods. I’ve tried a lot of stuff since I first read Jason’s book on financial sorcery. Some things I felt good about, others… not so much. Jupiter and I are still indifferent to each other. Juno has been super. She seems to work quietly in the background, moving the pieces on the board, without requiring a lot of attention. The gator hand seems to work the same way, slowly gathering; building up for a strike. I don’t really give them a lot of attention. On the other hand, I have been pretty regular with my general offerings, always including the spirits of prosperity and wealth in the invitation.

I was fairly satisfied with the slow-but-steady progress in my financial out look. Two weeks ago, everything changed.

The family-owned company that has employed me for the past fifteen years was bought by the largest, most prestigious company in our industry. After a brief interview, I was retained by the company, and “grandfathered onto the union. That meant a 37% pay raise, an insurance package that knocked my socks off, and a dual-track retirement program (union pension, plus a better 401k than what I had).

I’ve waited so long to report, just to make sure it was real. You see, things like this just don’t happen to me. My thanks to all the spirits, at all levels, who made this possible, as well as Jason Miller and the Strategerati who have taught me so much.”


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Let’s Talk About Your Reading Habits…

So a while back we had some good discussions over on the Strategic Sorcery group about what books people were reading, and after we got all the occult/magic/spirituality stuff out of the way I asked what non-occult books people read in the last year. While many people came forth with some great books more than a few people commented that the number of non-occult/magic/spirituality books they had read was ZERO.

This is not good.

Don’t get me wrong, as an author of occult texts I am thrilled at your continued interest in reading my books and the books of others like me, but a literary diet of only occult/magic/spirituality books is not a health diet at all. Worst yet, its actually counter-productive to success in those fields.


The saying “you are what you eat” extends not only to literal food, but knowledge that you consume. Reading consistently on a given subject not only gives us new information about that subject, but also keeps us motivated and thinking about it.

If you are trying to improve your finances or start a business you should be reading as much about money and business as you are about magic. Probably more. But because magic is the zone of whats interesting and comfortable, a lot of people just keep reading more and more books on magic, or looking for the one spirit that will just take care of this pesky money issue.

Same is true for health – it is wonderful to wield a solar talisman, but if you actually know about diet, health, exercise, neurology, psychology, and a host of other topics it will give that talisman something really firm to work with and keep you thinking on it and working on it.

Love. Man I can’t even tell you how much your love magic would be helped along by some social graces and reading books by and about the other sex (or same sex).

Even if your only interest is illumination and magic for the sake of magic, books on history, neurology, folklore, health all will place your magic and mystic efforts into greater context and offer support in ways that you just will not find from the Occult section of the bookstore alone.


Even some people who have a varied diet of non-fiction forgo fiction entirely, seeing it as a distraction or purely recreational pursuit that they simply do not have time for. I find this heartbreaking.

Fiction offers a whole different way of knowing than non-fiction does. It hits the brain in a way that builds empathy and understanding, and aids you in placing all the facts and practical ideas from your non-fiction reading into context. Reading narratives enhances connectivity in the brain, improves social perception and improves ones “Theory of Mind”. If you want to understand why people think and act a certain way, fiction can often be more revealing than strict non-fiction.

Fiction also improves our own ability to tell stories, and can give tools for processing problems and misfortunes that occur to just about everyone. Conflict is after all at the heart of most stories.


I don’t just choose the books I want to read, but also a strategy for reading them. My reading has a 40/40/20 split.

40 percent of what I read is  occult/magic/spirituality non-fiction. I just finished the Biography of Ra Lotsawa the famous Tibetan Sorcerer and will be moving on to The Oracle Travels Light by Camelia Elias.

Anther 40 percent is non-fiction that is not from the Occult section. It may tie into my magic, as most things do, but is not from that part of the store. I recently finished Essentialism by Greg McKeown and will be starting Manning Up by Kay Hymowitz or Super Better by Kate McGonigal depending on my mood.

The last 20 percent is fiction. I used to have a 33/33/33 percent split in my reading, but lately my fiction intake has been slower than my non-fiction intake. I finished Armada by Ernest Cline a couple weeks ago but just started The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker a couple days ago.

So tell me…. What are you reading?

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See me at SOMA. October 16-18 Austin Texas

“Wait a minute Jason, you are leaving the house Twice in one month!?”

