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Let’s Talk About Your Reading Habits…

So a while back we had some good discussions over on the Strategic Sorcery group about what books people were reading, and after we got all the occult/magic/spirituality stuff out of the way I asked what non-occult books people read … Continue reading

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See me at SOMA. October 16-18 Austin Texas

“Wait a minute Jason, you are leaving the house Twice in one month!?” Yes, indeed I am. Two weeks after CRUCIBLE I am flying down to SOMA Western Mystery Conference, in Austin Texas. There are still tickets available, and if … Continue reading

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Come hear me speak: CRUCIBLE – Saturday October 3rd!

It takes a lot to get me out of the house and talking live in front of people, but its happening in October. Twice in fact. The first event that I will be speaking at is CRUCIBLE. This year I … Continue reading

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How to Learn with Me or Work with Me.

Other than this blog my website is sorely out of date. I will be working with people to remedy that this fall. In the meantime I had a request: “You seem to have a lot going on, but its all over … Continue reading

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We Invoked Uphill! Both Ways….

You kids today, getting excited at the latest deluxe edition grimoire bound in goat skin with talismanic slipcase. You know what we got excited about back in MY DAY? Loose papers. Someone handing you a manila folder with loose papers … Continue reading

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Epic Field Report

This is an operation that lasted, really a full year. This student left a position that was comfortable, but not very secure and did not pay well, for one that was with a larger company and paid better but which was … Continue reading

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The Delicate Balance Between Self Acceptance and Drive for Change.

**** This originally was for my Strategic Sorcery Student Group, but at their prompting I am posting it here for a wider audience.*** I have been exercising a lot more this summer than I ever have. Apart from the uphill … Continue reading

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Shape Shift with Andrieh Vitimus! SEPTEMBER 12th 2015

LET THE PIMPING OF COOL STUFF CONTINUE!           Next up: ANDRIEH VITIMUS’S SHAPESHIFTING COURSE which begins on September 12. 2015. You might have noticed that Andrieh has not been all over the place doing his usual appearances … Continue reading

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DELIVERENCE – by Khi Armand

I am strapping on my platform shoes with the goldfish in them because for the rest of this week I am going to be pimping other peoples stuff. First up is…. DELIVERANCE by Khi Armand One of the things I have … Continue reading

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Meditating My Way Up A Mountain

“Been a couple weeks since I did this.” AH. rest in presence of awareness. “Wow, hard on the thighs” AH “I was just sick for a week, maybe this is too much for today. Maybe better to swim today.” AH – … Continue reading

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