Not too late for Hekate Helios Global Rite

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Today is New Years Eve, but it is not too late to get in on the Hekate Helios Global Rite.

Join the course between now and January 1st and you can still perform the rite within the window.

For more details CLICK HERE

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Sometimes I get accused of muddying up pure occultism with “self-help” tactics, but when it generates results I am happy to accept that. One of the best things about having run the Strategic Sorcery Course for several years now is that many people have attained the goals that they listed in their first homework. Some people even do it by midpoint in the course.

Of course sometimes when we complete a goal, particularly a big one, we are left feeling empty, asking ourselves : whats next? Having conquered a problem that has been plaguing us, or accomplished a major life goal  Like the character in Dan Burns song Tiger Woods, without a goal driving us forward we can feel adrift:

“I got a friend whose goal in life
Was to one day go down on Madonna
That’s all he wanted
That was all
To one day go down on Madonna
And when my friend was thirty-four
He got his wish in Rome one night
He got to go down on Madonna
In Rome one night in some hotel
And ever since he’s been depressed
‘Cause life is shit from here on in
And all our friends just shake their heads
And say, “Too soon, too soon, too soon,
He went down on Madonna too soon
Too young, too young, too soon, too soon”
- Dan Bern

Goals are like Gravity from the future, time may push you forward, but your goals that pulls you toward something definite and spur you on to greatness. If you stop thinking in terms of final goals, and start thinking in terms of ever increasing levels, there is always another goal on the horizon. Being President of the U.S. for instance is a pretty huge accomplishment, but once your terms are up you can either become a reclusive amature painter, or Level Up and tackle things that only someone with the gravitas of an ex-president can do

For instance, some people start the course deep in debt and financial instability. When they conquer that debt they feel like they are finished, but they are not. They need to look for the next level.  I see it like this:

TRIAGE: Paying off crippling debt, finding employment and taking care of pressing emergencies.

STABILITY: Career, three months of living expenses in savings, zero debt other than mortgage and maybe a car payment, regular contributions to a retirement fund.

ADEPTSHIP: Advancing in career, Zero Debt of any kind, Investments that pay dividends. Enough income to invest in charities or support causes you believe in. Enough time and money to do serious travel. Investments and bonds that benefit family members.

MASTERY: Passive income provides enough for living expenses with no further need for work generated paychecks. Able to start your own funds and back people and causes you care about. Enough time and money to live how you will while also making a difference in the world.

As New Year approaches and people are gearing up for the HEKATE HELIOS RITE, a few people have expressed trouble articulating new goals, and some have even expressed a lack of motivation to do any work because of it. Try looking at yourself like a character in a game – what is the next level?

While you are thinking about it, don’t forget to avoid the three types of BAD MAGICAL GOALS. 

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Details on the Hekate Helios New Years Ritual

Hekate+Helios banner01As New Years approaches people are gearing up for the Helios Hekate Global Rite. In fact I just got a testimonial about last years ritual a few minutes ago:

“Last year, I took part in the global Hekate/Helios rite. A year later, looking back, I have to say that the results speak for themselves. Every specific request has materialized. This has included widening of responsibilities at work, expanding my involvement in community and professional organizations outside work, and even, as the year winds to a close, bringing a new romantic relationship into my life. In fact, at times, the inflow has been so abundant, I have seriously considered asking for a bit more moderation going into next year.

To be sure, what came into my life were not things “fait accompli”, but opportunities, which I was sure to say “Yes” to as they opened up. As you teach, first the working, then the work. I just wanted to say that this past year, both aspects have certainly worked together to pay off.”

-Jason S

I have also gotten a lot of questions about it, so rather than writing people back individually, I thought I might answer them here.

DO I HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF THE STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE TO PARTICIPATE? Yes. All graduates, students of former cycles, and current students will be invited to participate, but you must be part of the community to participate.

