Today I took a 7 hour road trip with the kids. You would think that being the only adult in a car with two 6 year olds, that I would be harried but it was just a really mellow and beautiful drive with no drama or whining. In the background of this day of course was a whole lot of news. Some bad news.  Some sad news. But mostly news that made me rejoice in the essential goodness of people, and reassured me that while we stumble and fall, we are headed in the right direction.

Really it has been a week of news worth rejoicing over.

– After the horrific shootings just one week ago the confederate flag is finally being taken down. In South Caroline, in Mississipi, in Alabama, in Kentucky, in Georgia, and I am sure in more places to come it is finally coming down.

– Yesterday the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Affordable Care Act, showing that even a conservative court can see the need for people to have access to healthcare. I hope there will be more to come.

– Today they did it again and ruled in favor of marriage equality. In all 50 States, same sex couples can enjoy marriage equality. The joy that you can feel, washing over the country is palpable.

– President Obama capped it all off by delivering one of the most amazing pieces of oratory in his career at the eulogy for Rev Pinkney.

And as is fitting, in a week which started with such sorrow, but which ended with such reasons to rejoice – he SANG.

Our problems are not gone. There is still MUCH to do. But it is worth taken a moment to rejoice.

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Kind words from an Apprentice.

Sometimes, someone write something about me that just makes me blush. This is from the very first person I accepted into the apprentice program. I am so proud and honored

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Take Back Your Mind Tuesday Class TOMORROW

Take back your Mind - facebook (1)If you have signed up for the Tuesday TAKE BACK YOUR MIND training, you should have gotten an e-mail from me. If not, please contact me immediately.

There are still two slots left in this class if you want them.

I am very excited.


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MARSEILLESA while back I offered a deal on three card readings, and I had a great time doing them, and got such great feedback from clients, that I thought I would offer it again.

From now until Wednesday 6/24  e-mail readings are only $50 – $25 off the regular price.

Here are the rules:

  • One Question. It can be anything you want: from practical advice to esoteric instruction.
  • I will respond with a picture of the three cards and interpretation. You can ask one follow up clarification if you wish.
  • It can take up to three days to respond depending on how many requests I get.
  • Cost is $50 payable via paypal.


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n4gp4In three separate instances last week I or someone I know brought up a concern only to have someone dismiss it as a “first world problem” or otherwise point out how others have it worse.

Here’s the thing: others always has it worse. There are people who have to walk three hours a day and risk getting raped just to get water that will give them Hep E from the fecal runoff of the village upstream or even worse from the factory pollution upstream from them. And ya know what? Someone in a Congolese prison somewhere has it worse than that too.

That’s why the bathrooms at the monestary are marked “Sam” and “Sara”: because Samsara is a world of shit…

Knowing this, and holding it in the mind is a powerful tool for perspective about your own circumstances and generating compassion for the plight of others. It maybe stops you from thinking along the whole “Whoa is me! Why am I so cursed? Why does all this shit happen to ME!?” track of thinking. That kind of thinking is never helpful or true.


That does not mean that everyone should be unconcerned about their own lives because someone has it worse. It doesn’t make you selfish to want a better life than you have. You should have perspective and gratitude for what you have – yes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have more.

First world problems are the problems we have in the first world.

There is a big difference between having perspective, and telling someone that their problem is not bad enough. This is not the Suffering Olympics, where only the shittiest problems get handled.

In Financial Sorcery I devoted several paragraphs to perspective about income levels, pointing out that anyone who makes more than 40k a year is in the top 1% income earners on planet earth. A lot of people found this strange for a book about increasing your financial well being, but I did it so that people would have perspective about their lives, not suddenly decide that they should just be happy with what they have or even less.

I am at a weird place in my career right now where I do consultations for people are desperately looking for work one hour, and readings for a VC the next. Both of them have problems that they need handled. They can get equally concerned and worked up over their respective problems because this is what is on their table.

