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SOLD OUT!!!! A Blast of Sun – Surya Yantras for Sale.

The Yantras have now sold out. A big thanks to everyone that purchased one. They will all be in the mail on Monday.

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Choosing not to be rich?

Have you seen this article making the rounds today? 10 REASONS I’VE CHOSEN NOT TO BE RICH The people that have been linking to this article seem to resonate with the message. On the surface the message seems good: that … Continue reading

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CONJURE, CONSULTATIONS, AND COACHING For the last month or so I have been quietly offering consultations and coaching sessions via phone, skype, and google+ to long time clients and students. These have been good for the clients and very enjoyable … Continue reading

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DIY in magic is overrated.

You have heard it many times: there is magic in the act of creation. You hear it a lot because it’s true. Lovingly crafting a tool, an image, an invocation, is a magical act that changes the creator as much … Continue reading

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My Next Book!

I am thrilled to announce that I just signed the contract on my fourth title with New Page Books, tentatively titled:  Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit: The Secrets of Erotic Alchemy Laid Bare We are looking at a Summer 2014 release, … Continue reading

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