MRA’s, PUA’s, and the Santa Barbara Shooter

I have seen numerous articles and Facebook posts about the Santa Barbara Shooter, many of them linking him to Men’s Right’s Activism (MUA) and Pick Up Artists (PUA). In fact many of my friends who are Pagans, Occultists, or Witches have expressed relief that this will bring attention to those two groups.

I have something to say about this connection, but first wanted to give a brief statement about MRA and PUA separately.


I was blissfully unaware of MRA’s until a few years ago. On the surface this seems like a good idea right? I mean, there are areas that men should be looking at insuring rights for. In a world where there are an increasing amount of Dad’s who do primary care for the children, custody of children after divorce is an area that comes to mind. Men get targeted disproportionately by law enforcement for drug crimes. In jobs that deal with children, men often get viewed as more likely to molest despite the large numbers of women now getting caught for doing just that – who receive much lighter sentences when they are convicted. Men who suffer domestic abuse and cannot physically defend themselves without instantly being seen as the abuser. Men falsely accused of rape, or corced into paternity. These things do happen.

Are Mens Rights groups about any of this? No.

Turns out Men’s Right’s Activists are much more about hating women than they are about advocating for themselves. You don’t hear about much about Men at all in fact. You hear a lot about how women should know their place. You hear about “them” taking “our” jobs. You hear a lot about “legitimate rape”, and how rape of drunk or drugged or provocatively dressed, or women who change their mind, or women who wont put out, is not really rape*

If you do hear about these issues, you hear about them in a sort of bizarro reversal. How domestic abuse of men is equal to or even worse than that of women. How rape of men by women is the real scourge of society, both of which is just patently false. You hear about how men are being discriminated against in the workplace by affirmative action – despite all numbers and studies showing that women are still far from even getting a fair shake.

In short, I think these guys are assholes. Fighting for your own rights is great. Being threatened by someone else fighting successfully for theirs is not, and it sure ain’t manly.


Though I was married long before “The Game” was published I wrote a bit about Pick Up Artists in The Sorcerers Secrets. Since then I have gotten to know a few, have done some work for a few, and even have been a consultant for a PUA school that wanted to incorporate my methods.

In general I find that most PUA’s fall into one of two categories:

1. Guys that believe men and women are playing a game together, and who would like to learn to play better.

2. Guys that believe men are playing a game where women are the targets.

Guys in the former camp tend to veer away from the creepy NLP, Hypnosis, and Negging garbage; focusing more on “inner game”. These are methods to make yourself more confident, overcome fear of rejection, change your appearance a bit, and generally give a shit a bout yourself. I have seen some PUA’s do more serious spiritual work than a lot of occultist. I guess the potential to get laid is a good motivator.

Other guys that view women as targets to be manipulated are a shame, but really its nothing new. These days these guys meet up in special chatrooms and clubs to discuss this Alpha Male anti-female shite, 75 years ago they didn’t have to because society itself was the chatroom, and the club was pretty much everybody. I would like to see the marginalization of creeps as being a sign of society moving in the right direction.


Ok, with that out of the way all I really wanted to say about the connetion with the Santa Barbara Shooting is this: MRA’s, PUA’s, and any other group you hate is not to blame.

Dungeons and Dragons were not to blame for Christopher Pritchard’s actions.

Marylin Manson and Video Games were not to blame for Eric Harris’s and Dylan Klebold’s actions.

The OTO and Thelema were not to blame for Matthew Murray’s actions.

Satanism and Witchcraft are not to blame for Miranda Barbour’s actions.

As people into occultism, Witchcraft, Magic, etc we often find ourselves defending our paths and beliefs when others who self-identify the same way we do, wind up committing heinous and criminal acts.

All I am saying is that if you don’t like to be treated like you are responsible for encouraging murder then don’t treat others like that. No matter how reprehensible or distasteful I find MRA’s and some PUA’s, I have yet to meet one that encouraged murder or anything close to it.

Anyway, that’s it.



