Magesplaining: 7 Rules for Relating to Non-Occultists.

website photoOver the last few months I have gotten some questions about how to explain Magic to people that are not Occultists, so I thought it might be useful to share some of the rules that I live by.

Here then are 7 rules that I live by when talking about magic with muggles.

  1. Stop using the word “Muggle”: If you take away nothing else from this post, make it this. Please? This is your real life, not Harry Potter. To people on the outside it reinforces the perception that this is all fantasy playacting rather than the serious study and practice that it is. To people on the inside it reinforces the “we are the elite” narrative that has made magic a source of delusion and escapism. Martial Artists don’t need a special name for people that are not martial artists. Musicians don’t need a special name for people that don’t play instruments. You don’t need a special word for people that are not into magic. You are not that special.
  2. Don’t try to convert or convince: Friend doesn’t believe in magic? That’s fine. Be OK with that. It’s not really something people should believe in with no reason. I think people believe enough things with no reason, don’t you? Respect the fact that your friend’s experience has not brought him into contact with anything that makes him believe in magic. Have you ever met someone that believes in something you don’t? Hopefully you’re not a dick about it. Let yourself be that person for them. Connect over something else.
  3. Have other interests: Do you have other interests? If not, get some. It makes you a better person and, believe it or not, a better Sorcerer. Plus, you will have something to talk about at parties other than magic, because let’s face it, if you are not into magic, hearing someone go on and on about it is fucking boring.
  4. Demand respect: Following rule number two is contingent on your friend or family member respecting what you do.  They don’t have to practice it, but just like friends of different religions, you have to respect each others beliefs. They do not even have to believe that magic is real if they can respect the fact that your life experience has led to you to this and that magic has a long history and is widely practiced. Without that respect there can be no real friendship. I have cut off friends I have had since high school because they cannot refrain from mocking or belittling what I have dedicated my life to.
  5. Avoid the topic of practical magic if possible: Often non-magician friends are more interested in our beliefs than in practical magic. There are even a  growing number of Pagans that do not have an interest or belief in practical Sorcery. Use this to your advantage. It is a lot easier if people in the workplace think of you as someone with slightly odd beliefs than as someone who might curse them, or is using unknown forces to get ahead. Remember, more people believe in magic than not, but that doesn’t mean they think its a good thing.
  6. Remember that most people interact with magic, they just don’t call it that: I once went to a private teaching on trapping spirits or even peoples essence in a triangle and “liberating” (killing) the target by stabbing it with a Phurba. On the walk home from the teaching my friend from New Orleans mentioned that he gets freaked out by Voodoo and Sorcery. Because the teaching we attended was “Buddhist” he did not think of it as magic. He thought of it as religion. Same thing with the St Joseph House Selling kits at the Catholic Church. Same thing with some old superstitions and lucky charms. If you use this as context for what you do it can help people understand it. Also, if you use words like “prayer”, “shamanism”, “energy work”, “meditation” and pretty much anything other than “magic”, “sorcery”, or “witchcraft” people tend not to even question it. A lot easier to tell the boss you need to leave early to attend a Shamanism workshop or Prayer Circle than it is to go to a Witchcraft Class.
  7. Be clear about what you can actually do: Every now and then your non-magician friends will come to you for help. It’s great if you want to help, but you should talk about expectations. Sometimes people see that you can do one thing with magic, and don’t understand that does not mean you can do anything. I explain magic as an influence upon a situation. It can tip the scales of probability in one direction or another, but a talisman is not going to suddenly make you wealthy and healthy and laid by supermodels. Remember that simply by asking you for help these people are taking their first step into the unknown and have no idea what you can and cannot do. Don’t get pissy at them if they think it works like in the movies, that is all they have to go on.

All the above suggestions are hinged upon you having a desire to connect with and have a real relationship with people. If you are more interested in projecting how different you are from everyone, and use magic like an 8th grader with a Pentagram and a Satanic Bible none of this is going to interest you anyway. For those of us that are trying to weave our magic into the world and have a real interest in the people around them, these are the rules that have served me well.

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Guest Post from Fiona Benjamin : How to use Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller to build your small business

Presenting the first guest post on Strategic Sorcery, from Fiona Benjamin of Modern Fortune Teller fame. 

