May 20th – Vajrakilaya Amulets.

May 20th is an important solar eclipse for those that practice Tibetan Magic. This accurs on a New Moon, and happens the Day before Saga Dawa (Birth and Death of Buddha Shakyamuni).

As this will make all positive and negative actions multiplied by 10,000 times, I have decided to do another batch of Tibetan Talismans. This time focused on Vajrakilaya. They will look similar to the Dzambhala and Kurukulla talismans, with Kilaya on front and his Mantra in Tibetan on the back. Kilaya of course is the main diety of the Phubra, and my central Tantric Yidam Practice. My hope is that these will be mega powerful talismans for overcoming all obstacles to health, wealth, happiness, and enlightenment for their wearer. Cost, as always is $50.

Whether you purchase one or not, if you do any Dharma practice you should consider doubling down on those dates.

If you are mainly focused on western astrology, the eclipses are generally considered days to avoid – just one of the differences in thinking.

A couple weeks after that there will be a Lunar Eclipse that coincides with Saga Dawa Duchen, (Enlightenment of the Buddha) when the effects of work are multiplied 10,000,000 X.

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29 Responses to May 20th – Vajrakilaya Amulets.

  1. Mr. Li says:

    All solar eclipses occur on a New Moon. Is the relation to Saga Dawa what makes this one special?

  2. inominandum says:

    All eclipses have a multiplier, but yes this one is special because of Saga Dawa. Also because we are conjunct with the central star of the Pleiades.

  3. Dharma Dragon says:

    I’ll be doing a Mahakala practice on May 19th, followed by an extensive practice of Sadhana on the 20th that will include Vajrakilaya. I have two Vajrakilaya amulets that I purchased from a local Monastery here in Seattle. One of the monks told me that after my recitation I can breathe onto the amulet to empower it. He also suggest breathing mantras into the water and food of your pets. Especially Bhaisajyaguru. Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

  4. Charles says:

    Not being a Vajrayana intitiate, I am not sure about the non-dharma benefits of Vajrakilaya. I have read a bit about his dharma benfits, but am not sure of his worldly benefits.

  5. Pendragon445 says:

    How are the amulets going to be ordered?

  6. Zorku says:

    Should you really try to game the system like this though? It seems so superficial taking advantages of particular days to “be good” instead of just having it be an all-of-the-time practice.

    Well no, I’m actually concerned with the psychological ramifications of this. By racking up special points on a day like this you create room to slack off. “I’m ahead of schedule” thinking isn’t really something you can become immune to (aside from perhaps post-ascension, I’m not entirely clear on that,) but rather something you have to steer clear of beforehand. Think of all the nasty actions people could justify in their weaker moments, saying “it can’t possibly overcome the good karma I got during that eclipse.” Think of all of the slightly negative things you won’t feel the need to stop yourself from doing.

    There is a reason Buddhism began on the notion of breaking the cycle of karma and this seems incredibly counter to that, through my eyes.

    • inominandum says:


      You kind of have a craven view of the practice and of human nature. Just because there is a day that it is said all actions count for more than on other days does not mean that the focus is on being good on only those days. This is silly, no one in Buddhism thinks this way. Traditionally speaking the idea of an equinox is that Rahula (demon planet) gobbles up the sun or moon and blocks its influence, leaving a vacuum that gets filled by all the other activity – this increasing the importance of good and negative actions. Buddhists have an extra responsibility at this time to do Dharma activities because they fill this void with ideas of compassion, love, and aspirations towards enlightenment.

      It does not create room to slack off. This is a very western idea of how it works, and I should add that even speaking in terms of western religion, it is only surface level tit for tat thinking that appears in some strands of Catholicism that get this legalistic.

      You as an athiest I am sure believe that you do not need religion in order to be moral – a point I wholeheartedly agree with. Why then would a spiritual person need some kind of ironclad of karma points or some shit like that to do the same?

      • Zorku says:

        Of course that’s not the ‘focus’ of it. I tried really hard to convey that I wasn’t saying you could just spiral into terrible behavior every other day, but that you would just not try quite as hard. The (well documented,) mechanism is called moral balancing.

