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Judging Your Results Against Others

One of the great things about Strategic Sorcery is that we have a very large (over 400 people) and active community that, for the most part, conducts itself with composure and compassion and keeps its focus squarely on the work at … Continue reading

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Renaissance Astrology and the Global Jupiter Rite

Christopher Warnock wrote a very thoughtful piece regarding the timing of the recent Strategic Sorcery Jupiter Rite. I think that both Christopher and I are people that can hold each other in high regard without having to completely agree on … Continue reading

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Happy Equinoclipseupermoon!

So much stuff happening today that it is hard to even narrow it down. Oodles of New People doing the Jupiter Rite which is exciting! But whatever else you have going on, I hope it is treating you well.

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Video Review of Strategic Sorcery

Andrew Martini posted very nice 19 minute long review of the Strategic Sorcery Course. BONUS: He did it from the deck of the TARDIS! Thank you Andrew!

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LGBTQIA and Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit

**************************UPDATE***************************** The review I responded to has been removed and an apology has been issued and accepted. I appreciate this, and it takes character. I am not deleting the post, because I want there never to be any confusion about where … Continue reading

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I try not to have too many Global Rites one after another, and was not planning on doing any until May. Jupiter however has had other ideas. What started as a nagging thought while standing in front of Jupiters statue … Continue reading

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In August 2012 I posted a piece called Be Nice – An Approach To Goetia. In that post I used an image of a T-shirt I found online and as with most bloggers, I searched for an appropriate image and tossed … Continue reading

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Experience vs Noob

Discussing spirits and offerings with Christopher Bradford today and I came up with this difference between experienced people and noobs. Noobs are like “Wow, it’s really strong, might kill a child if I piss it off, and I have to … Continue reading

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A Financial Field Report from a student

I received the following field report this weekend from a student in the course that had been having a hard time for a few years. It goes to show that wise actions married to magic can help overcome almost any … Continue reading

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Three Card Marseilles Readings – $40 Now through Monday

Normally I charge $75 for an e-mail reading or a 30 minute skype or phone consult. This weekend only I am offering a brief three card e-mail reading for $40. Three cards can actually tell you a LOT about a given situation … Continue reading

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