Global Juno Rite and Strategic Sorcery Cycle begin tomorrow.

Strat Sor envelope orangeEveryone has been logged in and the rite has gone out, but there is still time to join in.

Anyone who signs up for the course between now and noon Saturday will have time to participate in the Juno Prosperity Rite.

For the info on the Juno Prosperity Rite, click here

For info on the Strategic Sorcery Course click here

Or if you itching to get started on 52 lessons on practical magic and the opportunity to participate in rites like this with hundreds of Sorcerers and Sorceresses across the globe just click the button below to sign right up!


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I have gotten a lot of questions regarding the Juno Global Prosperity Rite this weekend.

She is not a goddess you see invoked a lot and while it makes total sense to some people to do this, others have been puzzled and even frightened at the prospect.

We have done several prosperity rites focusing on Jupiter and if you have read Financial Sorcery you know that old Jove holds a special place in my spiritual court. He does represent a sort of very male perspective on prosperity though , one that I thought should be balanced by his wife/sister – Queen of the Gods – Juno.


First and foremost we are calling upon Juno because she is a Queen and the patron Goddess of the Roman Empire. Keeping the theme that what we are working for is rulership over our own lives as well as peaceful and prosperous relations within the society we live within she is perfect.

Juno is also not simply the wife of Jupiter, she is his sister as well. If we were talking about humans this would be a big no-no, but in terms of the Gods this shows Juno is equal to Jupiter. She is not dependent upon his wealth or power. Strong independent women are awesome.


I see too many pagan rites focused on either young maiden figures or ancient crones. Juno is interesting in that she represents Maturity – there is no mistaking that Juno is a WOMAN not a girl – yet she also rules over vital force and youthfulness. The need to carry youthful inquisitiveness, inventiveness, and ingenuity into maturity is definately needed in this fast changing economy. In a world where workers  over-50 are the “new unemployables” this power to maintain ones ability to change with the world in a youthful way is more important than ever.


Juno Sospita is a savior and warrior. See that spear in her hand? She means business.

As real capitalism gets perverted into centrism, causing suffering to countless citizens, Juno’s motherly instinct to protect her children can serve you well.

Those that have been finding themselves having hard times, without even the basic structure for Jupiter to work on expanding, may just find a strong ally in Juno.


Juno is the goddess of marriage, which may not seem relevant to prosperity rites until you consider that the number one cause of marital problems is money and the lack thereof.


One of the epithets of Juno is MONETA from which we get the word Money. Roman coins were minted in her temple. She is not only a protectress of people but of funds.

Juno’s oracles frequently issued warnings about fiscal instability. If you are currently unstable in your finances, protecting investments from loss, or concerned about the economic upheavals we are all experiencing there is no better power to call upon.

Can I get an Ave Juno?


Apart from the reasoning above, I wanted to answer a few specific questions that came from more than one person.

BUT WHY MAY DAY? Because signs and omens indicated it would be beneficial. Strategic Sorcery is not a Pagan religious cult, we often take advantage of the immense power of cross-quarter days to kick off cycles and hold global rites, but I am not obligated to follow any kind of particular cycle. The powers of Spring and Growth are certainly within Juno’s domain and vital to the growth of prosperity and power as much as anything else.

SHOULD MEN BE SCARED TO WORK WITH JUNO? Were women scared to work with Jupiter? No. Why would you be scared to work with Juno? Juno is very-much pro-woman, but that does not make her anti-man. If you beat your wife or are working to limit the freedom of women then yes, I think you should avoid working with Juno. If not, you are cool. She will even help you loosen your wife’s girdle….

BUT ISN’T SHE JEALOUS AND VINDICTIVE? You are confusing her with Hera from Greece. They are not the same. Juno and Jove played tricks on each other all the time, but in general they were playful than vengeful. Also, Jupiter is not Zeus. If you were married to Zeus you would probably be jealous and vindictive too.

I hope this sheds some light on Juno and why we are doing a Global Juno Prosperity Rite.

If you are not a student of the Strategic Sorcery Course and would like to take part in this rite, you need to sign up by midnight on Friday so you can join with hundreds of people all over the world performing this rite.




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STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE – 5 Days left till the beginning of the new Cycle!

