There is still time to get in on the Global Mercury Rite and new Cycle of Strategic Sorcery.

Join anytime between now and Friday and you will still have time to take part in the Global Rite and kick off your studies with a much needed blessing from the Master Magician Mercury.

Of course the rite is also designed to foster your success in speech, multiply your monetary efforts, and magnify your magic overall.

To join the course, send me an e-mail at or just click the paypal link below:

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One Week Before The New Cycle of Strategic Sorcery and the Global Mercury Rite!!

SS Mercury Global Rite - NASA
I am so excited to get this Mercury Success Rite off the ground. When we get hundred of people all over the globe to chant the same chant and speal the same invocations there is a HUGE benefit to everyone that participates.

If you have been stuck for a long time, perhaps Mercury can help get you moving again.

If you are selling MERChandise, or in MERCantile, then Mercury is already you patron God.

If you need help moving spiritually up the ladder of Ascent, Mercury can give you wings.

If you are confused of want to sharpen your mind – Mercury can expand intelligence and aid in analysis.

If you are trapped and depressed and feel better off dead, perhaps Mercury can lead you out, as he does the souls of the dead.

If you are already successful and sleep every night on a pot of cash, Mercury can help move it around so that it multiplies exponentially.

In short, Mercury Rocks.

And so does the Strategic Sorcery Course.

52 Information-Dense lessons. On practical Magic. I have been posting testimonials and comments for students over last few weeks so I will limit it to three snippets:

“Jason has given one if the best set of instructions I have seen on astral projection. Just follow his set of instructions and I bet you get it going in no time.” – BT

“I  never thought I would land a job that paid six-figures, but the course helped me achieve it”. – CL

“It was your offering rituals that unlocked it for me. Not just the magic in your course, but everything I have done for 20 years before that.” – FG

Sign up for the course before 7/29 and you can take part in the Global Mercury rite to jump start your learning.

Write me at for more information or just click below to sign up!


Here is the Lesson List

1. Meditation Part 1
2. Subtle Bodies and Channels
3. Zone Rites
4. Thought management
5. Offerings
6. Offerings 2
7. Subtle Body Power Centers
8. Prayer
9. The Elements
10. The Elements Part 2
11. The Planets
12. The Planets Part 2
13. Azoth
14. Materia Magica
15. Materia 2
16. Materia 3
17. Amulets and Talismans
18. Tools
19. Magic of Place
20. Dream Sorcery
21. The Planes
22. Astrral Projection
23. Astral Mechanics
24. Artificial Spirits
25. Spirits of Place
26. Necromancy
27. Necromancy 2
28. Grimoire Spirits
29. Grimoire Spirits 2
30. Grimoire Spirits 3
31. SS Mini Grimoire
32. Spirit Houses
33. Meditation 2
34. 10 Principals of Strategic Sorcery
35. Set Point and how to Move it
36. Tactical Timing
37. Will and Willpower
38. Intelligence Gathering
39. Information Sorcery
40. Persona and Influence Work
41. Time Management
42. Strategic Sorcery Group Work
43. Healing
44. Attack Magick
45. Causal Level Magick
46. Financial Sorcery 1
47. Financial Sorcery 2
48. Financial Sorcery 3
49. Working for others
50. Sex Magic
51. Advancing the art of Magic
52. The Strategic Sorcerer


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The Feast of Holy Mary of Magdala

Wishing all who celebrate it a joyous Feast of  Mary of Magdala.

From the Gospel according to  John:

Mary stood weeping outside the tomb. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb; and she saw two angels in white, sitting where the body of Jesus had been lying, one at the head and the other at the feet. They said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping?” She said to them, “They have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid him.” When she had said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not know that it was Jesus. Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you looking for?” Supposing him to be the gardener, she said to him, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away.” Jesus said to her, “Mary!” She turned and said to him in Hebrew, “Rabbouni!” (which means Teacher). Jesus said to her, “Do not hold on to me, because I have not yet ascended to the Father. But go to my brothers and say to them, `I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.'” Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord”; and she told them that he had said these things to her.

From the Gospel according to Philip:

The Sophia whom they call barren is the mother of the angels. And the consort of Christ is Mary Magdalen. The Lord loved Mary more than all the disciples and kissed her on her mouth often. The others said to him: ‘Why do you love her more than all of us?’ The Saviour answered and said to them: ‘Why do I not love you like her?’ There were three who walked with the Lord at all times, Mary his mother, and her sister and Magdalene, whom they called his consort. For Mary was his sister and his mother and his consort.

From the Gospel according to Mary.