In case there is some confusion about this: if either party is passed out or near passed out or so out of it that they cannot clearly give consent, its rape. If someone invited you to their bedroom, initiates sex, but after five mintes says  “NO, I CHANGED MY MIND, GET OFF ME” and you don’t get off of them – its rape. Ok? Good. Sex without consent is rape. Consent can be withdrawn.


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A Serpent Sigil Story

One of my students in the apprentice program*, wrote up an experience of receiving a sigil directly from Hekate. Rather than generating it from letters, inventing something that looked good, or something like that, this method of seeking sigils creates very potent and multi-faceted organic seals. It is something that even he did not think would work, and really blew him away when it did.

Sadly, we cannot share the actual sigil as it is very much still a part of his private and active work, but here s his description of the work:

Hekate coiled snake

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a story that may interest those of you who want to learn about artificial spirits and obtaining sigils for various uses through direct channeling. It’s about a servitor in the form of a snake, about Hekate, and an awesome sigil she kindly provided.

The original concept for this artificial spirit was that of a guardian for my wealth altar. During the last four months, my training with Jason has made my practice evolve a lot faster than anticipated, so that when the time came to write the programming for this spirit, I could see many more possibilities than what I was able to see only a few weeks earlier.

I have some experience in screenwriting, and I wrote this servitor – a snake reminiscent of Simbi, though I didn’t know the Simbi when I wrote it – as a character in a novel, or a movie. The writing process took about one month and a half. The snake has a psychological profile, a set of basic features, and about 20 special powers than can be combined in different ways. It may seem like a lot, far too many to allow the necessary focus, but as Jason will conferm, these abilities appear entirely consistent and “natural”, as if it was an actual living creature. Here’s the trick. The programming is entirely based on:

- the Serpent as an archetype, legends (charming, hypnosis, immunity to fire..)

- the biology and behavior of actual snakes (venom, hybernation, predator, powerful sense of smell, mimic, simulation…)

- his natal chart, that is, the chart of the moment I have selected for his creation/birth

Though this will be my first artificial spirit, the idea is to keep him around long-term. Since this creature will require maintenance, I wanted my snake to be useful in a wide variety of ways and situations.

He specializes in tracking people, their wealth, and transfer it to me via the informational and the astral level, but these abilities are rooted in basic powers that also enable him to do many more things. It could easily work as a messenger, a healer, a hacker, a detective, a bodyguard, perform psychic and physical attacks attacks of various kind, and much more.

Now, though I was entirely satisfied with the servitor as I had written him, actually CREATING it would require much more than that. Jason instructed me to do two things:

1. establish a strong connection with the “universal” Serpent by meditating with the Serpent’s Song (Protection and Reversal Magic, page 85) 

2. use the Song to obtain a sigil for the spirit, that I would have to use in the creation ritual.

Number 1 posed no challenge, as I meditate daily, number 2 was a different matter. Anyone can create a decent Sigil with the A. O. Spare method or linking letters on a square, but Jason insisted the best sigils are always the ones that are obtained through direct intuition or revelation. Now, I had never tried to obtain so much as a yes/no answer in this way, let alone an intricate visual design. 

So I practiced the Song for a few weeks, but as the date of the ritual  drew near, I didn’t feel at all more confident that I could make it. Having never tried it before, I couldn’t even picture how it COULD be done, how it would happen. Luckily for me, it just so happened that I was also doing my first Hekate Suppers during this same period, trying to propitiate the goddess in order to lay a foundation for an entirely different project. Since I wasn’t asking for anything in particular during the Suppers, it came to me that I could ask to be helped in obtaining a sigil in this way, despite my complete lack of experience. 

I always get a very good feeling when I work with Hekate, and she had given me unexpectedly powerful results before. Maybe she would be willing to help me with this.

A few more days passed, and it came to me that since the Serpent features as HER servitor in the ritual I got from Jason, and since her relationship with snakes in general is a very close one, I could just try to ask HER for the sigil. And so I did.

On the last dark moon, I prepared an altar with my written program for the snake (4-5 pages of bullet-points divided into sections like Character, Look, Basic Abilities, Special Abilities), I did the standard invocation, and offered her two hard-boiled eggs, honey, 15 or so peeled garlic cloves, a glass of red wine, and an incense I made with crushed juniper berries and powdered benzoin.

