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Seasons Greetings!

Yesterday was Advent, the beginning of the Christian liturgical year. If you are like me, this is a good thing and a good opportunity to renew your practice and set a pace for your practice. Specifically the season of advent … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving a day late

I did not want to do any work yesterday and just did not get to this update the day before Thanksgiving. I wanted to say thank you. Thanks to all of you readers, and customers who make this life possible. … Continue reading

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Table Grace

“Isn’t anyone going to say grace????” – Grandmothers everywhere If you are fortunate enough to have anyone over the age of 80 still enjoying Thanksgiving with you, chances are that before you are allowed to dig into your turkey someone … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Part 1

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” -Meister Eckhart I love Thanksgiving. I love that it is a secular holiday that applies to anyone, yet also ties into the … Continue reading

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The next in my series of Tibetan Amulets will be available next week. I am completing the consecrations on 54 Kurukulla Amulets on Dakini Day (Thus Sunday). For those that don’t know Kurukulla is the Dakini of Enchantment and Magnetizing. … Continue reading

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Ancient Road Product Review

It seems MC and I are trying out some of the same products from Ancient Roads. I just received my first package from them a couple days ago and I have to say that I am VERY impressed. They offer some … Continue reading

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Techno Magic

Jack Faust today made a post about Digital Magic, how cyberspace has a role in magic, and some examples of experimentation. Jack is right and there have been successful cyber magical workings. I have used various kinds of Mercurial magic … Continue reading

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Thank you Veterans

Today is Veterens Day. Given some of the military operations of the last 12 years or so, it can sometimes be hard to appreciate soldiers like we should. Some even take the “Universal Soldier” line and hold them just as … Continue reading

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Occultism in the mainstream media this week.

Strange News Day today. Lets start with The Daily Mail, and their story about how six of the deaths connected with the curse of King Tut were actually murders orchestrated by Aleister Crowley Now lets jump stateside to the … Continue reading

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On Ethics

In my last post I was making a point about books on magic always having to have statements on ethics lest people complain. My point was that people often treat ethics of magic as completely separate than other activities AND … Continue reading

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