Only Five More White Tara Talismans Left



TTara_w18here are only Five White Tara Talismans Left. If you want to grab one and the healing rituals that come with it grab it now.

Click here for more details on what they are and how to purchase one. 

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Two Posts of Note

Some people have been complaining that Facebook is detracting from the longer-form blog-o-sphere. While I think that the platforms work best together and don’t necessarily see the problem that other people do, I am going to start taking the time once a month or so to point out posts that I think are important and relate to the overall methods of Strategic Sorcery.

The first of these is a great post by Polyphanes “On Making Vows To The Gods” and why most of the time its a bad idea. The idea that your own vows and failure to upkeep them can be the cause of crossed conditions, and even active attack is something I brought up in my first book, and something that has happened to me personally. This type of thing can actually set you back years but can be very difficult to admit to yourself. He makes some very good points.

The second post I wanted to point out is by Patrick Dunn writing about being a “Fair-weather Wizard”.  This post gets to the heart of something that all adepts confront: sooner or later magic for yourself becomes less about particular spellsand workings and much more about living magic as part of your life: offerings, meditation, maintaining familiars etc. Almost all magic in my life is accomplished automatically through the relationship I have developed with the spirits and indeed the universe itself.

Both of these posts are by people who are thinking Strategically about their Sorcery. You would do well to keep up with their blogs.



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Self Parenting

A few years ago I had the pleasure of potty training not one, but two, children at the same time. This is harder than it sounds. It takes a long time, and you maybe have to switch tactics a few times before you figure out what works.  Eventually though the child gets potty trained. Not just my children, but just about everyones. Even the worst parents in the world manage to potty train their kids, because to do otherwise is unthinkable and would cause more problems then not doing it.

I am currently teaching my kids to read. It takes a long time, it can be very frustrating and may require more than one tactic (I HATE the leveled readers they bring home from kindergarten) but they are now reading at a rudimentary level. You stick with it because to do otherwise is unthinkable and causes more problems than not doing it.

I wish that adults thought more like this about our own goals.

I know too many 40 years old’s that have just given up on financial stability.
I know too many 40 year old’s that have given up on being healthy.
I know too many 40 year old’s that have given up on being loved the way that they want.

Barring serious disability no one should ever give up on these things for themselves. It should be as unthinkable as not reading or needing diapers your whole life.

It is better if you can get a grip on these things when you are younger, but if you didn’t you mustn’t give up. If you are 40 now, you may be alive for another 60 Years.

Stan Lee didn’t create Spider Man until be was 40.
Ricky Gervais didn’t start comedy till he was 38 and didnt get healthy until he was 48.

Health, Wealth, and Love. These three things effect each other more than you may think and not meeting these goals should be as unthinkable as shitting your pants.

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Tara_w18I just finished up a batch of White Tara talismans that I have been accumulating mantras over since the summer. These were done the old fashioned way – little by little each night with 10,000 mantras breathed into them over the course of months. They will go up on the blog in a few days, but as promised I am giving people on this list first shot at them. There are 21 of them available.

White Tara is for Healing, and they will be shipped with a short practice for White Tara as well as two healing practices that you can do with her mantra and amulet. Below is a picture of the front and back of the talisman.

Cost for the Talisman is $75


I had a great e-mail about how an apprentice used several of their talismans, including Wite Tara, over the course of a few months working on a new business project that was very successful. Its a good testimonial to the power of talismans AND an example of how an adeptworks with the tools at their disposal in the Strategic Sorcery method.

A few words on how the TALISMANS are helping me during this difficult time.

Kurukulla has inspired me during the creation of the launch videos, both the writing and the recording. I noticed the talisman puts me in a relaxed, “flirting” mood.The narration I have worked into the first video a little after minute 2:00 was her suggestion. I think. You know what I mean. I think it works rather well, but I haven’t got any feedback so far.

“White Tara has saved me from various small illnesses several times now. That’s the one talisman I have always on these days, day and night. I take it off, the long hours at the computer immediately start taking a higher toll, and my health starts crumbling. I put it back on, I am well again next morning. Beautiful.

Ganesha is obviously clearing the way in the macro-enchantment, but the talisman specifically is helping me with the writing and the editing, helping me finding the right ideas in a much shorter time than it would normally be necessary for them to emerge. Plus a number of small things. Last night I used it to silence a croaking computer fan that was messing up my recording.

