From Floundering to Fortune 500: A Strategic Sorcery Field Report

Chess teamWant to make my heart sing? Send me a report of the success you have had using my books and course material. I received just such an e-mail about an hour ago and it is a great demonstration of how hard work, ingenuity, and a little Sorcery can completely turn your situation around.

There are a lot of good lessons in this report, that I will point out at the end of the post. First read the words of student Y.E. :

“When I First came across Jason’s material I was in dire straights. I had been unemployed for 5 months, having left a job I was burned out in to pursue my own career as a consultant and work part time for a friend’s start up. The start up bombed and while I was getting some consultant work here or there, the economy just didn’t support my venture. I’d been job hunting and nothing was happening. I was beginning to think I’d been cursed.

After reading Jason’s blog I purchased Financial Sorcery and e-mailed him regarding things I could do while waiting for the book to arrive. To my surprise he replied within minutes and answered my questions.

After the book arrived I decided I needed to simply find a job. ANY job. This Happened within a week. It wasn’t ideal, but it was income. I had at least caught a ledge on the way down! Now I could begin to climb back up.

Within 6 months I was a department manager. It still wasn’t ideal, but it was an improvement. I could coast here while I worked on the bettering things.

Within a 2 months of that promotion I was contacted by a headhunter who had found my old resume from the year before. I entertained his offers while leveraging his attention to fuel spells to gain better opportunities.

Things began to change fast and furious style as I continued to work my way through the Strategic Sorcery Course work, and his books. I won’t dwell on all of those details for brevity’s sake. I will say that I was overwhelmed at the difference his suggestions and material made to my own far more conservative training in the arts.

As I write this today I am a minor manager at Fortune 500 company which has just placed within the Fortune’s top 100 best places to work. Also today, in the 10 minutes before writing this, I registered to begin classes to finish off my degree which I had been forced to abandon due to financial hardships. My dreams of a start up business look brighter than ever as well with all the networking and connections I have been able to make with ‘just a little charm.’

If you are serious about your magick, then Jason’s material has my highest recommendation. Thank you Jason for all of your hard work and for the gift you have bestowed upon me and everyone else you touch.”

– Y.E.

OK, so I want to point out a few important nuggets here:

  • This didn’t happen overnight. It took close to a year to go from disaster mode to where he is now. Big changes take big time.
  • That doesn’t mean you wait for a spell to work for a year though. You work in steps and enchant for each one. The results should come within a short period of time depending on what it is. In come cases it was weeks, in others mere days.
  • He started off by willing to quit something that was not working. This is SUPER important.. You need to be able to recognize when something isn’t working, or isn’t working well enough, and be able to quit. It could be a magical technique that is not working, or it could be your entire goal is not feasible. It requires discernment and emotional resilience to be able to drop something and move on.
  • He was able to recognize the need for triage, and take a job that he didn’t really want in order to stop the bleeding. People need to do this from time to time. I went from professional positions at AIG and Net2Phone to installing blinds and shutters (Hunter Douglas still calls me for high-end jobs even though I don’t do it anymore) while I got Strategic Sorcery off the ground. Other occultists and entrepreneurs have done similar things. Daymon John worked at Red Lobster well beyond the point that customers were coming in to his restaurant wearing his FUBU clothes. You CAN enchant for things that are not the final goal.
  • Check out this line: “I entertained his offers while leveraging his attention to fuel spells to gain better opportunities.”  This is how Strategic Sorcery is done! Spell gets headhunter to notice an old resume you posted and calls you. Rather than take the first thing he offers as some kind of “sign” that the spirits want you to do this, you build further spells upon it!  I FREAKING LOVE THIS GUY!!!
  • Lastly, he has come full circle and is taking another stab at his entrepreneurial dreams that he set aside a year ago. He probably has better ideas and certainly has better connections now that he has re-positioned himself. I can’t wait to hear where he is next year this time!

I hope that you enjoyed the field report and learned something from it. In May we will be kicking up a Global Jupiter Success rite, so this is a good report to get the wheels turning for that.

For info on Strategic Sorcery Course click here. 

To get a copy of Financial Sorcery Go here or here.

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The Skull Temple


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Some students of mine decided to organize a Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop. The topic for this hop is Planetary Magic, so I decided to share a short ritual that I do to assist in formulating any magic that relates to speech or breath… I call it the Skull Temple.

