A Pause for Silence

I was planning more Answers today, but I am pausing because of the attack in France last night.

Another attack in France last night.

Too many.

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Genii Loci, Royal Stars, Presidential Predictions, and my Goofy Hat: Questions Answered Part 1

I asked for some questions earlier this week and they have been pouring in.  

Lets get right into it.

Can you give any advice on how to best conjure Genii Loci? I’ve tried several times to no avail. Thanks!

Yes. What works for me is a combination of study and offering. Study of a place, or plant, or site can reveal specific keys to unlocking its subtle geography and the spirits that inhabit it. Making offerings, first a very general feat for all the spirits of an area, then later more specific offerings aimed at specific spirits. So for instance I would have a spirit feast at my home and invite all the spirits of the land, underworld, air, elements, mountains, oceans, etc…. Then later I might make a more focused and intimate offering to spirits of a certain garden or tree or graveyard. Recently I made a large offering to the dead of the area that I am living for the summer and was then directed to a specific site for a specific spirit.

Offerings will help you gain favor, but if you want contact you will need to develop your capacity for seeing and communicating in that other world. Scrying practice just for practice, meditation, and inner heat practice all help immeasurably in this.

Now just because I am suggesting offerings does not mean that you never need to compel or be forceful. First of all you need to be able to exorcise if things go south, which can happen. Secondly some spirits ONLY appear when compelled and approached with frankness if not outright force. Be humble yet frank in your requests.

If you are in a place where the Genii Loci are well known and have established protocols, use those protocols. Do not assume that they will dig whatever it is you normally do.

G’day sir, About the royal stars, I notice spica in your seal of
sorcery ..why is this ?

Good Catch. The other three stars in that seal are Alderbaran, Regulus, and Antares – all Royal Stars. Fomalhaut, the fourth Royal Star is replaced by Spica because Fomalhaut is far from the eliptic and thus not one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars that have seals. There are Greek sources that use Spica’s qualities to stand in for Fomalhaut. That grouping was given to me by Hekate to use for “whirling the stars in your favor” and I published it as part of the spirit Trap in Protection and Reversal Magic. Honestly it was as much a mystery to me as it is to you until I did some more research on why she would have chosen those seals.

You made a prediction months ago about the Democratic Primary that cause quite a stir, but which proved accurate. Who is going to win the Presidency?

Yes, I interpretted the Emperor card as Bernie Sanders and people lost their minds, which I still don’t understand. He was running for president after all.

Ok…. lets ask the cards…. who will win the general election for president…. oh fuck.


The man who has been playing the fool is going to slip right past and behind the woman who has the judgement and discernment and take the throne. Not what I want to see, and I hope I am wrong, but that’s what the cards say.

What’s up with your hat? Are you Indiana Jones or something?

Nope. Not even the same kind of hat. He is wearing a Fedora. I am wearing a Tilly Hat made from Hemp. A TH4 to be precise.  Cannot recommend Tilley enough: guaranteed for life, insured against loss, the works.

My eyes have gotten much more sensitive to sunlight in the last few years and a good hat helps A LOT. I am 43 and not as concerned about looking like a dork as I was.

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All Sorcery is Local – A visit with Black Agnes


All teachers have these annoying axioms that they are always repeating. One of mind is “All Sorcery is Local”. I encourage all my students to make contact with the local spirits of where they live and visit as well as researching the local origins of “big” spirits with global reputations.

Anyway, I have relocated to Vermont for the summer and as soon as I got up here I started to feel a call to honor the spirits of the dead. As soon as I did though I had a vision of a woman in a black shroud who my spirits suggested I honor. I knew immediately that they must be talking about Black Agnes.

It is said that if you sit in Black Agnes’s lap that you will die in 7 days, 7 months, or 7 years. I don’t buy into that, and know plenty of people that have sat in Agnes’s lap, but I do understand how spirits can take up residency in statues with symbolic resonance to their nature, and decided to take a drive to make some offerings.

You will notice I said “take up residency in statues with symbolic residence” rather than “inhabit statues of themselves”.  That’s because Black Agnes is not on a grave of anyone named Agnes. Its not even the statue of a woman. It’s a statue of John E Hubbard, a philanthropist that left most of his fortune to the town, which eventually paid for the park, the library, and the gates to this cemetery.

So why did this statue become known as Black Agnes then? Well, as it turns out, there are a few Black Agnes statues all over the United States. For instance in West Virginia there is a Black Aggie statue also on the Grave of a man, one General Felix Agnus.