White Mahakala is the one that has had the most intense effects. I find it helps me channel my anger at being late and having still so much to do in a constructive way, to focus it. When I put it on, I go into a kind of “tunnel vision”, I forget about the negatives and just cut through it all, for hours and hours at a time. It is strangely more intense than the others, did you do something different with it? I suspect it may be some kind of interaction or combined effect between it and the Gada, which works on alertness and determination, so much so that I had to take it off at night, as it is IMPOSSIBLE to fall asleep when I have it on.”
- Stone Dog

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Interviewed by Rufus Opus

VIRAL MARKETING GLYPHCheck out the latest installment of  ROpocalypse Now, where you can hear Rufus Opus and I talk about:

  • Sex Magic
  • Crossing The Abyss
  • The Nature of True Will
  • Ditching the Day Job
  • The Role of Prior Incarnations.
  • The Relationship between Spiritual Ascension and Practical Magic
  •  Stuff.

BONUS!: You get to see me look like an utter slob because I forgot that this was a video interview!

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You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Spell Is About You

Ever since my first book I have argued that curses and other types of malific magic happen. People that deny they happen are not paying attention or are simply insulated from people that use magic to get things done. I know it happens because people try to hire me to do it on a weekly basis. I refuse almost all requests for it, but I have had serious requests from clients willing to pay into five figures for it, so you can bet that someone out there would take them up on it. I have done some work like that on personal matters myself, so I can tell you that curses happen. Ask anyone that sells supplies and they will tell you that curse materials are a hot seller.

Apart from people casting deliberate curses, there are spirits can take actions against humans in retribution for acts that defile their space. This can be something as simple as building or pollution or as esoteric as a ritual in a park that infringes upon spirit habitat. This is an old level of practice and the work of early shaman was primarily about managing the relations between worlds on behalf of his people.

So Curses happen, but they don’t happen as much as some people think.

Yes, there are crazies out there who imagine that they are under attack by everyone that they have ever met, but I am not talking about them. I’m talking about us. 

By us, I mean practicing Sorcerers, Witches, and Magicians. We all like to think that we are the center of everything, and magicians perhaps fall to this more than most. This is why I like to have students balance out exercises like seeing themselves in the central pillar of the universe, or doing evocations to speak with angels do meditations that give rise to emptiness and awareness of how small they really are. This is why I insist that for me the goal of magic is to become more fully human, and not a Living God. Even the word Ipsissimus simply means one who is their very own self.

Anyway, I have noted a rash of people thinking that they are cursed or experiencing crossed conditions when really they just had a completely normal but unpleasant thing happen.

  • Car broke down? Look at the odometer. They don’t last forever, especially when you have done magic to keep together longer than it should have. Its run its 250K, let it go.
  • Laid Off? So were the other 20 people you were in the meeting. To quote Bill Clinton: “It’s the economy stupid”
  • Can’t find a job after 6 months? That is well within the normal. See Bill’s Quote above. Same applies to having to take a pay cut or change careers. No magic is going to get you rich as a Travel Agent these days…
  • Feeling tired and run down? Are you 45 and eat like shit? Probably not a curse. Maybe think about chewing some spinach and getting up from the desk every now and then.*

In my first book I taught people signs and symptoms of possible magical attack, but I also taught to look for constellations of these signs in your life, not single examples. Also look for reasonable sources. Over the last few years three people have thought or been told that I cursed them – I did not curse any of them. I don’t curse over you not liking my book, or us getting into a row on facebook. Neither do most people.

To most people, none of this stuff is important, but it does make people feel important to think that they are cursed. Don’t be that Sorcerer. Evaluate the signs, get someone else to do a few divination’s. Think about what is really happening and if it is more of less the norm for people. It may feel terrible, but everyone gets punched in the face by life occasionally, even Sorcerers. What makes a successful Sorcerer is not the absence of trouble, it’s your response to it.

*This one is squarely aimed at myself BTW. I am often in need of my own advice.

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Scrying advice from Kevin Smith

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Sorcery Sans Stuff.

A Student wrote a question on the Strategic Sorcery Group this weekend that I think bears answering to a wider audience:

Question: how do you continue your practice when you can’t house any altars or any physical support gear nor burn candles and incense for offerings and workings? I had to break down and hide my supplies, images, statues as well as my altars (sadly in the midst of some powerful workings) due to the need to protect from destruction from those who would not approve… The only option I can think of is to wait until I get my own place to resume…

A lot of people find themselves in a living situation that they cannot practice openly. Sometimes because of relatives and roommates, and sometimes because of the state. Since starting the Strategic Sorcery course I have been floored at the amount of people that diligently practice the art in places that they could still be arrested or persecuted for it. Even those who can practice openly may find themselves in situations where they cannot practice with lots of equipment due to tight living quarters or extended travel.