Financial Sorcery

I built my business using both mundane and spiritual means, with the guidance of Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller. Starting a small online business is absolutely terrifying, especially if you have zero background in business or entrepreneurship. When I took the plunge to become a professional fortune teller, I didn’t know the meaning of ‘customer service,’ how to write copy, how to create a launch sequence, bookkeeping, or budgeting. All I knew was that hey- I could read cards and I have a handful of positive reviews. Why not make a business out of this? I’m a spirit worker! How hard can it be?

A lot of friends that I have are in the same boat as I was four years ago, when I began my entrepreneurial journey. The beauty of a book like Financial Sorcery is that it is catered specifically to people like us- magical people who know that monetary circumstances can be changed with sorcery. However, if we are not sure what parts of our businesses are suffering, we can hardly begin to find the solution.

Idea and purpose

One of the first major problems that I had was the fact that I wanted to do it all. I wanted to work magic, read the cards, perform elaborate rituals, set lights, write a tarot deck, write a book, write a course- so I did. I did it all. I crashed. I burned. I failed.

The issue was that I was attempting to do way too much. If I was confusing myself, you can bet that my audience, too, was confused.

Financial Sorcery suggests understanding the idea and the market, through invocation or meditation, but to also pay special attention to omens and signs. I opted to use the tarot to figure out where my focuses should be. I had a major and a secondary focus- because if I burned out or failed with one, there is a backup I can work with. It is also a “way out” if I ever decide to leave my primary focus.

Primary: Card reading
Secondary: Spells to ameliorate issues found in the card reading

Primary: Selling occult supplies
Secondary: E-course to teach specific uses of these occult supplies

Primary: Spells and rituals
Secondary: A book of spells and rituals so clients can DIY themselves.

How I implement this into my own business:
Primary: Fortune telling
Secondary: E-courses

Life is currently taking time away from my fortune telling aspect of business, so I have my e-course income to fall back on. If I was to completely quit fortune telling, I could bump my e-course up to my primary focus and source of income and bring in a different second- perhaps, writing a book or selling products.

If I needed a mental break, I could switch e-courses to my primary and bump fortune telling down to my secondary.

Having two focuses satisfies the need to do several things at once while gives more than one way for income to stream through.

 Social Media and Marketing

The glyphs that can be found in Financial Sorcery are one of my favorite things to use, because of how easy it is to create and how versatile they are when it comes to doing the work.

It doesn’t matter how high quality my content was or how amazing and budget friendly my services were if there was no traffic coming to my website. People needed to know that I existed and they had to know that I am valuable. I needed to network with those in similar niches while grabbing the attention of those who could potentially be interested in my services.

The Viral Marketing glyph was perfect for this. I created a master copy of this glyph and placed it inside my cell phone case (it had a compartment for credit cards so there was no fire hazard). I chose my cell phone because I did the majority of my marketing through the apps on my smart phone.

I created virtual copies of this glyph and placed them into the headers of my Facebook page, Twitter page, and business card. Charged with the glyph, my business cards found its way to hands that were interested in paying for my services. On my social media pages, the glyph put my posts in front of eyes that were eager to hit “share” or “buy.”

Financial Sorcery 1

Keep in mind that sorcery does not snap its fingers and create miracles out of thin air. As the sorcerer, you walk through a hallway of opportunity and the work bangs doors. It acts as a boost, strokes of luck, and/or an extra pair of eyes, ears, and hands. Glyphs will not do the work for you, but will assist you.

When selecting a glyph, be specific about why you are using the glyph and what it will be used for:

  • Gain followers
  • Create sales
  • Networking
  • Becoming an authority in your industry
  • Protecting your business from income loss

You may think, Fiona, I want ALL of the above!” Let your workings be specific to a purpose. It is better to use a “Viral Marketing” glyph specifically to gain followers than to use it to both gain followers and protect your business from income loss.

Vagueness has no place in business or sorcery. Dissect, pinpoint, diagnose, remediate.

Keep them coming back for more

Money and people are intimately tied. When the chords of desire are struck, we are eager to open our wallets, drain our bank accounts, and even go into debt in order to fulfill these desires. Therefore, your business must remain desirable.

Customer service was difficult for me to learn because I am painfully introverted. Answering e-mails used to give me cringing anxiety and make my stomach turn. If someone had a complaint or a question, I would take it the wrong way and apologize profusely due to lack of confidence. This turned off clients- why is she so sensitive? Clearly she has no backbone to support her business.”