Worse than giving people a guilt trip about simply living their lives, this kind of thinking actually can trip people up into complete inaction and perpetuating suffering. A while back, on a group dedicated to prosperity magic no less, someone who was themselves in financial need at the time actually said the following: “how can sit comfortably making six figures when there is so much suffering in the world?” I flipped it around and asked him how he could not? Does him being poor make others rich? NO. Might he be in a better position to do something to alleviate poverty is he himself was fiscally stable? Yes.

The point I am trying to make is this: Your problems, worries, and desires do not disappear because others have it worse – and you should not let anyone make you feel like they should. 

1. Being aware of what is going on in the world is good. Let it generate compassion for others and appreciation for what you have.
2. Being aware that your world and the larger world are linked is even better. Let that compassion turn into action to make the world a better place, and that appreciation turn into generosity for those that have less.
3. None of this means that you cannot be concerned about having a comfortable retirement, or be concerned about personal debt, if these are things that effect you personally.

It doesn’t mean its wrong to want stuff either. Whether it’s a car with third row seating, a vacation home, or a figgin Bugatti wristwatch. I personally hope that you get it.


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I am speechless. My wife’s family has strong roots in the AME church and though its too far to go often, we occasionally go to that church as a family.

I had a bunch of blog posts and audio commentary for my group planned today, but how do you work on stuff like that after news like this?

I am speechless, so I will just let the AME Church speak for itself through one of its Hymns. Listen to the hymn.

You cannot keep these people down. You cannot.

This is the power of spirit.

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Chess teamOne of the things I love about the Strategic Sorcery community are the field reports.  You do not have to rely upon me bragging about Sorcery bringing great things in my life, you get live reports from students and alumni that are getting results every week. Whether a sterling report of success, or a problem to be work shopped with me and others, the focus on results is the drive.

Below are three reports that came in recently. The authors have been kind enough to let me post them on the blog:


I have been working with Juno and Jupiter since the global rites. I really feel that a great connecion has been established with both. I also have made a cash box and offer it water and feed the lodestones weekly. As some of you may know my daughter has just been born and I must say that Jupiter and Juno have given us blessings. Out of nowhere my wife’s great uncle sent us a check for $2500.00 and a statement from a long lost union pension plan for $5500.00 has just arrived in the mail. That’s $8000.00 extra income for this week. Now I can take the time off I need to spend with my family and be free from financial worry. Thank you Jupiter! Thank you Juno!cDo the work and you get out what you put in. Thank you Jason Miller for the teachings.

– SD


The short and skinny of the situation: I’ve been attending al-anon (support group for family & friends of alcoholics), and for new people they have them go through special “beginner’s meetings” for their first 6 visits. The one I went to last week was horrible. The guy leading it was a complete asshole. He was so agressive and angry that he got into a verbal altarcation with one of the other newcomers resulting in three people walking out mid-meeting, crying.

So I decided to talk to someone higher in the very loose organization. I found out this means talking to the Group Representative (GR), or the District Representative (DR). In these situations, I’m not usually taken seriously and am not listened to. Seriously, I have history to back me up on that. Conversations I’d had with the local al-anon information line even resulted in me having to repeat myself, endlessly clarify, and get around numerous times where I was interrupted and corrected (ie not listened to).

So…with all this in mind I decided I was not going to have any of that crap when I talked to the GR. When I got to the site of the meeting, I went outside, sat on a bench, and did the full Kurukulla practice from Arcane Audio 1. I did at least four rounds of 108 of Kurukulla’s root mantra, then did the action mantra. In the visualization as Kurukulla, I also decided to use her lasso, hook, and bow & arrows.

Now, after I finished that, I was going to go in with “guns blazing”, so to speak, if needed. I’m talking every trick Jason mentions in Strategic Sorcery, and then some. Hooked lights into the nostril, down the central channel, and back out the other nostril. Embedded commands. Patrick Dunn’s “stomach tentacles”. I was even ready to try to fascinate and dominate if needed.


