Experience vs Noob

Discussing spirits and offerings with Christopher Bradford today and I came up with this difference between experienced people and noobs.

Noobs are like “Wow, it’s really strong, might kill a child if I piss it off, and I have to feed it Johnny Walker blue every Wednesday? AWESOME! “

Experienced people are like “look, I have enough high maintenance spirits in my life – if you want to hang out then cool, but otherwise I am good…”

There is a lesson there about maintaining a manageable spiritual court.

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A Financial Field Report from a student

CoverI received the following field report this weekend from a student in the course that had been having a hard time for a few years. It goes to show that wise actions married to magic can help overcome almost any problem.

First of all I want to think Jupiter for everything he has done for me here as of the last year and a half. Like a few others in the Strategic Sorcery Community, I’m just now really getting my feet back on the ground.  I lost my job of five years back in October 2012. It was good paying but I didn’t really enjoy it so I don’t really miss it. We moved from one major city to another and started looking around for books on improving financial stuff.  I came across Jason’s book on financial sorcery.

I went over the book fairly thoroughly and finally convinced myself to start working the Jupiter invocation. I didn’t see results right off hand but I did not own his previous book The Sorcerer’s Secrets at the time, and I was not aware of the lessons on offerings. Offerings help out a lot

 At first also I did not see a lot of results but I was unaware of Jupiters workings behind the scenes in the debt department. I was one of those people that got caught up in a mortgage that was over my head and the house that needed more repairs than I could afford. We’ve been living in an apartment now for a year, was living in the trailer home before that (thank God that’s over). The bank was after us about the mortgage they threatened to do all kinds of nasty things to us. The only thing I could tell them was “go-ahead I’ll file bankruptcy”. They finally left us alone.

Since working with Jupiter I have gained a full forgiveness of debt on the mortgage, which has a down side only because its seen as income for the year; this may hurt our tax return. The debt forgiveness was a whopping $65,000 smackers.

I have seen an improvement on our personal business via lightning glyphs for continuous work, sweetening the deal, and for when its been real ruff a luck lightning glyph amulet that has been nothing short of a miracle worker. For example: I had a dead work week, gave the glyph to my wife to use since she works the main cell phone/ business line. And the week completely filled out in a matter of hours. To make sure it was extra powerful i used a wood piece, painted dark blue, and placed luck on one side, and bad luck prevention glyph on the opposite side (both glyphs in gold paint). It worked better than i expected by leaps and bounds ( if i haven’t said thank you to Jupiter enough i say “thank you” again!)

I could keep going but i hope this suffices. Iovus Optimous Maximus!!!!!

-Scott M


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Three Card Marseilles Readings – $40 Now through Monday


Normally I charge $75 for an e-mail reading or a 30 minute skype or phone consult. This weekend only I am offering a brief three card e-mail reading for $40. Three cards can actually tell you a LOT about a given situation and is often all that is needed.

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Paypal me over $40 and a Question. Please put your question in the paypal notes. If the e-mail you want me to reply to is different than the paypal address put that in the notes as well.

WHAT YOU GET FROM ME: With the next 5 days you will get your three card reading and interpretation. I may add additional cards for clarification, but probably not. If you have a question about the reading I will certainly answer it, follow up questions requiring additional readings will need to be booked separately.

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Are You Ever Going To Write About Magic Again?

website photoI got this question from a friend the other day: Dude, you are writing so much about processes and strategy and habit change that it feels like you are never gonna write about magic again? How about getting back to some straight up Sorcery?”

My answer is this: if you don’t understand how this relates to Sorcery, I am not doing my job.

I started the Strategic Sorcery Blog because I realized that people were, in general, not getting the kinds of results from their practical magic that I thought they should have.  The problem was not in the magic that they were doing, it was how they were applying it to their lives. This was a problem that no-one I could see was addressing, and instead people kept chasing after new and shinier spirits and spells. “Saint Expedite didn’t make me rich, maybe Bune will.” “Bune, didn’t make me rich, maybe Tzadkiel will…

From Chaos, to Hoodoo, to Sabattic Craft, to Grimoires, people move from one thing to the next hoping for the magic that will finally do what they want, when the real issue is application.

