Some Thoughts on Demons

A Student asked recently about working with Demons. After working primarily with Angels, Planets, and his own mind, he had been feeling a call towards working with demons and wanted some feedback.

1. The term DEMON is completely unhelpful and I will be changing the lesson on Grimoire Spirits at some point in the future to reflect this. When evaluating this for yourself, avoid the term and replace it with what you actually mean.

2. Chthonic is somewhat useful, but not very. They represent spirits that are intimately connected to earth and underworld. Some are very wrathful in nature, but some are peaceful. Some are very atavistic in nature, but some are quite regal and noble.

3. Wrathful and Peaceful is an interesting division and is how Tibetans look at things, but again are angels peaceful? No. Are all Demons wrathful? No. When Tibetans use it they are referring primarily to manifestations of enlightened mind, wrathful ones being used to slay, coerse, and tame beings. When it comes to the classes of spirits this division doesnt hold up well.

4. Shadow, Shell, or something like that is interesting and primarily relates to looking at spirits and powers that embody certain virtues and archetypes out of balance or even manifest in ways that are anti-human.This borders on the domain of psychology, but even though we reject the interpretation of magic as psychological, ythat does not mean that we should shy away from the role mind and thought and subconscious play in magic.

5. Some people who seek demonic work are really seeking adventure and new experience or to explore magics that skirt or transgress the moral lines that you and society have drawn. This is interesting, and cool, and useful as an excecise in itself – so I am not putting it down. That said it can go wrong very fast. Keep in mind who you are, where you are, and what your actual goals are.

As a final thought, there are PLENTY of examples of Spirits and Powers that prove useful during times of war and turmoil, who then prove to be detrimental in terms of peace and productivity. Christopher D Bradford once wrote an article or post about the kind of mentality people need for survival in ghetto’s and lawless areas, and how that does not serve you well when you get out of those situations. I cannot find it now, but perhaps he can point to it. The same is true of spirits. The examples of Dharmapalas in Tibet and Petro Lwa in Haiti have both been spoken about in such ways by people from those places.

What is even worse is when people from the posh comfortable middle-class first world feel that they need to get into the dark and wrathful shit to be “real”. It may come from a place where the line between life and death is much more evident, but unless you are living that, or from that it’s not real. It’s Dark Disneyland.

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I have known Bill Trumpler, aka Nemo,  for about 15 years now, first meeting him through the Chthonic Auranian Temple. He is a seasoned occultists and Magus. Like most great magicians he is also a perpetual student, always looking for ways to learn something new and improve his game. Today he submitted a field report about the power of daily offerings, and I knew I just had to share it with everyone.

To be clear, these are not offerings to one spirit or another, but to four large classifications of beings that encompasses, well, pretty much everything. On a recent consultation a student complained that since doing offerings regularly their desires have been manifesting so effortlessly that they miss the constant spellwork they used to have to do just to keep up with life!

Bills report below is another testament to how the Strategic Sorcery offerings approach can completely transform the nature of the magic we do.

Without further ado, here is Bill’s report:

Field report (sort of) on offerings.

Before I read Jason’s writings on the subject of offerings, I only did them sporadically. Mainly becaue I took the old folklore about not over giving seriously. But I decided to test that supposition and follow Jason’s advice. Now I do a brief tarpanum based offering as well as general offerings pretty much daily. I also make an offering to the local spirits of the land everytime I take my dog for a walk in the local forest. It is the latter to which this report really applies, but just to offer encouragement to follow Jason’s lead and do these things daily, lets just say I feel I have less need to do a lot of results sorcery now that I have been doing daily offerings for the better part of two years. My house is generally very peaceful.

But back to the bit about local offerings in the forest.

This weekend, in the early morning fall air, I stopped to leave honey and bread for the local spirits at the base of a hollow tree, an action I have been doing now for some time on our morning walks. On this particular day, something finally changed in the air.

