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Endorsement of my Sex Magic Lesson`

My friend wrote up an endorsement of the Sex Magic lesson from the SS Course. “Inominandum’s Intro to Sex Magic is hands-down the clearest and most practical piece I’ve ever read on the subject.  I’ve been a magical practitioner for … Continue reading

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This is the best thing ever.

Many thanks to Richard Kaczynski for pointing this out.

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Of Planetary Hours and Day

Got a good couple questions from a student today and thought my answer would make a good post.  “First, I am confused about planetary days and hours. First you mention that you prefer the Abramelin to the Agrippan system, but … Continue reading

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Northern Spring Magick

If you can at all get to North Jersey on April 14th, I would recommend attending Northern Spring Magick . The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel is a pagan organization that works more like a magical order in the best sense … Continue reading

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Jupiterian Offerings

For those that don’t already know, I finished writing my third book “Financial Sorcery” last week. Apart from the normal Strategic Sorcery perspective on things like using magic to help annuitize your 401k, find a job in the informal job … Continue reading

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Instant Magic Field Report

Yet another field report from a student not even mid-way through the Strategic Sorcery Course. This time it yielded almost instant results, and while that is not the point of Strategic Sorcery, it is always something that I sit up … Continue reading

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New Age, the Occult, and Strategic Sorcery

Over at The Lions Den, Michael Cecchetelli posted a field report from some work he did using the Jupiterian material from my new book Financial Sorcery. Someone posted a comment about Strategic Sorcery being New Age, and… well you have … Continue reading

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History and Tradition vs Ongoing Revelation and Experimentation.

One of the most interesting tensions in the pagan/occult world these days is the ongoing interplay, and sometimes conflict, between the forces of past tradition and historical research and experimentation. I have been meaning to write on this for a … Continue reading

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Strategic Sorcery Cycle 8 Starts tomorrow. You can still join after it begins and receive back lessons, but if you want to take part in the Candlemas Catalyst rite, I need to know today…. Contact me at

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