There are lots of pieces of straight magical tech that I have to teach. Most of it gets put into the courses and Strategic Sorcery Group and some of it will wind up here on the blog, but for the most part I think what people need to hear is about applying magic that they may already know rather than searching for the silver bullet.

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Interview with me on Spiral Nature.

SexSorcerySideBanner2 (1)Check out this interview with me on Spiral Nature this morning. This is the first time I have done an audio interview which was then translated to text. Interesting experience.

Thanks to Psyche for coming up with a couple questions I have not been asked yet.


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One of the key elements of the Strategic Sorcery approach is not to rely solely on the famous spirits in grimoires and mythic traditions, but to build relationships and establish protocols with the local beings inhabiting the area that you live. They often are exceedingly fast and effective.

Below is a field report from a student of mine who used this approach to fund a move to South America.

Notice how it was not just plopping down offerings at the edge of the wood and hoping for the best. There was communication with the spirits right from the start that effected how and where the offering would take place.

Note also, that while I normally talk about using magic to insure the effectiveness of mundane plans, sometimes the miracle result from left field does happen. In this case money appearing in the bank account. I have had this happen three times. Over the course of my life, so these things do happen, I just recommend not pinning your strategy on them.

Me and my friend / mentor want to travel to South America and start a new life there. She is from there and since I’m half Caribbean, I always had a strong pull towards the culture. The problem is that we don’t have enough money to start or even fly there. Also, there aren’t a lot of opportunities here at the moment for me to earn extra money.

I decided to write a petition to the Gnomes and Trolls according to Jason Miller‘s book. I asked for them to help us with a pretty big sum of money so we could start our journey without too much worries. I didn’t ask for too much but enough for tickets and in country travel and accommodation needs.

We went into the forrest at night. As soon as we walked in I had an “inside” voice asking me what we where doing there. I answered with “we are friends and we came to make a request.” Then it told me it was fine and we should not stop at the first crossroads but the second. We would know when we had arrived.

We walked and past the first crossroad. Then my friend wanted to walk straight on but I had a very strong feeling that we should go into the dark path to the left. After some hesitation on my friends part, we walked up the dark path. After a few minutes we stumbled upon another crossroad and felt that was where the offering should take place. Around us where many small shades moving and we heard some strange sounds. it all felt very friendly and we knew we found the right place.

We buried the petition and left a plate of pasta with cookies and some candy. I also poured rum around it and left the rest with the little rum bottle next to the plate. We then thanked them and went on our way back without looking back.

Today, two and a half weeks later, my friend said she had something to show me. In the past week she went to her bank to check on some things and she did some small business like selling old stuff etc.

She said some gnomes where around her the whole time and said they fulfilled our request. My friend arrived home and found a letter from the bank, stating there was a large sum of money added to her account!  Exactly the amount we asked for plus a little bit extra. The extra money was for the things she had sold. The rest had no reason to be there. My friend called the bank to check if they maybe made a mistake. They said that it all checked out and it was really her money.

So there you go. This was my first time ever to work with gnomes or trolls and I had a mixed feeling if it would work. We are perplexed this has happened so fast and we’ve decided to return tonight and leave them a little thank you. It only feels right to do so!

– Rasada Li Veiu

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Risk and Comfort: Strategic Self Sabotage.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
– Anais Nin

I have several friends that have been working on books for years but for one reason of other have never completed them. After my first book was finished about six months after I announced that I was beginning it, they asked me what the secret was to motivating myself to finish. I would love to report that it was a triumph of the will, and my disciplined nature, but the truth is this: I wrote a couple chapters that got me a contract with an advance. If I didn’t write the book I would have to give back the money or get sued.

I have now written three other books the same way, and I didn’t write one word of my course until 60 people signed up for it. It was either write, or refund.  The risk of  not writing  outweighed the pain of writing. That simple. I love having written books, but I hate actually writing them, and this is the way I get it done.

So why am I sharing my dirty little secret? Because its the beginning of February and if you have been working on Leveling Up this year, this is probably when you are having some trouble getting motivated. Slacking off the exercise, ditching the diet, spending time on Netflix instead of marketing your product – I get it. Willpower gets you far, but sometimes not far enough.