Yes, indeed I am. Two weeks after CRUCIBLE I am flying down to SOMA Western Mystery Conference, in Austin Texas.

There are still tickets available, and if you use the code “miller” you get a 25% discount.

Just look at this line-up:

Chic & Tabitha Cicero
Carroll Poke Runyon
Ed Fitch
Aaron Lietch
Frater Ashen Chassan
Rufus Opus
Jason Miller
Darcy Kuntz
Taylor Ellwood
Craig Williams
Jon Gee
Paul Rana
Scott Carpenter
George Sieg

You get to see me mix it up with Frater Ashen Chassan and Rufus Opus on a panel. No idea what it is about yet, but since we all have worked the seven spheres and have very different takes on how tight or loose it should be, it should be a hoot.

As for my talk, I will be speaking on…

PROCCULTISM – Strange Tales and Unsolicited Advice for Professional Magi.

In recent years the western magical tradition has seen an increase in the number of Sorcerer’s, Witches, and Magicians offering their services for hire. Though common in traditions throughout Asia, Africa, and the Diaspora, the idea of a magician making a living as a magician is relatively rare in the western magical traditions. Though divination for hire has been common for a long time, offering ritual work and teaching for a fee has been relatively taboo until now. Even now some balk at the idea as a corrupting influence in the WMT.

In this class Jason Miller, a Professional Sorcerer, Teacher, and Author opens up about the business side of things. He will offer advice to experienced and budding Proccultists, talk about the impact of Proccultism on the Western Magical Tradition, dispel some of the myths and objections to the practice, and share some strange tales from a career in magic.

Click HERE to sign up, and use the code “miller” for your Strategic Sorcery discount.,

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Come hear me speak: CRUCIBLE – Saturday October 3rd!

It takes a lot to get me out of the house and talking live in front of people, but its happening in October. Twice in fact. The first event that I will be speaking at is CRUCIBLE.

This year I will be joined by Rufus Opus, Bishop Lanie Peterson, Maggi Horseman, Jason Colwell of Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole, as well as Arthur Moyer, the founder of Omnimany which hosts this event.

As for me, I will be chatting on…

PROCCULTISM – Strange Tales and Unsolicited Advice for Professional Magi.

In recent years the western magical tradition has seen an increase in the number of Sorcerer’s, Witches, and Magicians offering their services for hire. Though common in traditions throughout Asia, Africa, and the Diaspora, the idea of a magician making a living as a magician is relatively rare in the western magical traditions. Though divination for hire has been common for a long time, offering ritual work and teaching for a fee has been relatively taboo until now. Even now some balk at the idea as a corrupting influence in the WMT.

In this class Jason Miller, a Professional Sorcerer, Teacher, and Author opens up about the business side of things. He will offer advice to experienced and budding Proccultists, talk about the impact of Proccultism on the Western Magical Tradition, dispel some of the myths and objections to the practice, and share some strange tales from a career in magic.

Jump on over to the website and register to get a ticket now.

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How to Learn with Me or Work with Me.

11885092_10205873545892655_295970738466917363_nOther than this blog my website is sorely out of date. I will be working with people to remedy that this fall. In the meantime I had a request:

“You seem to have a lot going on, but its all over the place. Can you please list everything you offer in one place…”

Yes I can. Here then is how you can study with me, hire me for consultations or to perform sorcery for you.


Apart from my books, that you can purchase at bookstores or on Amazon, the first and main way to get involved with me is the…

STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE – 52 lessons of Practical Magic. Still just $150
This opens the doors to the Strategic Sorcery community, and makes you eligible to take part in the Arcane Audio Calls and Global Rites. After that year, you have access to other advanced material like the Strategic Self Course.

Join the Strategic Sorcery Course: $150

APPRENTICE PROGRAM – The Apprentice Program is for people that want consistent one-on-one training that is personalized to their situation. It consists primarily of a 1 hour call every other week for a minimum of four months. It goes as long as you want it to. At the moment the program is full, but if you are interested write me at so you can be added to the waiting list. The cost is $200 a month with a minimum commitment of six months.

TAKE BACK YOUR MIND – A course centered around meditation, mindfulness techniques, and skillful living. This class is taught by conference call and recordings every other week and costs $108 a month. The next cycle of TBYM will be open to new students next year.