Chess teamThe next Cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Course begins on May 1st, but the window for the associated Global Juno Prosperity Rite will be open until Sunday, so really you have all weekend to get it together, sign up, and participate if you want.

I will write more about the Global Juno Ritual soon, but for now I wanted to share some clips from some field reports that show the breadth of what can be accomplished with the course….


“I just received lesson 52 and wanted to thank you for this course. Over the last year I used the material to improve my finances and fulfill my dream of finally astral projecting. The real blessing though has been the meditation and contemplation practice. You are not kidding when you say it is the key to everything. With a clearer mind I was able to lose weight, lower my blood pressure, and increase my overall happiness. Honestly I can say now that I feel like there is nothing I cannot handle. I cannot wait to see what the Strategic Self Course brings…


” I prayed the Novena spell on the morning of Day 5. About an hour later, I received an email offering 32 hours per week–exactly what my husband had suggested–along with the flexible hours he’d previously promised. I submitted my security paperwork and application today, and am looking for the offer by the end of the week. Day 6 of the Working: I just received an email with my compensation offer. Six figures, as promised


“At the meeting I announced that my financial troubles forced me to get a
second job, and that I wouldn’t  be available for only God knows how long to
provide my usual services (which they hadn’t purchased for a while). They
seemed disappointed.

The meeting was last tuesday. On wednesday they called me asking for a second
meeting, which took place yesterday. They gave me the money I needed as a GIFT.

They gave the money because, they said, they need me to be free and available
when they need my services. The sum they gave me nicely covers all the debts and leaves me with more or less 2500 USD in my pocket.

What can I say? I am flabbergasted myself… but this shit really works! I am happy, and I’m planning a rather gorgeous Spirits Feast, this evening or tomorrow.”


“My goal would be to get a visa here in COUNTRY X. I have been living my partner for 5 years, but as I am in an homosexual relationship, I don´t have any rights in this country, so couldn´t find a job, etc. I am waiting for my papers to come via mail, but they are very late. After that, we will try a civil union, and then,try to get a visa. I don´t know if it is possible to enchant our way into the state´s bureaucracies :-)’

First I tried the Justice spell from The Sorcerers Secrets, no results. I also tried St Expedite and it was clear he wasn´t doing his job. Then I tried Patotriel from the SS grimoire combined with Ganesha.

Suddenly, after two years, it all got solved in less than a week, no huss no fuss, nobody asked none of the numerous documents that have been asked over and over… nothing. I got my visa this December 30th and I give many thanks to Patotriel and Ganesha. I will also begin a new job (lousy payment but what to do) this Tuesday.


“I tend to stick very close to the Pre-Golden Dawn Solomonic tradition, and am skeptical of almost all new techniques of magic. When I saw that Frater Ashen, who I hold in high regard, recommended your work I decided to try it out and see if it could help me with my Heptameron experiments. After taking your course and receiving a consultation from you I have to admit that energetic techniques that I originally dismissed have greatly improved my ability to communicate with spirits. Your advice to make offerings to a wide array of beings has likewise greased the wheels of success. I am still working on getting a regular meditation practice down. Thank you.”


If you want some more info on the course write me at for an info packet and the answers to any questions you might have.

If you want to jump right in, click the paypal link below and you will be signed in this week:

Strategic Sorcery Course: $150


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The Nepal Earthquake

If you have been following this blog at all you know that I spent some time in Nepal and that I hold it quite dear to my heart. There was of course a terrible earthquake there this weekend. Most people I know are safe, and there are still some that I am waiting to hear word about.

There are a lot of thoughts swimming through my head this weekend, so I will throw them down here.


First and foremost, if you want to know where to donate money that will do the most good two organizations that i am familiar with are

Karuna Shechen
which is already well-established in Nepal through its clinic.

Rokpa, who I did some volunteer work for when I was living there.

You can find a list of other aid organizations, both local and global, HERE 


The death toll is now above 3000 and there are thousands more injured and without shelter. Apart from the human tragedy there is also the loss of world heritage sites and damage to temples that have stood for hundreds to thousands of years.