The head is a temple unto itself. In Dzogchen and Tantra there are various methods for working with your own skull as a chamber of power: specific points and drops are concentrated on, certain sounds reverberate and are empowered within, The eyes themselved become chambers upon which dakinis dance and reality itself is assembled accordingly… Its very cool stuff, but that’s a post for another day.

Western Astrology is certainly filled with suggestions on how the planets relate to the body in general, and then in the head specifically.  Al-Biruni suggested that the moon and sun were in the left and right eyes specifically. Venus and Mars are in the left and right nostrils. Saturn and Jupiter are at the ears. Mercury is, fittingly enough, on the tongue. I wrote a short spell based on this arrangement in my chapbook Advanced Planetary Magic, but that is not the only arrangement possible.

The Skull Temple ritual arranges the planets in the skull in way that is based both on the vibrations of the vowels associated with the planets (using ascending alphabetical order*) to bring the fullness of the planets into the head where they can be harmonized and put to use in beholding of senses with the eyes and ears, the processing of information with the brain, and perhaps most importantly for the Sorcerer the formation of words of power in the mouth.

Bring your attention to the crown of you head. Sound the Greek Syllable IOTA pronounced EE. Conisder that the light of spirit and inspiration shines down from this spot.

Bring your attention to the inside of the mouth. Sound the Greek Syllable ALPHA pronounced AH. This is the lunar point, where all the powers of the planets will be reflect and formed into the words we speak unto the earth.

Bring your attention now to your throat roughly where the thyroid gland is. Sound the Greek Syllble OMEGA pronounced like a long OHW This is the Saturn point where breath is harvested into sound. It is also the place that most symbolizes our own mortality. The hand making the cutting gesture at the throat is a nearly universal sign of death.

This will form the central pillar and of course the sacred name IAO.

Turn your attention now to the area behind the forehead where the third eye might be. Sound the Syllable EPSILON, pronounced Eh. This is the mercury point where the frontol lobe controls movement and analysis.

Turn your attention now to the solft area at the back of the skull where the neck meets the head. Sound the syllable Upsilon pronounced Euw like the french u, or like the ew in dew. This is the Jupiter point called the Jade Pillow in Chinese. This is where the spine connects to the head and thus a great place for the governance of the body.

Turn your attention to the right temple and sound the syllable Omicron, pronounced Oh (shorter and sharper than Saturn’s Omega). This is the Mars and the culmination of the aggressive “male” channel.

Immediately afterward turn your attention to the left temple and sound the syllable Eta (pronounced Ay like day). This is the Venus point and representative of the loving “female” channel.

I use these male and female designations very loosely, don’t read too much into them.

Once you have these resonances set up in the head you can run through them again. You might begin to perceive channels between these points activate and even create shapes in the head: A pyramid made from Venus and Mars, Mercury and Jupiter with the sun as its pinnacle would be just one example.

Sit and breathe in this, if you’ll pardon the expression, headspace. What do you feel? What you explore with your mind attuned this way? What powers can be given birth to in the womb of the mouth?

Perhaps you might see another better arrangement. The skull ikon above has Jupiter and Saturn in the right and left eye rather than where I place them. Perhaps seeing the possibilities and limitations of all things. You should treat these placements as designations of choice, rather than as some kind of biological truth. The question is not “which part of the skull does Mercury belong?” The question is “What does mercury do when placed in different spots”.

The exercise out for a spin and let me know what, if any, results you get.



*As opposed to descending or harmonic order…

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Grimoire Witchcraft and Giving the Devil his Due.


Two of my favorite books on magic were penned in the 1970’s: Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson and The Necronomicon by Simon. Though I don’t know if many people realize it today, both books were an attempt to make a Grimoire for Pagans that did not rely upon Christian elements for evocation and spellwork.

In Huson’s tome, still one of my favorites for young people that want to get their start in Sorcery, we have rituals for evoking both Vassago and Flauros (from the Lemegaton) by the power of the decans and whatever Witch Gods you are dedicated to (primarily Cernunnos and Habondia in the book). The triangle is not outside a circle distancing you from the spirit out of fear, but right on the altar in front of you. My first evocations were done this way, and after experimenting with Grimoire methods close to the books, I went back to this style pretty quickly.

Today there a lot of people trying to do the same thing, most notably of course is Jake Stratton Kent, whose approach to the “Trinity” in the Grimoire Verum, if I read him correctly, is not the Father Son and Holy Spirit; but Lucifer, Astaroth, and Baalzebub. This  is an approach that certainly gives the devil his due, which brings me round to my point.

