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I am working on a project and would like to hear stories from any of you who have had a reading done that changed your life in a meaningful way.

Specifically I want to know if you acted on the reading to change the future, or perhaps if the reading gave important knowlege.

I am not interested in readings that proved accurate about the present or past, or proved accurate about the future in hindsight.



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  1. Harry Coburn says:

    Do readings that you did for yourself count, or do they need to have been received from other people?

  2. Deb says:

    My comment got lengthy enough that I made it a post here:

  3. Gordon says:

    You mean acted on a reading in the sense of attempting to change the outcome it presented you with?

    In that case:
    Tarot reading indicates that someone is gossiping maliciously about me in the workplace which would ultimately end in a string of verbal warnings and me being pushed out of the company. Used Sibilla to identify whom (as you know it’s very good with gossip/treachery and individual identities), then neutralised the gossip with kindness and ingratiating myself to her boss rather than my own.

  4. Scott says:

    Reading was 1991 by Flora Cameron of Placerville California. There was some supernatural effect to the reading including a wind that blew on me when we clasped hands and some visuals as guides stepped in.

    Reading was an exact description of a secret crush (I wasn’t out) including hair color, eyes, age difference and type of relationship. The previous relationship. My father and my relationship.

    Freaky part was the next ten years she illustrated each relationship. I was a FOOL for love at the time and as I look back on the reading, she nailed them.


    Second reading was with a numerologist, can’t remember her name, from Denver Colorado visiting our shop. Good reading but in the middle of it guide stepped in and warned me specifically about someone I had just met the night before, who was actually a danger to me.

    I found this out a few days later.



  5. runeworker says:

    I made the practice of doing a monthly geomantic chart to see where I might have luck or troubles from month to month. Using that information from, I get indications where money might be tight, or difficulties in the workplace, or in dealing with unfortunate occurrences on the rise in my community. Last August I had the indication that there would be a major financial difficulty or loss, so I took to doing financial protection spells along with prosperity and money drawing, while looking at my expenses and income and trying to shore up both. When the financial hit came (car repair) the mechanic gave me significant discount and the part to be repaired was much less costly then what could have been, I got a bonus from work and assistance from family, and Ihad managed to save some more money then normal and the overall impact was much less then what it could have been.

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