 Peter said to Mary, Sister we know that the Savior loved you more than the rest of woman. Tell us the words of the Savior which you remember which you know, but we do not, nor have we heard them.

Mary answered and said, What is hidden from you I will proclaim to you.
And she began to speak to them these words: I, she said, I saw the Lord in a vision and I said to Him, Lord I saw you today in a vision. He answered and said to me, Blessed are you that you did not waver at the sight of Me. For where the mind is there is the treasure. I said to Him, Lord, how does he who sees the vision see it, through the soul or through the spirit? The Savior answered and said, He does not see through the soul nor through the spirit, but the mind that is between the two that is what sees the vision and it is.
It is worth noting the Epistle for the Day. Though it does not involve Mary specifically, it points to the mystery that I feel is the central genius of the Christian Tradition:

2 Corinthians 5:14-18

From now on, therefore, we regard no one from a human point of view; even though we once knew Christ from a human point of view, we know him no longer in that way. So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new! All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

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Problems With the Grimoire Crowd

***This first appeared yesterday on some lists dedicated to Goetic and Solomonic Magic. Because of time constraints, I did not want to publish it widely, as I would not have time to defend every point ad-infinitum, which is often what is demanded after making statements like this. Since then I have gotten several requests to publish it openly, so…. here we go...***

Hi Everybody. Jake Stratton-Kent caught me vaguebooking this week, twice saying something along the lines of “despite some problems with the grimoire crowd…” than going on to talk about something else without ever listing those problems. Yesterday he invited me to actually write about those problems and to do it here.

First thing I want to note is that I know very well that the Grimoire, or Old Magic, community is not monolithic at all. I am a moderator on Solomonic and am familiar with the range of opinions. Everything I say below will apply to some, but not all. If you are tempted to reply to say “Thats not what I think at all”, you dont have to, because I am not talking about you.

The second thing I want to say is that I am not against the Grimoires, Old School Magic, or anything else. If I was I really wouldn’t bother with any criticism at all. Indeed THE big advancement in western magic since 2000 has been the renewed interest in magic that came before and beyond the English and French Lodge-based systems. The babies that were thrown out with the bathwater by the GD and other groups like it have been a huge boon to the western occult tradition.

That said, a few years into the old school renaissance the Grimoire tradition started throwing babies out with its own bathwater.

For example three times now I have had Grimoire based magicians schedule consults in order to help them see and communicate more clearly with the spirits, but I immediately get told that the excercise I give, which used visualization and energy in the body, must be new age, or GD based crap because it is not “the old ways” or “in the grimoires”. Of course the exercise I was teaching was actually written by Niguma in the 10th century.

It no longer becomes just about making sure that spirit based magic gets its due, but about making sure that people think energetic, mental, or visualization practices are crap. Even in the intro to Skinners new book on the PGM, he goes to lengths to say that magic is done solely through spirits and that energetic or visualized practices have nothing to do with magic. Magic in the 2nd century Mesopotamia maybe, but even then I doubt it…

Just as I was critical of Chaos Magic in the 90s for harping on whatever was new, or even just sounded new because it sounded like pseudo scientific twaddle, I am equally critical of the view that what is oldest is truest. As if there is some golden period of the past and everything that came after is a corruption. In my opinion this is not the case. It is important to go back and look at these traditions, to pick up on what others in the past have missed, or viewed through a distorting lens (theosophy for example), but that does not mean that we should ignore everything that came after. Yet time and again I hear the refrain “Everything from the GD on is crap”. While not a fan of the GD, I do find some worth in Crowley, in Bardon, in William Gray, and others.

In short, its not enough for peoples water to taste sweet. They must piss into anothers cup to make sure that it doesn’t.

Which brings me to results. Time and again I hear people in the Grimoire community, particularly those that are sticking REALLY close to the script with the virgin spun thread and lion belts, talk about how they or other people they like are getting “results” and not “fantasy”. Anyone who knows my work knows I place a heavy emphasis on weeding out fantasy, and focusing on measurable results, but honestly this has more to do with the application of magic than the methods themselves. People in the Groimoire community are rarely really applauding better results than anyone else gets, they are simply believing those peoples experiences because they use similar methods, and not believing others experiences because they don’t.

When someone advances string theory because a demon taught them something new about physics, or makes the news by flying through the air, or gets rich by having gold just show up, I will acknowledge that you are getting better results than everyone else. Till then, do your work and make your contribution. The work of people doing it with the lion skin belts and ebony altars IS a contribution, but it does not have to be presented with a heavy helping of “everything else is crap.”

