Why Chaos Magic Rocks


A few years back I wrote a few pieces critical of bits of Chaos Magic. I stand by those five criticisms, but I think it gave the impression to many people that I was anti- chaos magic in general. That is not the case. It’s SO not the case that I am writing a short commentary to Carrolls Liber KKK for use by the Strategic Sorcery Group.

Dubious Monk’s recent post in response to Aaron Leitch prompted me to comment a little further on Chaos Magic and why I think it has a bright future.

I stand my by “5 Criticisms”. but especially now, Chaos Magic is so much more than that.
A few years ago I suggested it was heading to towards “Post Chaos” but that was a bad projection, and I was wrong. If anything it is a fuller embrace of Chaos and Animism that arises from it as the cosmological model rather than a neat and tidy emanationist order with a designer at the helm that is taking us forward.

While I loathe the “fantasy/fiction” based gods, I LOVE the re-embrace of Mystery Gods and Magicians Gods. Carroll’s Apophenia and Pareidolia are great examples. This has a lot more resonance with ancient figures like the Headless One and the lion Headed Serpent, and even Abraxas than many people like to give credit for. For me these symbolic beings should arise from states of Gnosis rather than deliberate construction, but it’s still pretty cool.

Chaos Magic is not Tidy and neither is the universe. Even in studies of traditional magic and religion when things are Tidy its almost always a false picture that you need to cut through. Chaos magic does this by cutting through to what lies underneath and focusing on results that matter. In bad hands Chaos Magic prompts people not to ignore history and tradition in favor of whatever the hell they feel like doing or whatever is easiest. In great hands however it asks for deeper digging and engagement, cutting through some of the Byzantine Bullshit that gets layered on through the ages, and getting back to the sparks that lit the fire in the first place.

I am still not a chaos magician, but it played an important role in my formation. People like Gordon White and Tommie Kelly and Andrieh Vitimus are taking it to the next level.

Speaking of the next thing in Chaos Magic, have you heard about the Pieces of Eight?

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Take Back Your Mind Course Begins on July 11th.


“Excellent course. I’ve been a meditator for a long time. Take Back Your Mind rocked. I got a lot more done in a lot less time.”
– C.R. Student from cycle 2.

Most teachings on mindfulness talk about finding calm and peace. Calm and peace are important, and you will attain those for sure, but that that is a side effect, not the goal.

The goal is to take back what has been stolen from you: your attention span, your self-awareness, your ability to act from will rather than habit. The Goal is to wake up: to be present, self possessed, and in command of tools and powers you did not even know you had.

Some meditation teachers make it sound like they want you to be dead from the neck down, I want you to be fully alive. Fully transcendent and fully engaged with the world at the same time.


Most meditation programs are based on systems that were designed for retreats or monastic life. The methods are great in and of themselves, but when placed into the context of ordinary, present-day, lifestyle, they lose their context and become watered down versions of what they were meant to be.

Take Back Your Mind (TBYM) focuses on practices and exercises that give a high return on time investment while providing a context for these practices within YOUR lifestyle: not a renunciate, or someone on retreat.


Every other Monday for six months you will wake up to a recording in your inbox that gives the mind-training instructions I want you to focus on. Submit questions to me via e-mail or via the TBYM Facebook Community and the following Monday you will have a recording of all the Questions and Answers.

In addition to this, for this round I am introducing regularly scheduled e-mail meditation prompts, recordings of different lengths to meditate along with, and a bi-weekly challenge for those who like to put themselves to the test.


Dedication. That’s it. You need to do it to get it. 20 minutes a day is the minimum that I ask of you. You do not need to practice at a particular time every day – but you do need to commit to a practice.


The next cycle of Take Back Your Mind begins on JULY 11th.


Fee for the course is $108 a month for six months, payable by paypal subscription.



Now that I’ve finished the Take Back Your Mind program, I have a bit of crow to eat. When I started the program, it was on good faith and no small dare on my part as I had been trying to meditate for years and had given up by declaring that meditation was not for me, could not be done by me, and I would be better off chasing more attainable skills like underwater basket weaving.

Well. Here I am 12 lessons later, with an established meditation routine, already experiencing positive effects from meditation in private and professional practices, less haggard when surprises disrupt my scheduled actions, and very pleasantly surprised by my achievements.

