Occultists and Occupations

c6FsGSo I was planning to stay away from the whole “Public Occultism” nonsense, but now it’s turned into a proper old-school blog-go-round and students are actually pinging me to weigh  in on it.  It has broken up into a couple different topics now, so I think its a good idea to maybe deal with them separately.

First and foremost is the idea of magicians having normal day-jobs…. (I refuse to use the term muggle jobs. This isn’t Harry Potter) .

I make my living doing this, and I make a good living at it. So, do I think that working a day job is a sign of being a bad magician? Do I think I am better than you for being a professional Sorcerer and author?

Hell No!

I had un-magical day jobs in the past. I eventually was able to make my living as an author/teacher/sorcerer but that doesn’t mean I was less of a magician when I worked a day-job.  Not everyone is suited to working for themselves, not everyone is comfortable with self-promotion, and some people simply like their non-magical job! Doing a non-occult job you love is not a sign of being a poor magician, it is a sign of success. People who see everything in the lens of magic and mundane need to pull their magical head out of their magical asses anyway. Not everyone finds their passion enhanced by making money at it. People that don’t treat this as a valid choice, especially those of us who are doing otherwise, really piss me off.

On the other hand you have people proclaiming that you cannot make a decent living in the occult, that it is a bad job, or that it somehow denigrates the magic…

All Bullshit.

I make a great living doing this, more than I made at any other job. I wake up every day excited to get to work. I am not the only one. When I left the day-job behind, Chris Warnock  wrote me a nice letter of encouragement ensuring me he was making more as a professional Astrologer than he was as a Lawyer.

There are two things that I try to keep in mind:

1. I am a professional: As such its not wrong to expect to be compensated as a professional for my time, training, and expertise. I have plenty of free stuff (you are not paying to read this are you?), I have plenty of stuff that costs very little (four books with a whopping $16 price tag), I have a course that is moderately priced for students who are serious about going further ($150 for a year of lessons is less than most similar courses), and I have higher level services and training that cost more for those who have more money and time to spend. Put it all together and you have a career.

What’s more is that by treating yourself like a professional, you attract students and clients who treat you that way. They generally do the work, and you have less hassle.

2. I serve my students: I never have any qualms about promoting my work because I love my students, and think that what I have is good for them. I think they are better off for hiring me or studying with me. You will notice that almost all the marketing for my course is field reports from students doing the work and getting results. I will have another one of those up later today. If I didn’t think this was the case, I would hate what I do, but its not the case. My students rock, and I love them for it. They are not perfect, but neither am I.

Every now and then someone will want to hire me when I think it is not a good idea. Perhaps they are close to their last dime and looking for a miracle, or hoping for something unreasonable, or looking someone to hold their hand every step of the path. I will either recommend something different for these folks, do some pro-bono work, or make some kind of price arrangement. One of the things about being priced as a professional, is that it frees you up to do stuff like this.

As for money denigrating my magic, I find it is quite the opposite. Nothing has spurred me on to better work than being a professional in service to my students and clients. It opens the time to do better work both in terms of practical sorcery and mystical attainment.

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SS Hekate Global Rite 02
On Halloween 2009 I started the first cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Course, and since then over 1250 people have taken the course and benefited from an approach to magic that makes real and lasting changes in their lives.

I am very excited to be announcing the next Cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Course which will begin on Halloween – October 31st

Every cycle of the course starts on an auspicious date, but the Halloween cycles are always special to me, and I like to celebrate them with a Global Hekate Rite.


To kick off this cycle I will be releasing a special Hekate rite that can be performed between October 31st and November 2nd. This rite is optional, but will link you up to a root power of Sorcery, as well as other people performing the same rite all over the globe. Reports from prior global rites have proved the powerful catalyst that these rituals can provide.


When you sign up you get:

  • 52 Lessons of the best training in practical magic available on the net.
  • Admittance into the secret Strategic Sorcery Group where people post field reports, learn from each others successes and failures, and generally treat each other with a mixture of respect and honesty that is rare to find online.
  • Ability to participate in the Strategic Sorcery Global Rites – join with hundreds of people five times a year in rituals designed to catalyst your power, wealth, and wisdom.
  • The opportunity to take part in ARCANE AUDIO trainings – webinars on advanced magic that are open only to students of the course.
  • Write me at strategicsorcery@gmail.com for more information or just click the link here to sign up:



I treasure any feedback about the course, but I place extra value on students who already  have years and years of experience. I received this letter from a student who has been practicing magic for almost fifty years:

“I first became interested in the Occult around 1965 (I was in my early teens). Over the years I have belonged to a couple of occult fraternal organizations, read dozens of books, and performed some very dramatic attempts at ritual magic (with a little witchcraft, from time-to-time).  My results were less than spectacular.

