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My Altar, St Cyprian's Night

I was going to post this last night, but I was really tired.

A few people have written me about St Cyprian since my post yesterday. Here is a good rundown of some useful links on him:

First, my own article on the Saint from 2006 which serves as a decent introduction and some links to books on him.

One thing to remember about St Cyprian is that there are really two streams of magic that he has manifested through. The first is work that calls directly on him as a saint. The second are books that claim to be written by him or represent the work he did during his life.

A couple years ago, before Conjureman Ali wrote his Hadean pamphlet on him, he posted this very nice piece on Cyprian. Yesterday he posted a great piece on St Cyprian and his role in working with ancestors.

Jesse Hathaway Diaz over at Serpent Shod has posted three great articles on St Cyprian with the promise of more. Go over and read his articles, then tell him to get the rest of them published!

The second aspect of Cyrpians manifestation, that of books which claim to be authored by him, range from texts of ceremonial evocation like the Clavis Inferi (one of my favorites), and the Verus Jesuitarum Libellus to books focusing more on Witchcraft, Folk Magic, and Prayer, like St Cyprians Black Goat Miracle.

Though it leaves out the Nordic Cypriani books, the best write up I have seen on the various books of Cyprian is by Felix Francisco Castro. An English language translation of one of these books, The Book of Saint Cyprian: The Sorcerer’s Treasure, a devotional work by author and Ciprianista José Leitão, is due this Spring from Hadean.

I am also looking forward to Jake Stratton Kent’s upcoming book The Testament of Cyprian the Mage: Comprehending the Book of Saint Cyprian and his Magical Elements and an elucidation of the Testament of Solomon. This is of particular interest to me as a friend suggested I investigate the relationship between Cyprian and the Grimoire Verum work during the 9 days, which yielded some great things. Having books from JSK on both the Verum and Cyprian will prove fascinating I am sure.

Lastly, in addition to the prayer, St Cyprian gave me a couple messages to pass on through my blog.

“At this time, as my reputation and the reputation of other saints is growing, there are many who invoke us, yet revile and reject the name of Christ.  I understand this, as it comes from deep hurt and pain caused by those who act in the Lords name, but it is a mistake. Christ is not what you think. He does not care what religion you belong to. He does not care about your acceptance. But if you call upon a saint, have no illusions, you are calling upon the power of Christ. Invoking his name will empower your work. The spirits will respond to it whether you believe or not. The steeples of all the churches will resonate with your working. Taking holy communion will solidify your results. You should not call upon the saints and ignore Christ”

“I am not a saint for all. Spreading my name is not an offering. Keep my practices private and share them only among the wise. Likewise keep my statues and icons private and sacred. The best offerings to give me are works of charity offered with a prayer. After that offerings of pure water, incense, light, and oil are all I require.” 

“I stand upon the cubic stone at the entry to the underworld. The four winds descend to my head, and the four rivers meet at my feet. I am the Shepard of demons and the dead as well as the living. I transmit the light to all. Call upon me when you call upon Asteroth* and her work will be smooth and produce good result.” 

For those looking for a good way to get started with St. Cyprian let me suggest the first spell I ever did with him. It is a protection and good fortune spell that came to me from an Italian source: The Bag of Seven Waters. Gather together whole head of garlic with some spearmint, parsley, salt, and church incense. Bind it all in a white bag and take it to seven different fonts of holy water at seven different churches. As you dip it in pray: “Liberami dai miei nemici, che mi vogliono male” (trans: Deliver me from my enemies who wish me ill). Take the bag and place it next to the image of St Cyprian.





*This applies to all demons. St Cyprian has a particular role where he ennobles wrathful, hot, and dangerous beings. Whereas many angels and exorcising forces do this through force or threat of force Cyprian does it through relationship and the alchemical transmitting of light into fire that can be taken in by such beings. This is one reason that the combination of St Cyprian and St Michael can be so powerful for protection, such as in the Amparo used by people who work with Santissima Muerte.

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14 Responses to More on St Cyprian

  1. Great piece! “You should not call upon the saints and ignore Christ” is such a potent message and I couldn’t agree more.

    I find also that Saint Cyprian is excellent in helping to repair people’s relationship with being a follower of Christ. He is the bridge that can meld practical sorcery with spiritual faith.

  2. Harry says:

    I can vouch that he is not a saint for all. I worked with him for a time and he assisted me with some issues, but then one day I sat at my altar and had a clear visual and auditory vision of him. He wanted to break off our working arrangement. There was no animosity, but a clear message that our ways were divergent. This has proven true over the past year or two since that time.

  3. Nemesius says:

    It all begins with the Great High Priest…

  4. Belladonna says:

    Hum, can take some questions on the subject Christianity X be a Christian.
    Beautiful photo! 😉

  5. anon says:

    What is going on with the altar? I see Exu and Pomba Gira, a giant Muerte, and what looks like a frog…

    Please explain

  6. runeworker says:

    I know that my working with a few saints has led me back to being down with Jesus, although I don’t consider myself a Christian.

    • inominandum says:

      Which is totally fine I think. The message that I got was simply that if you call upon a saint you should not avoid Jesus. Nothing about conversion, nothing about being a “Christian”.

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  11. Mossel says:

    Who or what is Jesus?

    Brother Moloch said he never existed, so knowing what im praying to (and the conquences) I think is something useful to know.

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