You Cannot Steal Mindfulness.

It’s rare that I come accross an article that I disagree with so much that I feel the need to comment on it in a blog post, but Salon published just such an article last week.

The article posits that Corporations and the Army somehow do not have the right to teach mindfulness to soldiers or corporate executives because Buddhism (which apparently is the ONLY source of mindfulness teaching if this article is to be believed) is a sacred religion and pacifistic.

Now, setting aside the obvious historical fact that everyone from Samurai to Shaolin Monks, to Gesar of Ling, practiced mindfulness and Buddhism as part of their martial training, this article and the view it represents would still be ridiculous.

As the article notes “Mindfulness was not designed as an ethically indeterminate technique. In the yoga and Buddhist traditions, meditation practice has always been grounded in an understanding of causality, or karma: our actions make a difference. If everything we do has an impact, then mindfulness is a deeply political practice, designed to reduce stress and suffering both in our own hearts and in the world of which we are a part.”

Now me personally I can’t think of anyone in this world that I would want to act in a more mindful way than the heads of the corporations that are potentially destroying the planet or the soldiers and leaders that have to weigh the needs of security against acts that kill potentially hundreds of people.

Whether you think we need corporate executives or not, they are here and they are not going anywhere. If you want them to care more about the impact that their operations have on the environment and the quality of life they offer to their employees, mindfulness is part of your solution, not part of your problem.

You may think that soldiers killing is antithetical to your view of Dharma, but I assure you that if you charge at the Dalai Lama with a knife his security team won’t hesitate. If you want them to make balanced decisions in the field that are based on clarity rather than anger, understanding rather than ignorance then mindfulness is again part of your solution.

Meditation in Buddhism may indeed be there to lead you to enlightenment, but it also has the side effects of increasing happiness, lowering blood pressure, making better decisions, strengthening immune systems and a whole host of other benefits. Mindfulness techniques are not the proprietary tools of specific religions, they are the birthright of anyone that has the intelligence to use them.


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Financial Sorcery Testimonial

Seal of Sorcery - Centering (1)I got a wonderful testimonial yesterday about some work I did for a client. Stuff like this makes it all worthwhile and lets me know I have chosen the right path.

“In the past I’ve had several spells cast by others with little to no
results. I asked Jason to cast a wealth spell on my behalf. I was
literally on my way out of the real estate business. Since the casting
I now have 5 deals in escrow. Jason’s spell has fully manifested and I
can’t thank him enough. I’ve always believed magic was real…
Thanks Jason…
Paul B…”


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Seal of Sorcery - Wicked witch (1)

Recovered footage reveal the source of the Wicked Witches powers…

It is March 19th and there is still snow in my yard! I am ready for winter to be over, how about you? In two days is the Equinox, the official beginning of Spring, and I want to help you shake off this wicked winter with some Strategic Sorcery.

For the next week I am offering the Strategic Sorcery Course for just $100.

Sale ends on March 27th.

If you are interested in receiving the course, please send an e-mail to with the words STRATEGIC SORCERY in the Subject Line. I will send you the info packet and you can decide if you want to join.

In May the regular price for the course will go up, which means that the sale price will never be this low again. So if you are on a budget but want to take the course, now is the time.

Here are a few words from people that have taken the course:

“The Strategic Sorcery Course has kick started my work into a whole new level, its perfect for any kind of tradition practitioner, and you will be amazed with the results, and it gets easily integrated with other systems, it gets on a lot of aspects often neglected out there, and Jason’s eloquence will make sense of many subjects often obscured or confusing, rather than a particular system, this is a robust course on sorcery, on many aspects you will get your hands occupied for a long time even after completing it, do the homework, and get the most of SSC, don’t let this awesome material rest in filed, put it into practice, you gotta make it happen.”
-Jadean Lazuli

“I’m the Senior Instructor of the Hoshin Budo Ryu under Soke Rob Williams. What me and my students have started doing for about the last month or so is prior to beginning classes, is to make a personal offering to God and the spirits of the area.  Since we make every effort to train outdoors, what has begun happening is that the weather cooperates most days with nice breezes. The mosquitoes stay away from us, and we have begun picking up more and more spirits that hang with us. The spirits, a great deal of them are warriors are readily seen in our Auras by those that know how view Auras.

