CRUCIBLE: Conjuration and Chaos!

Are you going to Crucible this year? Do you know about it? Why not?

Crucible is different than most gatherings you go to:

  • No vendors: the focus is on learning and socializing with people of like mind.
  • Though there is a mixer on Friday and brunch on Sunday the real Crucible is just one day so you don’t have to kill a lot of time.
  • Two lectures going at any given time, with a focus squarely on magic. Not religion, or pagan leadership, or seminars on running groups – lectures on actual applied operative magic
  • Fringe of a fringe. Crucible is typically a place where people can present ideas, and systems that may not find a lot of traction at other festivals. It might be something radically different like Omnimancy, or it might be ethically questionable like a workshop on curses.
  • Cost is ridiculously low: $40 pre-register or $45 at the door.

This year is looking to be great: there will a panel on the role of religion in magic, and another on Necromancy. I will be doing a class on Tibetan Magic for Western Sorcerers. Polyphanes is doing a talk on Mathesis Greek Khabbalah, Arthur is doing a talk on Astral Biology… Check out the full schedule here. 

Perhaps the biggest thing going down this year though is that Andrieh Vitimus is doing a Mass of Chaos Vibrational Baphomet which will be simulcast on the web.

Crucible is October 4th. Hope to see you there. 

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Sale Ends September 21st

Chess team“Do you remember the 21st night of September?
Love was changing the mind of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away”
– Earth, Wind, and Fire

The 21st is also the last day to get the Strategic Sorcery Course for $100.

For more info click here or just sign up with the paypal link below.

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The Days of Cyprian are Upon Us

CyprianToday is the feast day of Cyprian of Carthage, and tomorrow begins the 9 days of novena ending on the 16th, the feast of Cyprian of Antioch.

My own prayer to the Sorcerer Saint goes like this:

In the name of the great and mighty power of God I invoke the sublime influence of St. Cyprian, in Christ Jesus. I ask that you be my mentor and my master by virtue of the grace bestowed upon you by God omnipotent who was, who is, and who will ever be.

You learned to control storms on Mt Olympus, the casting of enchantment and illusion in Argos, the mysteries of the witches craft at Taurapolis, necromancy among the graves of Sparta, and incantations in Memphis. Finally in Antioch, drawn by power, you found grace of Christ.

Oh Holy Cyprian, you who equally partakes of the Mass and the Sabbat, bless my efforts to follow you in your path. You who commingled with angels, devils, and earthly spirits, grant the power to command the spirits as you did, and as Solomon and Manasses did before you.

I thank you Lord for the many gifts of nature and grace with which you enriched the spiritual treasure house of your most faithful servant St. Cyprian. I thank you, my protector, for the special favors I have received by your powerful intercession.

Oh Cyprian Holy Thaumaturge : Saint and Sorcerer, Martyr and Magus, bless me. Take my prayers and spells and make them your own. When the Lord hears them he will not ignore them, they will cease to be my words, but yours.


That’s it, just say the prayer. If you want to do more, you can anoint yourself with oil. If you want to do even more, set up an altar with a statue or image of St Cyprian, a purple candle, and a glass of water. More than that… read a fucking book you lazy bastard :-)

20140915_160115After the novena, meditate on the image of Cyprian. Be receptive and see what he has to say. Watch Dreams. At the end of the Novena make the sign of three nails and cross yourself with it three times. Cross your index over your thumb to make the cross and the remaining three fingers make the nails.

There are some of you reading this who do not have a good relationship with Christianity – which is totally fine and understandable. Christians, both ancient and modern have done a lot to deserve enmity. There is no compelling reason for you to this. Don’t let anyone tell you different. If you don’t, don’t bother. There is more in this life than any of us can do, so there is not reason to force yourself to do something you are not comfortable with – unless of course you are pushing your comfort zones, which I totally respect.

As to what Cyprian does for the Sorcerer:

1. Magical Business Building: I started using Cyprian to help regulate my business last year and he has done a BANG up job. It was him that told me to start asking for sums of money left over after bills are paid, which has led to the best year ever.

2. Protection: Cyprian is a protector against black magic par excellence. Rather than Michael who confronts it all head on in a big booming battle, Cyprian is subtle – like having the number of the guy who is the boss of the forces arrayed against you. Imagine a mobster sent to kill you, who suddenly gets a call from his bosses bosses boss telling him to back off. Its kinds like that.

3. Dead and Demon work: Cyprian functions much like the HGA or Scryllin in this regard: he can assist in summoning and calling forth fast acting beings, and “baptizes” them in the light so that they work for you willingly rather than as a constraint.

4. Justice: Cyprian can be a potent and wrathful force when needed for justice. I have called upon him for this twice and he came through very strongly.