I almost squandered a whole year of success because I took to long to e-mail my clients back. This created a crappy experience for them and they moved on.

There are two glyphs that I enjoyed implementing to remediate this issue:

  • Sweetening relations
  • Entrepreneurial work

On the mundane end, I created office hours. These were hours that I was working, no matter what. My social media and all recreational websites were turned off. Break time meant opening up my e-mail account and answering them. I aimed for a 48 hour e-mail turnaround.

A sweetening relations glyph was drawn into an Ace of Hearts (for loving clientele). Then it was placed into a jar of honey with my personal concerns (saliva for speech, fingernails for the words I write, and my signature to seal the deal). Chime candles dressed with coconut oil (for the sweetness) and a pinch of sugar were burnt on top of the jar, weekly.

Financial Sorcery 2

While this will not excuse poor actions, it softened the hearts of those who I came into contact with. Occasional miscommunications were forgiven.

The second glyph, entrepreneurial work, is important because most entrepreneurs are jumping into business blindly. Even today, there are issues that come up that I have no idea how to deal with because I don’t have any business background.

Financial Sorcery 3

I drew it on a playing card I associated with riches and business success- the Ace of Diamonds. This was tucked into a file of papers that contained my LLC, certificates, licenses, and a copy of my business plan. When specific issues surfaced, I approached the glyph and asked it to guide me to resources, people, or other forms of aid to remediate it. Otherwise, I would also ask the glyph for assistance to work it out. Some issues that I had to deal with are:

  • Growing too quickly- went suddenly viral on Tumblr and wasn’t sure how to deal with the attention or influx of clients
  • Not having enough time to do everything I wanted to do
  • Too many ideas, not enough structure
  • Taxes… Asked the glyph to bring me an accountant per my specifications and budget
  • Jealous competitors

While this glyph became a “catch-all” in times of need, I still remained specific with what I was asking for and how I would like the glyph to help me out.


It’s easy to speak from hindsight, but in the last four years, there would be times I felt like I was standing at the crossroads. I was confused about the next step to take. If I didn’t know what I wanted, I couldn’t strategically draft my plan to get there.

That’s where divination comes into play.

My divination tool of choice is cards- tarot, specifically. If you are brand new to tarot, you could hire someone to do a reading for you or you could attempt to read your own cards. Below is a simple spread to aid you in identifying blocks in your small business and how you can get past them. You can match up your answers to some of the solutions found in Financial Sorcery and use that as a starting point.

Financial Sorcery Tarot

Card 1: Current actions. This is what you are actively or passively doing to your business right now. This defines the foundation that you have set forth for the business and the tone of the path that it is on.

Card 2: Difficulties. These are the issues that arise due to your current actions (card 1). Cards in this position, no matter the card, are highlighted in a negative light.

Card 3: Sorcery advised. This is the course of action that you need to take from both the spiritual and mundane side in order to remediate the difficulties that you face.

It’s not about being perfect… there is a learning curve and practice that comes with both sorcery and business. Don’t give up. Learn from your errors and allow yourself to stay humble with humility with these mistakes happen.

Click here to download a free workbook of more tarot spreads and card meanings as it relates to entrepreneurship.

Since picking up this book, I cannot say that it has been smooth sailing (and quite frankly, any business person who says that magic solved all of their problems is most likely full of shit) but I have received help in unexpected places, gained attention at seemingly random times, and tapped into gold where only coal was to be found. When I took a misstep, sorcery was there to ease the blow and when I forged forward, sorcery unlocked opportunities in my path.

Sorcerers take risks. Starting your own small business is one of the biggest risks that you can take- it can compromise your day job, take away time from family, cost a large start-up fee, and take you for an unpredictable ride. Solidify your dream into a mundane business plan and take the extra step with sorcery as your business partner.

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Chaos Protocols: Gordon White is all up in your Business.

Gordon White is all up in your business. First he published the groundbreaking “StarShips” through Scarlet Imprint, and now he releases Chaos Protocols through Llewellyn. This act alone should send a clear message to those who have had their noses in the air about judging books and their authors based solely on who publishes them. This review is going to focus on Chaos Protocols.

