Thank You

BeFunky_SORCERY-SEAL.jpgI just wanted to post a thank you to everyone that joined the course last week, Cycle 17 is now the largest cycle I have ever done!

Thanks also to everyone that has joined the course in the past. Also to all my apprentices, clients, and readers. You enable me to live a truly awesome life and I could not do it without you.

So Thank You.

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Strategic Sorcery Summer Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Chess teamI just got off the phone with an apprentice and he gave me a great compliment about the Strategic Sorcery Course:

“I probably have 1000 occult books and your course has prepared me for a career in magic better than all of them combined. Not only that, but I now understand how to actually use all those other books.

I have studied with other teachers, and even been an apprentice before, but your course and now your apprenticeship, has given me far more than the others” 
- Taodog

Stuff like that is what keeps me going and why I keep offering my Strategic Sorcery Course.

The current Summer Solstice Sale ends tomorrow at Midnight Eastern Time though, so if you want to get the course for just $100, now is the time!


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A Great Post on Wealth, Investing, and Liberation.

c6FsGOne of my apprentices looked at my Three Tips for Building Wealth With Sorcery post and decided to run with it on his new blog, going much deeper and more detailed than I did.

Head over to The Ideosphere and read Defining and Achieving “Wealth”.

Reject Dogma, knows his stuff on making wealth grow even better than I do. Those of you who are serious about having your income grow faster than your need to spend it should read his blog and heed his words.

I am looking forward to more great posts like this on The Ideosphere.


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Three Tips For Building Wealth With Sorcery

256301_10151301343287995_445051069_o“I do money magic, but it always seems to be accompanied by increased expenses.”

“I do magic to manifest money but it only ever seems to cover the bills, never enough to get ahead”

“All sorcery to maintain the status-quo works great, anything more than that fizzles.”

Have you ever felt like you are able to manifest money through magic, but still not able to get ahead? Some people report that their rituals to respond to emergencies or cover basic expenses always work, but that rituals to build wealth on top of that always fizzle. Others claim that unforseen expenses pop up to eat away any extra money that comes in. This has given rise to the belief in some people that it is wrong or against the natural order to use Sorcery to build wealth, and that anything more than paying rent and putting food on the table is not possible, is un-spiritual, or forbidden.


There is no unseen power deciding how much money you should have and stopping your magic from building wealth. That is you. It may be your set point – that anything beyond a certain level feels “wrong” regardless of your conscious desire. It may be that you have built a life that is very difficult to manifest wealth within. It may be that the idea of just accumulating wealth for the sake of wealth is to abstract for you to really generate any power for. It may also be a self-fulfilling prophesy – you say it can’t so it wont.

Whatever the reason here are three tips to break the bondage of the status-quo and start actually building wealth that does more than cover your expenses:


Its so simple, and so obvious, but honestly I only thought of it five months ago. When you are doing your magic, especially working with spirits, ask to bring in enough money so that there is X amount left after expenses. That’s it. All there is to it. I started going that in February and it has made a HUGE difference.

It should be reasonable in relation to your means of taking in money (see #3 below) so don’t ask for 10k a month if you work at the local hardware store, but in general if you set a spell or spirit to help manage the flow of wealth on a monthly basis, its better to ask for an amount of be left after expenses than for an amount of money to come in.


If your magic is only good at maintaining the status-quo, you can change the status-quo. Ever notice how many expenses that you used to pay out of pocket when you used them are now automated? Tolls: instead of paying at the booth you probably have EZ Pass. Video Rental: instead of going to a Blockbuster you probably have Netflix. You can even do a farmshare where you pay a certain amount per month and get whatever veggies the farm produces rather than picking out stuff in the produce aisle. Do the same thing with savings.

Just have money taken out of your checking account automatically and placed into savings or an investment account. You don’t see it or think about. It is no longer some nebulous idea of wealth that you one day hope to accumulate- its one of your bills that you have to pay. Its part of your new status-quo.