        Again though, I’m playing a bit too strongly to a role here. What I actually think, and what I hoped somebody reading would think, is that you should go ahead and do your best on the special day anyway but be aware of that very mortal inclination so that you don’t just let your perception become skewed in that way that comes so naturally to humans.

        That last bit seems a bit out of place though. If you don’t need to build up karma then why does anyone else need it? What does it matter what the void of that day is filled with? Why talk about karma at all if it is so irrelevant?

        Well pretty simply it does matter, you’re keeping track, and you think that your immediate actions come with the easily traced reactions but also a sort of distant echo of reactions later on in a cosmic balancing game. You want to fill the world with good (very admirable,) but, as I said, if you’re really devoted to that you’ll strive to do the most you can EVERY day (at least in a way that is sustainable.)

        I was indeed playing at the Catholic style sin lawyering concept just a bit, but in a way where we were both supposed to recognize it as garbage and remove it that much more thoroughly from both our ways of thinking.

        But this much psychoanalysis generally spoils the impact of a message to any audience. You’ll have to now do much of the work directly and on your own to really get the same impact. You’ve already done a lot of that sort of thing so I trust you will be fine, but it will take quite a bit longer that way. Sorry I’m bad at staying inside of a single role for long.

        • inominandum says:

          Moral balancing is an issue when you get to the sort of folk level person. When you get beyond people looking at a legalistic tit for tat type of scheme, none of that really applies.

          I never said Karma was irrelevant. I said that trying to game the system is not how it is done. There is no “good enough” in Buddhism. You are building merit or not building merit at all times. Being aware that there is a special time when actions have extra impact does not mean that you slack off on other days.

          When you know that your boss’s boss is visiting chances are you put on your best clothes and do a bit extra, but that does not mean that you dress like a slob and slack off on other days.

          Basically you are trying very hard to read something into this that is not there because it fits well with what you think about religion.

          • Zorku says:

            No, it fits what I think about people and how the brain works. I’m not saying that you can’t get past it, I’m saying that putting on your best suit when the CEO visits doesn’t ULTIMATELY mean anything if the paperwork they want to look at is in disarray, or as is more likely when it has a lot of little errors here and there- deviations from protocol.

            That paperwork? You CAN’T fill it out correctly every time. Mistakes happen. The pressure of getting things done doesn’t give you enough time to neatly quadruple check every little motion to make sure it all happens the way it is supposed to. You deal with what is most important first but some of the time you don’t get around to sorting out all the less important things.

            So the important thing is how many of those deviations do you let slip by? If you’re still working from the limits of a human body then it is more than zero, but that isn’t the issue. If you don’t scour the paper trail you have no way of knowing how much you actually do this. If you didn’t gloss over the details to get to where you stand now then you have already started doing this, and it turns out that I am not actually criticizing you but reinforcing a tenet of what you think you are supposed to be doing anyway.

            This didn’t have to be about me opposing you, but you made it into that, presumably because of what you believe about (the new) atheists. If some criticism about religion means that you have to always align against the people that criticize it, then perhaps I have a new complaint about the nature of religion-
            but that is besides the point. If you want to improve yourself you need to expose yourself over and over to the idea that your behavior may not be so great and you must again and again seek deeper answers to those questions about yourself. You are not perfect (yet?) and you should have absolutely no trouble admitting that ceasing to develop, that just going through the same routine over and over, settling into a rut- is no way to improve yourself. Those things are what you settle for when you haven’t yet discovered a way to be better.

            So what are you settling for right now?
            Do you think you are beyond the need for reminders like the one I provided?
            The answers I think you’ll give are very compatible with what I’ve said and what you believe.

  7. LucidDream69 says:

    i suppose this amulet can be worn quite wekk with the yellow dzhambala and white mahakala amulets, which i wear nearly non-stop since i own them? seems to be a wuite similar direction, wealth, health, obstacle removing, so it should match quite well, right?