There has been a stir recently caused by Pat Mosely’s excellent piece “A Case for Inviting Satan (Back) to Wicca“. Inspired by recent successes that the Satanic Temple has had in striking blows for religious freedom in the US, Mosely wonders if Satanists should not have a place at the Pagan table. Wicca did after all borrow much terminology from the Witch-hunt literature, and it is exactly those terms like Sabbat, Witch, and so on that helped make it more popular than say Druidry.

Those terms from the Witch Hunt era however are also what sometimes brings the eye of the public on Wicca. Sadly Wicca has been all-to-willing to unjustly accuse Satanists of sacrifice, malevolence, and crime as a tactic for deflecting attention from them.”Hey! Thats not us! Thats those Satanists over THERE!!”

Christopher DeGraffenreid makes an compelling case that Wicca is not rebelling against any god, so therefore the idea of Satan becomes superfluous and therefore is un-needed. Its a good case, but one I disagree with.

Many see the Devil as a mask of the Horned God. You can pretend that Christianity has zero impact on witchcraft but it is simply not true. It’s impact is unmistakable and there is no reason that Lucifer of Aradia cannot be seen as connected or identified with Lucifer the Rebel Angel. When you are living in a country with Churches in every town, and laws being passed with nothing but the Bible as support, I would say that Christian or not – Satan is a fine form for the Horned God to take!

I fail to see how Paganism can accept people claiming to worship or work with every Goddess, God and Thoughtform of nearly every culture on earth from every time-period of human history, yet exclude the Devil and Demons.

Certainly for magically inclined Witches, who would like to evoke Vassago, and who may or may not say the lords prayer backwards as an initiation rite, the Horned God does not exclude Old Scratch.

As an aside, the movie VVitch opened to critical praise this week. Those with any interest in traditional Witchcraft or in the roots of many Grimoires would do well to crack open one of the books the writer and director referenced when making the movie The Discoverie of Witchcraft by Reginald Scott. Written in 1603 this one of THEE books that Grimoire writers refernced for spirit catalogs and information, as well as the best collection of WitchLore ever compiled. As they say: after you have seen the movie, read the book.

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Not on Tetrahydrocannabinol (though, you know, maybe…).


I have done a lot of interviews, and one of my favorite interviewers is Greg Carlwood from The Higher Side Chats.

I spent this morning listening to Gordon White on his show and now I am here telling everyone you MUST do this. Its a great prep for reading Gordons New Book Starships, which I will be jumping into tonight.

Best of all, Greg has a special deal for RuneSoup readers, so if you access the podcast via Gordons Blog you will be double blessed.

Craig Slee this morning asked when Chaos Magic devolved. Sadly, on the internet it has, but listening to and reading Gordon White is to experience the evolution of Chaos Magic, and indeed where magic itself is headed overall.

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Offering Disposal

In Strategic Sorcery we make offerings to four classes of spirits on a regular basis:
1. Divinities and Ascended Beings
2. Guardians and powerful Allies, including ancestors
3. All beings of the Environment
4. Beings that we owe a debt to or that we have offended with our actions.

One of the questions I always get asked about offerings is how do you dispose of the offerings. If the offering is water, light, and incense it’s pretty simple – liquid to ground, incense to air, and the light just stays on till its out.

But when you offer food, it gets more complicated.

Some people are tempted to eat the offerings after the ceremony, but you should nor do this. It’s about the ONLY taboo. During the offering rite you can have a section set aside for you to eat with the spirits, so that you are feasting with them. Their portion on the altar, or the portion that maybe you take outside for spirits that you don’t want in the house should be left for a time, then get disposed of. You should NOT eat what you give to the spirits.

You can:

1. Leave biodegradable offerings at a crossroads or in the woods.
2. If you live in a city and the offering is wrapped you can leave it at an intersection where perhaps a hungry person will eat it.
3. Leave it in your yard where birds or other animals will pick at it (careful of attracting critters close to the house or you will find yourself getting squirrels out of your attic)
4. Throw it out. I know a lot of people will argue against this, but  I do it all the time. I simply go to the altar and say something along the lines of: “Please take your last taste of this offering and be fulfilled. For the sake of hygene and safety I must remove the physical offering and dispose of it. May its essence bring your enjoyment and satiety even after the shell is gone.”