I wrote a prayer, and read it out loud during the ritual. Jason said I had to go into a trance with the Song. Yeah, well, that would be a first too…but as soon as I uttered the prayer, I started to feel calm and confident, letting go of expectations and tension. I closed my eyes, entered meditation mode and started chanting, still kind of wondering HOW on earth I could “receive” something visual, since I didn’t see anything at all. But I relaxed and just kept my mind empty and open. I expected a looooong chanting session, long enough to make my mind receptive the hard way. 

I couldn’t have chanted the Song more than 30 times when it started. 

I don’t know how to describe what happened other than to say that instead of the image I was looking for, it was the “idea” or intuition of the image that entered my mind. Like REMEMBERING an image.  The sigil came through starting from the center, the core, the essence, and was completed in three or four “steps”, gradually adding the missing parts. I couldn’t have got it all in one “packet”. I first got the “memory” of what looked like empty eyes, then the lines that connected them, and then a spike where the mouth would be, and every time I got something, I just put some more incense on the coal and started chanting again. Within seconds, I “remembered” what I should add next. The whole process lasted about 5 minutes.

An interesting detail is that though I was immersed in a cloud of smoke, the incense had almost no smell at all, way less then when I had burned it on other occasions. Perhaps a sign that Hekate was “taking in” the offerings.

Anyway, when the sigil was completed, I was astonished at how powerful and appropriate it looked. Jason was right: it was not something that I could have made by shuffling and combining letters. I couldn’t even have invented it, certainly not in mere minutes. It looks both “mine” and “not mine”, appropriately so since I wrote the servitor, but not the sigil. I am quite good at drawing and visualizing, but I could never have captured the character and qualities of this creature with such perfect synthesis. 

I am now left with the responsibility of putting this powerful gift to good use – I haven’t created the servitor yet – and a sense of deep gratitude and awe for the great goddess that gave it to me. It never fails to surprise me how peaceful it feels to work with Hekate. You would expect “dark” tones from a Witch Goddess surrounded by untimely dead and wild, violent spirits of every kind, but no; to me, it just feels deep, strong, and actually maternal. The greatest gift she gave me that night was perhaps a sense of great accomplishment, the feeling that I am finally starting to tap into the power I was seeking.

I also feel that all the hours I spent on practicing the basic exercises during the last eight months or so are really starting to pay off. I only tried to get a sigil this way because Jason recommended it, and because I think you must be willing to fail a few times, before you succeed; I didn’t expect to actually get the sigil, and a very powerful one. But I did, and if Hekate thought I was ready, it is no doubt thanks to the many hours I spent practicing meditation, sandpiling, working with the elements, and so on.

I hope this story will provide some inspiration for your own work with Hekate, with the Serpent and artificial spirits, and to practice the basic exercises Jason gives in the books and Strategic Sorcery Course. There is a LOT more to them than meets the eye at first.

*The apprentice program different then the Strategic Sorcery Course. This is a long term program where I give personal mentoring based on individual interests, gifts, and goals – exactly how I received most of my own training. It is closed right now, but if you want to be added to the waiting list, write me at I will likely be accepting more apprentices later in the summer.

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My Poor Magician Post

Strat Sor envelope orangeSo the Pagan and Occult world has exploded with chatter this week about an article in Patheos called “A Poor Magician Is A Poor Magician”. The article is pretty well reasoned and doesnt accuse anyone of anything, and just makes some common sense suggestions. The comments in forums, facebook, and elsewhere however have veered into the absurd.

As the author of Financial Sorcery, a book that took a pretty strong position on this issue, I was tempted to start commenting all over the place, but to save time I figured I would just do a post here on the article and on several positions that people have since taken regarding it.


It depends. Is money even on their radar? Being a magician means a lot of different things to different people. If their practice is not really much about material prosperity and practical sorcery than I would hesitate to judge them based on that. You see Christians all the time assuming that people with lower means are not as blessed by god, and you see Buddhists blaming the poor for their bad karma. These are examples of people being shitty Christians and Buddhists though, and has little reflection on the spiritual worth of the person they are judging. Let’s not have magicians and pagans start doing the same.

