Sigils, Services, and Spirits: Astrological Magic Classes with Dr. Alexander Cummins

Historian, Poet, Diviner, and, if I may say so, master lecturer, Al Cummins is giving a series of classes on Astrological Magic through Kepler College.  I am signing up and I think you should too.

There are Three Modules that break down three essential aspects of astrological magic: Sigils, Services, and Spirits.

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Fundamentals of Astrological Magic I: Sigils
(Saturday 13th August 2016)

Fundamentals of Astrological Magic II: Services
(Saturday 20th August 2016) 

Fundamentals of Astrological Magic III: Spirits
(Saturday 27th August 2016)

Each one of these costs just $39, or you can take all three for $97 – a full 20 bucks off. If, like me, you cannot attend live, you will get a recording of the webinar after it happens.

While the modules on Sigils and Spirits are of course going to be amazing, of particular interest to my students and readers of this blog is the second lecture on services. “astrological ‘fallout shelters”? Body Postures? Magical Breathing? – Yes Please. This is the stuff that is most often lacking when people tell me that their magic isn’t bearing fruit – the role of the magician him/herself in the operation.

If you haven’t heard of the Doctor, you should go check him out at

Then go sign up for the course.


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