It turns out none of that extra stuff was necessary. As soon as I walked in, I felt a shift and like I would be good to go from there. And I was! Not only did I get to talk to the GR, but the DR was there unexpectedly. They listened to me and believed everything…which was helped by the fact that, apparently, the people who walked out called to complain as well. But they even asked me to attend an impromptu “business meeting” about last week’s meeting where they corroborated my story with the other complaint and other info they had on this guy, and they will be taking action. I wasn’t interrupted, I wasn’t corrected or any of that other stuff. They actually treated me with a LOT of respect.

So, a big thanks to Kurukulla for whatever aid she gave me last night!


Started working with the Grimoire Sympathia on Friday.

Thought I would use the first working involving the Lichen Bathrael. Drew the sigil. Worked the invocation, had been out earlier to find some wood with a good looking Lichen on it and founds a really nice one.

Took that into my room and meditated with the spirit for a while. Used the Lichen because I suffer from excema in the back of my hair and the Grimoire says that Lichen works against Leprosy and other scaled skin conditions.

Did ritual Friday and Saturday nights at 1030 grimoires states between 10 and midnight.

This morning No itching, no warmth, and my excema is very much better.

During the work I had a distinct feeling of two spererate but very old entities almost entwined within each other. Really impressive am intending to follow through with the other plants in the grimoire.

Thank you Jason Miller for suggesting this grimoire I had never heard of it prior to your post.


Though  I start new cycles of the course every quarter, you do not have to wait. You can join the course at any time and receive the back lessons for the current cycle. This will place you in a great position to take advantage of our awesome quarterly Global Rites, discussion group, as well as open the door to other events like the Arcane Audio Calls.

The course is $150 for 52 lessons in Practical Magic.

To find out more info write me at, or just click the paypal link below to sign up.

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The Link Between Mindfulness and Success



“The optimist sees opportunity in every danger;
The pessimist sees danger in every opportunity”
– Winston Chruchill

The quote above could just as easily read The Mindful as the Optimist. Everyone knows that in investing you buy low and sell high, but few people understand the mental fortitude it takes to actually do this.

Think about it, buying low requires you to purchase something that not only is something that others do not want, but that the masses are dumping from their portfolios in droves. Selling high requires you to get rid of your stock at the height of the moment that everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon.

This is not just true in investing. It’s true in business. 15 years ago opening a cupcake business or fro-yo place would have been a gold-mine because the market was not flooded. About five years ago people looked at the success of the few people that got in early and flooded the market. Most of them lost their shirts.

Two years ago it might have seemed insane to open up an independent bookstore, but I suggested here that it was actually just the right time for specialists to step in and fill the vacuum. Today there are popping back up and succeeding.

The person who is skilled at meditation has developed the ability to be unswayed. To stare at the thing that people say is sure to fail, and know how you can make it work precisely because not everyone is doing it, and you are driven and clever enough to see it done.

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Take back your Mind - blog

“80% of the Top Performers I have interviewed have a meditation or mindfulness practice”
– Tim Ferris

I am always going on and on about the need for meditation and how it is the cornerstone of the system, but I have only written basic instructions in my books. To really convey the teachings I want to convey properly requires not just instruction, but transmission through practicing together, and mind-to-mind teaching.

Most teachings on meditation talk about finding calm and peace. Calm and peace are important, and you will attain those for sure, that that is not really the goal. The goal is to take back what has been stolen from you: you attention span, your awareness, your ability to act from will rather than habit. The Goal is to wake up, be present, and find tools and powers you did not even know you had.

Some meditation teachers make it sound like they want you to be dead from the neck down, I want you to be alive from deep below your toes to way up above your head. I want you to be awake and to ascend to spiritual heights just as much as I want you to

THE DETAILS: I will lead two groups of 25 people each in a structured 12 session teaching over six months on meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation. The teachings will take place over conference calls.

One group call will be every other Thursday at 9:30pm Eastern.
The second group will be every other Tuesday at 12 Noon, Eastern.

