Gordon and I Talking Tech of Successful Sorcery.

Was I deficient in my offerings to Rahula?
Was the ghost of Nikola Tesla angry with us?
Does Google just kinda suck at anything connected to Google Plus?

Whatever the reason, our Google Hangout had to be moved to Skype, where it went swimmingly well.

WE cover a lot of ground in 2 hours, and all of it is focused squarely on practical how-to type stuff. Have a listen.

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Reminder: Gordon White and I are Hanging out tonight. Come Join us!


Gordon and I will be talking about how to get shit done with the assistance of magic. We don’t have a set format but I am sure we will hit on:
– Optionality
– Sigil Magic
– Apocalypse Prep
– Whatever YOU ask us…

Come hangout with us on Google Hangouts.

WHEN?  Tue, Apr 26, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM East Coast Time. 11PM-1AM London Time.

COST? Your undivided attention and maybe some smart questions. Other than that: FREE. 

WILL THERE BE A RECORDING? Yes indeed. Expect it to be up on our respective blogs in short order.  Gordon has all the fancy podcast stuff so we are relying on him.

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The Holiest Percher says the kindest things….

The Searcher

Lots going on behind the scenes at Strategic Sorcery these days, one of which is a website re-design at strategicsorcery.net.

The Holiest Percher offered the following words about the Strategic Sorcery Course…

“I live in a different world. I am a different person”

“Four years ago, I started Strategic Sorcery and made an investment in my future. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had been led to the most effective sorcery course available.

Applying the lessons, truly doing the work, I have been able to do wonderfully magical things, and my kingdom has blossomed into paradise. The mix of magic with mundane techniques is simple and superb. All you have to do is apply yourself in simple ways, and the change can be phenomenal.

New job? Got that. Salary bump? Got that. The house I always wanted with land, temple space, super friendly local spirits? Got that. Conjuring spirits? Yep. Talking to Angels? Uh huh.  Shall I go on? How about who got not only a big bonus, but got everyone in the company one? Not enough time to meditate? An entire corporation is now implementing weekly meditation meetings in the office, my office. In four years time, I live in a different world. I am a different person. And, I did it with the Strategic Sorcery.

I can continue, but seriously, this is what you’ve been searching for. The cost is unreal for what you get. The Strategic Sorcery community is a group of real workers – friendly and willing to help workers. You WILL NOT find a better magical group online. I am in several, and there’s just no comparison.

No drama. No bullshit. Real magic. Real results. Strategic Sorcery WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Period. Go!”
– The Holiest Percher

Thank you sir!

Go check out the Holiest Percher’s blog.

Now is a Great Time to Join Strategic Sorcery

The Strategic Sorcery Course consists of 52 lessons in practical magic arriving one each week.

It also gives you access to:

  • The Strategic Sorcery Facebook Group: the hub for the community.
  • Access to special challenges and programs like the Arcane Audio classes, Better your Lot challenge and many others.
  • The Global Rites: quarterly rites that join your power with hundreds of others in an effort to bolster success.

Now is a particularly great time to join, because of the upcomming GLOBAL JUNO RITE from May 1st through May 3

Cost for the course is just $150 for the whole year – less than $3 a lesson!

To pay by Paypal, just click on the Seal of Sorcery:




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Gordon and I talk Strategic Sorcery and Chaos Protocols

Strategic ChaosWhen it comes to magic, Gordon White and I have a lot in common:

  • A focus on enchanting in stages towards a goal.
  • A money-positive look at spirituality and magic.
  • Emphasis on probability assessment in finding the “points of transmutation”.
  • A love of Saint Sorcery
  • No problem invoking Lucifer the day after we invoked a Saint :-)

Yet obviously, we are two different people who naturally approach things differently. We have enough of a different approach to so many core topics we thought it might be interesting to have a discussion targeted on our approaches to practical magic. The Strategic Chaos Sorcery Protocols if you will…

Come hangout with us on Google Hangouts.

WHEN?  Tue, Apr 26, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM East Coast Time. 11PM-1AM London Time.

COST? Your undivided attention and maybe some smart questions. Other than that: FREE. 

WILL THERE BE A RECORDING? Yes indeed. Expect it to be up on our respective blogs in short order.  Gordon has all the fancy podcast stuff so we are relying on him.


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Just a couple weeks ago someone wrote me the following: “Hey man, you used to offer incredible talismans for sale on your blog but I haven’t seen one for like a year. Your Gator Hand helped me launch a new product line.

