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Myth and Fact and Dr John.

As Magicians, Witches, and Sorcerers we play in the gray area between myth and fact, and when we yield fully to either, things tend to go to pots. I was catching up on what some of my favorite occults are … Continue reading

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ONLY 25 LEFT! The consecrations on these bad boys are not even done yet, and already half of them are sold. The final consecration will be this Friday. Talismans are $50. For those of you who have no idea what … Continue reading

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Field Report: Bune lands a job in less than 2 weeks.

I received this field report from a student today who was delighted at the results from the Bune spell in The Sorcerers Secrets. Excellent work! So, I guess the first thing I should tell you about the set-up is that … Continue reading

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Old Side Projects

Isn’t it weird how things that were meant to be side projects, even things you did not take all that seriously at the time, become main projects and end up punctuating your life? Yes, I think its very weird.

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Padmasambhava VS General Guan

So I had a totally Crazy ass dream this morning. I was on a wide grassy plane watching Padmasambhava and General Guan Yu fight. Each were battling fearcely but it was equally matched: Padmasambhava’s Khatvanga vs the General’s Guan-Dao. Finally … Continue reading

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Ok yesterday I did the second of three consecrations on a group of 54 White Mahakala Pendants, one of which I am wearing and which has already helped overcome a major financial obstacle for a member of my family: year … Continue reading

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Why I am never going to be a Rinpoche

A couple weeks ago RO and I were chatting on the phone and I was babbling about something Tibetan, I think it was the way method that Tibetan lamas stopped the Sharmapa from reincarnating for 200 years, and he asked … Continue reading

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Zombie Sorcery Book?

Is there some tax-break that I don’t know about for writing about Zombies? Should my next book be about Zombie Sorcery? Maybe something like this: ZOMBIE SORCERY Magical Strategies for dealing with the Zombie Apocalypse In this book by noted … Continue reading

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4th Dimensional Space

I very often talk about the things that I am currently trying to teach to others. I occasionally talk about things that I am actually doing for others and myself. I very rarely talk about the places I am going … Continue reading

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Tweaks I made to BRH and Watchtower

Wind, commented on my last post, asking if I would share the modifications I use for the BRH and Watchtower rituals. I figured I would do it here for those that are interested. I want to point out that I … Continue reading

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