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Listen tonight on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole!

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Only two more days until the start of the next cycle of the STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE. I got the following endorsement the other day from a student: “I have been practicing for years, but it was always something I did … Continue reading

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Your Thursday Financial Sorcery Tip:

On Thursdays we Gentlemen for Jupiter offer a blessing to one another: “To Your Blameless Heath, and Necessary Wealth” Those last two words are particularly appropriate when discussing wealth magic. We all have a concept of what we consider to … Continue reading

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Cycle 1o of the Strategic Sorcery Course begins August 1st with a Lammastide empowerment ritual. The course consists of 52 lessons arriving by e-mail every Tuesday morning for a year. In addition to this there is a student’s forum, and … Continue reading

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Welcome To The New Normal

So I was having a conversation yesterday with a friend, comparing our “great recession” battle scars and talking about how we are moving forward. After laying out my plans for the next five years, I asked what his plan was … Continue reading

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More on Trust and Fate

I was reminded of a converation I had a long time ago with my teacher Lama Vajranatha. We were at Triten Norbutse Monastery and a westerner had just come to see the Lopon for advice on his new business venture. A few days … Continue reading

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New Agrippa Translation and Scarlet Imprint Interviews

I am pushing my book pretty hard lately, but I also like to push other stuff that is really cool, and there are two things this week that are REALLY cool. First is the new translation of Agrippa’s First Book … Continue reading

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Interview with Yours Truly

Go here and listen to me talk smack. I cover: The deception of “Barista Spirituality” Whats good and bad about the Law of Attraction Why it is more important to increase income than cut expenses.

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Trusting Spiritual Powers and Heavy Prices.

I was supposed to make my second financial sorcery post tonight, but Independence Day festivities got in the way. I have however collected a few thoughts regarding the HGA thing that grew out of the Five Things thing that I … Continue reading

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Kilaya Talismans and Owed Talismans

Now that I have a solid full day per week again to dedicate to administrative stuff, I am getting my office re-done after a drastic paperwork fiasco. I need your help. First and formost, only half the Kilaya talismans went … Continue reading

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