For the past year I have been working slowly and carefully through the Strategic Sorcery course, and have only applied the most elementary material.  However, I have learned more, and had more tangible, verifiable results (financial magic, specifically) from Jason Miller in the past year, than I gained from anything I’ve previously attempted.  His instruction in the art of proper meditation is worth the price of the course all by itself.

I have paid more, and gotten less many times.  Thank you Jason!”

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Video Post: The Place of Personal Gnosis

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Saturn Is Awesome.

12141569_10206204315681693_7813303935262730880_nLast night I agreed to do some heavy Saturn work for a client. It is for a good cause and not aimed at hurting anyone, but Saturnian none-the-less.

Woke up this morning to a vision of me wearing a black triangle with the Strategic Sorcery Saturn Seal in silver letters in the center. I am already deep in the Saturn for the next three days, and here’s the thing…

I feel great about it.

More focused and determined about not just this working but other projects on my desk.

Never let people scare you about Saturn as a “malific”. Saturn rocks as long as its not the only planet you deal with or the primary focus of your work. Without discipline, without timelines, without restriction, expansion has no focus. Without your bones you are just a bloated sack of protoplasm.

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Crucible Recap

Jason and JoshAnother Crucible has come and gone and though it was a smaller affair this year than the last few, this year stands out as one of my favorite in recent memory.

As to the size: Hurricane Joaquin was threatening NJ so a lot of people I am sure cancelled their travel plans. NJ Pagan Pride happened in south Jersey and of course the amazing and wise Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki was speaking in Philadelphia. As much as it is nice to have Crucible grow, it was nice to enjoy a smaller more intimate setting.

I got to appear on panels on magical ethics, and another that was allegedly about evolution of consciousness but which turned out to be more about astral and energy work. Both Panels were quite full of smart people with varied opinions.Arthur MoyerVictoria Whitfield, Maggie Horseman, Ernest McClosky and Soror LM, and some guy names Rufus Opus all were present to comment on the topics that Jason Colwell tossed out. The ethics talk this year was particularly good I thought and avoided the stale “is it ok to curse” debate in favor of how the community at large handles itself.

With two events going at any given moment, you cannot do everything at Crucible, but the lectures I attended were all top-notch.

Arthur, host of the event, gave perhaps his clearest explanation of Omnimancy to date and had people break up into small groups each with an experienced Omni in it to do some energetic/astral experimentation. Omni is a strange thing for most people coming from Pagan or traditional occult backgrounds to get a handle on and I think this did a lot to make the basics of it clear.

Rufus spoke on the Seven Spheres and gave a very impassioned account of the theory behind the work, a streamlined and simple method for performing the work, and a deeply personal autobiographical account of how he came to the work and how it has changed his life.

The only thing that I was not terribly happy with was my own lecture. My topic this year was a talk called Proccultism and was meant to be stories and tips for those who are making money via spiritual arts. I spent far to much time deconstructing arguments of  haters and nay-sayers, and took the opportunity to release a blow off some steam at people that I usually ignore. Because of this I didn’t quite cover everything I wanted to. Still, I think it was helpful to those who were meant to hear it.

Truth be told I am a little uncomfortable talking about the business of occultism because I tend not to like it when people start teaching how to do what they do rather than doing it. It is a slippery slope to the “let me teach you how I made money by telling people how to make money” nonsense. I felt a call to do it this year and I did. I am re-working the talk now in case I ever decide to do it again.

Crucible of course more than just the talks. It was wonderful to re-connect with old friends that are just coming back on the scene after a long hiatus, and to hit it off with new friends. This is also a great time to connect with peers that I came up with like Rufus and the charming Deb Castellano to talk shop and compare notes like we did back before the books and businesses, when we were all just bloggers.

Big thanks to Arthur and the Omnimancers for hosting this event and making it what it is. Thanks to all my fellow speakers for sharing your dropping your knowledge, and thank you to everyone who attended for spending your hard earned money and time on coming out to events like this and giving your support.

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On Evaluating People and their Works

It has now been revealed to the world that Pope Francis met with Kim Davis. People are of course losing their freaking minds over this. Liberals feel betrayed, haters feel vindicated,  and people are thrown into a tizzy as they now choose whether to feel completely and totally good about the Pope or completely totally bad about the Pope.

Anyone genuinely shocked by this has not been paying attention to Pope Francis – he is not what you would call liberal or supportive of LGBT issues. While he did NOT call transgendered people nuclear weapons (read the actual quote), he is certainly not an ally.

What I am going to suggest is apparently a radical notion completely foreign to most people in the spiritual community: You can like what he is doing for the poor and the environment and still dislike his statements on LGBT.

