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Dorje Gotrab, or Vajra Armor is a manifestation of Padmasambhava and is, in the opinion of several Lamas, the most supreme healing and protection mantra of all. The practice, a revealed treasure of Dudjom Lingpa, is connected with many types of magic … Continue reading

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The Book of St Cyprian, The Sorcerers Treasure

I have been in hard-core writing mode on my own book all month, so it would take something truly remarkable and important to steer my attention away to another book. As it happens, just such a book came my way, … Continue reading

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MRA’s, PUA’s, and the Santa Barbara Shooter

I have seen numerous articles and Facebook posts about the Santa Barbara Shooter, many of them linking him to Men’s Right’s Activism (MUA) and Pick Up Artists (PUA). In fact many of my friends who are Pagans, Occultists, or Witches … Continue reading

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A Serpent Sigil Story

One of my students in the apprentice program*, wrote up an experience of receiving a sigil directly from Hekate. Rather than generating it from letters, inventing something that looked good, or something like that, this method of seeking sigils creates … Continue reading

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My Poor Magician Post

So the Pagan and Occult world has exploded with chatter this week about an article in Patheos called “A Poor Magician Is A Poor Magician”. The article is pretty well reasoned and doesnt accuse anyone of anything, and just makes some … Continue reading

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Spirit Bottles

                        I stopped making them by request for a while because they take too long and have too many variables. Every one is different and the contents are more … Continue reading

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The Nature of Jupiter

”And as for Jupiter… finally someone has called it like we should all be seeing it. That’s an astral Manhattan skyline in the background. Praying to Jupiter has always struck me as waving a little flag as the Queen goes … Continue reading

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Sex Magicians of the Late 19th Century.

I gave a talk at Thelesis Oasis of the OTO this weekend. The talk, as with a lot of the book, focuses on explaining Tantric and Taoist tech in very plain terminology that anyone can understand and apply to practice … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Advocate

Many of my readers are no doubt aware that in response to Oklahoma allowing a 10 Commandments Monument at the Starehouse, the Satanic Temple has commissioned a Satanic Monument that they wish to install as well. The idea being that … Continue reading

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Last day to join Global Helios Rite – and a Field Report Already!

Today is the last day to participate in the Global Helios Success rite. New, current and former students of the Strategic Sorcery Course (over 900 people) are doing a rite to Helios today and tomorrow to help give their spiritual … Continue reading

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