Maybe their practice does involve practical sorcery, but they are simply existing at a lower economic strata than what is normally considered middle class. Jack Faust pointed out in a facebook post that just because he strikes a deal with a fairy to never starve does not mean that the fairy is going to make him rich, and that there is a long history of magic of the lower classes. This is very true, but just because something is tradition does not make it very good or wise. I have been down and out in life, and I have studied magic that is stems from that place in life.  Some of the practices and mind-set that comes with that reinforces that state. Is it bad magic? No, there is beauty and power in it, but that doesn’t make it good magic for dealing with money either. If you are happy then its good. If you are constantly bitching about you lot in life, then yes, its bad magic – do something else.

As for the person who is a full on Sorcerer, claims that their magic effects material reality, and that betterment of circumstances is part of that success, yet is constantly in financial disarray – yes, that person is a shitty magician. Too many people have taken high titles and bragged about the worldly power that their magic gives them, yet cannot seem to afford even the basics. I judge those people by the criteria that they set for themselves. I cannot seriously take your talk of being one of the “elite” when you cannot afford the payments on your Ford Focus.

This is not to say that good magicians will not have financial woes from time to time. Everyone has problems – its how you handle them that makes you a good magician and wise person financially.

This is also not to say that people must live opulently. I don’t, and chances are that if you are a magician, money is not your first love in life, and thus you may not be working as a hedge fund manager.*  No one is saying you need to be rich, I am just talking about not wallowing in fiscal chaos.


In reading through the responses of many people that felt compelled to defend their lifestyles and lack of financial stability in the face of this article, I found one that made an astonishing statement, that I must quote here.

“Lack of Financial Skills has nothing to do with why people are poor”.

Now I get what this person is hopefully trying to say: that race, class, and the general downturn of the economy places people in shitty positions. Too many people of privilege have thought of the poor as lazy because they truly have no idea what it is to not have opportunity. That said: your financial skills have nothing to do with it? Come on, of course they do.

In almost every situation there are factors that are not in your control, and there are factors that are. We should never let the factors that are out of our control, be an excuse for not working with the factors that are.

I hate it when people on the right say that the poor should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work harder – it does not address the root causes of poverty in the country and is an unreasonable response to give to the millions of people that live in poverty in this country. Here’s a secret though: It IS good advice to give to an individual with no catastrophic mental or physical conditions.

Thinking that it is only your race, class, age, area, or the general downturn of the economy that are keeping you in poverty is foolish. Those things certainly can be stacked against you, but if you think it is the only thing that matters then you are dooming yourself to your situation because you have removed even the hope of making a better world for yourself. And yes, THAT would make you a poor magician.


The original article spoke about those that sacrifice material comfort for spirituality, and specifically mentioned Monks.

“Monks agree to live in great simplicity and at times in deprivation.  It’s a hard life that’s not for everyone, but most of us can recognize the monks’ poor material condition is a sign of spiritual maturity, not weakness.”

There are several things wrong here.

First is that the monks poor material condition is not a sign of his spiritual maturity, its a path to spiritual maturity. People become Monks for all kinds of reasons, they may just have no where else to turn. I have seen Buddhist monks sneak out of the gompa to gamble, get into knife fights with each other, and gather at a room to watch porn: trust me the robes and the lack of cash does not make one holy. It can make you holy if you take it as a path, but it is not a sign of your spiritual maturity.

Second is that Monks and Nuns who are serious about it have chosen to REALLY make non-materialism part of their spiritual journey. People that are 40 years old and work a shitty retail job they hate are not expressing spiritual maturity and non-materialism. They are expressing bad choices that they have made and the terrible state of the economy that may have forced them into those choices.

I have a lot of respect for Monks and Nuns, and I have a lot of respect for poor wandering Yogi’s. Please do not compare your retail or warehouse job to that kind of commitment.


In the days since the article came out I have seen ever increasing talk of the financial apocalypse. It went from people talking about the “shrinking middle class” to “there is NO middle class”. It went from “fewer opportunities” to “zero opportunities”.