  8. LucidDream69 says:

    oops, i means “well” :)

  9. S says:

    does the eclipse multiplier works if eclipse is not visible from your location?..
    in any case I tripled my practice today!

  10. yuzuru says:

    Hi, Jason.
    You are often using the word “equinox” to refer to eclipses. I did´t mention it before, because english is not my first language, but I never saw any english speaking astrologer using this word refering to eclipses, so I think you maybe you should look it further.
    Technically, the equinoxes are the points when the sun enter aries and libra, where day and night have the same period of time.

    • Inominandum says:

      Yeah, I know the difference.

      Please understand that I have VERY little time to work on this stuff, so a lot of it, especially comments on posts, go without editing and are written on the fly. I take care of two children, a sick family member, and have other work besides.

  11. Inominandum says:


    I am having a REALLY hard time following what you are getting at. No one is saying that because there is a special day where allegedly actions have more influence than other days that the really important things don’t matter.

    I am not trying to make this into you opposing me. I am simply trying to understand what you are talking about and where you are coming from.

    As for what I believe about New Athiests – the only point I was trying to make is that sometimes they come off as a bit aggressive in areas that dont warrant it, and sometimes they paint all religion with the brush of harsh fundamantalism. I said it in a ill-conceived and poor manner, and honestly I should not have posted it at all since A) Atheists suffer under way too much predjudice in society and B) I really have no business making statements about how movements that I am not a part of should conduct their affairs.

    That said, lets take a look at what happened. In less than 15 minutes after making the post, someone who had never visited the blog started making accusations at me that were unfounded in the comments section. By 7am the next morning something like 20 people commented – mostly with nasty ad-hominem attacks, AND my blog post was up on some atheist dudes site where fifty some odd people were commenting and having a roast. In the days that followed, after apologizing and clarifying and asking for no further posts on my blog I had to keep deleting comments to old posts going back almost a year from two atheists that accused me of being happy that healthcare is in danger because I must be anti-abortion like all religious people, or that I am happy that creationism is being taught in biology classes down south and other things that I am very clearly do NOT believe. In my personal inbox I got more bile that I had to delete lamenting how they feel sorry that my kids will not grow up with a respect for science (I love science btw) , and thus be handicapped as adults.

    Even you in the days, that followed felt the need to take the ever popular reddit-jab about “forgetting to thank her doctors” when I mentioned my wifes fight with Cancer. Of course I had thanked them, and you just assumed that I had not. But even if I had’nt, it was a post about my family and a life or death situation – you really thought it was the time to make you point?

    So in short, some guy on an Occult related blog makes a post that is not against atheism in any way, or even wanting to present a case against it, just kind of articulating the idea that sometimes you guys are a bit over-zealous. This is met with hoards of people trolling the blog, making false accusations about things that I clearly do not believe, and then harassing me. I would say that my point was made for me pretty fucking well.

    That said, here is what I think of New Atheists: overall a force for good in society. I have also come to believe that certain areas of society NEED that forceful hand of aggressive atheism to shock it into place, thus my apology for the original post. If I ended up the recepient of some vitriol that

    Now, no one is aligning against you or the people that criticize it. I have plenty of criticisms of religion myself.

    I don’t think I am beyond the need from reminders, nor do I think you are. The point is that I think you are reading way too much into the tradition behind a day, and making a lot of assumptions about how such an idea plays out that do not hold water in my experience. You havent really said much to dissuade me from that, but instead have decided to chalk the argument up to me not likeing New Atheists and being against anyone that cricises religion. I am neither. You are just:

    1. Making a piss poor argument. There are better arguments against that tradition that could be made both from within Buddhism and outside of it. You just are not hitting on them.
    2. Speaking about the way you think people will act in regards to the day, when as a Buddhist I know how people do act regarding the day.
    2. At times, not really making any coherent sense at all.

  12. Any idea when these might ship out?

    • Ian Aitchison says:

      I’m also wondering when these will ship? Was told the week of June 4th but it’s a month later and I haven’t got mine. I’ve sent some emails for an update with no reply so I’m posting here hoping Jason see’s it.

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