Will there be some spirits that don’t like this? Probably.

As I have said before I tend to interact with spirits similar to how I interact with humans. When I have a large group of friends over there are probably people that don’t like I use paper towels or throw out foil catering trays. If I can accept that some people are displease with my actions and expect them to get over it, I will certainly do the same for the spirits.

I did not become a Sorcerer to live in fear of doing something minor that pisses off the spirits. You shouldn’t either.

Be respectful, be aware of protocols and traditions, but remember whose house it is. Yours.

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Tulpa cover Dakini 02So the new X-files mentioned Tulpas again, tried to correct the nonsense they spread in the 90’s, but got it wrong again. They just err’d on the other side.

That’s a good thing though because it got Ben Joffe to write this piece on Tulpas, which is fantastic. He mentions my upcoming chapbook “Secret of the Tulpa”, so I guess I better get on that. If you want to know the approach of my chapbook, read his piece because he has the skinny on it.

Its not done yet, but I am hoping for a march release.

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Hekate Helps Take Back Your Mind

Hekate Cover 5BI took the week of the blog but have been meaning to point out THIS PIECE from Jesse Dollar.

He takes both my Sorcery of Hekate Course and the Take Back Your Mind course and is finding the cross-fertilization fruitful.

I often focus on the outward successes of Sorcery because I want to fight against the whole “Magic causes changes in consciousness” hoo-ha that polluted Magic and Witchcraft for decades. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot facilitate inner changes as well. Its just that those are harder.

In this case Hekate is bringing stuff up precisely because Jesse has developed the skills to make room for those demons and feed them appropriately using either my methods or the methods on “Feeding Your Demons”.  For those that get deeper into Chod, this line of inner and outer demons falls away. There really is no inner and outer at those levels.

** Sorcery of Hekate is currently running. Registration will open again in April***

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090ab1e9-ac4b-420e-8544-6850216bd790The Helios Global Rite is happening now, but the window is still open through the 4th if you want in on it.

Best yet, we are following this up in the Strategic Sorcery Community with a 2 week challenge – an invocation of a planetary power every other day starting next Monday. This lets us hit them in Chaldean Order and set all the seven rays upon our goal.

The Global Rite and Challenges are open to anyone in the course, so if you want a 52 lessons on Strategic Sorcery AND a community of people all working to boost each others success, COME ON IN. 


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Conventions and Money


Last month Taylor Elwood wrote an Open Letter to Pagan Convention Organizers, detailing how he is no longer going to present at conferences where it is expected that he foot the bill to come and present workshops. This post was followed by much conversation and a few other posts on the subject. Some expand his post to talk about the place of Money in Paganism, and others that take a more moderate approach.

Doing live presentations stopped being an integral part of my business a few years ago when my wife got Breast Cancer. I cancelled any and all appearances for the future and wound up making more money that year than ever before, so I didn’t really look back. Now when I appear at one of these things, its mostly because I want to go and hang out and get away for the weekend, not because its part of my career.  I really can only make time for once or twice a year at best due to other obligations anyway.

That said, my position  for myself has been similar to Taylor’s for a few years now. If you want me to talk, I am not paying for the conference and travel needs to be taken care of. Of course, I have written four books that are published widely and have been a professional for a long time now. If I was just making my name, or trying to break in, I would not hold the same position. What you can do after you accumulate your proverbial 1000 True Fans, is a lot different than what you do before that.  Individual presenters should assess where they are at in their career and build a business plan for themselves. What is good policy for me now, would not necessarily be good policy before I wrote a book. That said, while there was a time when I would not expect to be paid for my presentations, at no point would I ever pay to get into a conference or festival that I was presenting at. I think, that’s a pretty good hard limit for anyone.

We also need to be aware of how things are on the other side of the convention. Organizers take risks and massive planning to put these things on. SOMA is still trying to recover from having to cancel its Conference in October. Without there being some transparency and communication between organizers and presenters there will be nothing but lack of understanding. Organizers should have a clear idea of how many established professionals, pre-established professionals, and purely local presenters they want to have and set their rates accordingly.

I believe, and have built my career on the idea that writers, magicians, diviners, and Pagan teachers should be paid professionals; but lets not equate not getting paid at a conference to being asked to work for free. It’s a conference. In most fields conferences exist for people to meet and share ideas, and there are only a few paid key-note speakers.

So, if I don’t attend these events much, and think everyone just needs to decide for themselves whats right, why am I even making this post?