WHEN DO I HAVE TO DO THE RITE? The Hekate portion van be performed any night between New Years Eve and January 3rd. The Helios portion should be performed the following morning or afternoon, between January 1st and January 4th. This ties together the currents of New Years with the Perihelion – the moment the sun comes closest to the earth. You can perform the rite for yourself anytime after this, but the window for this to be a “linked” with the work of hundreds of other people (there are over 1000 people that have taken the course) is during these four days.

WHEN WILL I ACTUALLY RECEIVE THE RITE? I am sending it out to everyone tomorrow and tuesday. If you join between tomorrow and New Years, you will get it with your lessons.

WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS ANYWAY? To help support your Sorcerous efforts. These can be your efforts to master the art, to gain wealth, to serve others, to find love, or just about anything else. Hekate supports from below and Helios illuminates from above.

DO I NEED ANY SPECIAL MATERIALS FOR THE RITE? You CAN do the ritual with nothing but your person, but some incense and candles help. Beyond this you can keep it as stark or as elaborate as you wish. People have incorporated statues, ikons, rosaries and all sorts of equipment. They are not however necessary.

HOW LONG DOES EACH RITE TAKE? Each rite has some chanting in it, so the length of the ritual can vary depending on how long you chant for. I would say people can spend between 15 minutes and 1 hour doing each part.

SO WHATS THE DEAL WITH THIS COURSE? 52 Lessons in practical Sorcery. You can click here to learn more and sign up.  Or just join now:

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Happy Holidays

I have been sick with a bad bug for a few days. You know its bad when I don’t drink any coffee for three days. It came shortly after my yearly astral journeys on Yule and while a pain, it was accompanied by some really great insights and ideas for the work ahead. Fever can be good that way if you let it- cleansing for the body and inspiration for the mind.

That said the combination of being ill AND having the kids home all week basically halted my productivity. I apologize for not posting a Yule message or one at the beginning of Hanukkah, but I hope everyone is having a happy holiday.

Those that celebrate Christmas, I hope you get a chance to enjoy the silence of Christmas eve tonight – religion aside the night is psychically pregnant with hopes and dreams of millions of people, and its a wonderful vibe to tap into.

To those that celebrate it – Have a merry Christmas Season
To those that celebrate it – Have a blessed final night of Hanukkah
To those that celebrate it – Enjoy Sol Invictus tomorrow.
To those that don’t celebrate anything – just enjoy time with family and the time out from the rate race while most everything is closed. 

What follows below is the re-post of a re-post about the three keys of Christmas. It’s a message worth repeating I think, and I didn’t have time for a new one.


Today is Christmas Eve, one of my favorite days of the year. I have kids now of course, so the day will be filled with teaching them geography via the NORAD Santa Tracker, traipsing the munchkins around for visits to get sugared and gifted up, tearful goodbyes to our elf on the shelf, then finally off to bed before Santa visits, and I spend three hours putting toys together.

Somewhere tonight though, after the children are nestled all snug in their beds will be a moment to contemplate the meaning of Christmas. This is not some mandatory belief in a savior as some Christians would have us believe. Nor is it just a mockery of Yule or just another another Solar God tale. Certainly it is not the materialist excess that I am as guilty of engaging in as anyone else is.

Specifically, when it comes to Christmas, there are three things to the story that I think are compelling. Three sacred keys to understanding what the story of the nativity is really trying to communicate, and Linus was kind enough to articulate them all in a Charlie Brown Christmas:

 ”And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, ‘Fear not: for behold, I bring unto you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.’ And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God, and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.’”

Here are the three mysteries. The three things about Christmas that I think are important.

1.  ”The Glory of the Lord shone round about them”. This is HUGE, and very few people get it. The Glory of the Lord is the Shekhinah. It is not figurative, but a literal light that indicates the lords presence. Until this point in Jewish history, the Glory of the Lord shone in the temple and only in the temple. It shone in response to the efforts of the hereditary line of High Priests. Now, on Christmas it is appearing to lowly shepherds in a field! Things are changing…

2.  I bring unto you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. The key words here are “all peopleIn our age it is easy to lose sight of how territorial religions were at the time. Gods were the god of a particular people – not of everyone. But divinity itself is too big to be contained in such a small vessel as a race or culture. It is beyond that or it is not divinity.

