Crucible was Saturday and as usual was a full day of learning, networking, and shinanigans.

I ended up being on two panels and giving two talks because of a last minute cancellation, so I did not get to as many talks as I usually do. In fact, other than events I was on stage for, there were only two slots. For the first I went to Kenaz’s talk on New Orleans Voodoo, which is a topic near and dear to my hear. I want to thank not only Kenaz and Kathy for their insight, but Andrieh Vitimus for sharing a very juicy piece of New Orleans tech involving chicken feet that neither I nor Kenaz had ever heard before.

Speaking of Andrieh, I was especially glad to break bread and be on panels with him several times over the course of the festival. I read his book “Hands On Chaos Magic” over the summer and loved it. Because I have certain criticisms of some Chaos Magic points, people assume that I hate Chaos Magic over all and dislike Chaos Magicians. Nothing could be further from the truth. Chaos Magic is a major influence on my thinking, and I count Chaotes amongst some of my most valued friends and advisers. It kind of sucked that I did not get to attend his talk Quantum Sorcery because there is some cross over between that and some of the stuff I am actively working on right now.

Mr Pink delivers a speech on Hermetics

The reason I did not get to attend of course is that I was attending a talk called “Applied Hermetics: Conjuring a Better Tomorrow” by none other than Mr Pink… er I mean Rufus Opus. As always RO was on fire with the Holy Spirit as he passionately explained the Hermetic Cosmology and the Alchemical process of manifesting your Kingdom.

Apart from the above, Lavanah and Frater Servitor Lucem was in attendance with a much needed  pick-me-up for yours truly. Jow and Deb showed up for some midight and early morning shinanigans.

All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday/Sunday. Hope to see you there next year.

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8 Responses to CRUCIBLE

  1. Frater AIT says:

    SOOO COOL seeing you lot together!

  2. roh'nin says:

    Quick question, did you get to see Cat’s (Yronwode) talk? I haven’t seen her in a few years now and hope she’s doing well…when I was in the Bay area, taking a trip to Lucky Mojo was almost a monthly pilgrimage…

    • Inominandum says:

      She was not there. I think you are thinking of Sacred Space this February, which she was appearing at, but is no longer on the schedule.

      I too hope she is doing well.

      • roh'nin says:

        You are correct…I must’ve confused the two.

        Since I’ve got your ear…video, video, video! Throw those of us not able to attend a bone. I know that I, and many others, would gladly give $10 or $15 for a video…

  3. Lavanah says:

    By the end of that evening (or the end for me) I was beginning to feel as if I possessed a bottomless bag, and I could pull out of it whatever was needful. I had a good time, and really wished there were ways of attending 2 talks at one time-alas, I’ve yet to perfect that sort of skill. (so will you, once the twins are a little older…). I’m also sorry that we missed the party afterwards, somehow, the info to us just wasn’t clear. Oh well, there is always next year.

    • Bryan Lord says:

      Lavanah, I replied directly on your blog, but wanted to make the general announcement that the party you are referring to in not a part of the event, and is privately hosted.

  4. Lavanah says:

    Thank you, Bryan. I saw that, and responded there.

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