THE SORCERY OF HEKATE – A unique program of study focused on received teachings of Hekate. I have been working on this for 15 years and it will be opening up in October. This will be a combination of live teaching and written materials. Watch this page for details

THE ADVANCED PLANETARY MAGIC CHAPBOOK – The only book that I sell myself. Its a PDF containing all the info you need on my specific planetary seals, use of the seven seed sounds, and the 49 calls that invoke the planets in combination.

Purchase APM – $25


CONSULTATION: Whether you want a reading with cards, some private instruction, or my help laying out a complete strategic sorcery solution a consultation is a great way to start. I offer sessions over e-mail as well as phone and skype calls.

E-mail or 30 minute consultation for $75.
90 Minute consultation – $200

FIVE ELEMENT CONSULTATION: A comprehensive consultation about who you are , where you are headed, and how Sorcery figures into that for you. It happens over five separate hour long phone calls, each one ruled by an element. These can be spread out over five to ten weeks depending upon our schedules and availability

$777 for the five element consult

AMULETS AND TALISMANS: At least once a quarter I make a large collection group of talismans for specific purposes. After the initial offering, I keep many for sale later to people that need them. At the moment I have the following available: Kurukulla for enchantment, Dzambhala for wealth, Kilaya for overcoming obstacles, White Tara for healing, Simhamukha for protection, White Mahakala for wish granting.

Tantric Talismans are all $75.  – just let me know which one you are ordering.

FINANCIAL GLYPHS: These are parchment talismans climbing three to five of the Lightning Glyphs that are charged to fit your specific situation.

Financial Glyph $100

DZAMBHALA BUSINESS BOOSTER: This is a subscription-based service for people that own their own business, or are involved in sales, investments, and other types of income generation that are based on moving factors rather than a set salary. I do a puja to the five Dzambhalas and offer 24 of continuous incense on a special mandala. I have one slot for this left. It is

Dzambhala Business Booster $125 a month.  

CUSTOM WORK: I can be hired to work on pretty much any situation. I specialize in financial matters, protection and reversal work, and healing. I do love drawing spells, but rarely accept cases for targeted love magic. I almost never work on cases involving custody of children or curse work.  At the moment I charge $35 to evaluate your case and do a preliminary reading to see if I can work for you.  If I have done work for you in the past, you can skip the $35 evaluation fee.

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We Invoked Uphill! Both Ways….

You kids today, getting excited at the latest deluxe edition grimoire bound in goat skin with talismanic slipcase. You know what we got excited about back in MY DAY? Loose papers. Someone handing you a manila folder with loose papers meant that they werew either handing you secret order documents you had no business having, or something photocopied from a university library. Oh yeah… We sat there for HOURS photocopying entire books. You wanna complain about the cost of the latest three hands press book? Try paying 10cents a page for just some scraps about the Greek Magical Papyrii…

You kids today have it so easy.

There were no webpages back then. The OTO was like the goddamn A-Team “if no one else can help, and if you can find them, you can join…” I had to befriend an old man I met in a bookstore that gave me the home phone number of guy that MIGHT still be in the lodge two hours away. So all of a sudden you are making repeated phone calls to a some grizzled occultist you have never met, begging to join his cult – not a call likely to be returned. At least until you make that call 50 times over the next three months and he calls you back just to get rid of you.

We didn’t have social media then either. No Facebook. No Yahoogroups. No MySpace. Not even fucking Friendster. You couldn’t find the other people in the world with the exact same myopic opinions and interests that you have. No groups for just for Celtic Taoists, Thelemic Palo Mayomberas, or people following the Key Of Solomon to the letter. You just had to form a study group, cabal, or coven and put up with whoever showed up. You had Setians participating in Wiccan Circles, Tantrikas going to OTO meetings, Chaos Magicians showing up for Modern Magic practice sessions because that is all there was in your area, and at least it was something.

The tools we used at those Modern Magic sessions were all made by us. There were no high quality Grimoire tools made by actual craftsmen that you could purchase. You had dowel wands with finial tops, and old pewter chalices you painted up from the second hand shop. Your stuff all looked like props for a middle school play – BUT WE LIKED IT THAT WAY!

Don’t even get me started on Planetary Hours! We didn’t have the lunarium! We didnt have APPS! We had a local newspaper, a calculator, and a small headache by the time we figured out the hour of Venus.

You kids today would have never made back in 1989…

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Epic Field Report

HAND-LOGO-invert.jpgThis is an operation that lasted, really a full year. This student left a position that was comfortable, but not very secure and did not pay well, for one that was with a larger company and paid better but which was an awful work environment.