It’s been a long time since I devoured a book in one sitting, but sure enough I was up past 2am last night reading Chaos Protocols. It is THAT GOOD. More than just being that good though, its hits the ball out of the park on a number of levels that I am very passionate about.


I wrote my book Financial Sorcery because I am very passionate about people in the occult/pagan community getting a better handle on money. It is the book I am most proud of, but as I read the first few chapters of Chaos Protocols I  actually grew mad at myself for not covering the crisis in greater depth. Thankfully Gordon did a fantastic job of laying out:
1. What has happened.
2. Why this is the new normal that is not going to go away any time soon.
3. How magic can help you survive and indeed thrive in this brave new world.

I am anticipating that he is going to get some criticism from the Social Justice crowd for making suggestions that are geared towards an individual reader that are not applicable to everyone. For instance Gordon strongly suggests geoarbritage – moving to where the economy supports your efforts – something not everyone can do. But of course no suggestion is something everyone can do, and advice for an individual trying to make it in a broken world is not always the same as advice for society at large.

Listen to his advice here and put yourself in a position to succeed. Then you can save the world.


Gordons Embrace of Nassim Taleb’s Optionaility as a spiritual philosophy is great frame for a initiatory path that requires no true will or clearly laid out goal and stages. It is precisely this approach towards mysticism that has guided my life over the last 16 years, and pulled me away from Buddhism. I was glad to see it articulated by Paulo Coelho in the The Witch of Portobello a few years back, and even happier to see it laid out so clearly and linked to practical magic and probability engineering by Gordon.

For many people tied to a specific model of initiation, this will be a game changing philosophy. There is much more than just success magic going on in this book.


Chaos Magicians once prided themselves on being on the bleeding edge of new developments. Many still do in fact, while regurgitating moldy old lines lifted from 30 books and 20 year old websites. You find none of that here. Gordon is one of the Chaos Magicians who is less interested in what comic book characters you can invoke, and more interested in using the streamlined approach and inherent freedom of Chaos Magic to push into genuinely fresh perspectives.

Yes, there is a chapter on Sigils, but its tied to his applications of shoaling and robofish that further the art. Rather than making up deities, you find fresh perspectives and tweaks on ancient rituals and how to successfully have Saints, Demons, and the Dead as your allies all at the same time.

If you have any designs at all on Succeeding at Financial Sorcery, you should grab this book.


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Occult Term of the Week: Quimboner.

A reaction caused by reading Nicholaj Frisvold’s books or going to the Wolf and Goat website that causes people to want to use the pontos, put iron tridents on their altar, and paint everything black and red, but have no intention of actually pursuing so much as a consulta to find out who their Exus and Pomba Gira are.

“Dude, I just read read “Exu” and it gave me such a Quimboner… I’m gonna go to Hobby Lobby and see if they have any Halloween skulls left”


NOTE: Blame Jesse Hathaway for this post. I coined the term in a private conversation and he told me to blog it.

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Do You Need To Meditate To Do Magic?


So yesterday the topic of meditation came up. This, as most of you know is something that I recommend highly and talk about in every book and course I have written. Clearly I value it highly, but is it necessary for magic?

The first problem we have in answering this is that the word meditation is an English word that can be stretched to mean just about any mental activity at all. The terms in other languages that it get translated as meditation are vast and varied. What I mean by it, and what most other people mean by it these days is single-pointed concentration. This is linked to the practice of contemplation which both Theresa of Avila and Namkhai Norbu refer to as more formless resting in the natural state. Other activities like tai-chi, ice-skating, prayer, long walks by the beach, and baths where Calgon takes you away  can technically be considered meditation, and are certainly relaxing, but are not what I and most people mean by it these days. Single pointed concentration is different and develops other muscles than just relaxation.

So sticking with this definition: Can you be a wizard without meditation?

The answer clearly is yes.

Magic can be done without meditation. There is no evidence that the writers of the Grimoires meditated other than in prayer. No evidence that the conjurors who penned the PGM had a practice of silent meditation. There is no meditation like this in Hoodoo or European Folk magic.

So you can do Magic without meditation. And if you are one of those people who automatically reject everything brought into magic in the last 150 years, you will probably consider it some modern poison polluting your pure approach from whatever time and place pitches your tent.