3.  And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. This is not just instruction on where to go find the child, it is a SIGN. Divinity manifested in one of the quietest, meekest, and lowest possible manners: as a defenseless child laying in an animals feeding trough. The idea here is that Divinity is not the providence of kings or priests or even the well off. The highest possible level of divinity can manifest in the poorest and meekest.

These three keys are not just for those that call themselves Christian. Christ never drilled people on belief, the way some of his modern followers do . They are sacred keys of understand a truth. Divinity is accessible not only to a select lineage or special vocation – it is available to everyone, even lowly shepherds. Divinity is for all people, not just a single group or race. Divinity manifests from the highest to the lowest in status or stature. Becoming “Christian” is about the least important thing you can take away from it.

Merry Christmas to All and to all a Good Night.

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Strategic Sorcery Hekate Helios Global New Years Rite

Hekate+Helios banner01New Years is upon us now, and it is time once again for a Hekate-Helios Global Rite for success. Of all the global rites I have offered, none have been as successful for people as the Hekate-Helios combo.

Here are some comments about the results from last years ritual:

“I got proposed and married in 6 months; my practice improved 300% and I have all kinds of interesting abilities manifesting; I got more free time and more money; I even took up my miniature painting hobby back.
I had a long list full of things that I listed in the ritual and most of those are crossed now.”
- RC

“Both my spouse and I did the rite last year, and within 3 months, my spouse landed their dream job which lead to our moving into a much better apartment for a trivial increase in rent, and I started down a path that would ultimately lead to almost tripling my base salary these past couple months. On top of that, we’ve deepened our own relationship and resolved some important but ignored issues, and grown our cadre of friends to include several new local ones after spending 2013 knowing almost no one locally. Basically, we got everything we asked for and more.”
- BB

Hekate and Helios have been linked together in the myths of Persephone as well as by Sophocles, who wrote a hymn that honors them both together. I have been working with them both for years to great effect,

Heres how it works: On one of the first Four Nights of the New Year, along with hundreds of people that have already taken the course, you can offer a ritual honoring Hekate asking her to be a guide in the dark, initiate you into the mysteries, and help unfold the secrets of Sorcery. The Next Morning or afternoon you will perform a ritual honoring Helios and the powers of the Sun. You will ask him to increase your wealth, power, potency, and grace.

This twofold approach has worked wonders for me in my personal work, and now I am inviting you to take part.

If you are in the course, you will already be receiving the rites automatically. If not, then now is the time to join!


If you need more info about the course, click here.


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Only Five More White Tara Talismans Left



TTara_w18here are only Five White Tara Talismans Left. If you want to grab one and the healing rituals that come with it grab it now.

Click here for more details on what they are and how to purchase one. 

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Two Posts of Note

Some people have been complaining that Facebook is detracting from the longer-form blog-o-sphere. While I think that the platforms work best together and don’t necessarily see the problem that other people do, I am going to start taking the time once a month or so to point out posts that I think are important and relate to the overall methods of Strategic Sorcery.

The first of these is a great post by Polyphanes “On Making Vows To The Gods” and why most of the time its a bad idea. The idea that your own vows and failure to upkeep them can be the cause of crossed conditions, and even active attack is something I brought up in my first book, and something that has happened to me personally. This type of thing can actually set you back years but can be very difficult to admit to yourself. He makes some very good points.

The second post I wanted to point out is by Patrick Dunn writing about being a “Fair-weather Wizard”.  This post gets to the heart of something that all adepts confront: sooner or later magic for yourself becomes less about particular spellsand workings and much more about living magic as part of your life: offerings, meditation, maintaining familiars etc. Almost all magic in my life is accomplished automatically through the relationship I have developed with the spirits and indeed the universe itself.

Both of these posts are by people who are thinking Strategically about their Sorcery. You would do well to keep up with their blogs.



