Join Cycle 12 of Strategic Sorcery AND get three months of Occult of Personality for FREE.

CYCLE 12 of the Strategic Sorcery Course will begin on February 1st, with instructions for a special Candlemas/Imbolc Catalyst ritual that can be performed on the second along with other people from earlier cycles on February 2nd.

52 lessons for $150 is a great deal by itself, but in the words of Mr Popeil:



I recently did an interview with Occult of Personality. The first hour is free to the public, the last hour (ie: the juicy stuff) is in the membership area. I have been perusing the membership area and can tell you that  they have put together is an amazing resource, you will WANT access to. It is not only the incredible people that they have interviewed, but the depth of the material

Because I am so jazzed about OCCULT OF PERSONALITY I am making a special offer:


STEP 1:  Go HERE and join Occult of Personality for $23.85
STEP 2:  Send an E-MAIL to me with the words CYCLE 12 DEAL in the subject line and purchase the course for $126.

So to recap: Get 52 lessons information dense lessons on Practical magic AND Get access to  over 70 recordings, research papers, and videos + archive of old podcasts from 2006-2008 at Occult of Personality.

If you were looking for a way to kick start your new year this is it!

Write me at INOMINANDUM@GMAIL.COM for an information packet.

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Author. Sorcerer. Consultant. I have 30 plus years of experience making magic a reality for myself, my clients, and my students. For a complete background go to
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7 Responses to Join Cycle 12 of Strategic Sorcery AND get three months of Occult of Personality for FREE.

  1. Emmanuel says:

    I want to join but I don’t have money. My phone number is +2348093015750.

  2. salma says:

    I want to join pls help me and my email is

  3. Emma says:

    please i want to join

  4. The Aqeerah Brotherhood is about more than just wealth and power, as anyone who observes the often tragic lives of the rich and famous can attest to.

    Without true wisdom and inner power, the outer trappings of success are all in vain, for spirit is ascendant over matter. That which is eternal is of far greater value than that which turns to dust. The Aqeerah Brotherhood’s teachings are not aimed merely towards self-aggrandizement but for the greater happiness of the Member and so that they, in turn, may bless and help others upon the path of life.

    With that said, let us say that anyone, having the right knowledge, inner power and a circle of powerful friends, with grit and determination can attain to success and prosperity.

    The rich rewards of fortune and success are never obtained overnight. It takes time to be mentored and to learn the secret knowledge, to build a “millionaire mind-set,” to work one’s way through the ranks and to prove one’s loyalty and devotion to the Brotherhood.

    Advancement in the Brotherhood’s degrees of wisdom and power can, however, translate into a virtual guarantee of lifetime security because you are building a power within yourself that can never be taken away. Success is not handed to anyone on a silver platter and only you can guarantee your future happiness.

    Why not start today building that happiness, prosperity, inner power and peace by joining The Aqeerah Brotherhood? to join call +2349095605010

  5. Dear Friend and Seeker of the Classical African tradition,
    You live in a world shaped by women and men who sought greatness beyond the limitations of their own minds. It was their destiny to become more than merely human to become true masters over the winds of their need to know some secret things about this world we are leaving.

    Aqeerah Brotherhood is not for everyone, but if it is for you, we welcome you. We are not a fan club, a pen-pal society, or a lonely hearts group. We are a group of dynamic individuals who stand forth as the ultimate underground alternative—the Alien Elite. We realize what we have, what we are, and what we shall become. Our scope is unlimited, and the extent of your involvement is based upon your own potential. All names and addresses are held in strict confidence and you are under no obligation as a Registered Member, unless you choose to present yourself for further consideration. registration into Aqeerah Brotherhood is free, no fee is required. join this occult if you have the mind to do it remember that poverty is like marriage without sex for more info call+2349095605010

  6. Nelson says:

    I realy want to achieve my dream to become finacialy boyant and popular i will be very happy if i am accepted to be a member.thanks

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