Evocation Education with Mike Cecchetelli

Let me tell you a story. About two weeks ago I had a dream, one of those big ones that involve overlap into multiple layers and people. The kind that shake you awake and have you reaching for the voice recorder when they are done. This dream was about Abrasax – it stood hundred of feet tall and was giving instruction to someone. I looked to see who, and it was Mike Cecchetelli.

I called him up the next morning and asked him if he did any major work last night. He said “no, but I had this really heavy dream about Abrasax…”

A mark of a successful Magus is that spiritual communication is a two-way street. The gods contact us as well as the other way around. When that contact is powerful enough to wake up a peer 500 miles or so away just to act as witness, you know that person is doing some big things.

Now six people have a chance to learn from MC directly.

Head on over to the Lions Den and fill out the application if you are serious. 

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  1. Christine Opland says:

    I’m fascinated. But I also find that I am not familiar enough with him at this time to seek him out as a teacher. Thank you for bringing his body of work to my attention.

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