All of this might remind my UK readers of “Black Annis”, a legendary witch or monster (or both) who dwells in a cave in Leicestershire. Legends surrounding her are the typical “child-stealing” variety that get leveled against female spirits and witches going all the way back to the Empusae and Mormo of ancient Greece and even further back to Lilitu of Babylon. Just the kind of woman you find running around with Hekate on a New Moon Night.

Whether the legends arise from spirits inhabiting the site, or spirits inhabit the site because of the legends, I do not know. But I made several offerings, followed by a short Chod rite. Scheduling forced me to visit during the day rather than the night, but I feel that my offerings were well received.





I also made an offering to John Hubbard, whose grave this is on after all, and i promised him I would share one of the inscriptions he has on the site:



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Jupiter Global Rite

Jupiter is one of those beings that I have developed a special relationship with, and who has communicated teachings to me that eventually took shape in my book Financial Sorcery. He is speaking again, this time about weathering the storms that are coming, and how best to weather and even prosper in such times.

This rite has three goals

1. To be a catalyst for the financial growth and well-being of the participants in the rite.
2. To have this influence spill over from us and uplift those closest to us.
3. To give a global blessing against poverty and powerlessness.

The Global rites are only open to those in the STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE.

If you are in the course, you will already be receiving the rites automatically. No need to do anything further.

If not, then now is the time to join!

Begin a year of tested training in practical magic with a Global Rite designed to increase your own success as well as that of others around you.



For more information about the Strategic Sorcery Course, write me at jason@strategicsorcery.net

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13537687_10207974627218375_9360633051336578_nI remember a few years back the blogs would occasionally take questions for a few weeks at a time. It’s summer and I have relocated to Vermont, and with the change of location comes a change of perspective, and a good time to open up.

SO, if you have any questions that you would like me to answer here on the blog, shoot them over to me at jason@strategicsorcery.net with the subject line “QUESTIONS FOR JASON” in the subject line.

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Take Back Your Mind Starts on 7-11

Take back your Mind - facebook (1)

“Excellent course. I’ve been a meditator for a long time. Take Back Your Mind rocked. I got a lot more done in a lot less time.”
– C.R. Student from cycle 2.


Most teachings on mindfulness talk about finding calm and peace. Calm and peace are important, and you will attain those for sure, but that that is a side effect, not the goal.

The goal is to take back what has been stolen from you: your attention span, your self-awareness, your ability to act from will rather than habit. The Goal is to wake up: to be present, self possessed, and in command of tools and powers you did not even know you had.

Some meditation teachers make it sound like they want you to be dead from the neck down, I want you to be fully alive. Fully transcendent and fully engaged with the world at the same time.


Most meditation programs are based on systems that were designed for retreats or monastic life. The methods are great in and of themselves, but when placed into the context of ordinary, present-day, lifestyle, they lose their context and become watered down versions of what they were meant to be.

Take Back Your Mind (TBYM) focuses on practices and exercises that give a high return on time investment while providing a context for these practices within YOUR lifestyle: not a renunciate, or someone on retreat.


Every other Monday for six months you will wake up to a recording in your inbox that gives the mind-training instructions I want you to focus on. Submit questions to me via e-mail or via the TBYM Facebook Community and the following Monday you will have a recording of all the Questions and Answers.

In addition to this, for this round I am introducing regularly scheduled e-mail meditation prompts, recordings of different lengths to meditate along with, and a bi-weekly challenge for those who like to put themselves to the test.


Dedication. That’s it. You need to do it to get it. 20 minutes a day is the minimum that I ask of you. You do not need to practice at a particular time every day – but you do need to commit to a practice.


The next cycle of Take Back Your Mind begins on JULY 11th.


Fee for the course is $108 a month for six months, payable by paypal subscription.



Now that I’ve finished the Take Back Your Mind program, I have a bit of crow to eat. When I started the program, it was on good faith and no small dare on my part as I had been trying to meditate for years and had given up by declaring that meditation was not for me, could not be done by me, and I would be better off chasing more attainable skills like underwater basket weaving.

Well. Here I am 12 lessons later, with an established meditation routine, already experiencing positive effects from meditation in private and professional practices, less haggard when surprises disrupt my scheduled actions, and very pleasantly surprised by my achievements.

The program did not so much give me a goal to achieve but the foundations to have a good place to start. I didn’t have to rearrange my life, my beliefs, or my circumstances to fit a Best Model of a meditating life. I was shown how I could begin in the circumstances and habits I have now, and how I can modify both habits and practices to accommodate my limitations.