As I left the bread and honey, it suddenly felt like I was inside a kind of soft, silvery light, very energizing and calming. Not to sound cheesy, but think Lothlorien in the morning mist. It was kind of like that. The feeling of eyes on me was strong. Quite a bit of deep tension melted away, and I can only describe the general atmosphere as suddenly seeming more open and friendly in way I had not sensed previously. Even the dog began to behave differently, staring on point into the trees and acting more excited than usual. For the rest of the walk, he kept stopping and staring into the trees. Unusual for him, since he likes to run through the trees, not stop and stare at them.

The experience was subjective, of course, but it sure seemed to me that a threshold was crossed after two years in which the local spirits had decided they were going to accept my offer of frith and kinship. When I arrived back home, I wound up taking a deeply restorative nap, more relaxed than I have I have been in along time.

At any rate, if you are wondering what the point of all this daily offering stuff is, please persevere. It takes time to make friends in a place that has long been neglected or mistreated.

-Bill Nemo Trumpler

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Why Coloring is NOT the New Meditation.

If you have been to a bookstore in the last few months you have undoubtedly come across a table or endcap filled with coloring books for adults. Chances are you have already seen an article or two about the mental benefits of coloring and how it is starting to be thought of as the “New Meditation”.

I have stressed the importance of meditation from the very first moment that I started teaching. Since that time, I have had students suggest no end of alternatives to meditation.

“I don’t need to meditate because I get to that place by doing…..” Tai Chi, playing baseball, invoking angels, dancing, smoking weed, knitting, , talking with demons, running, playing spirograph, etc, etc. Now it is coloring.

Here’s the thing. I think all these things are GREAT. I actually love coloring and I get that it is relaxing, can create a state of flow, occupies the body and conscious mind while freeing the subconscious. It is a good thing. It is not however meditation.

Meditation does all these things as a side effect too, but the main point of meditation is to know your own mind. It does this by confronting that mind with the mind.

Here is a scenario: Imagine that your boss or petty tyrant of choice is screaming at you unjustly. They are trying to get under your skin, and if you give in and start yelling back it will just make the situation worse. Do you tell him to hold on while you color? Do you start silk reeling?

You CAN meditate.

You CAN recognize distraction and free yourself from it.

You CAN focus the mind on a chosen course,

You CAN control the breath.

By all means, color. But it’s not a substitute for meditation.

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Manipulative Methods

If the first thing you let people know about you is that you are a enamored of Robert Green’s 48 Laws of Power as your philosophy of life, what you are really telling me is that you are:

1. A jerk concerned with playing people more than living a good life .

2. Not even implementing those laws properly.

Whether it is books like this or magic or the combination of the two influencing “tech” is like a weapon. Its good to have on hand and know how to use for the RARE occasions you need it, but if you go around using it all the time for everything, you are actually cutting yourself off from the authentic experience of connecting with people.

When you do use it, you don’t TELL people about it, or it loses all its mojo. If I KNOW that you are a manipulative jerk I am on guard for it.

Sadly these kinds of things have become a sort of lifestyle choice for people, which ironically , usually makes the methods completely ineffective.

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Happy Halloween from Strategic Sorcery – Still time to get in on the Global Rite!

Seal Sorcery Halloween Trick (1)Due to Halloween shenanigans I will be offline for most of today and tomorrow.

The Hekate Global Rite has begun, and there is still time to get in. Register before midnight on Sunday and I will have your Global Rite and first lesson to you in time for the Day of the Dead on Monday. I will be taking breaks between Halloween mischief to log people in and get you set up!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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SS Hekate Global Rite 02

The new Cycle of The Strategic Sorcery Course kicks off tomorrow with the GLOBAL HEKATE RITE!

Here are some words from a student that started this time last year, and just received their last lesson…

Jason, I just wanted to thank you for this incredible course. I have been involved in Paganism and Magick for over 20 years now, but when I did the Global Hekate Rite last year I instantly felt things shift to a higher gear. It was literally like leveling up in a game. There are so many things that I accomplished over the last year with this course:

1. Successful astral projection after decades of hazy results.
2. Complete elimination of over 10,000 dollars of debt.
3. Two promotions at work in one year!
4. The mending of a family rift that has troubled me since childhood.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough.”

