The next in my series of Tibetan Amulets will be available next week. I am completing the consecrations on 54 Kurukulla Amulets on Dakini Day (Thus Sunday).

For those that don’t know Kurukulla is the Dakini of Enchantment and Magnetizing. She appears as a red youthful woman, nude except for garlands of bone and flowers. In two of her hands she holds a Lotus Bow  in that she shoots her targets with. In her other two hands she holds a hook that she draws people in with and a lasso that she binds them with. She is wrathful yet joyful in appearance and dances upon a moon disk.

I have used Kurukulla for every kind of influencing available. From full Pujas to aimed at influencing bosses at work to very quick mantric spells to influence police when they pull me over. She is very powerful and has been one of my main four practices for 10 years.

In this case the talismans have in a Kapala (human skull bowl) and have been prayed over for several months until 100,000 mantras have been accumulated and breathed into them. The talisman itself is the same kind of enamel pendant that the Dzambhala and White Mahakala talismans were. Her image is on the front and her mantra is in gold Tibetan letters on the back.

Cost is $50.

You can pay via paypal to inominandum@gmail.com or send a check or money order to Jason Miller
PO Box 36
Barnegat NJ 08005

If you send me a check please also send an e-mail so I know to look for it.






About Inominandum

Author. Sorcerer. Consultant. I have 30 plus years of experience making magic a reality for myself, my clients, and my students. For a complete background go to www.strategicsorcery.net
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  1. mr tagni says:

    i would like to know some ways of working with kurakulla (ex.meditation,mudra…etc)

  2. J Kumaran says:

    Hi buddy.. Do you still have her amulet? im from singapore.. and i unable to find her amulet anywhere here..

  3. shehbaz shah says:

    Power of amulet: Our amulet works farfrom seven sees. Whatever you will ask with good intention you can get. With our live spiritual action & power of spiritual knowledge, we can heal by the blessing of Almighty God and it is really a truth that it shows its action in any corner of world. Come what may, there are seas or high mountains, far flung sub-continents, our spiritual wonder changes rude man, husband & will bring rude & insensible wife to right & straight path & will join separated ones. Do you want end of your distresses i.e. domestic displeasure, magic witch-draft or charming, destruction, effect of amulet, lucky No., Prize Bond or Lottery No., business, friendship, in short solution of every difficulty with responsibility. Disappointed persons from every side, corner of world should contact us. Cutting & conversion, retreating of black magic in a few days. Ask for price (hadiya) of amulet,aamil shehbaz shah izatwaqar @ gmail.com

    • rio says:

      aamil, im interested in ur kurukulle talisman… im sure after so long publicized, theres new batches. pls show me the picture photos of product. blessed by which masters under which lineage. And at the same time im as interested in learning your practices of kurukulle hearing your descriptive magical power of it.
      im eager to see the platform to my interest whereby we talk n i learn. pls lead.


  4. rio says:

    i wanna know more about your tara kurukulle amulet…. besides purchasing n i wanna learn the practices to further enhance. i wanna be sure of no bogus. pls email me on a platform where we can communicate. thank u so much john

  5. derek harrison says:

    Hi Master Jason
    I was a student of your last year strategic sorcery course ; I just want to remind you that I paid for a Kurukulla Pendant but todate have not received it.
    As a reminder to help you recall the period, I was the only client you dealth with that had problems with Pay Pal; sending you the money was initally fuelled with problems , but eventuelly you did receive it and you sent me a message ” got it”
    Unfortunately I have not received the pendant.
    Can you please resolve.
    In addition I did a home work task that was too late to hand in to you, I used Strategic Sorcery methods to help a young man 34years old to get a girlfriend as he had been trying for 8/9 years with no success.
    In breif I used kurukulla Mantra and Stategic Sorcery Methods ( love ingredients herbs and followed ritual practice) Once completed in less than 1 week he had found a Girlfriend , what I did not anticipate was that he became obsessive with the young lady and started to steal money from his family and his infatuation with the young lady started to have adverse effects on her.
    Todate he stole £10,000 from his parents to help his girlfriend ; and has been found out, his parents are on the verge of kicking him out their home and his girlfriend ( now ex-girlfriend) is disgusted with him and the last time I spoke to her she said ” I wish he was dead and suffering in hell !!”
    Hence the magic worked speedily and perfectly but I never anticipated the idea that the person being helped were not ready or prepared for getting what they wished for ?
    Anyway that was a sneeky way to hand in the results of tbe homework from the course; but evenso, I hope you do remember the payment for the Kurukulla pende t.
    Thanks hope to hear from you soon BUDDHA BLESS YOU.

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  11. jean-michel Ruffier says:

    Jason, do you know how to perform the Kurukulla Dakini Mudra?

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