Now lets talk spirits. In the 90’s I was always finding myself to be the only guy in the room that wanted to discuss spirits as if they were real and not parts of our brain, like the Crowley/DuQuette/Carroll camp pushed. I am elated that things have swung the other way. BUT, its now erring in the other direction. While not “in our heads” these beings are not simple and fully separate either. Multiple pasts, overlapping cultural overlays, manifestations that range of the truly cosmic to the strikingly egotistical, Spirits, Demons, Angels, Gods are not less subtle than we are – they are more. Yet in the zeal to depart from the psychological model, it becomes taboo to discuss these experiences in these terms AT ALL. What you get at the edge of a circle is in fact effected by your own mind, also the mode you called it under, and the place you are doing the working. I think that the Grimoire crowd over-simplifies Spirits to an absurd degree.

Then there is Christianity. On the one hand you have people who approach the Grimoires like they are role-playing a 17th century Priest and commanding the shit out everything in the name of JHVH. Then on the other hand you have people trying to remove Christianity completely and re-paganize grimoire like the GV. Christianity has been here for two thousand plus years now. It is PART of the narrative. The Grimoire scene is very keen on taking ques from ATR’s like Quimbanda. Well, Quimbanda does not feel the need to remove all trace of Christianity. St Cyprian is still St Cyrpian. The Maioral of all the lineages is St Michael – in this there is a great mystery. Kind of like very early Wicca, people want the devil without the diabolic. The whole thing then runs the risk of turning into yet another Pagan re- constructionist exercise.

There is even among some quarters a push to choose the Chthonic OR the Auranic. Like they are mutually exclusive or at war. Quimbandanistas in training are often told to get involved in a “light” path like Santeria or Christian Spiritism as an off-set to the nightside world of Quimbanda. In Tantric Buddhism there is no mutual exclusivity between serving Wrathful spirits covered in blood, bone, amidst darkness and flame and serving Peaceful one represented with silks, jewels floating in pastel clouds and rainbow light. Both are necessary.

Anyway, I could go on, but this is too long as is.

I have never seen a path, system, religion, or group that I did NOT have criticisms of including my own, so take this all with a grain of salt and make of it what you will. I was asked, and I answered.

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What to Expect from the Webinar Tonight!

c6FsGSo what am I teaching in tonights Webinar? 14 Pieces of Heart Advice for Fiscally oriented magicians.

All of these focus the way that magic manifests, and how to take full advantage of that, and defeat some of the problems that magicians face. Like:

– Conjuring money only to have it tapped by additional expenses,
– Able to have enough money to pay bills, but not really get ahead.
– Clear results of magic, but in ways that ultimately are not life-changing.

This is what I am laying out tonight.

For Free.

In three and a half hours… 9PM eastern.


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Students Speak about Strategic Sorcery Course and Global Success Rites.

SS Mercury Global Rite - dark


Look at that pic above. Mercury leading the damned and the dead to a better place. Its all about movement people. If you are not moving forward you are sliding backwards – this rite is aimed at setting your trajectory in the direction you desire and setting you in motion. Maybe you are in debt and unemployed. Maybe you are lonely or unhappy. Maybe you are already comfortable and want to grow your empire. Whatever it is movement is the key to magic – not static goals.

But to join with us in the rite (and all the global rites to follow) you have to join the course. If you want in on the Global Rite you need to join before July 29th.


Over 1200 people have now taken the Strategic Sorcery Course. Rather than blab more about it myself,  I asked some students to answer the question for me: Why should people join the course and take part in the global rites?

“Id say the Courses and rites are part of a whole multi-layered metaphysical experience, Global rites allow you to take on a magical current either to deepen or diverse the strengths and progress you might want to either kick-start or continue, learn while you ride the lightning.” – JL

“Joining this course was probably the best decision I’ve ever made in my occult life. Since signing up, studying the lessons, applying the techniques, and participating in the rites, my life has catapulted forward after a year of stagnation! – JC

The global rites are the nitrous boosting abilties to take your practice and life to another level. There is results, and then there Are RESULTS. Which do you prefer? – JF

Strategic Sorcery teaches many invaluable lessons from a highly knowledgeable teacher. The techniques taught are very good on their own, but even more value lies in the very approach to magic that is taught in this course. Since working with Jason’s methodology, I’ve seen my magical practice and success in life soar. Additionally, Jason has been providing Global Rites focused on spiritual forces that will help catalyze all of the above. It is honestly the best money I have ever spent, as these lessons will last a lifetime for me.” – JD

For me, the lessons are the theories to learn, then as a consistent motivation and active application to practice is the audios, global rites, and recommended exercises in the lessons. Pulling us out of our armchairs and into the universe. – HLG

