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Jupiter on the go

As it happened I needed to be on the road all day on Thursday and did not take any tools with me. Does that mean I missed the Jupiter Election? HELL NO! I used Magic on the go! Step 1: … Continue reading

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Jupiter Election

I just spoke to Christopher Warnock and he wants me to remind all of you to vote for Jupiter in the election! What’s that Chris? No? Not that kind of election? OOOOOOOHHHH…. What I mean to say is that Christopher … Continue reading

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Post Chaos Magic: 1st in a series.

A POST CHAOS VIEW About two years ago I did a few posts about Chaos Magic, one detailing my main criticisms of it, and another positing that something new was evolving – a Post Chaos Magic if you want to … Continue reading

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Good News

Just got some really great news from the doctor about my wife’s health. Many thanks for everyone’s thoughts and of course to primary thanks to her doctors. We still have a long road to go, but at least we are not going … Continue reading

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Vision of Padmasambhava

The other day my wife and I were discussing some serious and troubling matters regarding her health, and I thought to myself “The doctors are doing what they can do, which practice should I turn to to support their efforts?” … Continue reading

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Strategic Sorcery Spring Sale!

Spring is a time of resurrection and renewal. I myself have been re-evaluating and changing my daily and weekly practices to fit my current needs, something I try to do every quarter or so. If you are trying to renew … Continue reading

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Four Dimensional Apps and Enclothed Cognition

I am working on a piece about post-chaos magic, but it’s not done yet. In the mean time here are two pretty cool articles for you. First is an I-Phone App that helps you contextualize four dimensional space. Those of you … Continue reading

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Think in terms of value rather than numbers.

A couple weeks ago Seth Godin posted this piece to his blog about how we think about spending money. In it he suggests rather than thinking in terms of numbers, which can quickly get abstract, we think in terms of … Continue reading

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Last day for Strategic Sorcery Charity Drive

Just a reminder that today is the last day of the charity drive for Travis and his family.

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