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Jow does in fact smile

Just for the record, Jow does smile. All the time in fact. I actually chose that photo because it is the rare occasion he looks like he is trying to kill someone with his thoughts. That and Deb looks angelic. Here is … Continue reading

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When Magi Meet.

When experienced magicians meet, there is always transmission. This can happen formally at times, but after a certain level tends to happen informally. Spiritual presence mingles with spiritual presence, the channels of one magus dance with the channels of another, … Continue reading

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A few things about the Kilaya Talismans. 1. To order them, write me at 2. I am giving away 5 of them, so if you are in need of obstacles being broken up in your life, but cannot afford … Continue reading

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May 20th – Vajrakilaya Amulets.

May 20th is an important solar eclipse for those that practice Tibetan Magic. This accurs on a New Moon, and happens the Day before Saga Dawa (Birth and Death of Buddha Shakyamuni). As this will make all positive and negative … Continue reading

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Post Chaos Magic Part 2: PLUS SIZE MODELS!

BELIEF MODEL Chaos Magic arose in not only in a multi-cultural world, but in a world that had become such a melting pot that even the most esoteric and secretive occult traditions were becoming public in an unprecedented manner. It … Continue reading

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Special Deal until next friday night: JOIN THE STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE AND GET A FREE TIBETAN MO READING These are short divination’s on specific topics or projects, they are not long life path readings. When you sign up for the course, simply … Continue reading

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Non-Theistic Prayer

Today is the national day of prayer as determined by congress in 1952, so I thought today would be a good day to respond to a blog post by Zeta over at the Devils Notebook. She is taking Frater RO’s … Continue reading

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CYCLE 9 of Strategic Sorcery Course

  CYCLE 9 of STRATEGIC SORCERY TRAINING STARTS ON MAY 15th I am very excited to be announcing cycle 9 to begin in two weeks! The course consists of 52 lessons arriving by e-mail every Tuesday morning for a year. … Continue reading

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