I have been making talismans, but students have been buying them up before they get posted to the blog, so taking that e-mail as a cue, I am popping this one up to the public before they are all gone. So….


12938348_10207412141916594_2082501998236232422_nThe Juno Talisman that I made for myself has passed the triple sniff test of Oracle, Omen, and Result. The design came in a dream and divinations proved spectacularly good. The Omen I have already written about when the Peacock showed its 100 eyes when it was asked. The result is private, but suffice to say that I set the talisman to a specific task that had no other magic pointed at it, and it delivered in spades… So now I am in the middle of making a 100 of these for sale. 27 are sold already and I am giving away 7.

WHAT ARE THEY MADE OUT OF? A hand drawn sigil on parchment, a peacock feather, and a few herbal ingredients in a glass tube. The sigil and construction appeared in the dream. The Parchment is soaked in an appropriate oil and prayed over with 100×100 mantra breathed into them. On display will be the sigil on one side, and the peacock feather on the other.

WHAT ARE THEY FOR? Wealth and Health and Vigilance. Juno has a very different action in these matters than Jupiter does. Like a mother she can be very zealous in helping you fulfill your desires and very protective when they are threatened. Wearing this talisman has made the link between wealth and health clear when it comes to establishing a good life. If I had to sum up Juno’s intrest in having these talismans created it would be to create Unassailable Happiness.

WHEN WILL BE MAILED? Immediately after the Juno Global Rite. I am shooting for the very next day, but give me till the 6th to get them out the door just in case.

HOW MUCH ARE THEY? $100 payable via paypal here

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Jumping Jupiter

CoveraaaJust in case you getting in now: some of my students asked me to comment on the statements Gordon makes about Jupiter in Chaos Protocols. Rather than just keep it in-house I made a blog post out of it. Gordon replied in short order and…. We’re on!

I agree with Gordon on a lot. I agree that we are in a declining economy due to wealth concentration. I agree that we largely need to seize our economic destiny from the powers that be.  I agree about not worshiping or aligning too closely with the Gods, in fact this post bumped my next planned post titled “When the Gods Get Desperate.”  

I also know well that wealth concentration, inflation, and taxation are the root cause for the fall of Rome. I just disagree that is what Jupiter represents. When talking about magic that invokes the Gods we should be looking for what their Ideal is, not necessarily how it plays out through human nature at its lowest point. If we don’t, then pretty much every god, prophet, saint, and spirit can stand accused. Gordon uses rituals that call upon the Abrahamic God and Christ – certainly beings that oversaw some shady shit.

Jupiter is accumulation of wealth for sure, but that does not mean centralization. Jupiter was not only a god of War and Wealth, but the Welfare of the people. If we want to get into tracing his cult you can actually see Rome fairing worse during many periods of Jupiters decline. When Diocletian became Emperor Rome was nearing collapse. He re-established the importance of Jupiter and made the Tax code more stable and equitable, preventing the decline of Rome for a good 100 years more. No, no one likes Taxes (like all self-employed people, I become a Republican for a few days around April 15th every year), but the system he implemented was fairer all around.  It was not until Rome became Christian that it all fell to pots…

But none of that is important.

The Gods are multi-faceted. They are Gods after all, one should expect them to be huge. This is why I can work with Saturn even though he gets the “malific” label by traditional Astrology. Jupiter can indeed represent all that is wrong with rulership if you look at him that way, but he doesn’t have to.

Jupiter is not locked into a place or time. He started as an Etruscan sky god, became a War God, then a God of governance, and then accumulated traits that we associate with Jovialness: As much the Ghost of Christmas Present as Roman God.

As for the comments about the Gentlemen for Jupiter, the dressing in suits was not to emulate Kings and Princes. It was largely a nod to Gentlemens Clubs and fraternal orders. It was not an attempt to role play royalty, so much as it was putting on your best like you were attending a party. It was a ritual signal much the way a robe or any other garment is, and a good way to bind people acting all across the globe together in a single act.  Though they are still around, I resigned several years back and cannot speak to what they are up to these days.

Getting back to Rome, I want to thank my friend W.H. Trumpler for pointing out this bit from the Wiki on Romanitas, the virtues and culture that Romans defined themselves by, which quotes Paul Fouracre:

“The Roman customs and principles regarding the acquisition of wealth are better than those of the Carthaginians. In the view of the latter nothing is disgraceful that makes for gain; with the former nothing is more disgraceful than to receive bribes and to make profit by improper means. For they regard wealth obtained from unlawful transactions to be as much a subject of reproach as a fair profit from reputable sources is of commendation. A proof of the fact is this: the Carthaginians obtain office by open bribery, but among the Romans the penalty is death.”