This has been a great course and one of the best decisions thus far that I
have made in a long time.  Keep it coming.  Thanks and feel free to use my

“I operate several websites and have done so for several years. Just recently I revisited the financial magic given in innominandums Sorcerers Secrets book, but in the light of what I learned so far in the course. Within two days of the
working my income from my main money-making site went up by 420% and it has stayed there for the last two months!

“This course is brilliant.  Not only has it given me a broad and deep understanding of spirits, energies, and the self, it has also given me powerful tools to transform my life.  In just seven months I have identified and left a toxic relationship, earned funding to pursue my Master’s degree, and started a lifelong dream of writing and publishing a book.  This course will give any aspiring witch or wizard a comprehensive and effective framework to empower their practice.  I highly recommend it.”

“I had already been getting excellent results with Jason Miller’s books when I joined the course. It turns out it was a wise decision because I can now say that I’m ten times more successful. This stuff just works!”

I had been dealing with obnoxious, disturbing neighbors all last year, and had numerous confrontations with them. This summer, the loud bass started again, and the house -which seemed to be a “party house” was getting back into full swing for the summer. Utilizing the information from this course, I summoned Kammael, and felt the urge also to include Taphartharath to assist with the problem. I went to bed that night after performing the ritual. In the morning my daughter woke me up, to tell me that the police were next door. I looked out the window, and sure enough they were at the house. I am not sure what happened, but is seemed something had happened to them. After that, it has ceased to be the party house, in fact, it has now been quiet as a church for the last 3 months and my family and I have enjoyed a peaceful summer!

“This course gave me a firm theoretical background, putting together everything I’ve known before and it also gave me a lot of new information and practical tools. So far this has been the luckiest year of my life – I am currently doing my internship in the headquarters of one of the biggest European banks and after one month I have got an amazing job offer from them. However, I turned it down because at the same time I’ve been offered a 5-year contract for a well-paid PhD dream job in one of the top Scandinavian universities where I will start in September. I have also met the best boyfriend in the world and we are very happy together. I have a feeling that all the best opportunities are being offered to me and I am very grateful for this, I’ve never felt so happy in my life before. Thank you so much!”

“As a traditionally trained Hindu Tantrick, the content of the course has allowed me to further consolidate my tradition from a sorcery perspective and become more innovative in its practical application. Many thanks from Australia”

“The SS course is full of information and is intensely practical. It’s providing me with a solid foundation in actual ritual and magical practice. I currently have 40 odd lessons and not one contains “filler”, rather there’s enough stuff in them to take way more than a year to complete. In fact, it’s not one to complete, but to integrate into a life style if one so chooses. I am finding that I’m beginning to integrate other methods into my magical curriculum, and the SS course enables this to happen. And then there’s the forum. I’ve used it a few times and had well thought out answers and conversations with students and those who are far ahead in their own practices.”


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Donald Michael Kraig

I had been dabbling with magic from books in the library for a year before I found Modern Magick at the age of 16. It was a complete paradigm shift. Magic was no longer something you did just when you wanted to cast a spell, it was something you did every day so that you yourself would become a conduit for magic. Donald Michael Kraig gave me that.

I practiced the LBRP, BRH, Middle Pillar, Circulation of the Body Light as a daily practice well into my 20′s. The tools from Modern Magic are the first ones I ever constructed for myself. His pagan-style lunar talisman was the first successful talisman I ever made for someone else – a talisman for $50, which turned up for the “client” in a wallet that had fallen out of someones pocket on a Roller Coaster at six flags 5 days after I made the talisman.

I kept reading more books and studying with anyone I could find, but Modern Magick served as a center-post for it all to revolve around. Even after I gave those excercises up for others, and started to differ on various points he presents in the book, the basic message of the book held true – A Magician is something you become by doing magic every day, not by knowing a bunch of arcane trivia.

When I stepped out into the larger pagan/occult community I found out that I was not alone. Through that book he seemed to touch the lives of everyone in the community. Through this one book be was mentor not just to a few people, but an entire GENERATION of Magicians.

I never met him in person, and had put the book behind me for years when in 2010 he made a blog post that referred to me and my work. I remember how cool it felt to have someone whose work so deeply effected me as a teenager comment on my own writings.

Today I will light a candle for Donald Michael Kraig and make a donation to help cover medical and funeral expenses.

O, nobly-born Donald Michael Kraig, your path hath set you face to face before with the Clear Light wherein all things are like the void and cloudless sky, and the naked, spotless intellect is like unto a transparent vacuum without circumference or centre. At this moment, know thou thyself, and abide in that state.