I, and many of my Vajra Brothers and Sisters have spent hours practicing and hanging out on the great Stupa at Boudhantah, and when I heard about the quake among my  first thoughts were of that site. I felt a little guilty even to think of the welfare of thing when so many people were suffering. Certainly one of the criticisms of religion is that it spends money on temples and statues rather than simply alleviating the suffering of the poor and needy.

On the one hand people are certainly much more important than things. On the other hand temples and monuments like this serve to inspire people for generations beyond any ones lifespan and their endurance is important. The Stupa, and other sites in Nepal serve to connect and reconnect, offer common ground, and a real coalescing of the sacred and powerful.


I received an e-mail from an apprentice today that asked the following:

What is the spiritual explanation for this?  I mean, some of the most powerful spirits in the world have been fed, venerated and prayed to for centuries if not millennia in Nepal. Why would they let something like this happen, less than 100 years from the last devastating earthquake in that area? Is this a reaction to some grave offense? Temples and such have been completely destroyed. Is it a manifestation of some act of spiritual warfare in a conflict I am not aware of? Did the spirits of the land LET this happen for some unfathomable reason, were they UNABLE to prevent it, or did they actually CAUSE it? Are they indifferent to the people that build their temples and pray to them?
Another explanation – somewhat more comforting – would be they did what they could, in a continent that is geologically very vulnerable to such events. Maybe the earthquakes are a price to pay for the inherent power of the land?

I don’t think anyone can really answer this simply. It is a complex question with an even more complex answer. But if you really want to boil it down, its this: shit happens.

Magic and spirits do not prevent everything bad, they can help when things go bad, but shit happens.

When we do what we do to the earth and climate, shit happens even more.

Nepal has a LONG history of pissed off spirits causing drought, disease, and earthquakes and while there are many temples and offerings going on at any given moment there are also environmental atrocities that spirits certainly do not like. Mamo’s, Nagas, Yakshas, Rakshases, etc are not all sweetness and light. Some accept the offerings, others do not. It’s complicated and shit does happen.

That said I try not to throw blame around on spirits, or religions, or practices. I once visited a monastery with male and female outhouses marked SAM and SARA. It is a reminder that in SAMSARA shit happens…


First and foremost people should do the practices that they are familiar with in order to help Nepal. If you do Vajrakilaya practice – use it to help overcome obstacles. If you do Dzambhala Practice, use it to help money flow where it is needed.

Me, I felt a strong pull towards Padmasambhava practice and have for over a week now as well as Vajrakilaya. Kilaya I feel will be very helpful because of its connection to the Asura Cave in Pharping, a site I spent quite a lot of time at doing Phurba practice.

Those familiar with the 7 line prayer to Padmsambhava can add these lines from the Sampa Lhundrub which are said to help avert earthquakes and to alleviate suffering.


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When Spirits become Apps.

Last night I gave the second of my Arcane Audio Webinars, this one was on Advanced Financial Sorcery. During the Q and A I described a period of my life when, because of my lack of degree, my moving further from the cities, and the general decline of the economy, my day jobs were spiraling into positions that paid less and less for doing work that I felt no excitement for. I described how to re-shuffle the cards you are dealt and the need to keep your head up so you can find a new way of looking at the situation. One of the students, facing a similar situation now, asked “Which god do you go to for that?”

This is a question that I get asked a LOT. “What God do I pray to for that?”

The Gods and Spirits have become like apps on your smartphone.

Want to feel clearer? There’s a God for that….

The funny thing is that very often these folks have gone to dozens of dieties and spirits already. Bune, Jupiter, Tzadkiel, Odin, Dzambhala, Habondia…. They keep asking different spirits to support the same thing and when they don’t get it they move on. Because if they just hit up the right one they are sure that it is all going to work out.

There are three pieces of advice that I want to share about this:

1. The problem is most often not who you are asking for help; it’s what you are asking for. If your business model sucks ass the gods are not going to suddenly make everyone love your product. If you have a crappy resume, the gods are not going to land you a job at Ernst and Young. If you look like an unmade bed and smell like you bathe in Axe body spray and Yak Sweat the Spirits are not going to get you laid consistently. This is why I am always stressing magic being linked to new and more skillful actions.