Having a scalable income stream is hugely important in Financial Sorcery, and even for old-fashioned emergency money spells. If you do magic for money, it has to manifest from somewhere right? If you have a job for your county civil service commission there is not much that magic can do to make more money manifest from that job. It is what it is. Even the promotions and raises tend to happen according to a schedule or seniority.

If you own a business doing custom painted boots or a coffee shop your income is scalable to a point.  There is leeway for magic to increase your income by way of more sales and customers. But even in these examples you are limited by time. You can only paint so many shoes, or sling so much coffee.

If however you are in commission sales, or own a business selling information products then it is scalable to a much higher degree.

In my own work, doing consultations is only scalable to a point – there are only so many hours in the day, but courses and books are scalable to whatever level I can manage to achieve.

The stories of money manifesting through terrible means: relatives dying and leaving the money, cars getting smashed and insurance paying out in the amount you asked for, often happen to people who have no scalable income.

I am not suggesting you leave a career, but many people will develop a side business just so that they have an income stream that is more dynamic than what their safe and stable day-job can offer. Of course these days those day-jobs are rarely safe or stable, but that is a post for another day.

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StratSor header2D (3)The Solstice is soon upon us, as keeping with tradition, I am offering the course at a discount.

Purchase the Course before Saturday July 21st 2014 and get it for just $100.

If you are interested in receiving the course, please send an e-mail to
with the words STRATEGIC SORCERY in the Subject Line  for an info packet or just click the button below to sign up now!

Here are a few words from people that have taken the course:

“I operate several websites and have done so for several years. Just recently I revisited the financial magic given in innominandums Sorcerers Secrets book, but in the light of what I learned so far in the course. Within two days of the
working my income from my main money-making site went up by 420% and it has stayed there for the last two months!

“This course is brilliant.  Not only has it given me a broad and deep understanding of spirits, energies, and the self, it has also given me powerful tools to transform my life.  In just seven months I have identified and left a toxic relationship, earned funding to pursue my Master’s degree, and started a lifelong dream of writing and publishing a book.  This course will give any aspiring witch or wizard a comprehensive and effective framework to empower their practice.  I highly recommend it.”

“I had already been getting excellent results with Jason Miller’s books when I joined the course. It turns out it was a wise decision because I can now say that I’m ten times more successful. This stuff just works!”

I had been dealing with obnoxious, disturbing neighbors all last year, and had numerous confrontations with them. This summer, the loud bass started again, and the house -which seemed to be a “party house” was getting back into full swing for the summer. Utilizing the information from this course, I summoned Kammael, and felt the urge also to include Taphartharath to assist with the problem. I went to bed that night after performing the ritual. In the morning my daughter woke me up, to tell me that the police were next door. I looked out the window, and sure enough they were at the house. I am not sure what happened, but is seemed something had happened to them. After that, it has ceased to be the party house, in fact, it has now been quiet as a church for the last 3 months and my family and I have enjoyed a peaceful summer!

“This course gave me a firm theoretical background, putting together everything I’ve known before and it also gave me a lot of new information and practical tools. So far this has been the luckiest year of my life – I am currently doing my internship in the headquarters of one of the biggest European banks and after one month I have got an amazing job offer from them. However, I turned it down because at the same time I’ve been offered a 5-year contract for a well-paid PhD dream job in one of the top Scandinavian universities where I will start in September. I have also met the best boyfriend in the world and we are very happy together. I have a feeling that all the best opportunities are being offered to me and I am very grateful for this, I’ve never felt so happy in my life before. Thank you so much!”

