Be Joyful Dammit!

A few days ago someone I know lashed out in anger at anyone and everyone taking joy in Christmas when there is such suffering in Sudan at the moment. 

That reminded me of a few months ago when I posted the story about the half the city of San Francisco pretending to be Gotham City so that a boy could be Batman for his make a wish foundation wish. The first response was: “I bet if it was a muslim kid no would have done it…”

Chances are this behavior reminds you of someone you know. Maybe it even reminds you of yourself.

It is true that we should not forget the suffering and disenfranchised while we are experiencing joy and opportunity. I think it is healthy to be aware of the fact that people in Sudan are at war while we shop for Christmas gifts. I think it is good to understand that society privileges people that are Christian, White, etc in ways that it does not do for others. We should be aware of these things and spend time working to correct them. None of that however necessitates cutting ourselves off from joy and opportunity.

If you cannot enjoy your friends, family and new PS4 because people in Sudan are at war, you need to re-think your view on life. If you are from Sudan and are worried about people you know, that’s one thing, but if you are just a normal schmuck (this particular person could not identify Sudan on a map when asked to do so), you need to get a grip and realize a simple truth: being a pissy kill-joy is not saving anyone’s life in Sudan. 

If you cannot take sit back and have your heart warmed by something good that happened that to a terminally ill child just because if he was a different religion people would not have supported him the same way, you are in a truly sorry state of affairs yourself. I mean the kid has fucking leukemia and HE can find some joy in the situation, why can’t you?

Spiritually speaking, I am all about joy and bliss. I believe that bliss is the primary characteristic of the primordial nature of reality. As Tantrika I am much more concerned with Sukha (joy/bliss) than with Dukha (suffering).

There are really two types of Joy: relative and absolute. The first rests on causes and conditions (such as the holidays or the batkid event) the second is innate and undifferentiated. In practice absolute Bliss/Joy are the cause of the relative and the relative confirms and manifests the absolute.

You need to make room in your life for joy and bliss. First you need to find it in the obviously good things, the things that will automatically let you smile if you let them. Next you will find that your smile itself can be the cause of joy rather than the effect, you will uncover the innate joy. You can then get to work on dwelling in that state and exploring it as a vast and luminous dimension. I am pretty sure though that before any sexual alchemy, before any yoga, before any ritual, before any angelic union, before any practice that leads to understanding reality and existence as bliss; you first need to lighten up a bit and stop being a prick.


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4 Responses to Be Joyful Dammit!

  1. V.V.F. says:

    Maybe there’s a third option. I mean, if it was me…I would simply agree that all children deserve such kindness, rather than scold a person for sourly pointing out that some children receive less. Cynicism often comes from people who are very soft at heart.

  2. Inominandum says:

    Thats not really a third option though. Its not whether all children deserve such kindness. Of course they do! But this ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    It wasnt something that would be nice.
    It wasnt something that we would wish.
    It wasnt something that was in the mind – it was something that was amazing and happened to a deserving person.

    Take some joy and spread it.

    Also there is nothing Cynical about his response.

  3. Christopher says:

    Well said….If other people are suffering its even more important that we are joyful in our everyday lives and are bringing more blissful and joyful vibes to the table. At the same time work to live active and true lives for ourselves and the benefit of other beings…..a smile is infectious after all. :)

  4. runeworker says: seriously just dance to it

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