The program did not so much give me a goal to achieve but the foundations to have a good place to start. I didn’t have to rearrange my life, my beliefs, or my circumstances to fit a Best Model of a meditating life. I was shown how I could begin in the circumstances and habits I have now, and how I can modify both habits and practices to accommodate my limitations.

This program has been money well spent, and I am glad I also invested the time to follow through on the lessons. I don’t consider myself a great meditation practitioner by any means, and I still have trouble with a few of the advanced techniques, but I have benefited greatly from this program, and I would recommend it to all nay-sayers as I was.

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I wasn’t going to comment on the shooting, but now that I sit here ready to post the first of the planned posts for the week, it feels impossible not to. Events like this have a psychic weight to them and for a while, everything gets pulled in by its gravity. It should be like that.

Yesterday was just for sadness and reflection, and today, Monday morning as people return to work and are faced with people that are not their close friends and audience of people that think along the same lines that they do, things are bound to heat up. Friends of mine who are appalled by proliferation of guns, homophobia, and anti-Muslim sentiment will be encountering those who are celebrating because they hate both Gays and Muslims and are mainly concerned with saving the guns…

If you are a person that instantly took the opportunity to prove how this event proves you are right about X, I am not going to reach you with this, and I am not even going to try, because really if there is a message I have for people its to think further. To engage the people that are on the other side and have a real chat. A civil one. Be a statesman in your own circle. Don’t pass memes, share your own thoughts and listen.

As for me, some of the thoughts that are running through my head…

I hope that the race to talk about Guns and Islam does not overshadow what I think is the Prime Evil in this case: Homophobia. This is Pride week, so show yourself as an ally. Being an ally BTW means just that: supporting others peoples leadership and listening. It is not about telling people what they should do. Just like with feminism and racism I think its important that the main strategy and mover should arise within the community and be given support.

I am pro-gun control, but jumping on tragedies doesn’t work. If it did, the bills introduced after Sandy Hook when 20 children between the ages of 6 and 7 were killed along with 6 adults. If 20 children are not enough to move Congress to action, 53 people at a gay club won’t either. Time for a different approach.

I am still perplexed at why we can’t talk about Islamic Terrorism without hating Islam itself. Before we knew the shooters name several people were calling it Christian Terrorism, but the moment it was revealed that the shooter was Muslim those same people claimed you could no longer call it terrorism. You can’t have a dialog with Muslims about it, if you can’t even utter its name. And many Muslims WANT to talk about it. They don’t get any press because if they did the news would not be able to say “why don’t Muslims stand up against this kind of thing?”. News flash: They do. Regularly.

Maybe you agree with the above, and maybe you don’t, and that’s fine. I am not asking for agreement. I think what I am asking for is for people to give a little more thought to what their positions and how they are going to act upon those positions. Talk to the people that make you uncomfortable. Have a real conversation with those who are willing to be civil.

In the meantime, do something that can immediately help the situation: donate some blood and some money.

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Occult Term of the Week: Necronomiquandry

NECRONOMIQUANDRY: When magic that is successful and effective is linked to a book or tradition with a deliberately fake or hoax origin.

“I summoned Lucifer using John Dee’s Ordines Descendens, which leaves me in a bit of a Necronomiquandry, because it turns out the book was an elaborate April Fools prank. “

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Making Rituals Longer And More Complex.

It seems like everyone who gets creative with rituals wants to streamline things so that they take less time and are less complex. I do this too, especially because I emphasize regular practice of high ROI exercises.

But I also emphasize occasional retreats and expanding practices into more elaborate versions so that they can be fully explored and experienced as a fully immersive operation.

The first time I ever did this was with the Modern Magic excercises. After regular practice for years when I was a teenager I could whip out the LBRP, BRH, and Watchtower Opening in just about 15 minutes, but as I started to get more and more exposure to the powers behind these rites, I decided to create a long form for them that took me several hours. Connecting the Kabbalistic Cross to the rest of the lords prayer and purification psalms. Separate invocations for each name and Archangel at each quarter. Breath work and other yogas. Invocation of all the major spirits of each Watchtower. Meditating after each portion.

I took a 15 minute ritual and stretched it to 5 hours, and though I don’t do those rituals much anymore, I strongly advocate doing this kind of work at least once with anything you really care about.

It gets even more intense when you get into Buddhist ritual. I have a Vajrakilaya practice that takes under 30 minutes, another that takes a couple hours, another that takes half a day, and another that takes 3 days to do properly. Now, I can be critical of some of the byzantine additions to Buddhist liturgy when they actually mask the yoga and magic that is behind it, BUT the longer sadhanas include many parts that simply cannot be accomplished within a few minutes. With the help of Lama Vajranatha I have been able to streamline the 3-day version into a 1-day version, but having done it both ways, I can attest to the fact that people should do the three day retreat version.