Because the financial well-being of Magical and Pagan Elders is one of the things I care a lot about. Seeing the generation of Authors that I grew up on spend their elder years in poverty is one of the reasons I wrote Financial Sorcery. While I often donate to them as a matter of policy I have stopped sharing GoFundMe campaigns because they are appearing in overwhelming frequency asking for everything from help with true emergencies, to money for festival travel, and paying for initiations.  All of these are fine (though I would argue that some ingenuity and good old capitalism might yield better fuit), but clearly the Pagan and Occult community needs to build a better relationship with money.

I think ultimately that there should be some re-thinking of the whole festival/conference scene at all links of the chain: Presenters, Organizers, Attendees.

Some suggestions:

PRESENTERS: Be firm  in what you expect when you present. If it’s local, then by all means pop in and give a talk. I do this at Crucible almost every year and wouldn’t take money even if it was offered. If its not, and you are at a level where you don’t need to get your name out there, then only appear if they pay travel expenses. Other than that, be clear about what YOU want out of it. Most of the time I only go to these things because I want to meet people and hang out, so the money is secondary to a weekend away from the kids hanging with people in the picture above. If money is your motivation, then be clear about it. That said, if your business model hinges on payments from festivals and conferences, you should probably re-think it.

ORGANIZERS: Charge enough admission so that you can make money if the festival goes well. Worried about the people that can’t afford it? Charge enough admission so that you can be generous to those that need a scholarship or a discount to get in. Have work study. Charge enough admission so that you can pay people that you think will make you money. Be frank about those who you think won’t do that for you and don’t over-extend yourself.

Also, experiment with some different formats. Crucible is interesting precisely because it holds spaces for non-professionals you would not get to hear elsewhere, and its focus on the fringes of practical magic. Perhaps a convention where you have not just a theme but ONE TOPIC that you explore in depth. I don’t mean a broad topic either like “LHP”. I mean one ritual or one ritual act. In the 90’s when a Buddhist event and a Pagan festival would happen at the same time I almost always chose the Buddhist event. Even though it would be less fun (a lot less fun) I knew I would learn something in depth that I could use.  You could have an entire convention around Trithemius’s Drawing Spirits into Crystals or the Marseilles Tarot.

Provide more value and people will pay the admission price that will ultimately make you and your presenters more money.

ATTENDEES: I don’t have much in the way of advice for you. You really are what make the whole thing run. I know that there are a lot of complaints about how you expect everything for free and don’t want to pay for teachings, but I have not found this to be true at all. It is up to the organizers and presenters to create value that you will pay for, and to provide some kind of easements for those that can’t but have honest and earnest interest. Sure there are a few haters out there that bitch that anything costs money, or don’t understand why they can’t barter their mojo bags for admission, but for the most part I think you absolutely will pay when value is demonstrated. This goes not just for festivals but for paid Pagan Clergy as well. Whenever someone tells me that they want Pagan Clergy to be paid like Christian Ministers are, I point out that if they form an organization that provides charity, comunity, REAL pastoral counseling, and care for sick and the old that getting paid positions will happen in short order.

My only advice is to let organizers know what you really are looking for and put your money where your mouth is.

The picture above is from a panel at Between The Worlds conference, which from what I could see, is an excellent example how to do a convention right for Organizers, Presenters, and Attendees alike.

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Strategic Sorcery: Does it work TOO WELL?

Helios Rite 02I got the following comment in an apprentices field report, that sums up something that many students have communicated:

Sometimes I almost wonder if I am not neglecting other parts of my magical education by having my problems solved so (relatively) easily this way. The thing is, it fucking WORKS.”

You see, when most of your magic is aimed at fixing stuff thats broken, you might not know what to do with yourself when it gets fixed. When you learn how to apply sorcery effectivly, when you learn how regular high-ROI practices can grease the wheels of probability, when you learn how spirit allies formed though offerings and communion can start solving problems while or even before they manifest, you might have to start thinking beyond fixing things.

You start to focus on the great work of realization.
You start to project sorcery out in the world to make changes for others.
You start to live the life that reflects who you are – A Sorceress and Mystic.

On February 2nd, we are having the HELIOS GLOBAL SUCCESS RITE. It is open only to members of the Strategic Sorcery Course.

Want in?

Shoot me an e-mail at

or just hit the link below.

52 Weeks of Lessons for $150

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