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Self Parenting

A few years ago I had the pleasure of potty training not one, but two, children at the same time. This is harder than it sounds. It takes a long time, and you maybe have to switch tactics a few times before you figure out what works.  Eventually though the child gets potty trained. Not just my children, but just about everyones. Even the worst parents in the world manage to potty train their kids, because to do otherwise is unthinkable and would cause more problems then not doing it.

I am currently teaching my kids to read. It takes a long time, it can be very frustrating and may require more than one tactic (I HATE the leveled readers they bring home from kindergarten) but they are now reading at a rudimentary level. You stick with it because to do otherwise is unthinkable and causes more problems than not doing it.

I wish that adults thought more like this about our own goals.

I know too many 40 years old’s that have just given up on financial stability.
I know too many 40 year old’s that have given up on being healthy.
I know too many 40 year old’s that have given up on being loved the way that they want.

Barring serious disability no one should ever give up on these things for themselves. It should be as unthinkable as not reading or needing diapers your whole life.

It is better if you can get a grip on these things when you are younger, but if you didn’t you mustn’t give up. If you are 40 now, you may be alive for another 60 Years.

Stan Lee didn’t create Spider Man until be was 40.
Ricky Gervais didn’t start comedy till he was 38 and didnt get healthy until he was 48.

Health, Wealth, and Love. These three things effect each other more than you may think and not meeting these goals should be as unthinkable as shitting your pants.

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Tara_w18I just finished up a batch of White Tara talismans that I have been accumulating mantras over since the summer. These were done the old fashioned way – little by little each night with 10,000 mantras breathed into them over the course of months. They will go up on the blog in a few days, but as promised I am giving people on this list first shot at them. There are 21 of them available.

White Tara is for Healing, and they will be shipped with a short practice for White Tara as well as two healing practices that you can do with her mantra and amulet. Below is a picture of the front and back of the talisman.

Cost for the Talisman is $75


I had a great e-mail about how an apprentice used several of their talismans, including Wite Tara, over the course of a few months working on a new business project that was very successful. Its a good testimonial to the power of talismans AND an example of how an adeptworks with the tools at their disposal in the Strategic Sorcery method.

A few words on how the TALISMANS are helping me during this difficult time.

Kurukulla has inspired me during the creation of the launch videos, both the writing and the recording. I noticed the talisman puts me in a relaxed, “flirting” mood.The narration I have worked into the first video a little after minute 2:00 was her suggestion. I think. You know what I mean. I think it works rather well, but I haven’t got any feedback so far.

“White Tara has saved me from various small illnesses several times now. That’s the one talisman I have always on these days, day and night. I take it off, the long hours at the computer immediately start taking a higher toll, and my health starts crumbling. I put it back on, I am well again next morning. Beautiful.

Ganesha is obviously clearing the way in the macro-enchantment, but the talisman specifically is helping me with the writing and the editing, helping me finding the right ideas in a much shorter time than it would normally be necessary for them to emerge. Plus a number of small things. Last night I used it to silence a croaking computer fan that was messing up my recording.

White Mahakala is the one that has had the most intense effects. I find it helps me channel my anger at being late and having still so much to do in a constructive way, to focus it. When I put it on, I go into a kind of “tunnel vision”, I forget about the negatives and just cut through it all, for hours and hours at a time. It is strangely more intense than the others, did you do something different with it? I suspect it may be some kind of interaction or combined effect between it and the Gada, which works on alertness and determination, so much so that I had to take it off at night, as it is IMPOSSIBLE to fall asleep when I have it on.”
- Stone Dog

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Interviewed by Rufus Opus

VIRAL MARKETING GLYPHCheck out the latest installment of  ROpocalypse Now, where you can hear Rufus Opus and I talk about:

  • Sex Magic
  • Crossing The Abyss
  • The Nature of True Will
  • Ditching the Day Job
  • The Role of Prior Incarnations.
  • The Relationship between Spiritual Ascension and Practical Magic
  •  Stuff.

BONUS!: You get to see me look like an utter slob because I forgot that this was a video interview!

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