Jupiter, Sovereignty, and Chaos Protocols


A few days before the Super Tuesday Primary I posted a three card reading on the outcome of the Democratic Primary. The first card was the Emperor, which I interpreted as representing Bernie Sanders. People went bananas! “How could you possibly see Sanders in the Emperor Card”?” He is an activist!” “A protestor!” “A man of the people!” “The very opposite of Emperor!”

What few people seemed to get was that he is also running for President – a position as close to Emperor as you are likely to find.

The situation reminded me of an episode of Coupling (the BBC one, not the crap American one), where Patrick points out that liberals are currently in power and are therefore have become the establishment, making the conservative Tory the scrappy underdogs. Sally, a liberal who used to protest against Thatcher, starts screaming “NO! NO! NO! We can’t be! We are the anti-establishment!”

What does all this have to do with Jupiter?

I think a lot of people in the magical community see themselves as inherently counter-culture and therefore positioned against the mainsteam, not only spiritually but in material terms as well.

In Chaos Protocols, Gordon White argues that Jupiter is a god of Kings and the Elite and therefore not a god of the people. “However you slice it and orderly, lawful, presiding deity of wealth accumulation is not the best ally and may even be asleep at the wheel.”

Since the 1960’s magician’s and pagan’s counter culturalism has been tied to anti-materialism. That is all well and good if you are really doing the anti-materialism thing; becoming a monk, a nun, or a homeless wandering mystic. Most of us are not.

If you are not going to completely renounce money and materialism, you need to deal with it somehow. Gordon and I agree on this. If you ignore it and go with the flow you will get steamrolled, especially in this economy. You need to become Sovereign over your own life, and it is here that Jupiter comes in.

Unless you plan on becoming a criminal mastermind, becoming fiscally solvent and sovereign means that you are going to become part of the establishment to some degree. You want an orderly, lawful, life of wealth accumulation so that you can do good works with it. You want to reign sovereign over your life as much as anyone can. Jupiter and Juno respond to this desire BIG TIME.

Gordon argues that “Modern magic has mistaken the much, much later platonic system – a long defunct explanatory model of the Universe – for an eternal conception of Jupiter”. This is true, but the fact that the planetary associations of Jupiter being benevolent, expansive, and otherwise Jovial are more recent does not make them wrong. The kingly aspect of Jupiter is not wrong because it was laid over an older Sky-God attribution. The Capitoline Jupiter that existed after the Roman monarchy fell is also not wrong. In short, none of it is wrong. Magicians have this regressive tendency to see whatever is earliest as truest, when often it’s what is furthest away.

Gordon suggests that Jupiter may be asleep at the wheel, but I think it is a rejection of Jupiter that led to the fall of Rome and is leading to the economic troubles we experience today. It is the rejecting of good governance, of caring for common good of citizens, of all that is fatherly that leads to level of economic strife and inequality we see today. Jupiter is not asleep at the wheel, he has been overthrown by the powers of idiocy. It is worth noting that in Athenian Democracy, an idiot was defined as someone who was concerned with private good at the expense of public affairs. Jupiter is no idiot.

I wrote Financial Sorcery and placed Jupiter in such high esteem in it because I saw a generation of occultist and pagan elders facing their golden years with a lot of financial hardship that could have been avoided if “being a magician” had not become connected to rejecting material concerns. To me Jupiter can indeed be understood to be the god of Kings, order, and wealth accumulation. If you want to have some sovereignty over your life, if you want order, and wealth – he is exactly the ally you may need.

This point is probably the ONLY disagreement I have with Chaos Protocols by the way. It is a fantastic book and everyone that reads this blog should read it. Given my fondness for Jupiter and Juno, my students have been asking me to comment on this issue, so I thought I would.

Stay Tuned for an announcement about an online event involving Chaos Protocols and Strategic Sorcery.

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13 Responses to Jupiter, Sovereignty, and Chaos Protocols

  1. cgil says:

    “That is all well and good if you are really doing the anti-materialism thing; becoming a monk, a nun, or a homeless wandering mystic. Most of us are not.”

    Please allow me to elaborate a bit on this subject, because that’s exactly the problem I’m facing : as a Ngakpa, how did you solve the problem of both a) going the Dharma path, and b) looking for prosperity ? Are they not sort-of mutually exclusive, especially for “white zens” ?

    I know tantric practitioners are supposed to be “above” those questions of authorized / forbidden, rejection / acceptation etc : “what we have to get rid of is attachment etc. etc.” so my question may look pointless. Well – it’s not.

    That’s one of the reasons I’m really looking for your next chapbook about tulpas. Wonder how you will use Kyerim for “mundane” issues.

    My apologies for deviating a bit from the main topic, and many thanks in advance for a possible hint.


    • Inominandum says:

      As Ngakpa you are NOT a monk, so why is this a problem? What about the Dharma precludes you from looking for prosperity? What do you think Ra Lotsawa did? What is Dzambhala for? Why is this even a dichotomy to be resolved? Its like resolving apples and books – one has little to do with the other.