It’s also worth noting that there are some people that react badly to meditation. This is not the “I am bad at meditation” argument, which I have dealt with elsewhere, but a distinctly negative reaction like a panic attack or overwhelming sense of ennui. This is most often caused by a sense of boundary deteriorating. As blood flows from the parietal lobe (controling sense of self and other) and into the frontal lobe (bring increased analysis of everything happening) it can be jarring. If people want to continue meditation after episodes like this, I strongly recommend a VERY qualified teacher who can help you one on one, in person. Otherwise I recommend another discipline. Not many meditation teachers talk about this possibility, but I bring it up in my first class of my Take Back Your Mind course. This applies to probably less than 1% of the population, but it does happen.

Like just about every other technique and method in the corpus of magic, you can do magic without it. But why would you?

The argument not to do it because its not traditional in western magic or written about in the Grimoires doesn’t really hold water. There are lots of things that these very same people do that is not written in the grimoires: training in scrying, yogic practices (which often have WAY less historical basis than meditation), inner heat, and all sorts of other supplimental practices that are not in the Grimoires. And besides, shunning all innovation is as silly as thinking anything written before 1904 is “Old Aeon”.

The overall benefits to physical health and mental acumen are well known. Unlike some other areas of spirituality, this has been studied tremendously at universities and the results are overwhelmingly positive. (Note: prayer has been studied heavily over the last 10 years, and the results are also kind of amazing. I will do more on this later, but expect oodles of articles hitting mainstream outlets in about 5 more years).

The benefits for the magician are immense, especially, those who traffic with spirits. Meditation IS the act of getting distracted from your focus, recognizing that when it happens, and returning to the focus. This builds a knowlege of your own mind and mental process that will greatly aid with discernment. Discerning a spirits voice from your own mind (and even if you hear it with you physical ears, unless it shows up on a recording, its happening primarily in your mind). Discerning fantasy wishful thinking from real contact. Discerning the voice of softer spirits (especially local spirits) who maybe do not go in for the whole blood running down the walls “Why hast thou summoned me?” response.

The control and knowlege of mind also helps in being able to shift into different states of awareness so that a gigantic “lets break reality” evocation to physical appearance, which can be the psychic equivalent of fracking, is not necessary every single time you want to talk to the spirit you have a relationship with.

If you consider magic as more than just communication with spirits, but a process of initiation and unfolding towards divinity, then how much more important is this process? Perhaps I rely on more mystical than esoteric methods in this area than many occultists, but meditation is no less important.

I get it, meditation is hard. It feels like anti-magic. Magicians want to shout invocations, meditation tells you to shut up. Magicians want to stand forth and wave wands, meditation tells you to sit the fuck down. Magicians want to have visions and visitations, meditation tells you to ignore the scenes on the inside of your eyelids and tell Atargatis to fuck off until you are finished. But it is precisely by doing these things and cutting through the surface chatter and habitual patterns that all these things happen stronger and clearer when they matter.

So, no, you don’t need to meditate to do magic. But it helps a whole lot.

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The WORK of Sorcery

20160316_150525Every now and then I talk to someone in the course that tells me they are getting nowhere and their life is not changing at all from Strategic Sorcery or magic in general. When this happens I ask what specifically they have been doing. What methods have you employed? What offerings are you making? What do your meditation sessions look like?  What spirits are you conjuring? More importantly what are you aiming your magic at? What of strategic part of the course have you been tying your magic to?

The answer often goes like this “uhhhh…. well, I read the lessons….

Now, thankfully this is not typical of my students. I have zero complaints about students and am constantly amazed at the amount of work that they do and the results that they get. But make no mistake, it is work.

I often post field reports from students on this blog. It is my hope that these reports show what is possible with hard work guided by skillful methods and sound principals, not indicate that money just showers down for joining a course or doing a spell.

You gotta summon spirits and build relationships like the Necromancer up in the picture.

And map out your strategy like this guy…

And get your hands dirty with the right materia like this guy.



Meditate, make offerings, study, and be equally as dedicated to the non-magical elements of what you apply your magic to.

Easy it is not. But its rewarding as hell, and while results don’t come easy, they come faster than many people would like you to believe. If you start calling yourself an Ipsissimus in a year I am going to laugh my ass off at you, as I should, but people that claim it takes years and years of sweat and toil to get even the most modest result are just as misleading as those who claim to be able to hand it to you on a silver platter.

