Horse Year Bags are ready to ship Monday

20140131_102504Just a note to tell people that the Kilaya Pujas and other blessings are complete and will ship on Monday.

There are still three of them left for sale, so if you want one click here for details and purchase. 


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Shaving for Cancer Research.

My friend Lee is Shaving his head and beard to support childhood cancer research.

The head is one thing but the beard is quite another. He has had that beard for 8 years. He loves the beard. His wife loves the beard. His child loves the beard. But he is willing to shift from looking like THIS:

to looking like this:


If he is willing to risk the respect of co-workers, the love of his wife and child, and his very manliness itself, surely you can spare a few bucks for the cause.

If so, go HERE and donate some money. He shaves it all on MARCH 14th!

On the up side, according to the Tibetan Calendar getting our hair cut that day increases your vitality, which hopefully will help with the many many people that will be mistaking him for a 12 year old boy…

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Planetary Saturation Strategy

APMRecently I prescribed a pattern of calls from Advanced Planetary Magic to two people that sorely needed the increased presence of a planet in their life. Jupiter for one of my apprentices in need of job hunting and financial recovery. Venus for a consultation caller that was looking for finding love. Both people have reported amazing results, so I thought I might share the basic strategy and a testimonial.

Every day she does the call to whatever planet rules that day at sunrise. She follows it with the call to Jupiter of whatever day it is at the hour of Venus. For example on Mondays she wakes and does the call of Luna of Luna. At the hour of Jupiter that day she does the call of Jupiter of Luna.

This way she is getting a shot of Jupiter through the prism of every day of the week.

On Thursday she can either stick to doing just the one Jupiter call making Jupiter day a sort of pure channel, OR do every call for that day, making it a microcosm of the weeks work.

I asked for a report that I could post on the blog from my apprentice:

“Working with Jupiter to find work via this method has been phenomenal! Only a few months ago, I was being turned down for work everywhere I looked– even McDonald’s wouldn’t hire me. Fast forward to now, and I’m on the verge of landing a well paid nursing job that will give me experience in the field of psychology that I’m looking to make my life’s work. I’ve noticed the results with this method daily: timing would work in my favor on the Day of Luna, so that important job information would come my way, purely by my being at the right place, at the right time. The laws of attraction would work in my favor on the Day of Venus, so that I’d meet people who took a strong and instant liking to me, subsequently assisting me by recommending work and saying I should use them as business references. I could go on with the ways in which the planets have blessed me, each in their own ways, but the point is the method works! And now, in only a few months, I’ve gone from being scared about my future, to being genuinely excited about what it’s going to bring!

I honestly can’t recommend this system enough. Try it, and I think you’ll see the same results working for you, for whatever results you’re looking to achieve!”
If you have no idea what these calls I am talking about are, you should pick up a copy of Advanced Planetary Magic.


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Motivations Matter

Many years ago when I first started studying Tibetan Buddhism and was looking for recommendations for cool, magic oriented, Lamas  I had the good fortune to sit privately and get some advice from Glenn Mullin. He gave it some thought and said “well you could go with a Nyingma Lama but unless they knew you they would make you do that rediculous Ngondro…”.  Ngondro just means going forth, but when most people use it they are referring to a series of practices that begins with making 100,000 prostrations. Many Lamas treat this as a pre-req for teachings, and I was curious about this statement so I stopped him right there and asked him what he meant, and I can’t remember his exact wording so I won’t quote it, but it was something like this:

Ngondro was basically developed to keep monks busy. You get a bunch of little reprobate kids from bandit tribes that become monks at an early age and if you don’t give them something to do all day they start stabbing each other. Telling a 12 year old monk to do 100,000 prostrations is one thing, telling an overweight 30 year old American to do that is something else entirely.

This taught me an important lesson not only about Buddhism but religion and ritual in general - always keep motivation in mind.