2. Your own mind is part of the problem. Stop always looking outside for your solution and look in the mirror instead. Stop asking the spirits to lift you up – lift yourself up. Stop asking the gods for clarity, start working on your own mind. There is nothing that you know that is not filtered through your own mind. This is why I am always stressing meditation and mind training. I will be doing even moreso in the future as I prepare for my next big book.

3. Finding the right spirit is not as important as deepening the relationships you have already. I am not saying that you should limit yourself, or not know many spirits, but people get really caught up the these tables of correspondence. If you have a deep relationship with Aphrodite, maybe you would do better asking her to drive customers your way instead of turning to Helios or Zeus.

These three pieces of advice really represent the three things that Strategic Sorcery attempts to combine:

1. Mind Training
2. Skillful Living
3. Sorcery

I tend to view these as overlapping circles, with Strategic Sorcery being squarely in the center of the three. But in a way there is also an order of importance here, and I list them above in that order.

If you have a clear compassionate and strong mind, you WILL be happy no matter what because your joy is based on something beyond outer circumstance. The other two are nothing without a clear mind.

If you have a clear, and strong mind, that is firmly anchored in its primordial nature you can shape your life through skillful living to reflect this. Your actions will be like the rays of the sun carrying the warmth of your Gnosis into the world. As far as I am concerned while Sorcery works without this, it does not amount to much.

Sorcery, that has a clear mind and skillful life to work within is like catalyst added to a chemical reaction. It can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, its effect rippling upwards and outwards into the Mind and Life.

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Advanced Tax Magic.

In my last post I talked a bit about how to factor Tax into your Magical Wealth building strategy. I also hinted at advanced work that could be done using geo-arbitrage and international diversification, but did not go deeper into it. I’m still not going to cover it because it is something increasingly difficult for Americans to do, and something that you will need to be hyper-vigilant about monitoring both in terms of foreign accounts and the ever shifting laws.

One thing I should have covered but didn’t was a about Taxes and Savings. If you are in the Strategic Sorcery course you know that financial security is about more than having enough to pay your bills. It is about having money for emergencies, money to help those in need, and money for when you cannot or simply don’t want to work anymore. One of the biggest benefits that Sorcerers should be taking advantage of are Roth IRA’s and Roth 401k’s.

Senator William Roth’s lasting legacy to America is a way to pay the taxes on savings today rather than when they are withdrawn. Basically when you put money into an IRA or a 401k you get a tax break and pay no taxes when you put into it, instead you pay taxes on the money you withdraw in the future.

Now many of you might be thinking “Why would I want to pay taxes now instead of later?”

A few reasons:

1. You are hopefully making less now than you will be in the future, and are thus in a lower tax bracket. So you pay less taxes.

2. Taxes are at an all time low and are not likely to drop further, but will go up.

3. The whole point of having an IRA or 401k is to take advantage of compound interest. With a Roth you do not pay taxes when you withdraw the pricipal or the earnings. If you start a Roth IRA when you are young this can be a HUGE savings.

4. Roths are more flexible if there is an emergency and you need to withdraw some of the money.

Unfortunately  there are limits on how much you can sock into a Roth IRA (about 5k) and you can only do that if your income is less than $123k a year. There is no limit on the Roth 401k though, and there is a way to “backdoor contribute” by starting a traditional IRA and converting it into a Roth IRA – but there again it gets complicated and you need vigilance.

Now Strategic Sorcery is all about the combining the three pillars of Sorcery, Mind Training, and Skillful Action to create a better life – which is why I cover things like this on the blog. So how would magic factor into this? Assuming that you have already used magic to kill your debt*, make enough money to live on and save with, here are some ways that magic can be applied to your savings:

  • Fiscal Discipline: Glyphs and Sasafrass spells sometimes help to keep us on-track and not spend that money now. This is especially true for people in their 20’s who often feel like they don’t have enough money to begin with and that retirement age is VERY distant. It’s not that distant, and if you want to take advantage of compounding now is the time.
  • Standard Accumulation Magic: You should have magic aimed at consistent and steady success of whatever funds your IRA and 401k are invested in. I like Dzambhala for this, but some people like to use Mercury (cuz that money is moving all the time) or even a fertility Goddess like Abundantia (because you are in a real sense growing something from the seed money you put in.)
  • Information Magic: Magic designed to help you find the best accounts with the lowest possible fees. Or if you are an active trader information on where to have your money when. Here is a nice little breakdown from nerdwallet.

