Is Magic Dangerous?


Anything real is dangerous.

Teachers that insist that what they teach is perfectly safe are either A)Lying or B)Not teaching anything that actually does anything.

Driving is dangerous.
Business is dangerous.
Meditation is dangerous.
Spirits are dangerous.

Pretty much anything worthwhile is dangerous.

Does this mean that we do not engage? Of course not, we take precautions. We have safeguards. We mitigate the danger as best we can, and…. still dangerous.

Anyone that says different is selling you something….
Well, ok, I am often selling you something, but I try to be as honest and up front about it as possible.

When I was 16 I bought Magical Childs edition of The Goetia at a Renaissance Festival in Lakewood NJ. Hal, the guy I bought it from said “Do you know how to use this?“. I said, yes. He said: “What do you do when the spirit blows the book and the papers outside the circle?” 

Hehe. That stuck with me.

That my friends is why even if I do not have a full ritual memorized (which is not something possible in some cases or even desirable) I have my favorite exorcisms, offering formulae, closings, and little tricks memorized. Its why I have a Phurba at hand even if I am doing something having nothing to do with Tibetan Magic.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say.

Go out and get your fingers burned.

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