Check out the Jupiter Altar!

The Wandering Fool has constructed an amazing Jupiter Altar that uses the Strategic Sorcery Jupiter Symbol and all 16 Lightning Glyphs. He is incorporating the work he does on it with the 49 calls from Advanced Planetary Magic.

Awesome work.

Check out his blog for more details. 

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3 Responses to Check out the Jupiter Altar!

  1. Christine Opland says:

    Can I just say, WOW! Amazing work!

  2. Stone Dog says:

    This is for The Wandering Fool. I can’t comment on your blog due to google account complications.

    Now that is an interesting tool, I think Jason is very proud to see some of us make such ingenious things with his glyphs :-). I am focusing on wealth magic too these days, I work with Hindu spirits but your idea could easily be adapted. I look forward to reading about your results with it.

    Unfortunately I have never worked with hoodoo style materia, as I can’t store it in my apartment, let alone an altar like this, but here’s a few ideas I would try if I could:

    – “painting” the glyph on a piece of cardboard with the appropriate oil, put the appropriate powder or dust on it so that the sigil appears to be drawn with the powder, consecrate it on the altar with an offering, a prayer, and maybe the call, then fold the cardboard and wear it as a talisman for short-term goals

    – if the altar’s finish allows it, oil-paint a “ray” that joins the central Jupiter Seal with a glyph, and do so with 2-4 glyphs at a time to combine their powers. Lay the offering to Jupiter on the central seal

    – use the altar to multiply spirit money and do grand offerings to any ancestor that will help you with your business, or offer it to a few money-wise ones

    – if you ever have important competitors, make a linked doll and “bury” it in a box, then keep it UNDER the altar to symbolize you “own” them on the financial level, until the desired result is obtained

  3. Ngawang says:

    If I had the know-how, I would create something like this, but with Jupiter, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the four directions in the center.

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