– TJ

I should note that this particular student not only did the course with me, but two consultations over the year while she worked on these goals. These results did not come easy, it takes work. It is an excellent example of what can happen when Strategy and Sorcery meet.


When you sign up you get:

    • 52 Lessons of the best training in practical magic available on the net.
    • Admittance into the secret Strategic Sorcery Group where people post field reports, learn from each others successes and failures, and generally treat each other with a mixture of respect and honesty that is rare to find online.
    • Ability to participate in the Strategic Sorcery Global Rites – join with hundreds of people five times a year in rituals designed to catalyst your power, wealth, and wisdom.
    • The opportunity to take part in ARCANE AUDIO trainings – webinars on advanced magic that are open only to students of the course.

Write me at for more information or just click the link here to sign up:


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4 Days left until Global Hekate Rite and New Cycle of Strategic Sorcery

SS Hekate Global Rite 02

Only 4 Days left until the Global Hekate Rite and the new cycle of Strategic Sorcery. Join by midnight on October 31st to get in on the fun!

Some of you might be wondering what the global rites are all about. All students of Strategic Sorcery, past and present, are invited to participate in the rituals at least once over the course of three days several times a year. Most of the rites focus on deities and powers that increase influence, wealth, and general success for the participants. The Hekate rite can certainly support these goals (Hekate is an under-rated facilitator of wealth) but the main goal of the rite is to act as a catalyst for the Sorcerers powers and knowledge. Magic to boost Magic.

If you are already a student, you will get the ritual this week.

If you have not signed up for the course yet, and would like to start off a year of Practical Magic training with a boost from the Goddess of Witchcraft and Sorcery – this is your opportunity.


When you sign up you get:

    • 52 Lessons of the best training in practical magic available on the net.
    • Admittance into the secret Strategic Sorcery Group where people post field reports, learn from each others successes and failures, and generally treat each other with a mixture of respect and honesty that is rare to find online.
    • Ability to participate in the Strategic Sorcery Global Rites – join with hundreds of people five times a year in rituals designed to catalyst your power, wealth, and wisdom.
    • The opportunity to take part in ARCANE AUDIO trainings – webinars on advanced magic that are open only to students of the course.

Reports from Students.

Jason has given one if the best set of instructions I have seen on astral projection. Just follow his set of instructions and I bet you get it going in no time.” – BT

“I  never thought I would land a job that paid six-figures, but the course helped me achieve it”. – CL

“It was your offering rituals that unlocked it for me. Not just the magic in your course, but everything I have done for 20 years before that.” – FG

To sign up: 

Write me at for more information or just click the link here to sign up:


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Review: Sigil Magic for Writers, Artists, & Other Creatures by T. Thorn Coyle

Though people have been writing about sigils forever, most of the work on them since the Chaos Magic has been repetitive to say the least. Gordon White broke some new ground on this a few years ago through his blog, and I am sure will revisit the topic in his upcoming books from Llewellyn and Scarlet Imprint, but other than that not many people have wanted to discuss the topic beyond regurgitating the “cast and forget line.

Sigil Magic for Writers, Artists, & Other Creatures by T. Thorn Coyle steps above the common approach and digs deep into sigils and the work behind them. Focusing on what it takes to create, and more importantly to produce good work provides solid and necessary background for the Sigil Sorcery.

T. Thorn Coyle is one of the few writers on Witchcraft that approaches it not just as a set of beliefs and magical practice but as a mystic path that involves the mind, energy, and breath. Breath and body are key in Thorn’s magic and there is some excellent advice here for using sigils in ways you may not have considered.

I recommend this for anyone at all interested in not only sigil magic, but sorcery in general.

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Seal of Sorcery - Wicked witchThe following report came in from an Apprentice. The apprentice program involves bi-weekly calls or chats with me and is entirely individualized. There is currently a waiting list for it so its not immediately available, but most of what we worked on is rooted in the Strategic Sorcery Course.

Much of the work with this apprentice revolved around designing a program that involves no altar and very little dedicated space. Her dedication and gifts churn out results from her magic that sometimes make even me jealous. We talk one week about doing something, and by the following talk not only is the magic managed, but the result has come in!

