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Ice Bucket Challenge

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My Reddit AMA

Here it is. My Reddit AMA. It was a great way to spend an evening. Thank you for the great questions.

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Reddit AMA 9pm Eastern Time TONIGHT

Just an FYI: I am doing an AMA on at 9pm tonight.

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The Benefits of Asana

Last week I replaced my most important magical tool. I had some fun letting the Strategic Sorcery group guess what that might be before someone rightly guessed that it was my Zafu. Matt Brownlee and I took a drive over … Continue reading

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Market Sorcery – Apprentice Guest Post

As a follow up to my Financial Forecast post, one of my apprentices decided to do a guest post and talk a bit about about how he uses Sorcery as an investor and business person. Most of what I write … Continue reading

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Sorcery and Financial Forcasts.

I received an interesting e-mail a few days ago. It’s the type of question that I think a lot of magicians ignore or blow off with a statements about how magic is not really about this etc. I thought I … Continue reading

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Global Venus and New Cycle Have Begun!

Cycle 18 of the Strategic Sorcery Course and the Global Venus Rite have begun! If you want to sign up there is still time to… TAKE THE LEAP!

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