Yet, despite all the problems at this new job, divination kept saying this was the thing to do.

She kept at it, and eventually found herself in her dream job. The catch – she would not have been able to land that dream job if she did not have the larger salary and company to negotiate from.

Its chess, not checkers.

Without further ado, here is one of the longest and most well documented field reports I have received.

******************Strategic Sorcery Report************************

Soooo, it was a long, wild ride in terms of employment. It all started back two years ago, when I realized the place I’d been working in was very likely going to close, and not only that, but post-divorce, I needed to generate more income. I started in June of 2013 with a 40-day devotional to Green Tara, using the talisman Jason made. I also attended the Financial Sorcery workshop later on that month, making my request to Jove that I find a better job before my place of employment closed down.

That summer, I did research, reworked my resume, and networked with people. I felt compelled to take an intensive course in NYC for the summer in something that would diversify my resume and also broaden my options considerably in terms of employment and travel. It was something that could also feed into my vision of a job I’d love.

I continued at my original place of employment as usual, and also went to John Myrdhin Reynolds’s (Vajranatha) talk on Sadhana to Lord Ganesha for prosperity. I did the sadhana twice that following weekend for employment with a set of specifications; that Monday, I was called for an interview, and that Wednesday, I was hired.

I thanked Ganesha profusely, but a 3-month period of what can only be described as Mercury Retrograde on steroids ensued. I did uncrossings and cleansings and extra protection and all else, but anything having to do with money and electronic access to it that could fuck up, did. Chatting with SM one night, I pieced together that perhaps Jove had had a hand in assisting me with getting this new job, and thinking it was only Ganesha’s assistance due to the timing, I’d neglected to thank Jove as well.

So, I did thank him, and things went back to normal in the money and electronic access arena.

However, the new job was far less than optimal. While the salary and benefits were spot-on, the job was in a corrupt, highly disorganized environment that was taking a huge toll on the physical and mental health of its employees. I did the sadhana several more times and incorporated the use of peace water, rose quartz, sigils and the like, but only got relief in some aspects of the job.

Things went from bad to worse. Due to huge pressures from larger organizations looking to take over my organization, a lot of scapegoating, deliberate misleading and miscommunication, and the like kept occurring. I got some divinations from Jason which did indicate there would be strife and then transformation, but also kicked into SS mode:

My Sorcery Strategy for a New Job

Goals: To get a new job with at least the same pay and benefits I have now, but healthier, saner, more positive, and stable.

Subgoal: To not get fired first.

2/2 Petitioned Ganesha one final time to either fix this job’s conditions or send me a new one.

2/5: Did the Helios ritual asking for either improvements or a better job, then sent out a request regarding any possibly job leads to multiple friends on Facebook. + Made a sigil of Helios for this.

I put the Jupiterian glyphs for bad luck reversal and job finding on my door. This was a preliminary gesture at this point, as I wanted to launch them after I rebuilt my rapport with Jove.

At this same time, I had a good friend, a career counselor, look over my resume. She made some suggestions, and I tweaked my resume accordingly.

2/10 I then updated multiple online applications.

2/12: Began petitioning Jupiter: Sorry for the oversight (I posted about this earlier in the year), is it ok to use your glyphs and will you help me again?

2/13: With planetary hour, did my devotional to him. Cleaned altar, began writing new contract. I was shown how neglected my general prosperity altar had gotten.

Week leading up to 2/19, I rebuilt my wealth altar, cleaning it and adding Jove symbols, lightning bolts, and pictures of him. Each day, I did the devotional and made offerings of my best whiskey.

During this week, I also messaged all of my CELTA friends (2/15) and asked them about their experiences with teaching overseas, and got some insights from a few, as well as links to reliable organizations.

2/15 Did a 9-hour novena to St. Jude and St. Joseph, “Help me find a new, better job before I get let go. One that pays at least as well as this one, with benefits, retirement plan, but is much saner, pleasant, and stable, where I can stay as long as I need. I will glorify your names.”

2/17 Made a van van bath charged with Iovis Optimus Maximus and Hue. Did macro enchantments for two weeks, researching for jobs overseas and what unemployment can pay for. I also put Ganapati away for a bit. (As per a discussion with Jason.)