Join the course. Do the rites, particularly when the global rites come your way—not because it will make you a more powerful magician (though it will) or a more skillful human (though it will do that, too). Do it, because this is how you hook on to the zipline: there is a complex, astonishing, feet-off-the-ground adventure of new vistas and experiences ahead, and this course is a way of entering that experience. The course is a way of strapping into the safety harness; the rite is the first step off the ledge.  – AW

For me, this course has been a game changer in all aspects of my life. The biggest impact has been financially with a return of investment of several thousands percent. Additionally, when I had a situation in my life that had to be taken care of, I had guidance and resources to solve the problem. Quite frankly, I don’t think you charge enough for this year long course, it is worth much, MUCH more!! – LC

Frankly, this connected me to the spirit world in a more tangible way than anything else I have tried so far. The results were unmistakeable and very big. That is all I can say without writing a novel at this point. The Gods and Goddesses chosen for the Global Rites seem eager to respond and help you – JZ (no, not THAT Jay-Z)

“$10k closed contract one week after the Juno rite (paid in full). $60k closed contract 2 weeks ago, shortly after my Gator Hand arrived and I placed her in my newly painted cash box. Fortunately, money has been coming to me, but I’ve had a terrible managing it and keeping the money (my husband always did these things). But, I’m on the road to financial disaster recovery with a new budget and a financial coach to help me. This is something I’ve never been motivated to do until I read your book and called upon some spirits to help me. It’s made a world of difference in how I feel.” – LC


$150 for 52 lessons in practical Sorcery. I have had beginners take the course and finish with amazing success stories, and I have had very experienced people take the course and walk away with new and better frameworks to take advantage of their decades of experience.

Work at your own pace, participate in HUGE rites with people all over the globe, and be part of the most focused and successful occult community I have ever seen.

If you want to know more about it write me at with the words STRATEGIC SORCERY in the subject line. If you are ready to sign up. just hit the paypal link below.

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CoveraaaThursday Night 9pm Eastern I am doing a SOMA webinar. These are free for the first 100 people that show up.

Tips for Success in Financial Sorcery

No matter what style of magic you use, success lies less in your methods and more in how you apply them. In this Webinar Jason will lay out some clear principals for achieving measurable success with magic.

If you are on facebook, pop over here and let us know you are coming.

If not, just use this GO TO MEETING link and come on in!

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When rich people do something nice for you, you give them a pot of Jam.” 
“That’s what pots of jam is for?” 
Orange. Grapefruit. Strawberry. But fancy. They have entire stores filled with fancy pots of jam wrapped in cloth.”

– Six Degrees of Separation

In a thread on the Strategic Sorcery Group someone mentioned about making offerings to Jesus and the discussion on whether it is necessary because Jesus is beyond that. Buddhas are also beyond that need, but most forms of Buddhism have people making offerings to the Buddha. WHY?

Do you remember that scene in six degrees of separation where Anthony Michael Hall explains to Will Smith that you do not need to buy rich people expensive gifts? You just get them a pot of Jam.

It’s the same principal – wealthy people don’t need you to buy them jam, but you do it because:

1. It is a physical token of your gratitude, and physical tokens ground things in the real.

2. It brings you into contact with them in a more intimate way than just words and thoughts.

3. It is memorable and shows effort and sacrifice on your part.

4. Shows that you are not taking them for granted.

I cannot stress enough the power of offerings to the four classes of guest. From the Strategic Sorcery Perspective these are:

1. Gods and Enlightened Beings – beyond need for offerings, but who accept and value offerings for the reasons above.

2. Protectors and Powerful Allied Spirits – Perhaps beyond need for the offerings, but who use the offerings as a link to you and your life.

3. Local Spirits, who do in fact draw sustenance from offerings.

4. Beings to whom we owe debt and whom we may have angered – may or may not need the offerings, but the act of offering can be a powerful act of pacification.

Even the Solomonic Grimoire crowd is starting to grasp the importance of offerings, to which I say, welcome to the club.

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When it sounds too good to be true.

This post is not meant to slam anyone’s books or system, which is why this author and group has not been named.

I know in fact that there is worth in the material.

The post is a comment on the question I received, and the way that some people seem to be interpreting the context in which the material is presented. ***

I received a very interesting query last week from a student that had been investigating some other teachers. I strongly encourage students to investigate other teachers, even when they have ideas that conflict with my own. Here is the e-mail I received. After my answer the student encouraged me to share it as a blog post.

What do you think of Group X (name of group removed) . Seventeen magicians , who become rich with magic . I bought 2 books from them . Its the world upside down : no meditation , no incense , no candles , no strategies, but visualization and rituals .It seems so simple . The books are very cheap , and the comments on Amazon are incredible . Is this the future , or is it all nonsense?