Over the course of my career I have maintained a practice with virtually every conceivable scenario. 

As a teen I started with stuff in a box and an altar that I would put together and take down for every working. When I came out as an occultist at 17 and my parents were cool, so not only did I built an altar in my bedroom but my parents built a stone circle in the NE corner of the back yard, complete with Gargoyles at the quarters. More space less secrecy.

Living in apartments with roommates left with little space for personal altars, but tons of space for large workings. Matthew Brownlee and I would clear the living room of furniture for everything from Goetic Evocations to OTO Initiations. 

When I bought a house I finally had a dedicated Temple Room and kept money altars, Tibetan Altars, Sorcery Altar etc. I spread out all over. Then we had kids and I gave up the Temple room.  and put a lot of stuff in storage. Started working with a small altar in the bedroom, and would set up larger altars as needed for special workings. – just like in High School. Now-a-days I am in the same house but I have a Bedroom altar for meditative stuff. A divination/Business altar right next to my desk. And a large shrine in the Garage that is sectioned off with curtain that I keep peoples active spells and candles on.

But ultimately I think that any Sorcerer worth their salt should be able to continue without any of it.

This was the advice that Khenpo Namdrol gave to me when I went showed him how I was streamlining a rather extensive ritual: “You have a commitment to do this practice regularly correct? How would you keep that commitment if you were in prison? How would you keep it if you had to travel without books? You must be able to practice even in these situations…

Here are some tips for those who have to keep their practice a secret.

  • You are a Temple. Your mind is the innermost secret temple of practice. Your body is the inner temple. If having outer tools and an outer temple causes you to lose sight of this, than they are doing you no good at all. If you find youself unable to conduct outer ceremonies, that may be a sign to work on the mind and the body.
  • Astral Temple. No longer fashionable to talk about but exceptionally useful. I go to mine on an almost daily basis, and have written before how I “discovered” part of it by accident which I believe to be a remnant from a past life (because there is no way in this life that I would choose Rococo as a design style :-) For all kinds of rituals, evocation, and training for astral work the astral temple is excellent.
  • Keep plain tools. Not every tool needs to have arcane sigils and names engraved upon them. Plain chalices, sticks, mirrors, etc do not draw much attention.
  • Visualization. Another practice that seems to be falling out of fashion is visualization. Someone recently told me that you could tell a practice was fluffy new age if it had visualization because no authentic magic involved visualization. By authentic magic I am assuming that they mean contained in a Grimoire written between 1300-1600 because I know of hundreds of practices in Asia that date before that time frame which involve intense visualization. Visualization is a potent tool and undetectable by anyone not gifted with clairvoyance.
  • Hand Gestures. Many hand gestures can stand in for offerings and tools. I talk about this in my own course and in a short piece I wrote for Mike Cecchetelli’s Book of Abrasax. Whether you have tools of not, the combination of bodily gesture, visualization, and pure will make for a powerful act. Be it a spell or an offering this is a mode of practice that garners results.
  • Hidden Symbols. Sometimes you want to work with physical symbols as an anchor and nothing else will do. Inscribe candles just at the bottom so that it is hidden by the candle holder.  Hide glyphs and sigils behind objects and pieces of art. Some of this is cursing 101 – nothing like a huge demonic sigil hidden behind a painting to drive someone batty, or black arts powder mixed in with their regular bath powder to give them a spiritual itch they cannot scratch. You can use the same ideas to hide things from prying eyes in your own home.
  • Use What Is In Front Of You. Want to play a fun game? The next time you are in a room with other occultists see who can make the best spell or ritual just using what is in the room. Herbs from the Kitchen, toys from the kids room, statues and knick nacks. The world is alive with magic. If you have a strong connection to the spirits you can ask for their guidance: watch how certain items suddenly jump out at you as you instantly understand how to use them.

Even if you do not have to scale down or hide your practice, I think its something that everyone should try. It’s a great way to find out what is absolutely necessary, what is just helpful, what is superfluous, and what is actually holding you back.

A couple years ago when I started to explore Zero Point Magic*, I put everything away. All of it. I would go into the shrine room which had nothing but Black Curtains some candles and Scrying Mirror. It was an awesome experience and I recommend it for people who feel spiritually over-extended or who want to explore the full potential of their art.