As Magicians we are very often looking to the past as well as to foreign lands for resources. In the 80′s and 90′s the tendency was for magicians to reject anything that took to long, seemed overly religious, or that they simply did not like. Since the new millennium the tendency has been exactly the opposite: accept anything and everything that a text or tradition dictates as if it was holy writ. Of course I am exaggerating a bit but we should be on guard against either one of these extremes.

When adopting or adapting rituals and exercises into my life I try to keep in mind the motivations of the people who established them. I ask questions:

Was this designed by a career magician? Instructions to repeat a mantra for six full days, or require lots of expensive equipment, might be presented that way because it is necessary for the result or it might be because it is something that someone can justify charging a client for.

Are there politics involved? For instance you would have to be blind to think that the fact Tibet was a Theocracy has nothing to do with the overwhelming emphasis on Guru Yoga. 

Was this designed to fill time? As mentioned above, Monks, Nuns, and even Lodge members have to have something to do to fill time.

Was this cut to short to save time? Just as a ritual might run long to keep young monks busy, some rituals I have seen are cut much too short in order to fit into busy schedules.

Was this meant to be hidden? Some rituals involve hidden images, ordinary items, or other methods that would be useful from hiding the practice from the prying eyes. A concern that would have been dire in other times and places, but less so here and now. A debate in many ATR’s right now is whether or not Catholic Saint representations of Orishas and Loa should be abandoned because there is now the ability to worship openly. Sex Magic rites that would have been scandalous 100 years ago now seem tame when compared to what you can find on the net.

There are too many questions to list them all here, but the next time you are examining a grimoire, papryri, or other text think about the people that wrote it, the culture that they came from, the job they had, and what exactly they were trying to accomplish.

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Work on HOW more than on WHAT.

If you are on Facebook you have probably seen a lot of images like this:

Or Maybe this one:

These are nice sentiments. Some of them might even be good ideas, but an idea un-executed is just an idea. And no, posting it on Facebook is not execution, although some people seem to think it is.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to speak to a few very idealistic college age people I was talking to who had idea like this, and I said: “OK, lets say that this is a good idea. How do you get it done?”

One of them said, and I quote: “People just need to wake up and DO IT. They just NEED TO!!!!”.

The other one said: “I feel like I am a person who is here to think of the ideas. Its up to other people to implement them.

It would be GREAT to put all the homeless people into foreclosed homes – of course then those homes would not be foreclosed on in the first place. But that aside, how do you compensate people or banks who own the houses and want them to sell? How do you convince them to let sometimes sketchy, often mentally ill people live in them? I am not saying you can’t – I’m saying you need to think about HOW.

It would be great to spend less on military and more on food for hungry people. How do you get it through a Republican House that mistakes Ayn Rand for Jesus and views those Hungry children as people who should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps? I am not saying you can’t. I am saying you need to think about HOW.

A few weeks ago I was evicting some squirrels from my attic. I asked the person that worked at Home Depot whether the Have-a-heart were more or less effective than old fashioned Rat Traps. They replied that the Have-a-heart traps would not kill the squirrels, which did not answer the question. I asked again and they repeated the same answer – apparently not grasping that the welfare of the squirrels was pretty low on list of things to give a shit about (yeah, I’m a bad Buddhist).  Another employee came over and pointed out that rat-traps might disable the little bastards squirrels, and they could crawl under insulation or into a wall to die a long and smelly death. BOOM – you just sold a $30 trap that saves a life rather than a $2 trap that kills. One person just thought about their idea and what they thought was right. The other person thought about HOW to get me to buy the thing they wanted.

Whether it is planning Strategic Sorcery operations, selling products, or trying to make the world a little bit better, its 5%what and 95% how.



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Guru Rinpoche Day


Today is Guru Rinpoche Day.


orgyen rinpoché la solwa dep
To Orgyen Rinpoche we pray,

gal kyen barché mé jung shing
Grant us—without impediment or obstacles arising—

tun kyen sampa druppar tang
Favourable circumstances, the fulfilment of our aspirations,

chok dang tunmong ngödrup tsol
And attainments, ordinary and supreme.


