Comment From Old Student A Gift For A New One.

*The Free Course mentioned below has been given. Then I gave away two more to match the gift. Thanks to everyone for good work and paying it forward.

**Still Seven days left for the New Year Course Discount**

Today I received a comment and a gift from a student that joined the course during last years New Years’s Promo:

The comment:

I joined the course last year when the course went on sale and it completely turned my life upside down. I was laid off from my job shortly after starting the course, but using the methods in the early lessons I was able to get a better paying job, closer to home, within three weeks. By Spring I started my own side business and am now making nearly three times what I was before joining the course. The increased income has allowed me to travel more and start a relationship with a guy in California that I have been talking with online for a long time now. 

Between working a secure job, owning a side business, and traveling back and forth to Cali I don’t have any time left for gaming anymore, but other than that I can’t think of a single downside. The course has been a big blessing….

The Gift:

I want to share that blessing with someone else. I noticed that you are again offering the course at a discount. I am sending through a payment for the course again, this time so that someone who cannot afford the course can take it. Just make sure it is someone who is going to actually do the work. Especially the offerings. Those offerings make the whole system work! 

Thanks for the course. I will get all that homework to you soon!

– JF 

So there ya go folks. If you have been wanting to join the course and cannot afford it (even with the payment plans that I offer), contact me asap, because someone has paid your tuition.

******The space has been filled. I gave two more slots to match. No more Free classes available at this time*****

Just a reminder: there are still 7 days left to take advantage of the New Year discount on the Strategic Sorcery Course and get in on the Hekate/Helios ritual.

Write me at with the words STRATEGIC SORCERY in the subject line for an information packet on the course.

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