5. Teacher: Cyprian really can teach detailed Sorceries directly during dreams, trance, and meditation. He can also increase understanding of all occult studies

Now let’s talk oils. I use three in my practice:

1. Lucky Mojo Cyprian Oil. This is the basic stuff that I use day in and out for anointing myself on Saturdays. Good solid stuff.

2. Wolf & Goat’s Cyprian Oil: This is a little too pungent for self-anointing but it is however the most awesome oil I have ever worked with for any other purpose. Drop a bit on my statue and go into trance and its like Ray Harryhausen animated that shit! Very intense stuff.

3. Cyprian Fluid Condenser: I learned this from a Curandera that also studied Bardon’s works. It too is doing amazing things in my world.  Sunflower oil, myrrh, calamus, cypress, orris root, cinnamon, cedarwood, frankincense, gold chloride.

I told you to read, so here are some books:

1. Saint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers. by ConjureMan Ali

2. St. Cyprian & The Sorcerous Transmutation. by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold

3. The Book of Saint Cyprian: The Sorcerer’s Treasure by José Leitão

4. The Testament of Cyprian the Jake Stratton Kent

Finally there is a fundraiser in his name set up by my friend Polyphanes. If you are looking for a way to make a charitable offering in his name, this is a good way to do it.

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Seal of Sorcery - Wicked witch (1)Autumn is upon us! Can you feel it?

Autumn REEKS of magic. The veil really does seem thin as we get closer to Hallowmass and the days of the dead. Must be the Season of the Witch.

I am very passionate about people making their magic effective, which is why I made a one year course in practical Sorcery. Over the last several years over 1000 students have gone through the course and achieved remarkable things: incomes doubled and tripled, new businesses started, loves found, health problems reversed, you name it. Because I was once a young but serious student without a lot of disposable cash I like to offer a sale every so often. So from now until the 22nd, the Strategic Sorcery Course is just $100.

Strategic Sorcery Course for just $100. 

If interested in receiving the course, please send an e-mail to with the words STRATEGIC SORCERY in the Subject Line.

Here is a sneak peak at the lesson list:

1. Meditation Part 1
2. Subtle Bodies and Channels
3. Zone Rites
4. Thought management
5. Offerings
6. Offerings 2
7. Subtle Body Power Centers
8. Prayer
9. The Elements
10. The Elements Part 2
11. The Planets
12. The Planets Part 2
13. Azoth
14. Materia Magica
15. Materia 2
16. Materia 3
17. Amulets and Talismans
18. Tools
19. Magic of Place
20. Dream Sorcery
21. The Planes
22. Astrral Projection
23. Astral Mechanics
24. Artificial Spirits
25. Spirits of Place
26. Necromancy
27. Necromancy 2
28. Grimoire Spirits
29. Grimoire Spirits 2
30. Grimoire Spirits 3
31. SS Mini Grimoire
32. Spirit Houses
33. Meditation 2
34. 10 Principals of Strategic Sorcery
35. Set Point and how to Move it
36. Tactical Timing
37. Will and Willpower
38. Intelligence Gathering
39. Information Sorcery
40. Persona and Influence Work
41. Time Management
42. Strategic Sorcery Group Work
43. Healing
44. Attack Magick
45. Causal Level Magick
46. Financial Sorcery 1
47. Financial Sorcery 2
48. Financial Sorcery 3
49. Working for others
50. Sex Magic
51. Advancing the art of Magic
52. The Strategic Sorcerer


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Faith in Magic and Yourself

Students of the famous Mahasiddha Milarepa were once badgering him about who he was the reincarnation of. A loose translation of the story goes something like this:

Sudents: Oh Great and Powerful Milarepa, so can do so much amazeballs wizardly shit that we are sure you must be the reincarnation of some powerful saint. Please, tell us who you are the Tulku of! 

Milarepa: You idiots! Why do you lack faith in the path of Secret Mantra Magic? I keep telling that if you work that shit, you can become a fully enlightened Buddha dude in this very life, with all the superpowers you could ever want! 

Students: But you are soooooooooooooooo totes awesome. Surely you must have been Someone important? 

Milarepa: Would you knock this shit off already! If the path is true than you CAN attain this for yourself. That’s what I am trying to teach you. I get it, I do. It’s easier to let yourself off the hook by saying that only people of special birth can be Supersattvas. This way there is no challenge to your ordinary behavior, you can always tell yourself that you are NOT special, ergo do not have to hold yourself up to that kind of work or scrutany of the result. Well guess what Muthafucka? I was born an ordinary shlub just like you, worse off in fact. I got a teacher, I did the work, I got the result. You can too! That’s WHY it is so great! E-MA-FUCKING-HO!

Not born with a caul? Not the seventh son of a seventh son? That Lama you visited during the summer failed to pull you out of the crowd to recognize you as a Tulku? Not born into a family of hereditary witches? NO PROBLEM.