“As a traditionally trained Hindu Tantrick, the content of the course has allowed me to further consolidate my tradition from a sorcery perspective and become more innovative in its practical application. Many thanks from Australia”

“The SS course is full of information and is intensely practical. It’s providing me with a solid foundation in actual ritual and magical practice. I currently have 40 odd lessons and not one contains “filler”, rather there’s enough stuff in them to take way more than a year to complete. In fact, it’s not one to complete, but to integrate into a life style if one so chooses. I am finding that I’m beginning to integrate other methods into my magical curriculum, and the SS course enables this to happen. And then there’s the forum. I’ve used it a few times and had well thought out answers and conversations with students and those who are far ahead in their own practices.”

“I’m the Senior Instructor of the Hoshin Budo Ryu under Soke Rob Williams. What me and my students have started doing for about the last month or so is prior to beginning classes, is to make a personal offering to God and the spirits of the area.  Since we make every effort to train outdoors, what has begun happening is that the weather cooperates most days with nice breezes. The mosquitoes stay away from us, and we have begun picking up more and more spirits that hang with us. The spirits, a great deal of them are warriors are readily seen in our Auras by those that know how view Auras.

This has been a great course and one of the best decisions thus far that I
have made in a long time.  Keep it coming.  Thanks and feel free to use my
“The Strategic Sorcery Course has kick started my work into a whole new level, its perfect for any kind of tradition practitioner, and you will be amazed with the results, and it gets easily integrated with other systems, it gets on a lot of aspects often neglected out there, and Jason’s eloquence will make sense of many subjects often obscured or confusing, rather than a particular system, this is a robust course on sorcery, on many aspects you will get your hands occupied for a long time even after completing it, do the homework, and get the most of SSC, don’t let this awesome material rest in filed, put it into practice, you gotta make it happen.”
-Jadean Lazuli

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Happy Venus Day

What is that around my neck? Is it my Living Venus Seal in copper? Why yes, yes it is.

Happy Friday everyone.


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Advanced Planetary Magic cover VenusMercury Retrograde got you down?

Have no fear.

Grab a copy of Advanced Planetary Magic, and learn how to not only reject the retrograde but summon success no matter what the planets are up to.

Check out what these folks had to say about it:

“What I am most excited about in Advanced Planetary Magic are the 7 planetary seals. They are simultaneously very contemporary and brand new, being newly generated and at the same time highly traditional, created by inspiration from the Anima Mundi! I am very inspired by these seals and looking forward to working with them.”
- Christopher Warnock – Renaissance Astrology

“It is a better and more practical employment, or rather deployment, of the planetary magick system I use than any other book I’ve read
- Michael Cecchetelli, author of The Book of Abrasax and The Crossed Keys

“These things are mind-blowingly awesome.  They are essentially a grimoire, not of spirits, but of time itself.”
- Patrick Dunn, author of Post-Modern Magick

 This booklet truly deserves the word “Advanced” in every sense. As he always does, Jason has gone deep into the applicability of the magic he discusses and returned with a system and methodology that lets the reader utilize his insight, experience and initiation into the spheres in a way that they may not yet have actually earned on their own.
- Frater Rufus Opus, author of the Modern Angelic Grimoire

This 62 page book/audio package is designed to take your planetary work to the next level. Covered within is:

  • How the Greek Vowels act as seed syllables of the planets, and four possible arrangements for working with them.
  • A full explanation of the seven Strategic Planetary Seals that have been introduced in my books and courses.
  • Methods for empowering and healing the body with planetary force.
  • Methods of optimizing planetary influences at any given time.
  • The 49 Interplanetary Calls – short invocations and spells that fully explore the planetary combinations to achieve more nuanced and powerful results.
  • Audio files of me reading the 49 calls.


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Opting Out of the System


Last month there was quite a lot of hubbub about financial magic created by the “Poor Magician Post”.  I made a note to myself that when I finished the manuscript of “Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit” that I wanted to revisit that topic and offer some practical tips to address issues that arose during the discussion.