The wiki article goes on to say:

“The virtuous character of the Romans, their honesty and trustworthiness, is shown in the way they handled their finances. Polybius remarks: “Greek statesmen, if entrusted with a single talent, though protected by ten checking-clerks, as many seals and twice as many witnesses, yet cannot be induced to keep faith; whereas among the Romans, in their magistracies and embassies, men have the handling of a great amount of money, and yet from pure respect for their oath keep their faith intact.”Their cultural characteristics led to their development of “self government” by adopting a classical republic and thus this class formed the backbone of the Roman Republic.”

That last bit about self-government that is so important for Financial Magic from a Strategic Sorcery perspective. Its not about worshiping a sky god who gives you stuff, like a Pagan Prosperity Gospel. It is about taking finances seriously as an aspect of self-possession.

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Jupiter, Sovereignty, and Chaos Protocols


A few days before the Super Tuesday Primary I posted a three card reading on the outcome of the Democratic Primary. The first card was the Emperor, which I interpreted as representing Bernie Sanders. People went bananas! “How could you possibly see Sanders in the Emperor Card”?” He is an activist!” “A protestor!” “A man of the people!” “The very opposite of Emperor!”

What few people seemed to get was that he is also running for President – a position as close to Emperor as you are likely to find.

The situation reminded me of an episode of Coupling (the BBC one, not the crap American one), where Patrick points out that liberals are currently in power and are therefore have become the establishment, making the conservative Tory the scrappy underdogs. Sally, a liberal who used to protest against Thatcher, starts screaming “NO! NO! NO! We can’t be! We are the anti-establishment!”

What does all this have to do with Jupiter?

I think a lot of people in the magical community see themselves as inherently counter-culture and therefore positioned against the mainsteam, not only spiritually but in material terms as well.

In Chaos Protocols, Gordon White argues that Jupiter is a god of Kings and the Elite and therefore not a god of the people. “However you slice it and orderly, lawful, presiding deity of wealth accumulation is not the best ally and may even be asleep at the wheel.”

Since the 1960’s magician’s and pagan’s counter culturalism has been tied to anti-materialism. That is all well and good if you are really doing the anti-materialism thing; becoming a monk, a nun, or a homeless wandering mystic. Most of us are not.

If you are not going to completely renounce money and materialism, you need to deal with it somehow. Gordon and I agree on this. If you ignore it and go with the flow you will get steamrolled, especially in this economy. You need to become Sovereign over your own life, and it is here that Jupiter comes in.

Unless you plan on becoming a criminal mastermind, becoming fiscally solvent and sovereign means that you are going to become part of the establishment to some degree. You want an orderly, lawful, life of wealth accumulation so that you can do good works with it. You want to reign sovereign over your life as much as anyone can. Jupiter and Juno respond to this desire BIG TIME.

Gordon argues that “Modern magic has mistaken the much, much later platonic system – a long defunct explanatory model of the Universe – for an eternal conception of Jupiter”. This is true, but the fact that the planetary associations of Jupiter being benevolent, expansive, and otherwise Jovial are more recent does not make them wrong. The kingly aspect of Jupiter is not wrong because it was laid over an older Sky-God attribution. The Capitoline Jupiter that existed after the Roman monarchy fell is also not wrong. In short, none of it is wrong. Magicians have this regressive tendency to see whatever is earliest as truest, when often it’s what is furthest away.

Gordon suggests that Jupiter may be asleep at the wheel, but I think it is a rejection of Jupiter that led to the fall of Rome and is leading to the economic troubles we experience today. It is the rejecting of good governance, of caring for common good of citizens, of all that is fatherly that leads to level of economic strife and inequality we see today. Jupiter is not asleep at the wheel, he has been overthrown by the powers of idiocy. It is worth noting that in Athenian Democracy, an idiot was defined as someone who was concerned with private good at the expense of public affairs. Jupiter is no idiot.

I wrote Financial Sorcery and placed Jupiter in such high esteem in it because I saw a generation of occultist and pagan elders facing their golden years with a lot of financial hardship that could have been avoided if “being a magician” had not become connected to rejecting material concerns. To me Jupiter can indeed be understood to be the god of Kings, order, and wealth accumulation. If you want to have some sovereignty over your life, if you want order, and wealth – he is exactly the ally you may need.