The point is this: Stop chasing down the trendy wealth spirit of the month in hopes that THIS is the guy that will bring the riches. Start using the spirits that you already have a relationship with and pointhing them at stuff like this, rather than just feeding them and doing “ummmm, I wanna be rich….”








*because other than a house or Student loans, interest on debt almost always outpaces interest on savings,

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Tax Magic

My advice for those who die
Declare the pennies on your eyes
Cuz I’m the Taxman. 
– The Beatles.

Two days ago was Tax Day here in America, if you get a paycheck from an employer this is probably a good time of year for you because you are planning to spend your rebate check. If you work for yourself then you might find that Conservative Politics suddenly make a lot more sense to you.

Of course it was no coincidence that I released the Black Financial Hands on that date. This has caused a couple people to reach out to me about magical strategies for dealing with Taxes.

Here then are a few nuggets of advice for Tax Magic.

1. USE MAGIC TO PUT OFF IF YOU HAVE TO, BUT NOT TO AVOID IT PERMENANTLY: I have met some people that have done “Law Keep Away” magic for avoiding taxes. My experience with this kind of magic in general is that it works for a while, but is never a permanent solution. If you are currently  running your own business or in any other situation where you have been avoiding taxes, you should only be using magic to put off the Tax Man long enough to get your house in order.

2. IF YOU ARE OFF-BOOK, USE MAGIC TO GET ON-BOOK ASAP: Working off the books can be wonderful, but if you are getting paid under the table this will effect your ability to report your income when you want to refinance your house, get a credit card, or collect a decent amount of Social Security. Your magic should be focused on earning enough money that you can pay your taxes without much hassle, not on avoiding them.

3. IF YOU WORK FOR SOMEONE, AIM FOR A REFUND NOT OWING MONEY: This is how most people handle their taxes – they claim themselves  on their W4 and usually get nice rebate at the end of the year. There are however some advisers out there who encourage people to pay as little as possible through the year even if they end up owing at the end of the year.  The logic is that if you are getting a refund, the government has been earning interest on money you over-paid, money that you could have been earning interest on if it was in your savings account. True enough, but lets say that you were getting a refund of 1000 – how much interest do you think you would earn as it built up over the year? 50-100 a month  tops? Is it worth risking a big sum at the end of the year that you do not have enough for? Is it worth the hassel of estimating and keeping track? No. Every person I met that did this got screwed. It sounds really clever, but the payoff is small and the hassle is huge.

4. IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN DEEP SHIT: FACE IT HEAD ON: The very worst thing you can do is not open the letters from the IRS and State. Open the letters, call an accountant, and set up a strategy. Hardship Suspension, Installment payment arrangements, or if you are really in deep an Offer in Compromise can be set up with not much hassle. Use magic to increase the amount of money you make rather than try to diminish the amount you owe or avoid the issue.

5. AVOID THE TAX-RELIEF PEOPLE ON THE RADIO: You have probably heard the commercials where if you owe more than 10k in taxes, a company can settle your debt for pennies on the dollar. It is mostly BS. They cannot do anything that your you and your accountant cannot do. They misrepresent outcomes, use pressure tactics to get themselves a down payments, then disappear or get shut down.

That’s it. I know some of you are disappointed that I am not suggesting some revolutionary strategy where you operate as System-D and avoid the man, or go Five Flags and become a citizen in St Kitts or some other tax-haven.

System D is necessary if you are a criminal but this post is not for you. It is true that many businesses operate off the books at the beginning until they get off the ground. VanHousen clothes and Sears are two examples I gave in Financial Sorcery. But if the business grows, at some point you have to get on the up-and-up. Once you make 20k through Paypal they file a 1099 for you. This catches a LOT of people off guard, so be prepared.

As for Five Flags and stuff like that, I will say that first you have to be making enough money for it to even be worth worrying about. If you are under the $250k a year mark, international diversification should probably not be your main concern. If you are at that point you can start with Sovereign Man and work it out for yourself from there.