      And again Kyerim is FULL of spells and offerings and Karma Mantras for magic.

      Who are you studying with?

  2. Dubious Monk says:

    Very interesting, the Jupiter bit in Chaos Protocols was the only thing I thought was off base in the book as well. I have a Jupiter altar on my desk at work and have been making daily offerings for about a month now and the sales leads that are coming to me and more importantly are getting closed, is more than a noticeable uptic with the only thing having changed in my habbits being the daily Jupiter offerings…

    I am one of your students by the way, my forum name is aoxomoxoa.

  3. Stephanie Austin says:

    It’s interesting you mention this point. Soon after asking Jupiter for the honor of his working with me, the very first message he gave me upon my subsequent move to Seattle with his help is that, while I may not be the queen of any country in the literal sense, I very much needed to become queen over my own realm, by establishing sovereignty over myself–that is, mastering the inner obstacles that kept me from establishing power over my world, able to manifest the life I desire. In so doing, I would become queen over my realm. That others who work closely with Jupiter have independently told me they have been given the same message by him, without ever knowing he told me the same, has been all the verification I’ve needed to know that this was, most certainly, Jupiter speaking to me. The way I see it, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the President of the United States or the poorest person on the planet–if you don’t have sovereignty over yourself, you won’t be able to ever rule over anything, whether it’s an entire country, or simply your own household. In this way, Jupiter has always, most certainly, been a god of the people. It has been my personal experience from years of working with him that he is, therefore, very much a god of personal power first, and established power second. In the end, the establishment is, afterall, comprised of people, and the ones who hold power and become the establishment are the ones who have mastered the outer world enough to gain control over it by mastering themselves enough to do so. How, afterall, can anyone rise to power and become the establishment, if they are so weak within themselves that they’re constantly controlled by the powers at hand?

    When I had the honor of seeing Bernie speak here in Seattle, I was deeply impressed by his ability to stand firm in his own beliefs, regardless of the unfathomable political pressures around him. In this way, Bernie very much carries the Jupiterian current of self-sovereignty within him, and is well represented by the Emperor.

    And, as his firm supporter, I have to point out: if he wins the Presidency of the most powerful nation on the planet, he will have become the establishment! It’s just that it will become a new establishment–one in which the people have a voice. If we on the left keep seeing ourselves as being against the establishment, we will never see ourselves as being able to take power, because the establishment, by its very definition, is that which has risen to power through the will of the majority. And what s magic about, in the end, if it isn’t about owning our power?

  4. Soror AKS says:

    I have always been of the impression that the anti materialist perspective was a bit off. Financial prosperity should not be the goal of magic, but on the other hand, if one is doing the Work they won’t be ignoring that part of their lives. Magic is about integration, not separation. If one is purposely doing something that will lead to physical neglect of themselves or others, something’s wrong.

    I did a lot of work from your Financial Sorcery book. It not only helped me turn my life around, it helped me gain a whole new perspective on magic, why I was on a magical path, and the best way I could be of service to others. For me, I am of service if I am taking care of myself and my family. I am in a position to serve others BEST if I do that in a balanced way, not operating from an extreme view of prosperity.

  5. Ivy says:

    Stephanie, I appreciate your perspective. Or strikes me that in the US, the only way to claim any prosperity is to claim sovereignty over your own “house”… Uh oh, I feel a blog post coming on.

    Also, we were at Safeco together experiencing the Bern.

    • Stephanie Austin says:

      Ivy: Thanks! I really appreciate that!

      …and, were we?! Wow! Small world! It’d be cool to hook up and chat a bit and share ideas, talk a bit, that sort of thing…either via Facebook or over coffee, if you’d be game?

  6. Ron Ritzer says:

    I practiced planetary magic on the daily for an extended period of time as per the Golden Dawn system and got very very little from it.
    It was when I moved to a very small town, named after the native American chief famous in the area that I got much further making offerings to both his monument and at the graves of my maternal ancestors.
    Though a chief, this famous man was not a Jupiterian figure by any means but my line of thinking was in terms of local spirits..
    I think Gordon is shortfall spot on. It is impossible to disconnect the conception of this expansive Jovial force with the patriarchal storm God, and the dude ruled with an iron fist.
    In terms of luck, personal success magic and so on, a big part of it is where you are. No matter how many fancy resumes I turned in around town or how sparkly my shoes or my smile, success in a small town depends on how well received you are by the town itself, therefore I appeal to the local spirits, rather than alligning myself with some vague, non personal conceptual force.

    • Inominandum says:

      Its not a “rather than”, its “in addition to”.

      There is no reason you cannot propitiate a diety AND connect with local spirits. That is what I teach in Financial Sorcery and thats how I was taught in Nepal. Its pretty much how its done most places.

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  8. dana wills says:

    I just wanted to shout out to you and Gordon both for conducting such a mature and informative debate over this topic. I’ve learned a ton from you both and so appreciate the lack of drama.

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