This point is probably the ONLY disagreement I have with Chaos Protocols by the way. It is a fantastic book and everyone that reads this blog should read it. Given my fondness for Jupiter and Juno, my students have been asking me to comment on this issue, so I thought I would.

Stay Tuned for an announcement about an online event involving Chaos Protocols and Strategic Sorcery.

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Missing Links and Spell Failure

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Did your spell fail?

Did the demon not accomplish its task?

Did the Hoodoo that you do, not know who to do the Hoodoo to?

It might be bad or missing links.

Links to people, places, or just to the material world are essential to sorcery, and when I talk to students and clients about magic that fell short of the mark they are the number one reason that a spell yields up the proverbial “404 Not Found”. 

Why We Need Them

Sorcery is good at influencing events and minds. The amount of influence it has on any given situation depends on a number of factors: degree of probability, forces invoked, gifts and development of the Sorcerer, and links to the target.

Links to a person or place act like a targeting system for magic. Yes you can raise your cone of power, summon your demon, or lay your problem before the gods, but without a good good link for that magic to grab onto, it runs the risk of falling flat.

Hairy Situations.

The most classic links to a person you want to effect are of course hair and fingernails. Not only are these intimately connected to the person, but they are regularly discarded and easily gotten from a bathroom trashcan, hairbrush, or a Supreme Court Justices soda can.

Sometimes people go the extra mile and steal unwashed underwear thinking that if its sometghing a bloodhound could sniff out to find someone, it might be even better for magic. This is not unsound thinking , and some prendas in Palo contain the bones of a dog as well as that of a human so that the dog can hunt down targets.

If you are not willing to get the nasty bits, or just a good excuse for when you get caught getting caught stealing underwear or pulling hair out of a comb, a signature is an excellent link. Even a digital picture from a scanned document can be a great link as it is that persons assertion of selfhood. Like a politicians attack add it says “Yes, this is me and I authorize this message.”

Pictures, are good, but in practice they work best alongside of other links. Lots of people look like you after all. You might argue that the picture, being a captured image of a specific person is even better than a signature, but there is something about the signature being made that seems to do better for me. Pictures help me focus and visualize, and some people swear by them, but for me they are not the link of choice.

If Corporations Are People

Mitt Romney famously articulated the Citizens United SCOTUS decision by saying ” Corporations are people, my friend.” Well if corporations are people, then logos are links! So are contracts. So is dirt from the ground of the headquarters. Treat them like people and bless them for doing well and curse the crapola out of them when they do ill. Speaking of buildings…

Listen All Y’all It’s a Sabotage

If you can’t grab links from a target person or building you can always bring your magic to them. On the positive side of things, this is exactly what a Talisman is: a bit of magic that captures the power of a ritual, a spirit, or a time and brings its influence to the wearer.

On the less savory side of sorcery this is where the hot foot power and goofer dust comes in, but you shouldn’t limit yourself. Planting sigils behind pictures, condition oils in shampoos, and trojan gifts are all tricks I have seen done. One sunny spirit taught me to plan a mirror with his sigil on it so that the reflection would shine into a persons room every day…  Nasty business.

Ain’t Good Enough…

Just because you have a good link, doesn’t mean its good enough. People get to binary in their thinking: it works or it doesn’t, when they should be thinking about things on a scale from good to better to best. Even if you have a link, that doesnt mean you wouldn’t do better with a better on.

Many years ago a friend asked me to jinx and confuse someone that was doing something bad I can’t mention. I don’t do stuff like that for hire, so please don’t ask, but for friends – sure. He gave me a digital photo of the person, his name, his birth date, and such. That is usually enough, but as I did the work at home I could literally feel it just going nowhere. Like trying to spray someone with a water hose when they are behind a glass door.

My friend was reporting success but when I questioned him further I felt like it was fairly meager, and would fall short of what we ultimately wanted.

So I took the magic to Mohammed. I got an address and went to lay confusion powder on his doorstep but as I approached floodlights turned on. So I purchased a super soaker and painted it up with appropriate sigils. I put the powder in some war water and re-consecrated it. That night at 3am used the Super Soaker to “dress” the targets front porch without ever setting foot on the property.

Suddenly all the magic I had been doing had a clear route and the floodgates opened. Mischief managed.