To be sure, the economy is not what it once was, but those of us that have lived in places where there really is no middle class can tell you that, yes, there still is a middle class in America and there will be for quite a while to come. There are still opportunities to be had. There are still ways to move upward. Yes, they take more will and skill and determination than they did for earlier generations but the opportunities are there.

In the last week I have seen way to many people treat the economy as an excuse to do nothing. The irony is that for all the privilege middle class white people have in this country, and trust me we have a lot, it is largely white people born to middle class families that I have seen use the economy as an excuse. African Americans and immigrants are already used to not having the world handed to them on a platter, and so maybe are not quite as quick to use these factors as an excuse.


Getting back to the original topic of magic – if your magic is not creating opportunity for what you are aiming at, then yes you are bad at it. If you are aiming magic at improving your financial situation and you are living in a constant state of abject poverty and chaos then yet, you are a bad magician.

Since writing Financial Sorcery and getting to talk with a lot more people on this topic I have discovered that there are a lot of people who fall into a category that some people do not even know exists: those who can do effective magic, but are still bad magicians.

You see, being a magician is about more than just effective spells. It’s about using it to attain things that will be useful. Its about making your mundane efforts meet your magical ones. It’s about moving along a path and not just zapping situations willy nilly.

I have met magicians who conjure work almost instantly, but refuse to place any magic towards job training. I have met magicians who can conjure exact amounts needed in an emergency but would never even think of conjuring for money to be put into savings. I have met magicians who are so incredibly effective at enchanting minds, and situations that they have been stuck in the same shitty relationships, jobs, and hovels for DECADES longer than they should have because they were able to use magic to keep the statues quo. That is a danger of magic worse than any demon.


Are you a poor magician? I dunno.  Do you like your life?

Thats what it really boils down to: DO YOU LIKE YOUR LIFE?

If so then no matter what your financial state, you are probably a good magician.

If you don’t like your life, and you hate living in financial chaos, but you resent being thought of as a poor magician because of that then the question is: WHAT DOES MAKE YOU A GOOD MAGICIAN?






*Though since writing Financial Sorcery and starting doing consultations I am FLOORED at the amount of Hedge Fund Managers, Brokers, Investors, and High End Accountants that are really VERY good magicians.

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Spirit Bottles















I stopped making them by request for a while because they take too long and have too many variables. Every one is different and the contents are more or less dictated by the spirits that inhabit it and the gods to whom it is dedicated if any.

BUT. I just completed the Venus one shown above for a client and I have to say that there is something really pleasing about the whole process. Very fulfilling to do something genuinely complex and nuanced for someone that can really use it.

SO, after I wrap of the work on the Vajra Armor Talismans I am making this quarter, I will be once again open to doing some of these. If you think you want a spirit bottle from me write me and let me know. I will probably stop taking orders again at the beginning of the summer.

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The Nature of Jupiter

”And as for Jupiter… finally someone has called it like we should all be seeing it. That’s an astral Manhattan skyline in the background. Praying to Jupiter has always struck me as waving a little flag as the Queen goes by. This is a god of kings and Rothschilds. It is Jupiter that allows Wall Street criminals to avoid jail and have you foot the bill for their crimes. That’s what kings do. Few forms embody having different laws for the wealthy than the rest of us quite like Jupiter.’ - Gordon White, Runesoup

I adore Gordon and think that his approach to practical Sorcery is spot on. In this case though I do disagree with him on the nature of Jupiter. Since Jupiter is the main Patron of my Financial Sorcery Book, and has blessed me quite abundantly, I wanted to comment a little on the matter.

Jupiter is not only accessible to the ruling class. Indeed there are many instances where Jupiter looked out for the welfare and interests of the Plebians in Rome. During the Struggle of the Orders, it was Jupiter that the common people turned to aid them in winning the right to hold office and in politics and priesthood. It was Jupiter that they dedicated a hill that served as their sanctuary during the strike. 