2/19 Made contract with Jove, charged bad luck reversal job finding glyphs, connected with tattooed on my aura.

2/20 Got to take the van van bath.

2/23 Felt giddily happy this morning right after imprinting self with bad luck reversal sigil. 

2/25: Began novena to St. Jude asking for help getting out of this bad work situation and into a better work situation before I faced unemployment or dipping into my savings. I asked my Lenormand deck: Am I getting a new job soon? The ship and the little girl fell out of the deck.

2/26 Added “Beating Competition” glyph to resume. The resume also had the  job hunting and steady work glyphs, and oils such as steady work, prosperity, victory, and  High John. Gave the glyphed resumes to two people with strong job leads. Sent the cc’ed email about my work concerns to my boss, as things were ridiculously disorganized and corrupt at this point. (This will actually play into this report in a little bit.)

During this time, also researched what trainings unemployment will pay for, as well as the average salaries in those fields.

On 3/2, I had a very disturbing, unsatisfactory meeting with the powers that be, which I documented and reported to human resources. I kept my cool and did what I had to. I went outside to find that my car had been illegally towed (I finally got my money back after a long, drawn-out battle), and the charge was $160, a Jupiterian number, indeed. I didn’t exactly enjoy the ordeal, but could see some symbolism there. 

3/10: Did some workings to subdue my scary, corrupt boss. She was nicer to me the next day.

3/11: I catnapped and had a dream that my saint altar lit up, and I heard their voices state that they didn’t like what I was doing. I meditated on it later on that night and prayed the novena to each Saint, asking them to please guide me in how they wanted to be prayed to, and that I was sorry to offend. I got that I wasn’t supposed to be doing anything to my boss anymore. (And we shall see why later on.) I got from Saints Jude and Joseph to pray in faith, not fear.

3/12  I sent out the intelligence-seeking glyph for where I should be looking for a job, and also what I should be studying for this next phase of my working life.  I also charged up my new Jupiterian box with Om Gurave Namaha, charging each number on each of the guys’ heads.

I have been chanting “Iovis Optimus Maximus” every morning, charging up my body, then charging up the bad luck reversal symbol and tattooing it on my aura, then charging up steady work, job hunting, and beating competition on my resume.

3/14/15 I went to St. Joseph’s Shrine in Stirling, NJ  and made a request for a new job, leaving a large donation. I also got holy water from the shrine.

3/16 Spent some time with Archangel Michael, asking for his help with succeeding, and also to be protected.

3/19: Did Mars of Jupiter invocation from Advanced Planetary Magick to kick my ass into action in the right direction for success.

3/20: Did the Strategic Sorcery Global Success Rite for a new, better job as well as help with writing my play and having it be successful.

3/22—Got an email from a new place, asking me to come in for an interview. Of special note is the new place is expanding and has Jupiterian blue trim.

3/25: The night before the interview, I did a ritual to the saints and Jove, burning Crown of Success incense.

3/26: Before interview, I bathed in rose soap and wore my Kurukulla pendant. I chanted to Her, and immediately got the sense of, “I am here and who you need! Hi! I’m embracing you.” I had my interview and demonstration of my skills at the new place. The demo had me thinking on my feet a lot, and when my  interviewer brought me into her office, it had two huge vases of roses.  (When I’d prayed to St. Therese, I’d asked to see the roses when my petition was granted. There were actually many such signs and symbols along the way, but I’ve edited this for length.) She told me she’d wanted to consider me for another job as well, since I had so many qualifications. She kept saying, “Your resume spoke to me”. She told me they’d be in contact for a second interview.

4/1: Tyrannical boss suspended and most likely getting fired for an incredibly grievous situation which made the news. I also contacted two previous places of employment for references, which they gave gladly.

4/14/15: Did an offering to Jove prior to the next day’s second round of interviews for the new job. Wore Victory oil, as well as Deb Castellano’s oils for Venus and Gentlemen of Jupiter. Carried Kurukullah pendant in purse, wore necklace and earrings in Jupiterian blue. Auspiciously, the interview was on a Wednesday; did Mercurial call from Planetary Magick.  Did my usual prayers in morning to Saints, chant to Jove and Kurukulla. Extra bonus: I asked Jove to mitigate the traffic to the interview, as it had been very backed up on the dry run. Today, 4/15, it was fine. Chanted in afternoon drive over, and also put on some of Deb’s Charm incense on hands, as she instructed, chanting to Kurukulla all the while. The three interviewers drilled me for an hour and a half, providing scenarios.

