Welcome to the Dawn of the Post-Apocalypse

Welcome to 2013.

We have lived through Y2K, countless Rapture dates, the hadron collider, 06/06/06, and the dreaded 2012. Everything that fear mongers have warned would end us turned out to be nothing more than smoke.

WE ARE NOW POST APOCALYPSE. Let’s start living like it.

Live like you, your children, and your children’s children will be here tomorrow.

Here is my recipe for maximizing the New Year bump.

  • SCREW THE NEW RESOLUTIONS: I do not start any new resolutions or habit changes. Doing so right now more or less psychically links you to everyone elses new years resolutions. At first this seems like a great idea and it would be if it did not also psychically link you to the 95% of people that fail at keeping their resolution within two months.
  • GET BACK ON TRACK: The holidays tend to take us off track. I started a new diet plan at the beginning of December and lost 12 pounds. During the last two weeks I have basically only focused on not gaining any of it back during the holidays, and I have been successful in that. Today I resume my normal diet.
  • REVISIT, AND DOUBLE DOWN: I like to re-read an influential book at New Years. I have re-read Four Hour Work Week for three years now. Strategic Sorcery would not be here without it. While not a great time to start something new, I do find New Years a great time to remind ourselves of things and to double down on our good habits.
  • MAKE LIKE BRIDGET JONES: New Years is also a great time to Quantify yourself. Don’t worry about changing habits or reacting to our data, just take a week or two to collect data on yourself. Weigh yourself, track what you spend, track what you eat, track what you make. This is in itself a new habit, but most people can manage to take at least one thing and track it. What gets measured, gets managed.
  • GIVE BACK: Part of being a successful Sorcerer is in fulfilling the “Duty of the Wise”: giving back to the world by serving those in need. Recently during an evocation of Tzadkiel, he told me specific things that I needed to do with power that he had given me. He informed me that the Archangels have been bestowing boons to many magicians of late and that it is time for them to give back in service, lest those boons be stripped. New Years is a good time to contemplate how you flow into the world, and the influence you have upon it.

Here is to an apocalypse free and Strategic New Year!

About Inominandum

Author. Sorcerer. Consultant. I have 30 plus years of experience making magic a reality for myself, my clients, and my students. For a complete background go to www.strategicsorcery.net
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4 Responses to Welcome to the Dawn of the Post-Apocalypse

  1. ro says:

    Hell yes, especially the giving back! Bless the fuck out of this world, pass on to our brothers and sisters the boons received, pass on what we’ve learned, let them know that you, sir, are a fucking god and you can make your world awesome! Empower, educate, remind, remind, remind humans who we are and what we can achieve, demonstrate by example the effects, the results of empowered wisdom and right action! Do it, evaluate performance, revise, and execute!

  2. Lori says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Jason! I like your thinking. I, too, have decided to work in and on each day and not set myself up for failure and too many great expectations.

    The only real commitment I am making is to improve my health (with Saturn in Scorpio {my Sun & Ascendant} for the next 2 years) and to work magic. I’m getting out of my head and going back to doing.


  3. Frater VL says:

    Definitely, in my today’s rite, I was asked the same thing, to give back and to be open to help those in need, materially and magically; but one important message was to “give help to those who want to be helped”

  4. Solamon says:

    Very wisely put Jason. Thanks for the new years advice!

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