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Cycle 16 of Strategic Sorcery Starts Sunday.

Last announcement for the weekend: Cycle 16 starts on Sundaty Feb 2nd. If you want in send an e-mail to for an info packet.

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Year of the Horse Luck Bags

The picture above is me holding my Chinese New Year Emperor bag from last year. It was a good year and I am doing another one for myself. I purchase the bag from a Chinese Sorcerer who does the Tai Sui blessings on it, and then I do a Vajrakilaya Puja to bless the Kilaya packet that comes in it.

I will be doing one for myself over the next week, and if you want me to do one for you I can add it to mine, but I need to know asap. Cost is $75.

It comes with talismans for General Zhang Ci – the General that Tai Sui places over 2014, a Crystal Hulu for physical health, a Sar Qi for removing evil, 5 Emperor coins to bring prosperity, some blessed rice, and of course the Kilaya Packet that I will be specifically working.


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Judging Success: Magic and Money

A few days ago Stephanie Connolly Reisner posted a great piece on material success and its relationship to magic. This was followed up by some musings from Harold Roth in the Alchemists Garden. Since my first two posts this week were about money magic I thought I might chime in on this topic as well, and just make this a Money Magic Week on the blog…

Obviously as the guy that wrote Financial Sorcery I have been asked more than a few times if my magic has made me rich. On one radio show I did, the interviewer basically laced into me from the start and just asked if I can do Financial Magic why am I not rich, without even checking to see if I was or wasn’t.

Like Stephanie though I am not dripping in wealth. I own a Prius, not a Model S. Like her I have a good life. I work doing something I love as a writer and a Sorcerer. I have enough to own my home, go on vacations, afford the kids and a reasonably good existence without going into debt beyond mortgage and car payments.  A lot of people would be satisfied at this, but I am not. Not being in debt is not the same as being secure.

Secure to me means: having a years living expenses in a savings account, having retirement taken care of with passive income streams that will last for possibly 35+ years of old age, having 529′s set up for the kids college and life-cycle funds set up for their adult years and retirement. Like a lot of you I am still working on some of this, so no I am not wealthy even by my own definition, but for someone that left college to study magic and who spent their 20′s and most of their 30′s as a slacker convinced that money was somehow not compatible with the spiritual life – magic has done an amazing job of helping me turning my fiscal life around, so I call it success. That I am now in a position to help other people do the same makes me even more-so.

Harold in his piece notes that a wonder filled and satisfying life makes money trivial. I respectfully disagree. Unless you are the child of someone that gave you a big ass trust fund, money is NEVER trial. One big reason for my taking money onto my magical path is that I have been blessed to know a lot of spiritual teachers who led amazing lives and did fantastic magic but had a very tough time in their later years and were at times a little bitter and regretful about it. It is not a matter of them not being excellent magicians, just a matter of not really wanting to put much energy into that sphere until it was too late OR a matter of viewing financial concerns as somehow antithetical to a magical life.

When you are young and able to couch surf and eat whatever, the life seems awesome. When these folks got a little older and were elders in the community but still in their 30′s and 40′s and 50′s money again seemed not to be a big deal because people would rally around them, or they could travel and teach or whatever. When they got into their 70′s and 80′s however it becomes more difficult.

But should a life of magic be judged by financial success: No. Emphatically No. A life of magic is not a failure because of a lack of financial success or even security – it does however indicate something that maybe could have been handled better.

A lot of people judge Crowley because he ended his life in a boarding house. Anyone that thinks Crowley was not a good magician because he wound up living in a boarding house is judging an entire life by just a few years at the end – which is silly. They are also ignoring the MASSIVE impact that he had on all magic that came later, as well as the overall culture of our times. Whether you like him or not this impact really cannot be denied. Also, an English Boarding House is not exactly ending your life poorly. Its a rather good end to a long life, and he was not as destitute as many make him out to have been. He was impacting people like Arnold Crowther, Gerald Gardner, and Kenneth Grant right up through his last days – we should all be so lucky. That said, I would wager he was not quite satisfied with the way his life turned out. Certainly it would have been good if someone could have managed a more fitting final resting place for him than a tree at a dairy farm in New Jersey ( its a long story). 