I got one of Jason’s black gator mojo bags. I figured it was an important thing to have on hand anyway. It arrived in the mail along with a letter affirming my student loans are now paid off and I am debt-free.

I kept waiting to hear back from the new job, and things continued in their downwards spiral at the former job. I kept doing rituals to Jove on Thursday night and also added in a subsequent one to Juno after we did that global rite back in May.

Finally, I put the glyphs for Sweetening, Bad Luck Reversal, and Beating Competition in a bowl with dirt from the prospective new place, and placed my gator claw on it, feeding her with some whiskey.

I did get the job. J I also got a couple of more gigs for this summer which gave me a nice amount of income.

Bonus: After no small amount of persistence on my part and petitioning the black gator claw, I finally got back my money from the illegal tow.

So thanks go out to:

Helios, Jove, Juno,  Saint Joseph, Saint Jude, Archangel Michael, Kurukulla, Saint Therese, Saint Christopher, Saint Anthony, Saint Peter, and Saint Rita, all of whom helped me with different aspects of this very trying time. And thank you, gator claw, as well.

Jason was extremely helpful, understanding, and supportive throughout all of this, as both a teacher and a friend. Thanks again for that.

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The Delicate Balance Between Self Acceptance and Drive for Change.

11714486_124266054576565_937831256_n (1)**** This originally was for my Strategic Sorcery Student Group, but at their prompting I am posting it here for a wider audience.***

I have been exercising a lot more this summer than I ever have. Apart from the uphill hikes, I have been swimming, doing some light weights at home, etc. I have also been eating more vegetables and taking Athletic Greens supplement in the morning.

This has all made a HUGE difference in my energy levels, focus, and attitude. BUT….

I have actually gained 2 pounds since the beginning of summer.

This is not surprising. Some of it might be muscle weight, but lets be real here… The problem with Vermont is that it has all this beauty and outdoor activity BUT it also has some of the freshest and best food you have ever eaten.

You get back from a four hour hike up a mountain and someone is practically there at the bottom saying “Congratulations on your hike! Would you like some, unpasteurized blue cheese? 94 month aged cheddar? Duck egg omelet? Fancy Maple Syrup collected only in the first week of the season? Maybe wash it down with some home-made Sarsaparilla?”

Yes, yes I would.

I am all set to get back on my better eating habits after Labor Day. The reason I am writing this here Strategerati is to show that sometimes results do not always look like what you think they will. I am stronger, healthier, and feeling better than I have in years. Much more then when I would diet at home. Getting the diet component down is easier for me than the excercise component, so this has been a huge breakthrough for me. The weight loss is actually secondary (but still important) goal.

The other, more important reason I am writing this is to show the blend of self-acceptance yet desire for change that I think people should cultivate.

People seem to fall into extremes very easily about a lot of things, but keeping with the example of being overweight people tend to fall into error on two sides:

The first is feeling ashamed, needing to hide or cover up, never feeling attractive as they are.

The second is feeling that there is nothing at all wrong with their body or health and that they are fine as they are.

Both of these are, IMHO, wrong.

I think its healthy to cultivate a combination of feeling good about who you are and where you are at, while at the same time desiring to improve your situation.

I feel attractive as I am, I have no problem taking off my shirt at the beach, yet I the reality is that there are a host of health problems connected with being overweight. As one friend said to me “Jason, there are a lot of old guys, and there are a lot of fat guys, there are not a lot of old fat guys…”

I know that this is even more an issue for women, and I hope more will take a cue from people like Loey Lane who looks fucking great in a bikini. She would look great in a bikini if she was heavier still.

The point I am trying to articulate is this:

1. Pride and acceptance of who you are at this moment, should not come at the expense of a drive to better yourself.

2. The impetus to create a better you should not come at the expense of pride and acceptance of who you are right now.

It all comes back to trajectory. There is no stasis.

IN MONEY – As long as you are taking steps to handle your shit, you should feel good about where you are at, but still be working towards improving your situation.

IN LOVE – You should feel ok about being alone, married, single or whatever, but that does not mean you should not be working towards whatever your ideal situation is.

IN SPIRITUALITY – You should feel good about what you have accomplished and the clarity you possess, even though you are not a Buddha or Christ or Merlin. But you should always be moving towards something.

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