That’s why we have to talk about risk and comfort. I know the usual phrase is Risk and Reward, but in practice, it isn’t usually about that, its usually about maintaining comfort. The reason is that we simply don’t seem to value rewards like the possibility of extra money, weight-loss, or a new product quite as much as we value keeping comfortable. The promise of bigger and better things does not drive us as much as the status quo does. This is the reason that I pushed the idea of the set point so strongly in my Financial Sorcery Book: you might like to make 200k a year, but you feel normal making 60K. People put very little effort into getting beyond normal, but the moment things fall below that 60k we pull out all the stops.

So as you keep working on your 2015 goals for leveling up, I wanted to let you know that its ok if you cannot seem to white knuckle your way into success with willpower. If this is the case you can assist yourself by shifting around risk and reward. This can be done mentally: shifting what you perceive as your real risk and real comfort, and it can be done by actually arranging circumstances to leverage your risk against your comfort.


As far as mentally shifting your perception of pleasure and pain I like to do something that I call Scrooging. I am pretty sure I heard about this from a Tony Robbins devotee who called it a Dickens Pattern, but I like Scrooging better.  The idea is simple: be your own Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future to scare the crap out of yourself and leave your comfort zone.

Overweight? The the ghosts hand and relive all the ways that has negatively effected your life: lost romantic opportunities, lower self esteem, bad health, etc. This is not theory, re-live those moments and let it be painful. Now look at the present and think about how tired you feel and how you can’t keep up with your kids, or get on that awesome zip-line because you are over 250 pounds. Now look at the future first five then 20. Five years is going to pass whether you lose the weight or not -do you want the aches and pains to get worse? 20 years in the future: lets just say that are lots of old people, and lots of overweight people, but not a lot of overweight old people and leave it at that.

Maybe you have been putting off starting that side business? Relive the ways that not having enough money has burned you in the past. Relive the way that your job or boss has made you feel small or worthless. Now look at your life in the present, is this the life that is really worthy of your potential? Are you not bigger than this? Now look at the future: 5 and 20. Five years from now are you writing your product release from a cafe in Paris and checking paypal orders later from the airport or are you in your cubicle? Now 20 years – are downsized at 50 because your skills are no longer needed? Are you able to live on the 401k and social security benefits?

Here is the one warning from this: do not wallow! Think about what you are going to examine ahead of time and how you are going to reinforce the desired result. Otherwise you might just spend time wallowing in past failures and throwing your hands in the air. This is not you.

Like Scrooge, your essential nature is clear and capable. We sometimes just need that extra push to get off our asses. If the simple promise of being your best self is not enough to push you out of your comfort zone, perhaps the shock seeing what not acting really means will be.


Apart from the mental perspective on Risk and comfort there are ways that we can leverage circumstances to support our goals. This is what I did with the book: get paid ahead of time and force myself to do the work. I did it with the course, and with lots of other projects as well.

Motivated by competition? Make a bet with a friend. Better yet make a bet with a frienemy or an acquaintance at work that you are not super close with. Freind’s and family tend to be too understanding and maybe even enabling of bad behaviors. Your Frenemy or some guy at work that is kind of cool but can be a little bit of a dick will push you to win.

Motivated by embarrassment? I think its a bad way, to do it but it has worked for some. Like Kennedy’s pledge to get to the moon the end of the 60’s make a vow publicly so you will be motivated not to be shamed by failing. Just be sure you make a reasonable vow, and keep times and capacity in mind. Remember: if you make a living off making candles that you make ten dollars a piece by selling, do not vow to make 25k over the next three months unless you have the time and interest in making 2500 candles in three months…

Motivated by greed? Give your friend $100 to donate to a charity or political candidate. Better yet, get them to give it to a charity of political candidate that you HATE. I would do pretty much anything before I donated 100 to Ted Cruz….

You can even enlist coaches and companies to help you with this. Check out Stickk to help you arrange some of these ideas if you cannot arrange them yourself.


Someone I suggested these methods to last year accused me of playing to peoples weaknesses rather than their strengths because I was not encouraging him to be motivated by greatness and accomplish it through his willpower. I pointed out that choosing to implement any of these strategies and laying the groundwork for them IS the act of strength motivated by greatness. Knowing that you have weaknesses and taking steps to make succumbing to them more risky and less comfortable is strength. It’s also smart.