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A couple weeks ago I had a dream involving a black Gator, and I thought “maybe I should make more of the Gator Hand Mojo Bags…. nah they are a pain in the ass to make. Powerful though…”

Then last weekend I took the kids to the zoo and got stared down by a Gator. He was looking away from the window, but when I walked up he turned around and stared at me as if to say “Motherfucker, I told you to do something…

Then last Sunday I got a request to list all the items and services I had that would be good for businesses. I provided it, but he wrote back and said “well those are good, but I was really attracted by the post about the Black Series of Gator Hands….”

The Omens were  pretty clear.

So after placing a few orders I have a pile of Gator Claws, Black Bags, and assorted herbs and items ready to be made into one of the most requested items I have ever made.

These bags are  special conjure bags that are in the grip of gator claws. I offered them two years ago and they have helped a lot of people draw money, obtain employment, get promoted, start businesses, and claw their way out of trouble. In fact they are the perfect conjure hand for the fiscal apocalypse or to deploy in those times of emergency and strife. I have made green and red ones for long term, and fast action work many times before, but these Black Hands can only be made when certain omens appear.

These are not evil, but they are wrathful. They will work for you no matter what. They will kick ass and take names, and not let anyone or anything stand in the way of your success.

I only have 35 left for sale, so if you want one please let me know as soon as you can.


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Enchanting your way to Malta

I received a wonderful field report this weekend that I just have to share. This is from a student who was living in Italy with a parent, and wanted to not only move out, but move to Malta.

Following the Strategic Sorcery pattern of Macro-Enchantment followed by Micro-Enchantments aimed at enhancing every mundane step of a process he was able to do just that.  His work also shows a great grasp of the interplay between Big Spirits like Gods and local spirits that can effect fast and powerful change within the land they are tied to. Here is is report:

GOAL: successfully relocating to Malta despite low(ish) funds and stagnating traffic/sales from the then only source of income.


Asking to expedite and support the relocation to Hekate and Helios in the global new year’s rite. Asking for help and protection in this during my two daily general offerings to the four classes of guest.


- repeatedly giving energy offerings to the local spirits while I was in Malta in December, promising that they would share and participate to my prosperity magic if they helped me settle here

- Ganesha Sadhana, 1000 mantras with a maltese stone in my hand as a link and lots of different material offerings, just before leaving for Malta last Sunday. I used the mantra circulating tech you teach in the Strategic Self Course, adapting it to the situation. I saw the mantras stream into every crevice of the area I wanted to live in and seeking out my best opportunities, clearing the obstacles.


Since I started thinking about relocating, rents have skyrocketed in Malta. Whereas real estate agents were chasing the potential lettees only a year ago, the situation has abruptly reversed now as making a decent living in Italy is apparently nearing the level of impossibility. The shores of Malta are swarmed DAILY by Italian “refugees”.

So contrary to what I initially hoped, finding a satisfying home looked very difficult indeed. The market is RIDICULOUSLY competitive: as soon as an apartment comes on the market, it is rented, with lots of people left out. Plus, if you do find a place, it’s going to cost you about 150% of what it would have cost a year ago (yeah, I had based my calculations on that..).

In the words of my agent, what we have here is a “see it, like it, grab it” situation.

I had four days, and of the three agents I had contacted, only one had really answered me. I left my current home bitterly asking myself why on earth I always manage to hit the worst possible time in such things.

What happened really pumped my faith in my allies and magical abilities.


I met the agent the day after I landed here. She showed me a flat that had come on the market not earlier than the day before. I was the first and only one to see it. It had everything I needed, and the cost  was inexplicably low for that area, 520 euros instead of the usual 650 +. I saw two more that were both more expensive and a lot less appealing. I payed the deposit the day after that, and I sign the contract today. 

Of course the apartment has flaws. And it is clearly a transitional solution. Still, given the context, the probability to get such an opportunity essentially handed on a silver platter must have been about one in a thousand, probably less.

What impressed me even more was that every single person involved, from the agent, to the owner, to the internet guys, was extremely forthcoming, helpful and efficient, getting out of their way to assist me. They actually gave me the keys before I signed so that I could have the internet installed and have it ready when I come back. 

That’s not all.