*Zero Point Magic uses reality itself as the only symbol set. You ignore all tradition and approach reality as if you were the first person to think of magic – the zero point. I hope to have the Zero-Point Chapbook ready for Spring 2015.

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Thanksgiving as a Practice

Happy Birthday Strategic Sorcery (1)

“Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

Today is Thanksgiving here in America. Though I hate that Christmas  season starts so early In a way I am glad, because it doesnt allow any room for massive consumerist nonsense to arise around Thanksgiving. Songs, specials, and decorations are at a minimum, allowing us- if we are so inclined, to keep the day as a simple day to give thanks for what we have and gather to break break with family and friends.

The practice of giving thanks has spiritual, emotional, and even magical benefits. After all if the spirits have bestowed abundance upon you, being grateful and giving in kind will keep that relationship strong.

I would love it if you took some extra time today to think about the people and things that you take for granted and instead take them with gratitude. Call a friend you only communicate with through facebook to get a closer connection. Clean or upkeep something important to you to demonstrate that you value it. Take time to care for yourself, and be thankful for the ways in which you are strong. Light a candle for the powers that be – local spirits, administering angels, ascending daemons, your own ancestors, or just a vague offering of light to the world.

I want to thank you my readers, students, clients, and friends for making my life a unique and amazing journey. Thank you especially for your stories of success and field reports – it is what fuels my fire to keep doing this. It is my hope to keep producing more and better materials and magics in the years ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jason Miller 201r4


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The Business of Magic

256301_10151301343287995_445051069_oBy now most of my readers will have heard about the arrest of E.A. Koetting. I had decided yesterday to not comment on it. Beyond finding the people getting their joy out of his suffering to be reprehensible, I really have no opinion one way or the other. Because I was interviewed by him and let an article be published in his anthology some people have written me privately for inside info which I do not have. The interview and article were not an endorsement for anything beyond my own ideas. That said I found him to be good-nurtured, knowledgeable, and smart. I wish him well in what I am sure is a very difficult time.  That’s about all I have to say on him.

That said, one of the things coming out of this fiasco is an examination of the business of magic. Many of the people taking joy in his suffering do so because they felt that he cheapened the art by crass, and even manipulative salesmanship. I also was not a fan of his marketing tactics and held it out in my mind as an extreme that I seek to avoid.

On the other hand though you have people, even those who offer services and products of their own, who bristle at the idea of anything businesslike ever touching magic. For instance in Aarom Leitch’s recent piece Fall of a Living God he lists three pieces of advice for those making a living. I agree with the first two and half of the third. I believe in being real and not over promising, I believe in quality over quantity of content, and I believe in avoiding the tactics of televangelists and scientologists. But then, he takes it to a place that I think is no so good:

“Your webpage or blog should look like a resource for students and researchers; it should not look like an ad.

This for me is a problem. If you are in business, you are in business. You should be up front about what you are selling and that you are selling it. There is nothing wrong with this.

Personally I HATE reading an article only to find that it was a sales pitch in disguise. Not only do I immediately dismiss everything you just said, but I will not buy your product, and I will leave feeling like you ripped off my time. If you are in business then sell. Don’t make it appear like a resource for students and researchers. You will either piss people off when you reveal that you are pitching them something, or not actually sell anything because you are so busy hiding that you are trying to make a living.

You will note that on this blog sales pitches for myself or others are clear and straightforward. Articles for content are there for content – I don’t even end them with a “to find out more buy my….” because if you read the blog, you already know that.

Personally I find the model of selling books, courses, services, and personal instruction to be part of my spiritual path. I find it to be more honest and straightforward than orders where you only advance if you kiss the right ass or are willing to jump through increasingly ridiculous hoops. I find it more honest than Guru’s who will recognize you as an incarnation for the right sum of money. I find it more honest than those who insist that it all must be done for free – just when they get around to it.

I am an occultist for a living. This is my job, and I do not hold a day-job. I will not apologize for it. I pride myself on providing value at fair prices to people, only accepting work that I think I can help with, and occasionally doing something pro-bono when the need is real.
It may not fit the fantasy of Victorian Era Gentlemen meeting at the Lodge, and never sullying themselves with anything as crass as money, but the reality is that the world we live in operates this way. Aaron says that he would like to make his living as an occultist. While I agree with him that money cannot be the first thing you are about, if you are actually hoping to pay your bills and live a financially stable life, it had damn well better be a close second. This is true not just of magic and occultism, but all business. Placing money first corrupts, but placing money to the side bankrupts.


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