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Year of the Sheep Luck Bags

The picture above is me holding my Chinese New Year Emperor bag from a previous year.  I have had one for the last two years, and they both kicked ass so I am doing another one for myself. I purchase the bag from a Chinese Sorcerer who does the Tai Sui blessings on it, and then I do a Vajrakilaya Puja to bless the Kilaya packet that comes in it, as well as other blessings.

Losar/Chunjie is on the 19th so if you want one I need to know by Monday the 16th . Cost is $75.

It comes with talismans for Yang Xian– the General that Tai Sui places over 2015, a Crystal Hulu for physical health, a Sar Qi for removing evil, 5 Emperor coins to bring prosperity, some blessed rice, and of course the Kilaya Packet.


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If you have been following me for the last six months or so you know that I have gotten downright evengelical about the Tarot deMarseille and even more importantly the French methods of reading the cards. “SMASH your spreads!” I have been telling people. The readings are so much better when the cards are not locked in those solitary positions with no chance to interact with each other and tell a real story.

I am not alone, interest in the TdM has exploded as people have discovered that exactly the type of common sense and down-to-earth reading style used with Lenormand and Playing Cards is exactly the way Tarot can be read, had been read for three hundred years, and still is read by those that are not trying to nail it to Kabbalah, Thelema, or other esoteric systems.

There are alot of people working with the Marseille these days: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Yoav Ben-Dov, Enrique Enriquez; but my favorite has been Camilia Elias, the mind behind the excellent blog Taroflexions. Camelia’s style of reading combines the meanings of cards drawn from the largely oral cunning traditions that have surrounded the cards in France with the direct apprehension of the visual picture as advocated by Enrique Enriquez. The two modes together have unlocked Tarot for me and brought a new joy and accuracy to my consultations.

Her new book MARSEILLE TAROT, TOWARDS THE ART OF READING , is even more amazing than her blog. Her manner of writing reveals the cards in a more intimate way than I have ever seen in another book. The meanings are all there of course, but so is a list of what that card might mean when it appears with others – a feature I have not seen in Tarot book before, and one which gets to the heart of this style of reading, She also includes traditional health issues indicated by the different cards, and an example of that cards appearance from a reading she has done. It is is this last feature, seeing the cards interpreted alongside others and within the context of a question that demonstrates the shifting meanings, the manner of finding agency in the reading, as well as how to interpret the cards at face value rather than according to some grand esoteric system.

After her explanations of the cards she speaks about various styles of reading, and shows how linking the cards is the key to unwinding the narrative. Sometimes a very complex narrative can emerge from just three cards, but she always is urging the reader towards “the sentence” – a strightforward interpretation of what you see before you.

An added treat of this book is that it is illustrated with the unique version of the Marseille Tarot done by Carolus Zoya, made in Turin at the end of 1700. The images of this deck, never seen in public before this publication, are absolutely a Marseille style deck – but with unique features such as exposed nipples on the Empress, an X on Deaths Skull, and wings on Justice. When she explains what is different about this deck in comparison to others it makes you appreciate both the solid foundation of the style that remained quite intact for several hundred years, and also the small differences that can spin the meaning this way and that. You find these differences in other decks as well: the exposed genitals of the fool in the Noblet, the way that card 13 seems to be the skeleton of the fool in the Conver and Dodal decks, and so on.

If you are at all interested in the Marseille Tarot, or even just in a more natural, fluid, and down-to-earth style of reading whatever deck you currently use, this book is a must have.

Click here or on the book above to purchase it from Amazon. 

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Somewhere Wicked, Here I Come

I will be giving a short class calledSex Magic Laid Bare” at this years Wicked Faire.

Wicked Faire runs from February 20th through the 22nd, and I will be speaking on the 21st.

Because this is not an occult specific event, but rather an adult themed, geek-fest with S&M overtones – this class will probably be a lot more bawdy than my normal class. The kind of place where I might skip talking about inner fire muscle locks, and instead talk about bondage and scrying, or Japanese Tantrick skull-f*cking. Really anything can happen at Wicked Faire, so if that sounds like something you would dig, I hope to see you there.

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