So without further ado…


There are many things I owe to Jason’s teaching. I joined the Strategic Sorcery course in 2009 and through his course I developed the skills and came up with an awesome strategy (involving psalms, candle work and a little bit of pretty funky experimental stuff – along with the obligatory studying my butt off) that helped me get the second highest grade in my class.

In 2014 Jason mentioned that he was taking on private students and I jumped at the chance to get some help and direction as things were not so great at that point in my life. Through his patient guidance we came up with a strategy to help heal my Mum, through this she has found the right doctors and the right help and she is much better off than she was a year ago.

After that I started using more of his materials and after doing some health work of my own, I found an amazing hobby that has left me 20lb lighter and twice a strong as ever before.

One of the biggest things that Jason helped me with was to find a boyfriend, I made a talisman and did some Venusian work and met my first boyfriend on Valentines night, after an acquaintance messaged me out of the blue asking would I go on a speed dating night. We have been happily together ever since.

Jason is an amazing teacher, he is patient, has excellent advice, really kows his stuff and does not judge and I could list all the other things his material has helped me with, but I would literally be here all day.



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A Students Reflection on a Year of Strategic Sorcery

Happy Birthday Strategic Sorcery (1)I got this report this weekend from a student in the course that brought tears to my eyes. There are a lot of comments on various blogs about students not doing the work, not supporting the teachers, not showing up and using the stuff. That has not been my experience.  I get letters from students like this, and it just makes me want to do more.

An SS Testimonial

As I close in on a year of the Strategic Sorcery course I wanted to publicly thank Jason Miller. This has been hands down the most productive, affluent and magical year of my life.

As I started the course I had just stepped into a management position with a very large company. I questioned whether I would be able to do the SS course and handle the workload, family, and myriad of other interests that I persue.

Starting with the daily offerings I made it a point to do this without fail. I cannot understate the immense power that this has and continues to have in my life. Even with small requests I would simply ask in my morning offerings and BAM it would materialize in my life. My connection with the spirits that surround me has never been stronger and my faculties for communication have been blown open by this routine.

Meditation. Here I struggled in the beginning. I made it a point to do this at a minimum 3-5 days a week and continued throughout the last year. I am calmer, more focused, and have tapped into an inner strength that laid dormant for too long. I learned so much about myself and have gained a serious amount of control of my thoughts, actions, and emotional states. It took me about 30 days to finally “get it” when it came to the benefits. After that it was a slow, steady increase in all the tools mentioned above.

Magic. Wow, just wow. I have never connected so well with any one system or practitioner as I have with Jason and his work. I have been practicing for over two decades and this course was the defining milestone of my magical career. I used to sit and think about what’s real, how it works, question myself and so on. Now, it works, it works well and the why and how are an afterthought. The systems presented in this course overlaid on my own with ease routinely refining my exisiting skill set.

Iovis Optimus Maximus! The Jupiter work that we did this year along with the instructions in Jason’s works was the catalyst for a number of successes in my life professionally and otherwise. I have never had such a strong bond with any spirit as I do with the mighty Jove.

Life in general has gotten better. Being a veteran I suffer from ptsd and have many challenges that I perceived as holding me back. Throughout the last year I have grabbed a hold of these challenges, owned them, and become a more whole person. I have tapped into an inner strength that has helped me achieve greatness that I knew was possible but never thought would come to reality.

I found balance in my career, family, volunteer efforts, and life in general. 2015 brought FIVE pay raises, a promotion, several appointments to leadership positions in volunteer organizations and a much better relationship with my wife and son. I have never been busier doing more than I have ever done. But the workload seems easier than the years before. The systems that Jason laid out in the course have been applied to almost every aspect of my life with great benefits to myself and those around me.

In summary this course has changed who I am. The strategic sorcery course made my life better and not in a small way. I cant thank you enough Jason Miller. I made it a point to do all the work even if it didn’t resonate with me and it paid off in spades. Do the work, reap the benefits and get the results that you deserve.

Thank you for changing my life.


If you are interested in signing up for the new cycle of the course and participating in the global rites on Halloween, click here and come on in! 

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