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Product Updates

Just a note to say that I am away for the weekend with very limited access. All orders of APM and the SS COURSE will be filled on Monday Night. All physical products, including the Simhamukha Talismans, will be going … Continue reading

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You can’t make everything about everything.

“And there’s always a place for the angry young man, With his fist in the air and his head in the sand. And he’s never been able to learn from mistakes, He can’t understand why his heart always breaks. His … Continue reading

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Help Me Spread the Word

It is time to get phase 2 of my business charging forward in a big way. To do it, I need your help. I created a new facebook authors page for myself. Going forward this is where I will post … Continue reading

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ADVANCED PLANETARY MAGIC Chances are that you already know a lot about the magic of the planets. You know how they act as gates that you rise through the spheres through. You know that they are mapped onto the Tree … Continue reading

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The Cult of St Cyprian

Today I arose with the desire to make an offering and prayer to St Cyprian. Inspired by the working, here is an article I wrote back in 2007 on the cult of St Cyprian. It was published in Behutet, and … Continue reading

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In the midnight sky of the Adamantine Queen of the Great Void Appears the terrifying vision of the lion-headed Wisdom Dakini Simhamukha, Together with her howling retinues of Dakinis, Matrikas, Gauris, and Pishachis. We and countless other living beings, with … Continue reading

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A few posts back I was talking about classifications of opposers and how we can actually use wrathful magic against ourselves to keep us to a disciplined plan, or to overcome a nagging habit. I spoke more about self-cursing on … Continue reading

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Because you should know better.

I was talking to someone about the way that people can anger spirits with normal human actions that infringe upon the natural world, broken vows, unwise magic and so on. In extreme cases their response can be as strong as … Continue reading

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ConjureMan Ali and the House of Quimbanda

If you read my blog often you know that I tend not to hold divination in as high regard as some, or even most, practitioners do. I use it for sure, and use it well, but often I think people … Continue reading

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The Further Wisdom of Abrasax

Ok, I am about a month late with this review, but hey better late than never. If you love the PGM, Hellenic or Greek magic, or magic at all for that matter, I am sure that you already have a … Continue reading

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