HERE are the Panel Discussions from Between The Worlds Conference. 

I am on the second panel with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, John Michael Greer, Christopher Penczak, and Jacki Smith. Michael Smith was moderator.

Many thanks to the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel for holding the conference and making these available.

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3 Responses to BTW PLENARIES

  1. MF says:

    This was a good discussion on operative magic. Better than most panel discussions I’ve heard.

    However, there seems to be this area that people don’t want to touch. How operative can magic get? I suppose it was discussed to a point of, it helps but it doesn’t make happen on its own. You won’t get the lottery ticket, you won’t just get your business to work, because everything in your life is a part of the spell to make that happen. I was hoping that you’d discuss the psychic powers, the siddhis, and what Buddhism and Hinduism claims as possible. The ability for real telekinesis, and such. As well, what R.O. would possibly refer to as the ability to smash down walls as a God.

  2. Inominandum says:

    These kind of vulgar magic siddhis do exist, at least some of them. That said, they are usually the result of a combination of extreme gift or extreme training (ie: years in retreat). In most cases it takes both.

    They can periodically be achieved but rarely stick.

    RO’s smashing down the walls as a god is much closer to what we were talking about on the panel in terms of taking control of your own life.

  3. Richard Norris says:

    I gave this a listen today and I was really impressed with the level of voiced agreement amongst all of the panelists. Later on in the day, however, I thought about John Michael Greer and remembered how he confessed to a certain sort of cruelty when it comes to watching people he warned about certain actions doing them anyway and then falling on their faces. I got the image in my head of JMG as Pai Mei from Kill Bill, watching with an amused and disgusted expression on his face as a student faltered. I could hear the contemptuous “Hmph!” and see the annoyed flick of his druids beard as he moved to demonstrate the way that that certain magical technique should be done. This caused me to start laughing at work, which earned me the confused look of my co-workers. I laughed even harder realizing that JMG would have no idea who Pai Mei was, and would be just as confused as everyone currently around me. Sorry, just had to share that.

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