Money is not the main point of magic. If all you want is money, you should become a Hedge Fund Manager, not a Magus. That said, monetary success is one aspect to take into account when judging success, but it is only one. It should not be over-valued nor ignored. There are a lot of miserable rich people who’s time is dominated by making money doing something they hate, certainly happiness and sovereignty are more important indicators of success than numbers in a bank account. There are also a lot of relatively happy people who get by paycheck to paycheck, but that does not mean that money would make them less happy.

The myth of the happy poor person is a narrative invented to keep people subservient and working. It was an OK thing to buy into 40 years ago when a factory worker could make a comfortable and secure life for himself. It is a suicidal thing to tell yourself now.

In short, I judge peoples success more by their character, happiness, and sovereignty than I do by the amount of money they have. I keep in though that money plays a role in all three of those things.

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How to be Worthy…

In my last the comments of my last post Christopher Kenworthy pointed out something that I was not aware of: that people on the NAP (New Avatar Power) Forums* have found that the Elubatel ritual for success has turned some peoples lives completely upside down, and that Elubatel often gives people a message that they are unworthy.

I haven’t checked out these forums and have no knowledge of the specific instances that other people have been told this, but I have been told this myself by a different angel a few years back. I questioned him further and the issue really was not about any kind of moral worth but was instead a matter of arranging my life to be able to handle the gift I was asking for. This is one reason that I am always stressing the mundane work that must be done alongside of the magical work.

In my case, I was asking for a large increase in wealth but my life was not set up to accommodate its manifestation in any reasonable way: I worked one job with set hours, fixed salary, and no where in the company to get promoted to. There was no other reasonable means for money to come in. This is the type of situation that is a recipe for disaster: with no smooth channel for magic to manifest through it will either fizzle or, if pursued with enough vigor, cause the money to come in through insurance payments on a wrecked car, disability payments for you lost limb, or perhaps the cliche inheritance from wealthy relative that just happened to die.

If you want to be ‘worthy’ of success, you have to make room for it. You have to have a life that is scalable to the effect you wish to achieve. Gordon wrote about this a few years ago,:

“If you want to be a millionaire then you should not be working in a business that cannot scale.
For example: There is a natural cap to the amount of money a baker can make… It’s the amount he can produce in an hour times the amount of hours he can physically work times the maximum amount people are willing to pay for bread before they say ‘fuck this, I’ll buy it at the supermarket.’
A professional property investor, on the other hand, has a business that she can scale. Successful magic requires scalability.”- Gordon White

This scalability is in itself a kind of worthiness. You are showing that you have a life that can accommodate the blessing you are asking for.

Now, perhaps some powers do make moral judgement about people and whether they will work for them or not. If they sense the type of Greed that not only desires for you to have more, but for others to have less, perhaps that is a turn off to some powers – but you can always contact other powers. Just like people, you can always find someone willing to do it.

I have found that some powers reward good works and charitable giving. Indeed the very “spirit” of money itself seems to resonate with this practice and a key piece of advice from financial guru’s, even those with no real spiritual component to their philosophy, is that the world seems to reward charitable giving with even more wealth. This is not however usually a pre-requisite for magical assistance.

Magic is not Alimony, and magic is also not Santa Clause. We all figure out pretty fast that Santa gives the rich kids better toys than the poor kids right? Well just because someone’s “norm” is making 300k a year does not make them more morally worthy than someone making 30k. Yet, in each case that may be the level that feels “normal”. Anything less than that feels like something is wrong, and anything more than that may feel greedy – but it shouldn’t.

Make yourself worthy by making your life strategically scalable. Then enchant the hell out of it!

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