I am not backtracking on my desire to be the Oscar Goldman of magic and make things better/stronger/faster. I think that Parkinson’s law has had a negative effect on many rituals and operations that would actually be better and more effective if they were not trying to fill space and kill time. But I am writing this to say that if that is your only concern, and if you cannot apply your creativity to making things longer and more elaborate, then perhaps you need to explore it further.


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Pocket Rocket of Invocations to Agathodaimon – With Proper Pronunciation.

My book The Sorcerers Secrets, has an invocation of the Agathodoemon in it. I give it it Greek, and really feel it is one of those few pieces that works best in that language as opposed to English.

One of my students, KDA, is a native Greek speaker who has also studied ancient Greek was kind enough to provide the following invocation correctly pronounced, as well as the following commentary:




Some people had asked for a recording of the Invocation in Greek. I have learned a lot from you guys in a short time and I wanted to give something back to the group. I am a native speaker of the language and also have had Ancient Greek lessons at school (but not a linguist).

This is the Pocket Rocket of Invocations to Agathodaimon/ HGA.

Folks, do not be fooled because it appears short and simple- here lies its potency.
The Greek language is old and compact with meaning; the syllables of a word can combine to denote a multitude of meanings from the simplified to the most complex. I will attempt to unpack some of it, here. In the book, the text of the invocation is written in Latin characters which makes it much easier to pronounce but can get lost in translation. So here are some observations on the text that may help:

The two first verses refer to the cup of life which holds all things in the name of the Highest Divine across all time and space. In Greek lore, water was found both in the highest heavens and the deepest underworlds- it carried communications and communion. It connected them together and because of that, it not only had the ability to give life but also to make someone remember who they really are, across all lifetimes.
It does not only bestow material riches but the most valuable of all treasures: to know (remember) your Self. The Agathodaimon is both an expression of the True Self and a Spirit at once. So here, simultaneously in only two short sentences: you conjure, you assert authority, you swear by your words that you are true and you begin to call on the Agathodaimon to fulfil its purpose and oath. Pocket Rocket, right?

Verse (3) refers to Physis aka Nature which is self-generated, mighty (Krataia) and of the Underworld (Adonaia). Physis is Nature in all its glory. Not only flora and fauna but all creatures, all beings, all daimones are subject to her as She has birthed them. Note that she is referred to as Adonaia (of the underworld) and in the text it has not been translated. In this context, the underworld should not only be equated with the shades of the dead. In fact, the Greeks believed that it is the underworld that sustains all life and brings it forth by nourishing it. From the seed to a plant, metals and precious stones but also knowledge of one’s own shadow. Real power is knowing one’s own fears. Physis was often seen as a trickster that seduces the senses as all she wants is to self-generate and bring forth all her daimones. Owning one’s own darkness gave balance and lifted the spirit of the theurgist higher.

In the next verse (4), the meaning is correct but simplified in the book translation and it is given as ‘the descending and ascending powers’. In fact, it refers to ‘Dynonta’ that which has life force inside it to exist; Dynamis is another name for Physis; it describes the force of life that drives the cosmos. It describes all that has been given life force across time and space (aeons, humans, daimones, the world, the Agathodaimon, the angels, etc., etc.). The word ‘Antellonta’ refers to all that has no end. This is interesting as the Greeks did not have a teleological outlook but a soteriological one. Basically, they did not believe that the Cosmos could be extinct or annihilated or that it approached a final end eventually. They viewed it more like the ebbs and flows of the sea. The cosmos can be at an ebb but energy transforms does not become extinct. The same way a drop of sea is both the same and different than another drop, in constant flux. The next word is ‘Eloaion’ which is left untranslated. If the cosmos cannot be annihilated but transformed then we experience ‘Eleon’ which is the divine pronoia (providence). It is the belief that we can lift our spirits higher to commune with the gods and transcend ourselves. This is reaching for the light/ heavens once you have accepted the darkness/ underworld; because of it not in spite of it.
Again as before, in verses 3 &4 you simultaneously conjure, assert authority, swear by your words and build up to call on the Agathodaimon to fulfil its purpose and oath.

Here again simultaneously you conjure, swear in and swear by those sacred and divine names.