This program has been money well spent, and I am glad I also invested the time to follow through on the lessons. I don’t consider myself a great meditation practitioner by any means, and I still have trouble with a few of the advanced techniques, but I have benefited greatly from this program, and I would recommend it to all nay-sayers as I was.

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I am in Vermont today, and its the 4th of July so naturally the mind turns to Calvin Coolidge. Not only is this Independence day, but his birthdate.

The quote above is such good advice that I have it laminated on my desk at home.

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Is Magic Dangerous?


Anything real is dangerous.

Teachers that insist that what they teach is perfectly safe are either A)Lying or B)Not teaching anything that actually does anything.

Driving is dangerous.
Business is dangerous.
Meditation is dangerous.
Spirits are dangerous.

Pretty much anything worthwhile is dangerous.

Does this mean that we do not engage? Of course not, we take precautions. We have safeguards. We mitigate the danger as best we can, and…. still dangerous.

Anyone that says different is selling you something….
Well, ok, I am often selling you something, but I try to be as honest and up front about it as possible.

When I was 16 I bought Magical Childs edition of The Goetia at a Renaissance Festival in Lakewood NJ. Hal, the guy I bought it from said “Do you know how to use this?“. I said, yes. He said: “What do you do when the spirit blows the book and the papers outside the circle?” 

Hehe. That stuck with me.

That my friends is why even if I do not have a full ritual memorized (which is not something possible in some cases or even desirable) I have my favorite exorcisms, offering formulae, closings, and little tricks memorized. Its why I have a Phurba at hand even if I am doing something having nothing to do with Tibetan Magic.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say.

Go out and get your fingers burned.

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Saint Sarah E Kali and Jesse Hathaway


A few weeks ago on the feast of Saint Sarah La Kali I wrote about her feast and celebration in France and how I was honoring her that morning at at the seaside as well.

What I did not say is that on that same day Jesse Hathaway of Wolf and Goat fame was washing and loading a statue of Saint Sarah that he brought up for me from Brazil. I purchased her amazing oil to go with it and it is fast becoming one of my go-to oils for serious divination.

Saint Sarah is closely linked to the Black Madonnas but there is a different twist to her mystery that relates more to the future than to the past. She can be petitioned for practical reasons, but I mostly relate to her for divinatory and mystical practice.

If you are considering working with Saint Sarah and want a strong boost for your practice, let me recommend the Oil from Wolf&Goat as well as hitting them up for a loaded statue. I know that many people know them for Troy’s incredible custom work, but they also load and consecrate traditional statues, something I am not sure many people know.

If you are shy about the price of the oil, keep in mind that the scroll that comes with is packed with pithy pieces of practical magic.

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Why Chaos Magic Rocks


A few years back I wrote a few pieces critical of bits of Chaos Magic. I stand by those five criticisms, but I think it gave the impression to many people that I was anti- chaos magic in general. That is not the case. It’s SO not the case that I am writing a short commentary to Carrolls Liber KKK for use by the Strategic Sorcery Group.

Dubious Monk’s recent post in response to Aaron Leitch prompted me to comment a little further on Chaos Magic and why I think it has a bright future.

I stand my by “5 Criticisms”. but especially now, Chaos Magic is so much more than that.
A few years ago I suggested it was heading to towards “Post Chaos” but that was a bad projection, and I was wrong. If anything it is a fuller embrace of Chaos and Animism that arises from it as the cosmological model rather than a neat and tidy emanationist order with a designer at the helm that is taking us forward.

While I loathe the “fantasy/fiction” based gods, I LOVE the re-embrace of Mystery Gods and Magicians Gods. Carroll’s Apophenia and Pareidolia are great examples. This has a lot more resonance with ancient figures like the Headless One and the lion Headed Serpent, and even Abraxas than many people like to give credit for. For me these symbolic beings should arise from states of Gnosis rather than deliberate construction, but it’s still pretty cool.

Chaos Magic is not Tidy and neither is the universe. Even in studies of traditional magic and religion when things are Tidy its almost always a false picture that you need to cut through. Chaos magic does this by cutting through to what lies underneath and focusing on results that matter. In bad hands Chaos Magic prompts people not to ignore history and tradition in favor of whatever the hell they feel like doing or whatever is easiest. In great hands however it asks for deeper digging and engagement, cutting through some of the Byzantine Bullshit that gets layered on through the ages, and getting back to the sparks that lit the fire in the first place.

I am still not a chaos magician, but it played an important role in my formation. People like Gordon White and Tommie Kelly and Andrieh Vitimus are taking it to the next level.

Speaking of the next thing in Chaos Magic, have you heard about the Pieces of Eight?

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