Jupiter is the god of Aristocrats, but is also the god of Justice. As God of Aristocrats I believe that he has an interest in the common good, and preventing abuse of power. He does not suffer Idiots, and I mean this in the original Greek meaning of the word – someone who only has their own self-interest and not a common good. ἴδιος – private or for ones own good. 

Gordon has done a great deal of wonderful work on the economic apocalypse, and is right when he singles out the abuses of the ruling class. The difference between my approach and his is that I and other Jupiterian magicians hope to make changes by partaking in the system and rising within it. As such Jupiter is exactly who you want on your side.

I think that if you hold a “occupy-esque” mind set about the situation: that the wealthy are the bad guys, the poor are the good guys, wealth itself is wrong and should be re-distributed, and that all problems would be solved if everyone decided to live in a Utopian Socialist Collective, that Gordon is correct: Jupiter is probably not the being you want to work with. 

If however you see a happy and comfortable populace with room for growth and prosperity as being ultimately beneficial even to those at the top – than I think Jupiter is your guy. Greed and Self-interest need not be traits of the wealthy, and very often are not. 

In all things, let success be our proof.

Also, since I buy all of Peter Carroll’s books and wanted to spread the word that Gordon put out yesterday: Epoch is being distributed in the US by Weiser Antiquarian. Go Grab a copy. 

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Sex Magicians of the Late 19th Century.

I gave a talk at Thelesis Oasis of the OTO this weekend. The talk, as with a lot of the book, focuses on explaining Tantric and Taoist tech in very plain terminology that anyone can understand and apply to practice in just about any context.

At the end of the talk various people asked me if I would be drawing on Pascal Beverly Randolph’s writings, or Ida Craddock, or Crowley*. They are of course mentioned and referenced in the book here and there, and I have training in Crowleys system from my initiators in the Chthonic Auranian Temple, but ultimately, it is just not all that interesting to me. Its much ado about not much. Even modern western orders like the Ordo Octopi Nigiri Pulveri, which I am also a proud member of, draw heavily on Taoist methods in their sexual alchemical teachings.

Also, most of it is couched in such puritanical concepts that obscure more than they explain. I just referenced this quote from Randolf in the chapter I am writing today:

“The union of the man with the woman must be innocent. Lust for pleasure must not be   the main purpose. Transcending carnal pleasure, aim at the union of the spirits, if you want your prayer to be exhausted by ecstacy. If you conform to these principles the sexual act will become a fountainhead of wisdom, happiness, and peace.”

Ughhhhh. Innocent?

Compare with this from Chandamaharosana Tantra:

“Therefore, one who desires Enlightenment
Should practice what is to be practiced.
To renounce the sense objects
Is to torture oneself by asceticism-don’t do it!
When you see form, look!
Similarly, listen to sounds,
Inhale scents,
Taste delicious flavors,
Feel textures.
Use the objects of the five senses -
You will quickly attain supreme Enlightenment
The man [sees] the woman as a goddess
The woman [sees] the man as a god.
By joining the diamond scepter and lotus,
They should make offerings to each other.
There is no worship apart from this.”

I mean, yes PBR is correct that the operation must be more than just ordinary carnal relations if it is to be called sexual magic, but “innocent”? Why fucking bother fucking at all?

I understand how incredibly groundbreaking these folks were for the time and place they lived. I cannot understand how, occultists still treat it like its the most cutting edge thing to ever be said on sex. Its like we still expect ladies to collapse into piles of crinoline if we talk plainly about sexual pleasure as a spiritual act. If we can all handle 2 girls 1 cup without throwing up, I think maybe we can move forward just a wee bit.

Anyway, just some half-thought out reflections on this beautiful day as I try to wrap up this writing project.

* To re-iterate the footnote from my last post, western occultism REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to pull its head out of the ass of the late 19th and early 20th century. But  again, a post for another day/

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The Devil’s Advocate

Many of my readers are no doubt aware that in response to Oklahoma allowing a 10 Commandments Monument at the Starehouse, the Satanic Temple has commissioned a Satanic Monument that they wish to install as well. The idea being that if it is religious freedom to have a Christian Monument at a government building, it should be ok to have a Satanic One.

