Discounted Copies of The Holy Guardian Angel

11149328_932089583479342_4514642942026726942_n 11136091_932089580146009_4617354379400532311_oEveryone remember that great anthology  last year on the HGA? I was in it, so was Mikle Cecchetelli, Rufus Opus, Bryan Garner, Aaron Leitch and a whole slew of others….

Well now is your chance to get a copy at a discount. Nephilim received two cases that were slightly damaged at the binders and  couldn’t be sold at retail price due to the defects. Instead of tossing them they would like to offer them at a good discount for those who didn’t get a copy before it sold out or just didn’t have the $50.

Above is a picture one of the box, and another close up showing the slightly dinged corner. All the books are with the same damage, just a dinged corner or scuff on the cover. The retail was $55, these are $35 including US shipping, or $50 including international.

To order them send an email and they will create an invoice for you.

They are not sold through me.

Folks this is a STEAL.

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4 Responses to Discounted Copies of The Holy Guardian Angel

  1. Nephilim Seconds says:

    To all readers looking to order one of these copies, Yahoo just blocked access to the email account that Jason provided above. (The account was created yesterday and all of a sudden this morning is sending/receiving several dozen emails so their security flagged it as a potential spammer)

    We had access to it until 10am Eastern Time, so everyone we replied to this morning with the paypal/ credit card instructions prior to that time should already have payment instructions and have received their tracking numbers BUT from now on please email us at

  2. Boris says:

    I tried the email but it did not work.

  3. Akiva says:

    I also tried just now. If there are still copies left please let me know.

  4. Ilan says:

    Do you have a way to contact the seller? I have tried several times and he does not answer any of my emails.


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