That you send me like a light from above the Divine Spirit. (The translation does not mention that the Agathodaimon will be sent as light from up above ‘pemphosi’)

Give me union!
Send me my own angel in this night! Note that in Greek, the original meaning of Angelos is messenger.

I invoke you sacred Angel!

Come and give help in this operation (liturgy) and synergise! Here the text has some misspelling. If I go by the given translated meaning and common sense, then the word should be ‘Leitourgeia’ Liturgy/ operation. Some may feel that the word liturgy is high jacked by christians but its original meaning was a religious operation to unite with the gods.

When reciting the Invocation of the Agathodaimon verses 1 -5 should be read out with some authority which then develops to affection and longing in verses 6- 10.


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Nudity, Paganism, and Murder at the Virginia State House…

The Flag I mean.  Did you think I meant something else?

Its crazy how misleading headlines can be isn’t it?

Thats all I wanted to say. Right now there is an art of giving false impression based on Titles, knowing that many people ONLY read the title.

Even worse an article can get reposted over and over again so that the Title gets more misleading with every re-posting.

Don’t do that and don’t fall for that.

Also, pointing out Virginia really has a kick ass state flag.

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Last Call for Sorcery of Hekate

Hekate Cover 5B

The response for Sorcery has been HUGE, and it looks like this second group is going to be as large as the first, which I was not expecting at all.

Tomorrow is the new moon and I will making the necessary offerings to kick off the new cycle on Monday. If you want to sign up, you have this weekend to jump in. Monday Morning the first lessons will be mailed and it will have begun.

Here again are the details:

The course will be taught through Bi-Weekly Audio Lessons and Ritual texts. There will be periodic videos to support the material. This is followed by a recorded Question and Answer session the following week where I answer any questions you submit about that lesson.

The first lesson will be released on June 6th. The class will run for 7 months – a Total of 13 Lessons and a special wrap-up ritual..

There are three main commitments:

1. You MUST do 100 repetitions of IO HEKA IO HO per day. It doesn’t matter if you are at your altar, it doesnt matter if you are in the right “headspace”, just do them. Do them in the car for all I care, it is about keeping this particular thread of fate running through your life during the practice. It take less than 5 minutes – if you can brush your teeth you can do the mantra. That said, there is a way to repair mistakes if you miss a few days.

2. You need to make an offering to Hekate on every New Moon during training. This can be a large ceremony, or a very simple offering of Incense and Wine while saying the Mantra just to keep the commitment. There will be other things that are strongly recommended for these days, but this is the commitment.

3. As with all my classes the material is under a vow of Secrecy.

$100 a month, for seven months, payable via paypal subscription.

Yes. This material is based on received Arcana. Much of it has ties to her cult in Greece and Rome, but the practice we are doing departs significantly. If you are looking for Hekate worship or reconstruction of ancient practices, this is not what you are looking for. The reason Hekate approached me during a period of Tantric training is because the teachings she wanted to transmit required someone with that background. She is a living Goddess with a vibrant history before and after her worship in Greece and Rome.


If you follow my work chances are you already know about a vision of Hekate that I received in Nepal during my Tantric training in 2000. When I came back to the States I began a relationship with the Far Beyond One that has lasted 16 years. She began to transmit a system of Sorcery to me through visions and short verbal teachings, which I would then flesh out into workable rituals and meditations.

Early on I was eager to share this, and released some material in Behutet Magazine, but it quickly became apparent that this was a mistake, and that I should take the time to develop and test this arcana in secret.

In 2006 I released some material in my book Protection and Reversal Magic, and if you take a look at the Seal of Sorcery I use as the logo for my business, you can see the influence of Hekate in the Torch and Key. Still though, the dedicated system I was working with Hekate remained secret in the background, until this year.

Over 70 people are now finishing up the first cycle of Sorcery of Hekate, which was only open to members of the Strategic Sorcery Course, and I can officially call it a success. This is the best thing I have ever produced and it is just going to keep getting better. I am now opening it to anyone that wished to join.

Unlike my other courses though, this needs to be transmitted in a similar way to a Tantric Lung – through voice rather than writing. The Sorcery of Hekate training revolves around a Mandala of Hekate – a mandala with moving parts if you will. Students need to tackle this Mandala one facet at a time. There is a precise order to it, and commitments from the student that need to be kept.