Living in a Material World

Sometimes its not about linking to a person or place, so much as it is just giving an operation something material to grab onto. Folk magic is often inherently material, but all the high magic, spirit evoking, demon compelling, stuff took on new effectiveness when I realized that offerings formed a material link to help give material result. The same is true of sympathetic magic performed with the aid of an invoked or even fully conjured spirit.

Those that are into the psychic/psionic/energetic work, as well as New Thinkers who “will” things to happen, might find their efforts bolstered as well by having a good link to focus on.

Whatever you are trying to achieve, I find that very often the missing link is… well… a link.

Don’t forget to hop to the next blog…

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Gordon White gives me the Runes….

Gordon White was kind enough to pause his string of interviewing geniuses, luminaries, and scholars, and talk some smack with yours truly.

Go give a listen… 

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Juno Global Rite – May 1st through May 3rd

449px-Juno_Sospita_LanuviumI am happy to once again be hosting the Juno Global Prosperity Rote on May 1st.

Of all the rites the Strategic Sorcery community did last year, this was the stand-out that launched bunch of new businesses and projects that yielded significant returns.

The rites are open to anyone in the Strategic Sorcery Course. So if you want a year of tried and tested lessons in practical sorcery AND the opportunity to participate in global rites with hundreds of others in an effort to catalyst your knowledge, power, and success; now is a good time to join the course.


If you want more info on the course, shoot me a line at inominandum@gmail.com

If you have read Financial Sorcery you know that old Jove holds a special place in my spiritual court. He does represent a sort of very male perspective on prosperity though , one that I think should be balanced by his wife/sister – Queen of the Gods – Juno.


Why May Day? Because I asked a Peacock. I’m not even kidding about that. Two weeks ago  I saw this peacock

So since the Peacock is sacred to Juno I asked if I should hold the Juno rite on Mayday and it turned towards me and said:

This will enable you to take advantage of all the good Spring growth mojo and then, let it grow in June.

So why call upon Juno anyway?


First and foremost we are calling upon Juno because she is a Queen and the patron Goddess of the Roman Empire. Keeping the theme that what we are working for is rulership over our own lives as well as peaceful and prosperous relations within the society we live within she is perfect.

Juno is also not simply the wife of Jupiter, she is his sister as well. If we were talking about humans this would be a big no-no, but in terms of the Gods this shows Juno is equal to Jupiter. She is not dependent upon his wealth or power. Strong independent women are awesome.


I see too many pagan rites focused on either young maiden figures or ancient crones. Juno is interesting in that she represents Maturity – there is no mistaking that Juno is a WOMAN not a girl – yet she also rules over vital force and youthfulness. The need to carry youthful inquisitiveness, inventiveness, and ingenuity into maturity is definately needed in this fast changing economy. In a world where workers  over-50 are the “new unemployables” this power to maintain ones ability to change with the world in a youthful way is more important than ever.


Juno Sospita is a savior and warrior. See that spear in her hand? She means business.

In the new apocalypse economy, Juno’s motherly instinct to protect her children can serve you very well. Those that have been finding themselves having hard times, without even the basic structure for Jupiter to work on expanding, may just find a strong ally in Juno.


Juno is the goddess of marriage, which may not seem relevant to prosperity rites until you consider that the number one cause of marital problems is money and the lack thereof.


One of the epithets of Juno is MONETA from which we get the word Money. Roman coins were minted in her temple. She is not only a protectress of people but of funds.

Juno’s oracles frequently issued warnings about fiscal instability. If you are currently unstable in your finances, protecting investments from loss, or concerned about the economic upheavals we are all experiencing there is no better power to call upon.

Can I get an Ave Juno?


Some people, men mostly, have expressed concern about working with Juno.

SHOULD MEN BE SCARED TO WORK WITH JUNO? Were women scared to work with Jupiter? No. Why would you be scared to work with Juno? Juno is very-much pro-woman, but that does not make her anti-man. If you beat your wife or are working to limit the freedom of women then yes, I think you should avoid working with Juno. If not, you are cool. She will even help you loosen your wife’s girdle….

BUT ISN’T SHE JEALOUS AND VINDICTIVE? You are confusing her with Hera from Greece. They are not the same. Juno and Jove played tricks on each other all the time, but in general they were playful than vengeful. Also, Jupiter is not Zeus. If you were married to Zeus you would probably be jealous and vindictive too.

I hope this sheds some light on Juno and why we are doing a Global Juno Prosperity Rite.


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