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Cyprian Vision


Cyprian photoFriday morning I woke up with a vision. It was not a dream, but I was not awake either. In fact the vision pretty much woke me up:

I was Cyprian on top of a mountain and when I looked down The Verum seals were arranged in a sort of Mandala: Astaroth, Lucifer, and Baalzebul seals in a triangle around the base of the mountain with Sagatana, Nebrios, Satanachia, Agaliarep, Lucifuge, and Fleury arranged just outside of them, and then streams of demons flowing from them. Many more than are listed in the Grimoire.

I picked up on the Verum implication immediately and wondered where Scirlin was and felt as if Cyrpian took the place of, or was identified with Scirlin in this operation, though now that I think about it Scirlin’s seal might have been on a parchment in my hand.

Now some of this may also be some of my Vajrayana training re-interpretting the current: Seeing myself as Cyprian would be very normal for the Dzog Rim of a Tantric Sadhana. Seeing the Demons arranged in a Mandala of course is also very normal for Tantra, and sets them up to work almost like an engine together. Finally, the mountain itself is the root of how these Mandalas are supposed to be generated.

I will be tossing this around and seeing what comes of it. I will also be ordering Jake Stratton Kent’s new Cyprian book asap, since it seems directly relevant.

I am deeply impressed with the work he is doing reviving the Chthonic side of western practice.

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Just a quick post…

I just wanted to make quick post to apologize for the lack of posts this week and last. I am not slacking off, but am now three months away from my deadline for THIS:

Sex Book Coiver


I am conscious however of the fact that the last several posts have been about sales and projects and such. I PROMISE I will get back to meaningful content with no strings attached just as soon as I knock out a few more chapters…

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Andrieh Vitimus’s Happiness and Joy Sigil Launcher

I had the opportunity this weekend to play around with Andrieh Vitimus’s Happiness and Joy Sigil Magic Launcher. This is a very nice piece of mage-tech. Whatever mood or headspace you happen to be in, Andireh’s smooth voice will lead you into trance, instruct you in the launch, and set you back out again feeling better than you did before you started.

  • If you are new to magic: this will take you by the hand and walk you through step by step.
  • If you have wanted to integrate NLP, breath work, and Hypnosis into magic: this is an excellent example of how to do that.
  • If you need to do some magic, but don’t feel like you are quite in the right head space for it: this will take you right where you want to be.

Comes with instructions on sigil creation, and the MP4 delivered right to your inbox.

Click Here to read more about it and purchase it from Andrieh


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Ganesha Talismans and Wealth Vase

20140307_112143As you may remember this November I got to spend a few days with one of my main teachers Lama Vajranatha. He gave a public Ganesha teaching in Brooklyn and a private teaching to me about other practices connected with Ganesha. I came home and started working on my next offering of Talismans: Ganesha for Prosperity.

Like most of my other Talismans these are $75 and have been prayed over numerous times with 10,000 of the root mantra accumulated and breathed into them, as well as many action mantras. There are two colors, thus the two images above. They were all consecrated together and do the same thing. If you have a preference please state it in your order, but I cannot guarantee which you will receive.


I will insert a button asap.

Along with the talismans I also made a Wealth Vase, or in this case more of a bottle, that I was going to keep for myself. Alas I find I have far too much stuff on the altar as it is, and so I am putting the bottle up as well. Cost is $400.

The bottle is filled with all kinds of goodies, including some water from the Bagamati river taken from the sacred site of Pashupatinath. The bottle will be sealed with Red Wax in a ceremony dedicating it to the person who purchases it. Instructions will be included.


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Anthology of Sorcery

1926802_514675218642547_2130394242_nMy work will be appearing in two anthologies soon. “Walking with the Angel” is a collection of pieces about the Holy Guardian Angel, from Nephilim Press. I will write more about that when the publication is officially announced. In the meantime you can read what Rufus Opus, Aaron Leitch, Scott Stenwick, and Mike Cecchetelli have to say about it.

On May 21st,”Anthology of Sorcery Book 1″ will be released by Become A Living God for pre-order. This is a 350 page book with a really impressive group of 17 occultists. Click the link and take a look. Apart from me you have Lon DuQuette, S. Connolly, E.A. Koetting, Phul Farber, Michael Ford and 10 others.

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Horse Year Bags are ready to ship Monday

20140131_102504Just a note to tell people that the Kilaya Pujas and other blessings are complete and will ship on Monday.

There are still three of them left for sale, so if you want one click here for details and purchase. 


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