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Field Report: Steady Work and Debt Free


I got this field report from a Student today and wanted to share it. While this may seem like instant magic, I want to mention that the Financial Sorcery methods he mentions include mundane as well as magical work. On both of these fronts the work is, well, work. I have no patience for those who claim instant and easy results, but for those willing to do the work, results follow:

“I wanted to thank Jason Miller for being an influence through the methods presented in both his Protection Magick book and his Financial Sorcery book. A few years ago I found myself in a place of some really nasty crossed conditions due to fallout with a couple cultish groups I had been entrenched with for over a decade. This dark time was also the beginning of a period of no steady work which resulted in me amassing a good deal of loan and credit card debt. I first had to undergo the process of untangling myself from the crossed conditions and then I was able to start applying the financial sorcery techniques, which has resulted in practically miraculous steady work since Autumn of last year and obtaining the goal of paying off all my debt by my birthday last week.

Although I’ve been an avid student and practitioner of the arcane arts since the 90s, some elements had been missing in my practice and Jason’s books and Strategic Sorcery course have definitely given me tools to piece together new and potent elements that helped my overall practice really click into consistent success mode.

Two things I highly recommend for people seeking steady employment: the Jupiter glyphs and the two week planetary operation that the Strategic Sorcery group undertook in the beginning of February. The planetary operation worked amazingly well and I’m baffled why in all my hermetic studies and practice I never did anything so simple and potent like this before.”

– C.S.

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The Rooms You Get Stuck In.


“That’s what life is. It’s a series of rooms and who we get stuck in those rooms with adds up to what our lives are.”

Its a good point and something to consider about magic. During Rufus’s interview with Jake Stratton Kent they had a short discussion of the training that they brought to the table before grimoire work, and how difficult it is to parse that out for others. Each of them went through a series of experiences that impact their work in Grimoire based Magic, whether its the IOT, the AA, Bardon, Apostolic succession*, and so on. None of them can really say that any one thing was optimal for Grimoire work, or that they would recommend this to everyone. Its just the rooms that they passed through to get to the room they are in.

Sometimes people who have stuck to one tradition or religion their whole life can be critical of those who have engaged in multiple traditions, but in this world of jet travel, multi-multiculturalism, and internet access, its easy to find yourself in a lot of strange rooms that might look like an odd mish-mash to others. By the time I was old enough to drink I had a teacher with a Rosicrucian/High Magic background, a mentor Ngakpa-lama, and a relationship with the owners of a conjure shop and a botanica who were willing to teach me how to use anything I bought.

Someone recently asked me how I can possibly simultaneously call myself a Buddhist/a Christian/ and a Pagan. My answer is that they are all rooms I have been in, and they add up to who I am now. If you simply remove the idea that any of these paths is complete and absolute, there is no conflict. Or at maybe there is; as Walt Whitman said: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes” 

When I was coming up this was more or less the case with everybody. Generally speaking there were so few people into any one thing in a given area that you met Witches, Thelemites, Chaotes, Santeros, and all manner of people at any type of occult event. The irony is that while the internet makes wild eclecticism possible, it also allows people to build very focused and even insular communities around a specific thing and lock out anything else. Makaya? Jonagkhapa? Bokulla? Dugmas? There are probably forums for each of these.  You can isolate to just that group if you want. But thankfully most people don’t. It was trending that way for a few years, but I think that its ending.

You can also keep yourself busy running from room to room these days out of mild interest, and not really go deep in any of them. There are a lot of things that I am interested in that I have not gone deep into simply because I have not been stuck in that room, at least not yet. I am fascinated by Kapo, the Hawaiian Goddess of Sorcery, but I haven’t found myself in that room.

So I guess what I am saying is respect the rooms that you have been stuck in. Even the ones you have left in disgust and disinterest, they have effected you more than you may know. Even when we both study the same tradition or text, the rooms we have passed through to get there will make it a very different experience for both of us.

As you continue to move room to room, make sure its organic, that one things grows into another. Because of the age we live in, it will naturally be faster than it was in the past. This is a good thing as long as we don’t just race from room to room getting surface level knowledge of everything we show mild interest in, like that link for Kapo you clicked on two paragraphs ago :-)

Like House in the pic above, you might rebel against the idea that the room you are in should determine anything about your life, but like it or not it does. What you take from that room and how long you linger may be up to you, but sometimes you don’t even get to decide that. But it’s all impacting what you do next.

*Ordained by me in fact, so hopefully its true that the quality of the Bishop does not effect the transmission.. :-)

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