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Cycle 16 of Strategic Sorcery Starts Sunday.

Last announcement for the weekend: Cycle 16 starts on Sundaty Feb 2nd. If you want in send an e-mail to for an info packet.

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Year of the Horse Luck Bags

The picture above is me holding my Chinese New Year Emperor bag from last year. It was a good year and I am doing another one for myself. I purchase the bag from a Chinese Sorcerer who does the Tai … Continue reading

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Judging Success: Magic and Money

A few days ago Stephanie Connolly Reisner posted a great piece on material success and its relationship to magic. This was followed up by some musings from Harold Roth in the Alchemists Garden. Since my first two posts this week … Continue reading

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How to be Worthy…

In my last the comments of my last post Christopher Kenworthy pointed out something that I was not aware of: that people on the NAP (New Avatar Power) Forums* have found that the Elubatel ritual for success has turned some … Continue reading

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Magic is not Alimony

For the last couple months I have been doing these one-on-one consultations several times a week, many of them have been about Financial Sorcery. One thing that I have noticed is the need for unbinding. Not unbinding from crossed conditions … Continue reading

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JUST ONE WEEK LEFT BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF CYCLE 16 OF THE STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE. First Lessons will go out on Candlemas/Imbolc – This Sunday, Feb 2nd. Send an E-mail to and request your packet information packet today. In … Continue reading

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Field Report: Hekate Helios Results

Results are starting to trickle in from the Global Hekate/Helios rite that I ran between New Years Night (January1) and the Perihelion January4). I received some good feedback immediately after the rites in terms of visions people had, strange phenomena … Continue reading

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I Give Up!

There are several battles about my work that I have been fighting with my guides and with myself. Any of you ever have those battles? Your Patrons, Guides, or inner voice want you to do something a certain way and … Continue reading

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2014 is speeding along! It is already time to open the gates to yet another new Cycle of the Strategic Sorcery Course: CYCLE 16 will begin on February 2nd – Candlemas or Imbolc The course consists of 52 lessons arriving … Continue reading

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What we need

  I had a conversation earlier today that kind of riled me up. It started off as a conversation about the health and psychological benefits of meditation. The person I was speaking to voiced an objection to the way that … Continue reading

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