Dzambhala/White Mahakala talismans left AND a kick ass field report!

First, because I withheld ten of each talisman so that I could fox any mailing errors there are now 8 Dzambhala Wealth Building and 7 White Mahakala Talimans left for sale. These are $50 each. If you want one, e-mail me.

Second, I just received this e-mail from a client that purchased both talismans.

I just wanted to give you a preliminary report on receiving the above two talismans.
I began to wear the Dzambhala talisman once it arrived.  I did not feel anything different although I was confronted with a potentially large economic hit to my wallet (many thousands of dollars).  As it turned out, I was able to significantly reduce the cost to something easily affordable.
When the two Maha Kala talismans arrived, I put one on over the Dzambhala talisman.  Within an hour, I was burning up and no one else thought the temp had risen.  This lasted for a couple days, then the string came untied and fell in my shirt.  I retied it and an hour later, it unraveled again.  I switched it out with the other talisman.
I have worn the two talismans together since and have felt increasingly peaceful and optimistic about finances.  Here are a few things that have happened:
1.  Ideas on how to make extra money AND save extra money have begun comming my way.  Nothing major but definitely all welcome and helpful.
2.  I have been getting all of the overtime at work that I want even though OT is being aggressively cut.  I have just been asked to do some extra shifts this very weekend as a matter of fact.
3.  I have been wanting to sell a few items that I own for some time.  Due to the nature of these items, I have been picky on who I want to sell them to.  Recently, the right kinds of people have begun to make offers.  They haven’t sold yet, but things are moving in the right direction.
4.  My dentist told me that I had an infection underneath a tooth which had a root canal and which is the anchor tooth for a bridge.  Options included oral surgery or another root canal.  Yesterday, the endodontist recommended that no action need be taken as it was not causing me pain and because he was not sure it was an infection.
Again, I haven’t gotten the million dollar idea yet or won the lottery, but these developements are all welcome. 

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4 Responses to Dzambhala/White Mahakala talismans left AND a kick ass field report!

  1. LucidDream69 says:

    i also own both talismans by now and still wear only the dzhambala talisman alone. seems like in the testimonial, wearing them both at once seems to work well. i have been unsure if they do not interfere or should be worn at once, even if they seem to go in the same direction and also come from the same “pantheon”.

    also, i like the subtle effects of the dzhambala talisman until now. no big effects, but some good opportunities, inspirations to DO stuiff, intuition whom to call for a job at which time, some new projects started, small amounts of money won in a lottery, finding items for a good price, finding stuff online etc. all could indicate it is doing it’s work, even if i can never say for sure where stuff is coming from, cause all is interconnected. and it does not matter to me, as long as things work out well :)

    jason, do you think i just should go for both talismans, or wear the dzhambala talisman a bit longer until i feel i want to change it for mahakala? i fact, i am eager to put the mahakala on, i even did not unpack it until now :)

  2. Lynn says:

    Jason, I have missed the story on the talismans. Is there a previous post? I might be interested in one or both. Also, is there an image of them or a description? They sound like they might be what I need right now.


  3. Scott says:

    Ok I am now convinced. :)

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