While I was staying at my friend’s house, he told me that he and his partner are in dire need to find someone that takes care of their customer service which is taking them all the time and energy they need to create new products. Except they have never had an employee and don’t know where to start to find the right person. 

It was clear from the start to both of us that that person could never be me, not permanently. I am more ambitious than that. However, I can certainly help them out during my first few months here, giving them time to figure out how to find the right person. That means I don’t have to stress out about where the money for the rent will be coming in the months I need to properly vitalize my business. Plus, this will be yet another great learning opportunity.

Furthermore, we are on the verge of an agreement that would save me a TON of time and money that I would have to spend on bureaucracy and taxes without them.


Starting from what seemed to be a very unfavorable situation, I got the house the very first day in less than three hours. I also (probably) got all the money I need to support and expand my business here without having a nervous breakdown. All that in a few days time, in unforeseeable ways, at exactly the right moment.

A ton of thanks to you Jason, who give us such incredible instruments of achievement, and of course to all the spirits involved, especially Ganesha, Hanuman, Hekate, and Helios. I thank you from the core and always look forward to deepen our relationship.

Not to brag, but this is the kind of thing that Strategic Sorcerers report back on all the time. Every time I wake up and feel un-jazzed for work, all I have to do is look at the reports from students and I get awed by the work they are doing.

If you would like to join the Strategic Sorcery Course, the new cycle starts on May 1st and kicks off with a big Global Rite to Juno, the wife of Jupiter.

For more details about the Strategic Sorvery Course and how to join, click HERE

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Spring has sprung and it is time yet again to kick off a new Cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Course. This new Cycle will be kicking off on MAY 1st with a Global Juno Rite.

Here are the details:


Over 1000 people have enrolled in the Course, and it just keeps rolling on and on.

When you sign up you get:

  • 52 Lessons of the best training in practical magic available on the net.
  • Admittance into the Secret Strategic Sorcery Group where people post field reports, learn from each others successes and failures, and generally treat each other with a mixture of respect and honesty that is rare to find online.
  • Ability to participate in the Strategic Sorcery Global Rites – join with hundreds of people five times a year in rituals designed to catalyst your power, wealth, and wisdom.
  • The opportunity to take part in ARCANE AUDIO trainings – webinars on advanced magic that are open only to students of the course.


I was meditating on what to follow up last months surprise Global Jupiter Equinox Rite with and I very clearly heard the word “REGINA”. Further meditation on this revealed that people could use a good boost of Juno’s blessings right now: a combination of the powers of sovereignty, vitality. wealth, and protection.  I always look for a sign to confirm these sorts of insights, and after I left the house and walked into a store that was playing the song Regina by the Sugarcubes. Good song, and good sign!


If you want some more info on the course write me at for an info packet and the answers to any questions you might have.

You just want to jump right in, click the paypal link below:

Strategic Sorcery Course: $150






1. Meditation Part 1                               2. Subtle Bodies and Channels
3. Zone Rites                                            4. Thought management
5. Offerings                                               6. Offerings 2
7. Subtle Body Power Centers          8. Prayer
9. The Elements                                     10. The Elements Part 2
11. The Planets                                        12. The Planets Part 2
13. Azoth                                                    14. Materia Magica
15. Materia 2                                            16. Materia 3
17. Amulets and Talismans               18. Tools
19. Magic of Place                                  20. Dream Sorcery
21. The Planes                                         22. Astrral Projection
23. Astral Mechanics                           24. Artificial Spirits
25. Spirits of Place                                26. Necromancy
27. Necromancy 2                                 28. Grimoire Spirits
29. Grimoire Spirits 2                          30. Grimoire Spirits 3
31. SS Mini Grimoire                            32. Spirit Houses
33. Meditation 2                                     34. 10 Principals of Strategic Sorcery
35. Set Point and how to Move it    36. Tactical Timing
37. Will and Willpower                        38. Intelligence Gathering
39. Information Sorcery                    40. Persona and Influence Work
41. Time Management                         42. Strategic Sorcery Group Work
43. Healing                                                44. Attack Magick
45. Causal Level Magick                      46. Financial Sorcery 1
47. Financial Sorcery 2                        48. Financial Sorcery 3
49. Working for others                        50. Sex Magic
51. Advancing the art of Magic         52. The Strategic Sorcerer



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