Kind Regards,

Now because Strategic Sorcery requires a good bit of work – meditation, offerings, financial planning, and a host of other things I have been getting questions like this from the beginning. Here are a few thoughts on this specifically.

1. Beware vague claims of people becoming rich with magic. For some people “rich” means making over 100K a year, but that is not “rich” in my book. I have greatly increased by income in recent years and could pimp myself as being rich to hook people in, but it’s disingenuous. What are the numbers and how did they occur? “I did this ritual and got rich” is not the answer.

2. Beware of claims made by teachers about their own accomplishments. This is not necessarily a reflection of the effectiveness of their teaching, so much as their clever business plan. Its the old joke about teaching people how you got rich by selling books on how to get rich…This is why I don’t blab about the stuff I accomplish, and instead focus on field reports from students. It is students it has to work for after all.


3. Are you involved with magic for the sole purpose of getting rich? If so, that is a STUPID reason to be involved with magic. Getting laid and paid is great, but if that is all you seek there are better and surer ways. You should be starting V.C. fund instead – talk about having the deck stacked in your favor…

Think about it. No Meditation, No pesky materia, No development of abilities, of mind, of spirit… Just say the magic words and think the magic thoughts and BAM – you are RICH!

If this sounds kosher to you, if this sounds like what you are involved in magic for, by all means, go for it. I will stick to developing the mind, spirit, and energy and applying them to strategies that are improving peoples lives, deepening their understanding, and awakening them to their true nature.


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New Cycle of Strategic Sorcery and Global Mercury Rite

SS Mercury Global Rite (1)Get Ready to strap on your winged sandals folks because here we go….!

The next cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Course begins on July 29th and with it a new Global Rite – MERCURY.

Here are the details:


Over 1000 people have enrolled in the Course, and it just keeps rolling on and on.

When you sign up you get:

  • 52 Lessons of the best training in practical magic available on the net.
  • Admittance into the Secret Strategic Sorcery Group where people post field reports, learn from each others successes and failures, and generally treat each other with a mixture of respect and honesty that is rare to find online.
  • Ability to participate in the Strategic Sorcery Global Rites – join with hundreds of people five times a year in rituals designed to catalyst your power, wealth, and wisdom.
  • The opportunity to take part in ARCANE AUDIO trainings – webinars on advanced magic that are open only to students of the course.


We often think statically about our world, the gods, and our magic. We think of deities and Spirits as eternally existent unchanging, when in fact they, and our relationship to them, changes drastically over time. We think of increasing worldly power as simply gathering of money rather than circulating being the key to greater wealth.

A student on the Strategic Sorcery group recently noted that “The better you can handle the flow of the money or the resources, the more will be bestowed upon you.”  This is true not just for money, but for all kinds of magic. Thinking in terms of motion is the key to success.

This rite is aimed at setting you upon a trajectory rather than a specific goal. A rite to get you  flowing in the right direction with the aid of Mercury.


If you want some more info on the course write me at for an info packet and the answers to any questions you might have.

You just want to jump right in, click the paypal link below:

Strategic Sorcery Course: $150


1. Meditation Part 1                               2. Subtle Bodies and Channels
3. Zone Rites                                            4. Thought management
5. Offerings                                               6. Offerings 2
7. Subtle Body Power Centers          8. Prayer
9. The Elements                                     10. The Elements Part 2
11. The Planets                                        12. The Planets Part 2
13. Azoth                                                    14. Materia Magica
15. Materia 2                                            16. Materia 3
17. Amulets and Talismans               18. Tools
19. Magic of Place                                  20. Dream Sorcery
21. The Planes                                         22. Astrral Projection
23. Astral Mechanics                           24. Artificial Spirits
25. Spirits of Place                                26. Necromancy
27. Necromancy 2                                 28. Grimoire Spirits
29. Grimoire Spirits 2                          30. Grimoire Spirits 3
31. SS Mini Grimoire                            32. Spirit Houses
33. Meditation 2                                     34. 10 Principals of Strategic Sorcery
35. Set Point and how to Move it    36. Tactical Timing
37. Will and Willpower                        38. Intelligence Gathering
39. Information Sorcery                    40. Persona and Influence Work
41. Time Management                         42. Strategic Sorcery Group Work
43. Healing                                                44. Attack Magick
45. Causal Level Magick                      46. Financial Sorcery 1
47. Financial Sorcery 2                        48. Financial Sorcery 3
49. Working for others                        50. Sex Magic
51. Advancing the art of Magic         52. The Strategic Sorcerer

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