Seriously, gifts like this can help but they can also be an obstacle. People with natural talents can fall into traps where they feel they do not need to do the work, and end up never progressing beyond their meger natural talents.  To quote Calvin Coolidge “nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent…”.

Sorcery requires that you DO the work. Develop the power. Get the result.

Do not worship teachers, especially me. Do not think we can do something you cannot do if you apply yourself.

This is not to say that we are all equals out of the box. I am not telling newbies not to seek the teachings of experienced people. I am saying seek those teachings and use them to unlock your power and potential.

Anyone who claims to be an Ipsissimus publicly is by definition an ass, but as a goal it is worth keeping in mind that the term means ones own very self.

You have the power.

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Money, Time, and Attention.

When you are just starting out as an adult you tend to have a shortage of money, but lots of time to accomplish everything you need. During this period, a DIY mentality serves you well: from mundane tasks like repairing your own plumbing and fixing your car to magical tasks like making your oils and magical tools from scratch.

As you get older you hopefully become more successful and money stops being in such short supply. Sadly most people at this stage face a deficit of time. Serious careers, kids, and passions soon make it impossible keep up with all the demands on your time. Suddenly it makes more sense to pay someone to fix crap, mow your lawn, and make your oils and tools.

Hopefully you get that shit whipped into shape too: You streamline your life so that everything from business stuff. to family time, to personal time is happening in a good balance. Now your problem is attention: even with maximized time and infinite money you cannot give attention to everything, so where do you place it?

When you get to this point you start to jettison a lot of stuff.  Some decisions are easy. Here’s a hint: if you regularly watch anything on USA network you should re-think where your attention is going. Other choices are more difficult and bound to piss people off when you withdraw or do not give as much of your bandwidth as they would like.

So Strategerati, why am I pointing this out to you? Because if you are like me your passion for sorcery and the occult is so strong that it creates an added draw against money, time and attention beyond what most people experience. Same is true for those who are self-employed. If you are both? OUCH.

Here is what I want you to keep in mind:

ITS CYCLICAL: This progression of Money, Time, Attention deficit is not a single progression through life, it’s a cycle. When you get all three of them nailed down pretty well you will find a new opportunity for Money, which again creates a poverty of Time, and eventually attention needs to shift. The cycles get tighter each time you go through it, and eventually you adjust all three of them simultaneously.

WHERE IS YOUR POVERTY?: Too many wealth Sorcerers are focused directly on money. Figure out where in your life the real poverty lies. It might indeed be money, but it might be time or attention. Focus on where you really need the help and fire your Sorcery at that.

BE MINDFUL OF WHERE OTHER”S DEFICIT LIES: We all need things from other people. Maybe it at a teacher like me, maybe it’s your boss at work, maybe it is people you are trying to get to donate to a cause, maybe its someone even closer like your spouse or best friend.

If you are short on time and have people around you that are not, they might not understand why you can’t hang anymore, its up to you to explain. If someone has a specific method for people to access them through, make sure you know it and use it. If you have lots of time and are trying to get the attention of someone who doesn’t, be brief and to the point. If you write me a couple sentences with a question I can answer briefly chances are I will get back to you in a day or two. If you write me a 2000 word e-mail asking me to explain a whole system of magic, you won’t get an answer.

MANAGE YOUR ENERGY AS WELL: Whatever of the three deficits you are focusing on, you must be mindful of your energy. You can schedule your creative time in the morning, but if you have more energy and focus at night for that then you are managing yourself poorly. You can decide to work three or more jobs for extra money, but your energy will give out as we tragically found out this week. Keeping healthy, eating right, managing caffeine efficiently, and knowing your own cycles are key to making the most of your money, time, and attention.

CHOOSE YOUR TOOLS WISELY: Do you have a scheduling app? A method of note taking? A System for getting things done? There are apps and tools for making money, managing time, and managing attention: make use of them. I am fond of Google Keep for notes, Mint for money management, Calm for short meditation sessions, Rescue Time for getting focused writing done, and ZenToDone as an overall system of management. But I am tweaking it all the time. I will be testing out Todoist this week to see if it offers anything I need.

At the same time, make sure you know what tools NOT to use. I recently turned off all my phone notifications for Facebook messages and E-mails. I have started to again shop with cash rather than an ATM card. Never let your tools use you.

USE MAGIC: Meditation of course is something that you knew I was going to bring up. It is a great help keeping focused. So is unfocused silent time. I had some success recently with praying to Zurvan for managing my time. Planetary minded mages should keep the powers of Luna, Mercury, and Saturn in mind just as much as Jupiter and Sol. Time, thought, and discipline are as important as expansion and inspiration.

Offerings also are a huge help in smoothing things out. You would be surprised at what the un-names local spirits of your neighborhood and workplace can accomplish with less effort than a Goetic Demon. Make offerings and allies, and you won’t even have to ask.