Whether you are doing my course, another program, or just going it on your own: do the work. Otherwise you are just a dude with a weird book fetish spending too much time on facebook.

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Morning Routines.


Talking about Morning routines on the Strategic Sorcery list and thought I might share mine.  I would love to hear yours too, so share details in the comments.

6:30am Wake up to wife leaving for work and kids waking up. Sit up in bed sound syllable “A” and slip into Rigpa. May or may not do 7 Line Prayer Guru Yoga.

6:45am: Harass kids to get dressed. Do Tegans hair. Go down and start water and pack their snacks while they finish getting dressed.

6: 55am: “I have told you FIVE TIMES ALREADY! GET DRESSED AND GET DOWN HERE!” No you can’t play your 3Ds. No you can’t have candy. Have you ever had candy before lunch? Get down here and lets sing a song.

7 am: Kids help me take offerings outside and while I make the prayers and mantras the kids pour water on the ground and wake incense in the air. Leave the incense in the outdoor burner.

7:10: Kids are eating breakfast and I am making the coffee. Mayorga Dark Roast prepared in an Aeropress. Make three eggs and eat them. Chat with the kids.

7:45 or so: Get the stuff and leave top drop the kids off at school. I used magic to send them to school in another higher performing district, but I have to drive them.

8 am: Drop kids off. Heave sigh of relief. Another A syllable as I walk out of the school and blend mind with sky.

8:10: Drive to beach and meditate. If its cold I do it at home. Sometimes I go to the trail and make it a walking meditation. Sometimes I do it at the lake so I can face west…

8:30 Head home and log on: check Facebook to see if any shit hit the fans while I was asleep. Check Huffington, Drudge, NYTimes, and Patch for news. Forbes, Digg, and BoingBoing for interesting stuff. Maybe make some Facebook post about how people handle their mornings…

9 am Head to Shrine room to invoke the spirits, pay homage, give thanks, more offerings, and spend time listening to what they have for me that day. Proceed to update any client work that requires morning updates (Dambhala Business Boosters, 2 week rituals, talismans I have cooking).

9:30 to 10 am: Head back to desk and get to work. Today that means calls, and shipping, and HOPEFULLY some writing time. But I am late with the talismans, so maybe not.

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Blood Sacrifice

A month or so ago I wrote about offerings. Shortly thereafter Christopher Bradford and I had a good discussion about Blood Sacrifice and where people go wrong with it. I don’t practice it, but I have attended ceremonies where it is done, such as the Pujas at Dakshin Kali. I was going to do a post about it, but got sidetracked. I was reminded when Jake posted the following advice on FB:

I’ve said it before and will say it here. While I don’t practice animal sacrifice, if it is to be done at all by ‘Western occultists’.it should be learned about from someone within a Living Tradition which does it with respect and compassion.
Obviously that would involve not being a white supremacist dickhead trying to be an edgy LHP magician.” – Jake Stratton Kent

I have seen a few conversations here and there about how any serious magician should “not be afraid” of blood sacrifice and that it is a “transgressive and blasphemous act” that seals your deal with the dark and fluffy ones.

Here’s my two cents: It’s no more transgressive to kill an animal for ritual than it is for your hamburger. If anything it should be less anonymous and more mindful and compassionate. If it has built up in your head as some kind of ultimate blasphemy then you shouldn’t be doing it. If you don’t have the experience to do it quickly and right, you shouldn’t be doing it.

If you kill a chicken for dinner a few nights a week, its not going to strike you as particularly transgressive to kill one for a spell or as an offering. If it does, then you are doing it wrong.

“But Jason, there are some spells and rituals that historically call for cruel and painful sacrifices. What about those?

Yes, in fact there are such spells. Drowning Cats in the PGM and throwing Pigs onto a bonfire with gunpowder strapped to them for a particular Petro Loa that will not be named. These spells and rituals do exist.


Just because something is traditional does not mean it is good, just, or acceptable. But this post isn’t aimed at people doing traditional things in a living religion. It’s aimed at those who would make a mockery of such traditions by getting off on it as some dark and terrible act.

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Hey Everybody, I will be on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole tonight!

Best yet, if you log in live you will not only get to hear us, but SEE us.