This way you can applaud the changes he has made to the church’s positions, which for an organization like the Catholic Church are truly radical and good and at the same time hold his feet to the fire for stances on LGBT issues, birth-control, and a whole host of other things.

You don’t have to choose. It’s true. Try it.

Don’t let your support for LGBT and women’s issues diminish your support for his stances on Poverty, Environment, and Religious tolerance.

Don’t let your support for him on Poverty, Environment, and Religious tolerance ever be a mask for his truly shit statements on LGBT and Women’s issues.

In short, evaluate his work as you would anyone elses: not with a resounding thumbs up or down, but with a nuanced well-considered view.

Then try this with other things.

Politicians, entertainers, community leaders, your favorite occult authors….

It is kind of amazing what happens. You start to see the world as it is, not as one side or another would have you see it. You even start to empathize with these folks for being real people who have habitual patterns and flaws and feelings and all the stuff that makes you and I real people.

Next thing that happens is that you get so used to seeing things this way that your BS detector goes off any time you feel entirely positively or negatively about anyone or anything. This is a good thing.

Here is an exercise for you today: take someone you cannot stand, lsay Donald Trump, and come up with five things that you like about them or support them on. It is actually REALLY easy.

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Field Report: Tripled Income!

CoveraaaI spoke with this student yesterday and when he told me the success he was having following the principals laid out in Financial Sorcery, I begged him to write it up as a field report.

Sadly there are still some people who ignore every piece of advice I give except for the magic bits, completely missing the parts that are meant to interface with the magic and make big changes. One of these is the side income with income based on changing variables such as sales. If your only income is a flat wage, magic aimed at increasing income dramatically can only do so much – but if you have a variable in your life that magic can work with, the sky is the limit.

Brief field report: so, Jason mentions have a “side gig” variable to allow for the influx of increased revenue streams in the SS course, the SS book, and in Financial Sorcery… and after seeing it three times, I figured he probably thought it was important. After taking stock of my abilities and inclinations to where I might incorporate this variability, I landed on audiobook narration, which I’ve been doing now in my spare time for a little over a year.

Having a modicum of talent and doing a HELL of a lot of ensorcelling (offerings and Kurukula ftw) – I can now proudly say that while many of my peers proudly boast of reaching 10k sales over a couple of years, I’ve managed to break 20k books sold in just over one year, through what appears to be simply a string of “lucky breaks” – being in the right place at the right time saying the right thing to the right person.

My “side gig” of audiobook narration, which I do in my spare time – has brought in nearly DOUBLE my regular day job income (which isn’t chump change) for the past three months running. If all goes according to plan, by this time next year my “side gig” will be my “only gig” and I’ll not only have more regular money, but more freedom and free time with which to enjoy it!

– JF

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The Curiosity of St Cyprian

12032095_10206154682520895_1501348474068381461_nSaturday  was the feast of St Cyprian and St Justina. That night he asked that I take him out from the shrine room and install him at the center point of the course for the night with a candle and water glass, which I did. The three cards I drew this morning were Magician, Popess, and Chariot – an obvious nod to Cyprian, Justina, and Theoctistus. (The fact that it was not the Pope that came up for Cyprian holds a mystery I think).

Anyway, every feast day he inspires a sort of sermon for me to share. This year it is on Curiosity.

One has to imagine that Cyprian was a curious soul. Legend has him traveling all over the Mediterranean world learning his magic. When he encounters a power that easily diffuses his magic, even when wielded by a young virgin, he decides to investigate and eventually to take ordination. Despite all he knows, he knows that there is much more that he doesn’t. He is curious.

After his martyrdom, he starts to REALLY get around. Norweigan spells, High grimoires like Liber Juratis, Maria Padhila’s Witch cults in Iberia. Shaman in Peru Curanderos in Mexico and the Soutrherm US. Quimbanda in Brazil. Greek Orthodox healing rites. It seems like wherever people get curious about St Cyprian, he gets curious right back.

St Cyprian this year wanted me to write some words of encouragement for the curious. Those who are always learning and asking questions. Those whose only surety is that there is more than they know and more than they can know.

So keep questing. Till the day you die. Keep learning and keep looking.

I see a lot of people out there struggling to look like they know everything already. I see writers and teachers masking where they learned things so that it seems like their ideas originated with them or were fed directly by the spirit. Don’t do this. You are not diminished by learning from others. I am a teacher with over 1200 people in my course, and I learn things every day.

From my teachers.

From my peers.

From my students.

It’s what you do with that knowledge that is yours.

Even if you have been at this for decades and have written dozens of books – seek the places where you can occasionally be the youngest and least knowledgeable person in the room.

