Dance Monkeys Dance

I tend not to write about spirituality in terms of union with the divine, attaining enlightenment, or becoming an Ipsissimus or other similarly silly title.  I am pretty apophatic about Theological matters like that. Instead, I write about freeing yourself from habitual patterns, or what I and many others like to call: The Monkey Mind.

Before we can be Gods, we need to be human. Before we can be truly human, its good to remind ourselves that for the most part, we are all just a bunch of monkeys.

Since its the weekend, I don’t want to get all heavy about this. But when i was at the Philly Zoo today, I was reminded about that short rant from Ernest Cline, that is just too Airwolf not to share.

Dance Monkeys Dance

If you haven’t ever heard the word Airwolf used as an adjective than you need to hear this as well: Airwolf

If you like that, than you might be a geek. In which case you should listen to The geek


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2 Responses to Dance Monkeys Dance

  1. Jow says:

    “Get your hands off me you damn dirty ape!”

    Also: “Let’s go to the zoo and watch the monkeys do it!”

    Also Also: In reference to geekdom, I’ve found that as my life goes on, I strive to be like an anglo version of Egg Shen from “Big Trouble in Little China”.

  2. Sufi mysticism, especially those informed by Chaldean magical traditions, hold that man is part beast and part angelic. In order for him to reach his angelic state he must first accept his animal nature.

    Loved the videos.

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