I for one think its Brilliant.

They raised more money than they needed and hired an artist in New York to sculpt the monument. It is almost finished and can be seen in the picture above.

Today on Facebook, various occultists are now upset, calling it an opportunity wasted by the ignorant because the image does not adhere to Eliphas Levi’s drawing from Transcendental Magic. No breasts, no Caduceas.

I’m not a Satanist but will play Devil’s Advocate today. These are smart people or they would not have gotten this far. They have read Levi. They know the history behind it. They know the name goes back to the Crusades and has been connected with everything from blaspheming the name of the Prophet, to Greek for Baptism of Wisdom, to various coded theories. 

They know what Levi’s drawing meant to Levi, but they saw something else in it. So did Crowley for that matter, and so do Chaotes. I doubt any of them think of the Goats head as representing the horror of the sinner at the punishment he must bare, as Levi did. 

Their artistic rendering is in keeping with the vision of the artist, who is being moved by spirit (or genius, or daemon, whatever this Satanic Artists get moved by). It is no more “wrong” as a representation of Baphomet, than other depictions of dieties that differ from older depictions. My own meditational Yidam, Vajrakilaya, gets represented in numerous forms in accordance with the visions of different Tertons – why should this being be any different?

Perhaps this artist wished to express the masculine ferocity and goat-like stubbornness, over the feminine and alchemical qualities. Fitting considering what they plan on doing with it and the absolute outrage that it will cause when trying to get it installed. 

But of course this thing is never going to actually be installed in the Oaklahoma statehouse. It’s just not gonna happen. But the statue is well suited to do what it was meant to do: shock and upset people into debate.  I think that the inclusion of the children are there specifically to upset people for this purpose. 

The removal of the breasts was probably done so that they could not be denied installing it on the basis of obscenity. The Caduceus in Levis drawing could be interpreted as a penis, which would have the same effect. 

Besides, why should they adhere to Levi’s 19th century interpretation of name and image any more than Levi did to Crusader accounts of the name?*. 

Just 10 years after Levi’s Drawing was published, numerous artists started using the image, usually also lacking the breasts and caduceus, in an effort to discredit Masonry.

The beauty of Baphomet is that it is wonderfully undefined. 

It is not a waste of an opportunity. Its an opportunity that they created by their work and ingenuity, and they are putting it to use to push their message. Without their message and work the opportunity would not exist. Certainly other groups have had plenty of chance to do something similar but have chosen not to. I say let them have their day, and whether we agree with their message or particular interpretation of Baphomet, let us acknowledge their activism for religious freedom and pluralism that benefits ALL of us.




*Honestly, all of the occult world needs to pull its head out of the ass of the late 19th and early 20th century, but that is a post for another day.

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Last day to join Global Helios Rite – and a Field Report Already!

BeFunky_SORCERY-SEAL.jpgToday is the last day to participate in the Global Helios Success rite.

New, current and former students of the Strategic Sorcery Course (over 900 people) are doing a rite to Helios today and tomorrow to help give their spiritual and material worlds a little solar kick in the pants.

Reports are already coming in from people performing the rite:

Just did the rite (in midday, here in Argentina). It was very, very powerful. Just when I finished the invocation and lighted the incense, the overcast cloud cover broke and a beam of sunlight fell straight into my sigil and I had a vision of Helios, flame-crowned and flame-eyed in his chariot.

- F.A

If you want to get a year of training in Strategic Sorcery AND join in this, and other, Global Rites like this, send me an e-mail at with the words STRATEGIC SORCERY in the e-mail for more info, or just hit the button below to sign up now!


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Helios Rite Sent

I just got finished logging everyone into the new cycle of the course and sending out the Helios Rite to the new students. Students from existing cycles will receive it tonight.

If you have paid for the course but have not received an e-mail from me today, please write me at and let me know.

There is still time to get in on the new Cycle and the Global Helios Rite. Just send me an e-mail with the words STRATEGIC SORCERY in the subject line.

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Just made my very first etched Venus Talisman. It looks like crap, but I will be honing my technique and eventually have a big batch up for sale.


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