Respect the knowledge you receive and where it comes from. Do not misrepresent it. If you change it, and meld it, or create something new inspired by it – than make it clear. Make your source clear and make where you depart from tradition clear. That’s really all anyone can ask of you.

Access and communication are the gifts of the age if we use them wisely. If we don’t then it becomes of the curse of the age. It is fine to use this gift to share what you know, as long as that does not kill your curiosity about what you don’t.

Like John Burroughs, make joy in the universe and keen curiosity about it your religion.

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2 Weeks To Crucible

Its just two weeks to Crucible have you registered yet? Have you gotten your room?

Now is the time!

I will be giving a workshop called PROCCULTISM. Its all about the intersection of magic and money and magic for money. If you are working in the field, interested in starting, or just want to hear some stories from a magician that has worked for a lot of people over the years.

I will also be on Panels discussing Magical Ethics and another on the Evolution of Consciousness.

And that’s just me. Look at the rest of the speakers here.

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St Cyprian: Prayer to the Martyrs of Nicomedia

Today is the feast of St Cyprian of Carthage. The tomorrow begins the period of nine days leading up to the feast of St Cyprian of Antioch on September 26th.

As every year, I encourage the Strategerati to do the a Novena to St Cyprian. Two years ago I wrote a Sorcerer’s Prayer for this occasion that you can find on my blog. This year however I have been directed to encourage people not only to pray to St Cyprian, but to Justina and Theoctistus.

As I mentioned beforeIn my communications with Cyprian he has expressed serious issues with his current popularity and the sidelining of his Christianity. Viewing him as someone that was only masquerading as a Christian is incorrect. It is precisely his conversion to Christianity that makes him notable.

Because of his growing popularity and reputation for success a lot of non-Christians want to work with him, which is fine, but if you cannot utter the name “Jesus Christ” in a prayer without getting apoplectic then I would advise against working with this saint. One must also not forget to mention Justina. As Jesse Hathaway pointed out this weekend when we were chatting: “It was she that overcame him and his rape demons after all!”

The role of St. Justina is clear: she is the Wisdom to compliment St Cyprians means. She is the taming influence to his wild power. She is the shield that not even he can overcome. I also want to offer that she is an excellent saint to call upon for the prevention of rape, and for rape survivors who are dealing with their pain.

The role of Theoctistus is that of grace in extension. He witnessed the execution of Justina and Cyprian in Nicomedia where they were beheaded (only after unsuccessful attempts to boil them in Antioch – very similar to the story of Padmasambhava and Mandarava) and he instantly converted to Christianity, and was himself promptly beheaded. Their bodies were left for six days on the banks of the river Gallus until Christian sailors took their bodies to Rome where they were interred.

This Novena invokes all three of them as both Christian martyrs and sources of Sorcerous wisdom and intercession.


In the name of the great and mighty power of God I invoke the sublime influence of St. Cyprian, St. Justina, and St. Theoctistus.

Answer the resolve of my devotion with success in all that I do. Remove all spells worked against me and all bonds placed upon me. Make level the path before me and clear every obstacle in my way.

Holy Cyprian Sorcerer Saint, Martyr and Mage, bless my efforts to follow you in your path. You who commingled with angels, devils, and earthly spirits, grant the power to commune and command the spirits as you did, and as Solomon and Manasses did before you.

Holy Justina, Virtuous Virgin, Arcane Abbess, make me immune to curses, crossing, and conjurations. As you tamed Cyprian and brought him to serve the Lord, tame all demons and spirits whether they be set against me, or whether I call them myself.

Holy Theoctistus, Soldier Saint, first convert of the holy pair. Lend me your strength and resolve. As the grace and power of Cyprian and Justina was extended to you, extend it to me that it may work through me, and that I may act upon it.

I bare my heart to you and place all worry and care into your holy hands. Free me from all evil. Smite those who would do me harm. Draw a circle of protection around me and those whom I love. In the night be my lantern and my solace. In the daylight be my guide and my protector. Through the intercession of the martyrs of Nicomedia, in Christ Jesus hear my prayers and spells. Bathe my words in the blood of Christ and bring them to fruition.

St Cyprian ora pro nobis
St Justina Ruego ora pro nobis
St Theoctistus Ruego ora pro nobis


At the end of the Novena make the sign of three nails with the right hand and cross yourself with it three times.

If you want to do more, you can anoint yourself with oil. If you want to do even more, set up an altar with a statue or image of St Cyprian and St Justina and perhaps Theoctistus, a purple candle, and a glass of water. If you want to do more than that… read a fucking book you lazy bastard

There are a LOT to choose from suddenly….


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