Actually I don’t know why that would be a big plus, but there ya go :-) I will be sure to wear something occultish.

Those that miss it live will still be able to listen when it goes up as a podcast.
9pm Eastern

Register HERE

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From Floundering to Fortune 500: A Strategic Sorcery Field Report

Chess teamWant to make my heart sing? Send me a report of the success you have had using my books and course material. I received just such an e-mail about an hour ago and it is a great demonstration of how hard work, ingenuity, and a little Sorcery can completely turn your situation around.

There are a lot of good lessons in this report, that I will point out at the end of the post. First read the words of student Y.E. :

“When I First came across Jason’s material I was in dire straights. I had been unemployed for 5 months, having left a job I was burned out in to pursue my own career as a consultant and work part time for a friend’s start up. The start up bombed and while I was getting some consultant work here or there, the economy just didn’t support my venture. I’d been job hunting and nothing was happening. I was beginning to think I’d been cursed.

After reading Jason’s blog I purchased Financial Sorcery and e-mailed him regarding things I could do while waiting for the book to arrive. To my surprise he replied within minutes and answered my questions.

After the book arrived I decided I needed to simply find a job. ANY job. This Happened within a week. It wasn’t ideal, but it was income. I had at least caught a ledge on the way down! Now I could begin to climb back up.

Within 6 months I was a department manager. It still wasn’t ideal, but it was an improvement. I could coast here while I worked on the bettering things.

Within a 2 months of that promotion I was contacted by a headhunter who had found my old resume from the year before. I entertained his offers while leveraging his attention to fuel spells to gain better opportunities.

Things began to change fast and furious style as I continued to work my way through the Strategic Sorcery Course work, and his books. I won’t dwell on all of those details for brevity’s sake. I will say that I was overwhelmed at the difference his suggestions and material made to my own far more conservative training in the arts.

As I write this today I am a minor manager at Fortune 500 company which has just placed within the Fortune’s top 100 best places to work. Also today, in the 10 minutes before writing this, I registered to begin classes to finish off my degree which I had been forced to abandon due to financial hardships. My dreams of a start up business look brighter than ever as well with all the networking and connections I have been able to make with ‘just a little charm.’

If you are serious about your magick, then Jason’s material has my highest recommendation. Thank you Jason for all of your hard work and for the gift you have bestowed upon me and everyone else you touch.”

– Y.E.

OK, so I want to point out a few important nuggets here:

  • This didn’t happen overnight. It took close to a year to go from disaster mode to where he is now. Big changes take big time.
  • That doesn’t mean you wait for a spell to work for a year though. You work in steps and enchant for each one. The results should come within a short period of time depending on what it is. In come cases it was weeks, in others mere days.
  • He started off by willing to quit something that was not working. This is SUPER important.. You need to be able to recognize when something isn’t working, or isn’t working well enough, and be able to quit. It could be a magical technique that is not working, or it could be your entire goal is not feasible. It requires discernment and emotional resilience to be able to drop something and move on.
  • He was able to recognize the need for triage, and take a job that he didn’t really want in order to stop the bleeding. People need to do this from time to time. I went from professional positions at AIG and Net2Phone to installing blinds and shutters (Hunter Douglas still calls me for high-end jobs even though I don’t do it anymore) while I got Strategic Sorcery off the ground. Other occultists and entrepreneurs have done similar things. Daymon John worked at Red Lobster well beyond the point that customers were coming in to his restaurant wearing his FUBU clothes. You CAN enchant for things that are not the final goal.
  • Check out this line: “I entertained his offers while leveraging his attention to fuel spells to gain better opportunities.”  This is how Strategic Sorcery is done! Spell gets headhunter to notice an old resume you posted and calls you. Rather than take the first thing he offers as some kind of “sign” that the spirits want you to do this, you build further spells upon it!  I FREAKING LOVE THIS GUY!!!
  • Lastly, he has come full circle and is taking another stab at his entrepreneurial dreams that he set aside a year ago. He probably has better ideas and certainly has better connections now that he has re-positioned himself. I can’t wait to hear where he is next year this time!

I hope that you enjoyed the field report and learned something from it. In May we will be kicking up a Global Jupiter Success rite, so this is a good report to get the wheels turning for that.

For info on Strategic Sorcery Course click here. 

To get a copy of Financial Sorcery Go here or here.

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