Each session will consist of about an hour of instruction, practice, and Q&A. You will have access to a recording of every session, and can meditate along with the recordings in the future.

We will be covering everything from Vipassana, to Dzogchen, to Sandpiling, to Stoic techniques, to some private meditations that I have only shared with a few close students.

REQUIREMENTS: Dedication. There is a psychic element to this training, which means that your efforts will be catalyzed by the efforts of the others in the group. You do not need to practice at a particular time every day – but you do need to commit to a practice.

AVAILABILITY: There are a total of 25 slots per class. Because it was offered to members of the Strategic Sorcery Group first there are currently only

5 Slots left for Tuesday Afternoons. 

THE COST:  Fee for the course is $108 a month, payable by paypal subscription. Send me your e-mail stating your interest and I will sign you up for the subscription.

To sign up send me an e-mail at INOMINANDUM@GMAIL.COM with the words TAKE BACK YOUR MIND in the Subject line.

Or just click below.

To Join the Tuesday Afternoon class click here:

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A lot of people in the Western Buddhist communities are not thrilled with the fact that mindfulness and meditation has taken off outside the spiritual bubble of Buddhism and other faith traditions.

Part of this is simply that Buddhism and Meditation was brought and popularized by hippies and beats who were very counter-culture, and no counter-culture likes to see their shit adopted by the mainstream. True for bands, clothing, books, and it appears meditation.

Another part of this is that the goal of meditation should be spiritual, and when you think of yourself as “spiritual” as a thing in itself, set against a world that is “unspiritual”, it can seem like the height of corruption to turn that spiritual tool towards material ends.

This came up in a recent interview with Lama Surya Das .

“Each year, 1 million Americans take up the practice for the first time. Surya Das is not entirely happy about that. “Mindful divorce, mindful parenting, mindful TV,” he complained. Why not mindful sniping, poaching, or mindful waiting to find the opportunity to take advantage of and exploit someone when there’s a chink in their armor?””

First of all if you have your spiritual head so far up your spiritual ass that you see no difference between parenting, getting a divorce and watching television and harmful acts like sniping, poaching, and exploitation there is something wrong with your perception. But I don’t think Lama-la thinks that really. I think he is a solid man and I plan on getting his book. But lets take his question seriously: why not these things? 

If we are going to have snipers, people that kill others with the intent of establishing greater security* – shouldn’t they be mindful about it?

If your job as a Defense Lawyer, Activist, Martial Artist, or Policeman requires you to find the chink in an opponent armor, wouldn’t it be better to be mindful than not?

These things are not going away, so isn’t mindfulness as a rule better than not-mindfulness? There is no lack of spiritually mindful figures in history that were fully engaged with the secular world: Seneca was a Banker. Ashoka was a Conqueror and King.

You may note that I commented that the western Buddhist community has this problem. I find it not to be the case among the Asian Buddhist community. I am sure there are exceptions, but in general they have not bought into an idea of pacifist Buddhism that never actually existed (because there would be no Shaolin if it did) and have no trouble integrating their business practices with their spiritual practice.  Many Western Buddhists on the other hand tend to view their Buddhism as something that makes them very exotic and special, and the thought of their practice being turned to such worldly matters is troubling.

People need to remember that Buddha means awakened. It does not mean groovy-pacifist-vegan, dead from the neck down, super-calm dude, who is above all that…

Besides, a funny thing happens when people practice meditation with the intent of making more money, being better policemen, picking up girls, dropping pounds, or alleviating stress  – they get more compassionate and calm and most of the benefits of what so-called spiritual people are also seeking.

Which seems to piss them off :-)

It is good to remember the story of Khadgapa, who was a thief seeking nothing but the power to become invincible so he could be protected when he stole from people. He did the practices that his teacher Charpati recommended and did indeed become invincible, but along the way he also became enlightened, and no longer stole.

* Not entertaining a debate on the various conflicts we are involved in right now. I don’t like it either, but this is not the point of the post and comments about it will be deleted.

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