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Author. Sorcerer. Consultant. I have 30 plus years of experience making magic a reality for myself, my clients, and my students. For a complete background go to

Meditating My Way Up A Mountain

“Been a couple weeks since I did this.” AH. rest in presence of awareness. “Wow, hard on the thighs” AH “I was just sick for a week, maybe this is too much for today. Maybe better to swim today.” AH – … Continue reading

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STRAP ON YOUR WINGED SANDALS – GLOBAL MERCURY STARTS TOMORROW There is still time to get in on the Global Mercury Rite and new Cycle of Strategic Sorcery. Join anytime between now and Friday and you will still have time … Continue reading

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One Week Before The New Cycle of Strategic Sorcery and the Global Mercury Rite!!

I am so excited to get this Mercury Success Rite off the ground. When we get hundred of people all over the globe to chant the same chant and speal the same invocations there is a HUGE benefit to everyone that participates. … Continue reading

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The Feast of Holy Mary of Magdala

Wishing all who celebrate it a joyous Feast of  Mary of Magdala. From the Gospel according to  John: Mary stood weeping outside the tomb. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb; and she saw two angels in … Continue reading

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Problems With the Grimoire Crowd

***This first appeared yesterday on some lists dedicated to Goetic and Solomonic Magic. Because of time constraints, I did not want to publish it widely, as I would not have time to defend every point ad-infinitum, which is often what … Continue reading

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What to Expect from the Webinar Tonight!

So what am I teaching in tonights Webinar? 14 Pieces of Heart Advice for Fiscally oriented magicians. All of these focus the way that magic manifests, and how to take full advantage of that, and defeat some of the problems … Continue reading

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Students Speak about Strategic Sorcery Course and Global Success Rites.

THE RITE: Look at that pic above. Mercury leading the damned and the dead to a better place. Its all about movement people. If you are not moving forward you are sliding backwards – this rite is aimed at setting … Continue reading

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Thursday Night 9pm Eastern I am doing a SOMA webinar. These are free for the first 100 people that show up. Tips for Success in Financial Sorcery No matter what style of magic you use, success lies less in your … Continue reading

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“When rich people do something nice for you, you give them a pot of Jam.”  “That’s what pots of jam is for?”  Orange. Grapefruit. Strawberry. But fancy. They have entire stores filled with fancy pots of jam wrapped in cloth.” – … Continue reading

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When it sounds too good to be true.

***NOTE*** This post is not meant to slam anyone’s books or system, which is why this author and group has not been named. I know in fact that there is worth in the material. The post is a comment on the … Continue reading

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