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Author. Sorcerer. Consultant. I have 30 plus years of experience making magic a reality for myself, my clients, and my students. For a complete background go to

Transcending Tools? More Like Misunderstanding Them.

Every now and then I meet someone who claims that they have transcended the need for tools or any link to traditional methods. Transcending Tools? More like misunderstanding them. That’s like transcending the need for a car or a plane because … Continue reading

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Juno Rites are Happening Now!

All over the world between yesterday and tomorrow people are performing the Strategic Sorcery Global Rite, aimed at bolstering the success of each individual as well as the overall success of the community an all those in it. Still time … Continue reading

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2 days until the Global Juno Rite!

Only Two More Days Until the Juno Global Success Rite I am happy to once again be hosting the Juno Global Prosperity Rite on May 1st. Of all the rites the Strategic Sorcery community did last year, this was the … Continue reading

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Gordon and I Talking Tech of Successful Sorcery.

Was I deficient in my offerings to Rahula? Was the ghost of Nikola Tesla angry with us? Does Google just kinda suck at anything connected to Google Plus? Whatever the reason, our Google Hangout had to be moved to Skype, … Continue reading

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Reminder: Gordon White and I are Hanging out tonight. Come Join us!

Gordon and I will be talking about how to get shit done with the assistance of magic. We don’t have a set format but I am sure we will hit on: – Optionality – Sigil Magic – Apocalypse Prep – … Continue reading

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The Holiest Percher says the kindest things….

Lots going on behind the scenes at Strategic Sorcery these days, one of which is a website re-design at The Holiest Percher offered the following words about the Strategic Sorcery Course… “I live in a different world. I am a … Continue reading

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Gordon and I talk Strategic Sorcery and Chaos Protocols

When it comes to magic, Gordon White and I have a lot in common: A focus on enchanting in stages towards a goal. A money-positive look at spirituality and magic. Emphasis on probability assessment in finding the “points of transmutation”. … Continue reading

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Just a couple weeks ago someone wrote me the following: “Hey man, you used to offer incredible talismans for sale on your blog but I haven’t seen one for like a year. Your Gator Hand helped me launch a new product line.” I … Continue reading

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Jumping Jupiter

Just in case you getting in now: some of my students asked me to comment on the statements Gordon makes about Jupiter in Chaos Protocols. Rather than just keep it in-house I made a blog post out of it. Gordon … Continue reading

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Jupiter, Sovereignty, and Chaos Protocols

A few days before the Super Tuesday Primary I posted a three card reading on the outcome of the Democratic Primary. The first card was the Emperor, which I interpreted as representing Bernie Sanders. People went bananas! “How could you possibly … Continue reading

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