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Advice for the Individual vs. Society

Simple concept that is important to strategic thinking: advice that you might give to an individual may not be appropriate advice for society at large, and vice versa. Simple enough right?

It should be, but I see people mixing up the two all the time. It’s important to keep them separate.

It’s no secret that I am pretty liberal when it comes to politics and am generally supportive of social welfare,affirmative action, safety nets and corporate regulations. So sometimes people are surprised and confused when I talk entrepreneurship, independence, looking for opportunity, and generally pulling oneself up by ones own boot-straps, which all sound like conservative ideals.

The thing is that looking for opportunities and pulling yourself up is good advice for an individual in poverty. Do not wait for a handout, make or take whatever opportunity you can grab and make a better life for yourself. This makes total sense if you have a person in front of you asking for advice on how to make his life better. It is however a terrible plan when discussing impoverished cities or minority populations. They very fact that someone is even in a position where they are looking for advice on how to get ahead, or even in a head-space that this seems possible, means that they are already in a better spot than most most.

Similarly, while I think that plans aimed at eliminating the wealth gap, higher minimum wage, social welfare, equal pay laws, and affirmative action policies are great things for society it is absolutely shit advice to give to individuals looking to make their way in the world. It is one thing to think that fast food workers as a whole deserve better pay, it is quite another to tell the person you know who works at McDonalds that he should stick around and wait for it. See what I am saying?

But it’s not just about wealth. Recently the issue has come up regarding Rape.

You might have read about the four guys at North California State that invented a nail polish that detects the presence of date rape drugs. This is getting a lot of press not only because the great potential it has in preventing rape, but because certain Rape Crisis groups are NOT endorsing the invention. Here again is a conflict between a solution for an individual and a solution to a societal problem.

I absolutely agree that the victim is not to blame in cases of rape, and when women are raped people look for any reason to blame the victim or demand that women defend themselves rather than for men not to rape. Even though the problem of rape in society should not be solved by telling women to fight harder, an individual woman can benefit greatly from having tools to detect rape drugs and defend herself from attackers. To endorse a method for individual protection is not the same as shifting responsibility to the victim. Most people would agree that knowing martial arts and how to defend yourself is a good skill, but few would say that those who don’t are responsible for violence that happens to them. Sadly, this does happen with rape victims, but I will still be teaching my daughter how to defend herself and using any tools and tricks to prevent her from being raped.

But as I said, good advice for an individual is not always good for society at large. For instance Miss Nevada last year was asked what to do about rape on college campus’s and her answer was: “Myself, as a fourth-degree black belt, I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself. And I think that’s something that we should start to really implement for a lot of women.

Again, if she was talking to someone who asked her “what can I do to help prevent me from being raped?” but she wasn’t. She was asked what to do about rape on college campus’s – telling all women to become fourth degree black belts is just not reasonable and shifts the narrative back on the victim rather than the perpetrators.

Advice for society and advice for the individual should not always be the same. 

So why am I writing about this on a Sorcery Blog?

Because I see students and other sorcerers confusing the two things over and over with their magic. One person I know of refuses to use magic to further their career because they are afraid of adding to the income gap while others are suffering. On the flip side, I know someone who left a group that was enchanting for more help to a certain area in need because he felt that they should “pull themselves up”.

When planning magic or living life realize that good advice for an individual is not always good for society as a whole, and vice-versa.


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The Cyprian Handbook

2014 has absolutely been the year of St Cyprian. Apart from the two major works that came out this year: Jake Stratton Kent’s Testament of Cyprian The Mage and José Leitão’s Book of St Cyprian, The Sorcerer’s Treasure, there has been enormous interest in all parts of the world. Now that it is September, the days of the feasts of both Cyprians, I have invited my students to participate in the same Novena that I do, and am getting innundated with request for further prayers and supplimental spells.

Like a Cyprianista Superman Polyphanes from The Digital Ambler has delivered a new Handbook of Cyprian Prayers! This is a pithy collection of translations from Botanicas and Church traditions through the east and the west. I got mine on Friday vis my phone and took the prayers from the Orthodox Tradition out for a spin while meditating at the Shrine of Saint Anne.

One thing: these are largely translations of Christian Prayers. Many of us can look past some of the odious aspects of Christianity and see what lies underneath, but if you cannot, this is not the book for you. I give this caveat because the Church has done many terrible things and those who hold it in contempt have perfectly valid reasons. If you are looking for an uber-occult, gnostic, liberal, and multi-traditional Christianity this is not the place to find it.

For the rest of us this chapbook is a STEAL. 23 pages of Cyprian Prayers for just 9 bucks. Go grab it. 

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Ice Bucket Challenge

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My Reddit AMA

Here it is. My Reddit AMA.

It was a great way to spend an evening. Thank you for the great questions.

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