One comment that caught my attention had to do with the very validity of the financial system itself, and whether it’s really a good idea to even be participating:

“What about those who can perform magic extremely effectively, but absolutely hate the current socioeconomic system so much that they refuse to use magic to fit into it better? To such a person every dollar of fiat money for example may be nothing but a symbol of the value being placed on force and fraud, which can easily lead to interesting results magically-how many of us for example cast spells specifically to protect ourselves from force and fraud? If you see government issued currency as being such then you may find yourself protected quite well indeed.

The effects of ones worldview are something to consider, and not necessarily in a “these are the values you need to give up” way; if your spell isn’t compatible with your deepest values you might want to change it to something that is.”

Given that I wrote a book about how to use magic to work within the financial system to get ahead, you might think that I would completely reject the premise of the question, but I don’t. I have the HIGHEST respect for this. I respect it more than the path I have chosen for myself in fact.

The” system” is a house of cards that is perpetrated by force and fraud. I think that taking a stand against that in terms of magic and lifestyle is a worthy thing. But just like I say to people that reject materialism as anathema to spirituality: You must really live that view for it to have meaning.

It is not a matter of your values and your magic being in line. It is a matter of making your life be about something.

If you believe that the entire economy is force and fraud, and you cannot stand the idea of using magic to participate in it, then you need to do what it takes to extricate yourself from it: generate your own power, grow your food, limit your income to  off the books labor and limit your needs to fit that budget. You would be using magic, and lots of it, to create an extraordinary life. A life that is really about escaping and rejecting a system you despise.

If however you are just working a dead end, low-wage job for 45 hours a week and refuse to get a career because you feel it would be “participating in the a system of fraud” then I have no respect for that. That’s not dedication, that’s laziness masquerading as activism. Besides which: you are still participating in the system. You are just limiting yourself to the worst and most disenfranchised part of it.

I know this because I was like this myself in my 20′s. Working at retail jobs or temp positions, we would think of ourselves as”within, but not of” society, or even that great occult canard that we were actually elite. But after clandestinely “printing” Behutet on AIG’s machines during my lunchbreak, I would again have to spend the afternoon on those TPS reports, just like everyone else.

Being a slacker and rejecting society is great when you are young but the practical realities of the economy will hit as you get older – usually around age 60 when its not quite so comfortable to live hand-to-mouth and too late to get re-trained for anything meaningful. You realize that you need meds, and comfort, and you have another 30-40 years of life ahead of you that are just going to get harder.

So my advice to you is that if you are serious about rejecting the system then reject it!

In my book I suggested becoming a Monk or Nun or wandering homeless mystic, but you don’t really need to do that. Just move out somewhere that you can grow food, work for cash off the books, barter, generate your own electricity or live entirely without it.

Keep your internet connection though, because there are oodles of great resources:

If you are not serious about this, than be serious about what you are already doing: participating in the system. Whether you are looking to change it from the inside or just trying to make a comfortable life for you and yours get serious about it, and employ the skill set that you have: Sorcery.

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Vajra Armor Talisman Update.

They are all sold.

Thank you so much !

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Dorje Gotrab, or Vajra Armor is a manifestation of Padmasambhava and is, in the opinion of several Lamas, the most supreme healing and protection mantra of all. The practice, a revealed treasure of Dudjom Lingpa, is connected with many types of magic such as consecrating talismans like this, and making special healing water.

I have been working on these for quite a while, and have finally finished the mantra accumulations on them. All that remains is a large Puja and to dedicate each one to its owner, which means I am putting them up for sale now. The puja will occur in a few weeks.

The talismans protect are said to heal and protect against 404 types of disease and all manner of magical attacks from humans, spirits, or heavenly beings.

The talismans are $75 and there are only 24 of them.

I am setting four talismans aside for people who cannot afford the $75 and who have serious illness. The magic in this talisman is not a replacement for proper medical care, but can be used in addition to that care. If you truly cannot afford the talisman and have an illness that fits the bill, please let me know and I will set one aside for you.

Please include $5 if you are outside the United States.


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